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Nameless Objects: disused=*

Often the tagging disused=yes is added to an object to indicate that it is no longer in use. This is now discouraged for features like amenity=*, shop=* etc., as the original tag remains, which may confuse data consmers. Instead, the preferred approach is to make use of the lifecycle prefixes, and alter the primary key to disused:amenity=*, disused:shop=* etc.

Object Primary Tag Name:en ON? Housename Brand Operator Disused W LE JRC
w102691682 amenity = bank yes 13m +J
n9949910972 amenity = bar yes 23m +J
w1239053341 amenity = cafe yes 6m +J
w1015379461 amenity = fuel yes 14m +J
n739815697 amenity = police yes 3m +J
w905367895 amenity = post_depot yes 2y +J
w140855370 amenity = school yes 16m +J
w1051691199 amenity = veterinary yes 2y +J
w1265756666 leisure = ice_rink yes 3m +J
w1265756667 leisure = ice_rink yes 3m +J
w487218642 leisure = yes yes 7m +J
w431995346 office = commercial yes 2y +J
w505360924 office = yes Bristol North Baths swimming_pool 7m +J
w849037882 office = yes yes 2y +J
w979797632 shop = car_repair shop 11m +J
w1052119567 shop = convenience yes 2y +J
n9383930853 shop = yes Sainsbury's Loca 3m +J
w891204369 shop = yes yes 10m +J
w1108352608 shop = yes yes 14m +J
n7214812769 shop = yes yes 9d +J
n9452878448 shop = yes yes 12m +J
w345709440 shop = yes yes 2m +J
w1018768813 shop = yes yes 2y +J
w891204327 shop = yes yes 10m +J
w1005613306 shop = yes yes 2y +J
w988037449 tourism = attraction ice_house 2y +J
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