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Linear Map: St Peters Street, Ipswich

Please ensure that only OSM-compatible sources are used to contribute missing data. Websites of chains may not be used (database rights), nor should Google StreetView (terms of use) nor the Royal Mail Postcode Finder (terms of use). Ground surveys, street-level imagery available through iD, FHRS data, Code-Point Open, and websites of individual independent stores can all be used.

1 XF Graceful Hair (hairdresser) W
3 XF
3a XF On The Huh (cafe) F W
2 XB  —  (hairdresser) W
4 XB N
6 XB
8 XB Gandhi (restaurant) F W
5-7 XF  —  (vacant) F W
10 XB Tavernetta (restaurant) F W
11 XF The Thomas Wolsey (pub) F W
13 XF Blackthorn Beauty & Piercing (beauty) W
14 XB Hullabaloo (cafe) F W
11A XF Ruby & Pebs (fast food) F W
11A XF i-Scream (ice cream) F W
17 XF Harvest Pine Country Furniture (vacant) W
16 XB WJ & LD Poulter Dental Practice (dentist) W
19 XF Aplaud Coffee (cafe) F W
21 XF Loveone (gift) W
18 XB
23 XF The House In Town (antiques) W
25 XF Maud's Attic (antiques) W
30 XB Purity (beauty) W
27-29 XF Merchant House (antiques) W
32 XB Crafty Baba (craft) W
31 XF The Blitz Tea Rooms (cafe) F W
34 XB Keystone (estate agent) W
33 XF Brides of St Peters (clothes) W
33a XF Marianna (clothes) W F
35-37 XF Seven (property) W

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