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Nameless Objects: housename=*

The addr:housename tag is used to specify the name of a building or property in its address. For amenties, shops, leisure facilities and tourist attractions, the name of the business/facility/attraction should go in the name tag. If the name of the building/premises is different from the name of the business/facility/attraction (or if the facility is located within a larger building), then an addr:housename tag may be used as well.

Object Primary Tag Name:en ON? Housename Brand Operator Disused W LE JRC
w1086243082 amenity = animal_boarding The Kennels 5m +J
w86419867 amenity = arts_centre Collins Building 8y +J
w508284427 amenity = arts_centre Talent House 13d +J
w371704634 amenity = bar Clubhouse Berkeleyparks 5y +J
w478357694 amenity = bar Edgar Buildings W 5m +J
w322722807 amenity = bar Gorphwysfa Hall 5y +J
n6532144185 amenity = bar Leeds Golf Club 3y +J
n1811089126 amenity = bar Norwich Arts Centre 11m +J
n2461878438 amenity = bar Sywell Aerodrome 21m +J
w951932123 amenity = bar The London Inn 19m +J
n6196063619 amenity = bar Woodhall Hills Golf Club 4y +J
n9701544743 amenity = cafe 83 Phixx Coffee Lounge W 9m +J
n6007297542 amenity = cafe Asda Asda Asda Stores Ltd W 2y +J
n8602402183 amenity = cafe Aspire at the Park 16m +J
n4702381069 amenity = cafe Battle station inside booking hall 2y +J
n8804889367 amenity = cafe Bromsberrow Heath Business Park W 20m +J
n1391205477 amenity = cafe Canterbury Innovation Centre 13m +J
n3376935395 amenity = cafe Cheshire Oaks Outlet Village The Consumer Engagement Group Ltd 17m +J
n1555523719 amenity = cafe Crookley Park House Blendworth Furnishings 3y +J
n9383983328 amenity = cafe Dobbies Havant Garden Centre W 13m +J
n8834924248 amenity = cafe Dunelm 19m +J
n5533907838 amenity = cafe Fitzwilliam And Kinsley Community Centre 11m +J
n662184774 amenity = cafe Guoman Tower Hotel 7w +J
n6573547229 amenity = cafe INTO 2y +J
n5045273235 amenity = cafe Inside Waitrose store 10m +J
n9657739047 amenity = cafe Junction One Retail Park B&Q 9m +J
n8957486204 amenity = cafe Keepers Cottage W 3m +J
n6617216084 amenity = cafe Killhope Lead Mining Museum 15m +J
n7514063295 amenity = cafe Kingsway Business Park Asda Asda Stores Ltd W 2y +J
n1973224855 amenity = cafe Knowledge Dock 6y +J
w481694044 amenity = cafe Lime Kiln Cottage W 13d +J
n8999690240 amenity = cafe Lyndhurst Garden Centre 9m +J
n1851779955 amenity = cafe Meridian Centre 10y +J
n8680195333 amenity = cafe Mid Sussex Timber 6m +J
n8220402803 amenity = cafe Morrisons supermarket 2y +J
n2732984663 amenity = cafe Morrisons, Victory Retail Park Morrisons 3y +J
n10030256686 amenity = cafe National Museum Cardiff 4m +J
n9575404855 amenity = cafe National Museum of the Royal Navy 10m +J
w131383770 amenity = cafe Naze Kiosk 3y +J
n7514091400 amenity = cafe North Swindon District Centre Asda Asda Stores Ltd W 2y +J
n4623908265 amenity = cafe Platform 1 Hampton Station 6y +J
w220288282 amenity = cafe Platform 4, Kings Langley Station 7m +J
n3014178391 amenity = cafe Platform 4, Kings Langley Station 7m +J
n6708219683 amenity = cafe Regent Park 13m +J
w1050910405 amenity = cafe Rockmount Service Station W 9m +J
n4416513464 amenity = cafe Rodley Nature Reserve Visitor Centre 3y +J
n6966963434 amenity = cafe St Aidan's Community Hall 3y +J
n7643196649 amenity = cafe St Luke's Church 11m +J
n6283112026 amenity = cafe Tesco Tesco 3m +J
n2802028422 amenity = cafe The Control Tower 17m +J
n9272325074 amenity = cafe The Hub W 14m +J
n6128632647 amenity = cafe The Hut 3y +J
w40507574 amenity = cafe The Pavillion 4m +J
n8831637892 amenity = cafe The Priory Aspire Support Learn 19m +J
n9404327106 amenity = cafe Valentine Retail Park Asda W 12m +J
n3964649983 amenity = cafe Victoria Gallery & Museum 3m +J
n533924618 amenity = cafe We The Curious 5y +J
n7500521757 amenity = cafe Westway Retail Park Asda Asda Stores Ltd W 2y +J
n5142326041 amenity = cafe Winchfield Station Platform 1 4y +J
n5628760404 amenity = cafe Wycombe Museum 14m +J
n4616866190 amenity = cafe Yeovil Junction Station Between Platforms 1&2 6y +J
w71739317 amenity = childcare Archdale Villa Rainbow Corner Day Nursery W 4m +J
w169839870 amenity = childcare Ash Cottage 7y +J
w1002739352 amenity = childcare Highfield Day Nursery 14m +J
w269095188 amenity = clinic Colston Fort 11m +J
w1084623641 amenity = clinic Wellness Centre 6m +J
w191439318 amenity = coast_guard Coastguard Station 6m +J
w389929693 amenity = college Pembroke House 12m +J
w273064154 amenity = community_centre Bank House 3y +J
n4774581433 amenity = community_centre Carisbrooke Church Hall 17m +J
w141012747 amenity = community_centre Christie Hall 22m +J
w227933136 amenity = community_centre Day Centre for Asian Elders 11m +J
w1050042789 amenity = community_centre Flotta Community Centre 10m +J
w151284220 amenity = community_centre Frinton Parish Church Hall 5y +J
w1050813079 amenity = community_centre Graemsay Hall 9m +J
w204331838 amenity = community_centre Hall (old C19 schoolhouse) 14m +J
w286822541 amenity = community_centre Island House 2w +J
w111136746 amenity = community_centre Longmeads House Writtle Community Association 4y +J
w116561679 amenity = community_centre Maurice Jagger Centre 23m +J
w237400501 amenity = community_centre New Community Building 6m +J
w975477553 amenity = community_centre Scout Association 17m +J
w641003514 amenity = community_centre Sir Thomas Storey House 9m +J
w958890375 amenity = community_centre St Dunstans Church Hall 15m +J
n5921456523 amenity = community_centre St Sidwell's Community Centre 2m +J
w479170596 amenity = community_centre The Bandhall 5y +J
w1074178024 amenity = community_centre The Keepers Community Hub 7m +J
w1069363062 amenity = community_centre The Old Brickyard 7m +J
w642152472 amenity = community_centre The Old School 3y +J
w1012596584 amenity = community_centre The Old School 13m +J
w680388992 amenity = community_centre The Old School W 2y +J
w131922714 amenity = community_centre The Pavilion 10m +J
w1122169042 amenity = community_centre The Well Community Centre W 6w +J
w661859320 amenity = community_centre Village Hall W 5m +J
w102019942 amenity = community_hall * Elsie Marshall Memorial Hall 6d +J
w670735837 amenity = conference_centre Mary Ward House W 2y +J
w71235810 amenity = conference_centre Sindlesham Court W 3m +J
w182466021 amenity = conference_centre Tom Elliott Centre 8y +J
w905367893 amenity = courthouse The Sessions House 17m +J
w466374099 amenity = dentist Cumberland House 3y +J
w115567311 amenity = dentist Cypress House 3y +J
n4059916169 amenity = dentist Dental Surgery 5y +J
n3139183489 amenity = dentist Devon Villa 8y +J
w314498989 amenity = dentist Downside House 4y +J
w163755473 amenity = dentist Parkgate House 2y +J
w47220787 amenity = dentist St Andrew's House 4y +J
w277904875 amenity = dentist Wallace House 5y +J
w655261054 amenity = doctors Ascebi House Castle Medical Group 16m +J
w683579190 amenity = doctors Clock Tower 3y +J
w1008674298 amenity = doctors Eday Surgery 14m +J
n9650227560 amenity = doctors Flotta Surgery 9m +J
n2062351606 amenity = doctors The Medical Centre 11m +J
w139781474 amenity = doctors The New Folly 10y +J
w337444712 amenity = doctors The Surgery 11m +J
w1093137812 amenity = doctors The Surgery 4m +J
n10011292402 amenity = doctors The Surgery 4m +J
w160510446 amenity = exhibition_centre Exhibition Hall 1 6m +J
w160510442 amenity = exhibition_centre Exhibition Hall 2 6m +J
n6409747729 amenity = fast_food Co Operative Buildings 3y +J
n8913628085 amenity = fast_food Cumbernauld Retail Park 18m +J
r11367803 amenity = fast_food External North Landscape Tate Modern 6m +J
n4320248990 amenity = fast_food Hermitage Court 5m +J
w173590713 amenity = fast_food Pavilion Food Court 13m +J
n9675133478 amenity = fast_food Sandown Beach Boulevard 9m +J
n9675133479 amenity = fast_food Sandown Beach Boulevard 9m +J
n9675133480 amenity = fast_food Sandown Beach Boulevard 9m +J
w924742934 amenity = fast_food Taten Eirw 22m +J
n8728584083 amenity = fast_food The Water Gardens 16m +J
n5617843074 amenity = fast_food Windy Nook 11m +J
w803146551 amenity = fire_station 6 14m +J
w64834920 amenity = fuel Ardleigh Service Station 16m +J
n8913628084 amenity = fuel Cumbernauld Retail Park 18m +J
w151256672 amenity = fuel Lisnagelvin Centre 13m +J
w52037638 amenity = hospital Building 151 21m +J
n9253344380 amenity = hospital The Bristol Brain Centre W 14m +J
n6490458099 amenity = ice_cream Colonnade Kiosk 16m +J
w203906388 amenity = kindergarten Canal House 3y +J
w149787174 amenity = kindergarten Churchfield House 7y +J
n6110639579 amenity = kindergarten Fitzwilliam And Kinsley Community Centre 11m +J
w138924328 amenity = kindergarten Redbury Farm Barn 5y +J
n6374170986 amenity = library Bury St Edmunds Library 2w +J
n5131635356 amenity = library Loanhead Centre 22m +J
n10291507117 amenity = library Loggerheads Library 5w +J
w191380779 amenity = nursing_home Asher House 6y +J
w206235762 amenity = nursing_home Beaumont Manor Care Home 6m +J
w653274829 amenity = nursing_home Beech Court 4y +J
w446854999 amenity = nursing_home Belle Vue Country House 15m +J
w583142205 amenity = nursing_home Belmont House 4y +J
w169504388 amenity = nursing_home Brookvale House 8y +J
w199821196 amenity = nursing_home Camberley Lodge 6m +J
w103966131 amenity = nursing_home * Carlton Lodge Bupa 20m +J
w305850794 amenity = nursing_home Corner Lodge 5y +J
w422862913 amenity = nursing_home Craigengar Park Bield 6m +J
w191382931 amenity = nursing_home De La Mer House 6m +J
w191382932 amenity = nursing_home De La Mer House 6m +J
w350993885 amenity = nursing_home Dene Court W 4d +J
w583128627 amenity = nursing_home Grange Cottage 4y +J
w142027461 amenity = nursing_home Lew Evans House 10y +J
w173434176 amenity = nursing_home Lime Court W 3y +J
w135457471 amenity = nursing_home Lucton House W 4y +J
w184057147 amenity = nursing_home Meadowcroft W 5y +J
w174813893 amenity = nursing_home Read House 5y +J
w426405239 amenity = nursing_home Saville Manor Cedar Care 2y +J
w264359306 amenity = nursing_home Silversprings 8y +J
w617371176 amenity = nursing_home The Beaumonts 4y +J
w617371179 amenity = nursing_home The Beaumonts 4y +J
w617371182 amenity = nursing_home The Beaumonts 4y +J
w617371184 amenity = nursing_home The Beaumonts 4y +J
w617371188 amenity = nursing_home The Beaumonts 4y +J
w617371191 amenity = nursing_home The Beaumonts 4y +J
w617371196 amenity = nursing_home The Beaumonts 4y +J
w617371199 amenity = nursing_home The Beaumonts 4y +J
w504052034 amenity = nursing_home The Beaumonts 4y +J
w617371202 amenity = nursing_home The Beaumonts 6m +J
w504052036 amenity = nursing_home The Beaumonts 4y +J
w199786496 amenity = nursing_home The Lodge 14m +J
w164407584 amenity = nursing_home The Old Vicarage 6y +J
w164407585 amenity = nursing_home The Old Vicarage 6y +J
w164407587 amenity = nursing_home The Old Vicarage 6y +J
w164407588 amenity = nursing_home The Old Vicarage 6y +J
w164407589 amenity = nursing_home The Old Vicarage 6y +J
w164407590 amenity = nursing_home The Old Vicarage 6y +J
w182649161 amenity = nursing_home Waters View Residential Home 5y +J
n495641880 amenity = pharmacy Asda Rotherham Asda Asda Stores Ltd W 3m +J
w444702252 amenity = pharmacy Kirkburton Health Centre Rowlands 5y +J
n10291507124 amenity = pharmacy Loggerheads Pharmacy 5w +J
n7507150402 amenity = pharmacy Phoenix Retail Park Asda Asda Stores Ltd W 14m +J
w414859124 amenity = place_of_worship Birsay Kirk (Twatt) (former Church of Scotland church) 9m +J
w1089424481 amenity = place_of_worship Donaghadee Parish Church 5m +J
w1036654543 amenity = place_of_worship Gospel Hall 11m +J
w924763489 amenity = place_of_worship Landford Wood Mission Hall 9m +J
w550279765 amenity = place_of_worship Mile End Chapel 4y +J
w1069410113 amenity = place_of_worship Morton Park Hall 7m +J
w353556237 amenity = place_of_worship Orphir Church 16m +J
w1011843573 amenity = place_of_worship Prees Baptist Church 13m +J
w1011837173 amenity = place_of_worship Prees Methodist and United Reformed Church 13m +J
n5038895989 amenity = place_of_worship Queen Victoria Seamen's Rest 2y +J
w352644841 amenity = place_of_worship St Fursey’s Orthodox Church W 13m +J
w1077695317 amenity = place_of_worship St Michaels Catholic Church 6m +J
w263516469 amenity = place_of_worship Weeley Gospel Hall 8y +J
w1022519263 amenity = place_of_worship Whites Farm 12m +J
w1135092178 amenity = place_of_worship q 12d +J
w305825284 amenity = police Almond Road 20m +J
w878027620 amenity = police Athena House North Yorkshire Police 3m +J
w154325731 amenity = police Cardigan House 3y +J
w527771590 amenity = police Humberside Police Brough Humberside Police 5y +J
w89554537 amenity = police Mansfield House Leicestershire Police W 3m +J
n1195738489 amenity = police Shakespeare Tower City of London Police 2y +J
w759233670 amenity = police Skelmersdale Police Station Lancashire Constabulary 3m +J
w136990030 amenity = police The Police House 5y +J
n5769267364 amenity = police York Railway Station British Transport Police 3m +J
w337443050 amenity = post_depot Royal Mail Delivery Office 11m +J
n5652056449 amenity = post_office Amy Robsart Hall Post Office 8m +J
n7095708990 amenity = post_office AskewHouse Post Office 7m +J
n7098062450 amenity = post_office Aycliffe Church Centre Post Office 7m +J
n9429184182 amenity = post_office Broads Centre Supermarket 12m +J
n94959049 amenity = post_office Costcutter Post Office 2m +J
n2993796714 amenity = post_office Drumbeg Village Hall 7m +J
n7160271801 amenity = post_office East Langdon Village Hall 15m +J
n5836138545 amenity = post_office Ferndale Stores 4y +J
n5060184577 amenity = post_office Fourstones Filling Station 2y +J
n2598799850 amenity = post_office Giles House 9y +J
n5538875748 amenity = post_office Glasson Dock Village Hall 4y +J
n8203618797 amenity = post_office Glentham Village Hall 2y +J
n8195998070 amenity = post_office Gridserve Electric Forecourt Post Office Post Office Ltd. 14m +J
n5528008165 amenity = post_office Little Oakley Memorial Club Post Office 8m +J
n1253159534 amenity = post_office Manor Row 12m +J
n1102500534 amenity = post_office McColls Post Office W 6m +J
n7159530156 amenity = post_office Norton Cross 3y +J
n9737619989 amenity = post_office One Stop Post Office 8m +J
w533155182 amenity = post_office Post Office 18m +J
n7160182846 amenity = post_office Shepherdswell Village Hall 3y +J
n1038863961 amenity = post_office Talbot Terrace Post Office W 6m +J
n3381826014 amenity = post_office Tesco Express W 18m +J
n7194812783 amenity = post_office The Chequers Inn 18m +J
n7098073456 amenity = post_office The King's Arms Post Office 7m +J
w958277880 amenity = post_office The Maltings Post Office Post Office Ltd W 6m +J
w353556239 amenity = post_office The Noust 16m +J
n6323353017 amenity = post_office The Pavillion 3y +J
n7160733811 amenity = post_office The Shop on the Green 3y +J
n7159509518 amenity = post_office The White Lion 3y +J
n7159591110 amenity = post_office Unit 4, Block 1 3y +J
n5395364139 amenity = post_office Village Hall Post Office 8m +J
n5479820766 amenity = post_office Village Hall Post Office W 6m +J
n6985824103 amenity = post_office WHSmith, Golden Square Shopping Centre Post Office Post Office W 3m +J
n4585137434 amenity = post_office Wayside Stores Post Office 8m +J
w96209080 amenity = prison HMP Frankland Business Hub W 3m +J
w834212057 amenity = pub Camphill Vaults 17m +J
w80859707 amenity = pub The Continental 3m +J
w403243505 amenity = pub The Cromwell Hotel W 16m +J
w92516935 amenity = pub The Crown Hotel 4m +J
n8579995609 amenity = pub The Wheelhouse 22m +J
w833354370 amenity = pub Whitestonecliffe Inn 5m +J
w82468588 amenity = public_building Chapell Hill 4y +J
w219459131 amenity = public_building Church Room 9y +J
w263373207 amenity = public_building Council Offices Tendring District Council 8y +J
w207072707 amenity = public_building Northgate Hall 9y +J
w395425409 amenity = public_building Stanwell House Essex County Council 7y +J
w137532519 amenity = public_building Wilsonian Sailing Club 11y +J
n2651601374 amenity = restaurant Adelphi Centre 7y +J
n6915654140 amenity = restaurant Godolphin Estate 3y +J
w972987019 amenity = restaurant Golden Square Shopping Centre 7m +J
n370202180 amenity = restaurant Lady Boswell House 4w +J
n10559193255 amenity = restaurant Llechwen Hall 3w +J
w732747502 amenity = restaurant Red Lion Inn W 10m +J
w834212056 amenity = restaurant Riva 17m +J
n279759045 amenity = restaurant Rothermere 20m +J
w85287022 amenity = restaurant The Mansion 22m +J
n5075830584 amenity = restaurant The Old Red House 2w +J
n9795774788 amenity = restaurant Truckhaven Carnforth 8m +J
w895327875 amenity = restaurant Victoria Inn W 2y +J
n6196063620 amenity = restaurant Woodhall Hills Golf Club 4y +J
w59108412 amenity = social_club Masonic Hall 2y +J
w738515460 amenity = social_facility Abbeyfield House 3y +J
w757791937 amenity = social_facility Abbeyfield House 3y +J
w279905269 amenity = social_facility Abona Court 5y +J
w915905083 amenity = social_facility Abraham Fry House Merlin 22m +J
w191111308 amenity = social_facility Alex Lyon House 3y +J
w186523008 amenity = social_facility Alexandra House 3y +J
w199111372 amenity = social_facility Alexandra House 5y +J
w299492738 amenity = social_facility Ambleside Lodge 2y +J
w458545026 amenity = social_facility Appleton Court Anchor Hanover W 14m +J
w214480368 amenity = social_facility Arden House W 4y +J
w123276786 amenity = social_facility Auden House 3y +J
w135718823 amenity = social_facility Barstow House City of York Council 2y +J
w590764512 amenity = social_facility Blackrod House 10m +J
w225556198 amenity = social_facility Blennheim Mount 2y +J
w434932034 amenity = social_facility Boden House W 20m +J
w180721175 amenity = social_facility Brackenlea 16m +J
w275565859 amenity = social_facility Bradley House 4y +J
w618061643 amenity = social_facility Brendoncare 12m +J
w301629107 amenity = social_facility Briggs House Riverside ECHG 3y +J
w191432018 amenity = social_facility Butterflys 6m +J
w75394602 amenity = social_facility Calma House W 6m +J
w819848582 amenity = social_facility Canterbury House 6m +J
w339439820 amenity = social_facility Carlton Mansions brighterkind 4y +J
w892854645 amenity = social_facility Castle Farmhouse 2y +J
r9709415 amenity = social_facility Castleman House 3y +J
w666110863 amenity = social_facility Cavell House Ability Housing Association 4y +J
w136647986 amenity = social_facility Cherry House Riverside ECHG 3y +J
w899900346 amenity = social_facility Colledge House 2y +J
w293933908 amenity = social_facility Colville House YWCA 10m +J
w346394252 amenity = social_facility Concord Lodge 4y +J
w540041830 amenity = social_facility Connors House Abbeyfield 13m +J
w923962204 amenity = social_facility Cooper House Sanctuary Housing 22m +J
w981214755 amenity = social_facility Coopers Court 16m +J
w996669661 amenity = social_facility Cornwell House Abbeyfield W 10m +J
w690956298 amenity = social_facility Crowlin House 15m +J
w585649857 amenity = social_facility Darren Court 4y +J
w653646002 amenity = social_facility Devon House 11m +J
w690419634 amenity = social_facility Dolphinlee House 3y +J
w435468558 amenity = social_facility Drakes Place 3y +J
w152736057 amenity = social_facility Emmott House 2y +J
w479170646 amenity = social_facility Endeavour House W 5y +J
w183551672 amenity = social_facility Fairfield House 2y +J
n6514092244 amenity = social_facility Freemantle Business Centre 3y +J
w732731660 amenity = social_facility Fryers House Leonard Cheshire 3y +J
w732731661 amenity = social_facility Fryers House 3y +J
w122818723 amenity = social_facility Garrow House 3y +J
w309471834 amenity = social_facility Glebe House Bristol Care Homes 4y +J
w621224361 amenity = social_facility Good Neighbours House 4y +J
w479903873 amenity = social_facility Green Meadows 9m +J
w906497959 amenity = social_facility Gulshan House 23m +J
w463244954 amenity = social_facility Hanbury Court 11m +J
w723324607 amenity = social_facility Harian House 3y +J
w426082415 amenity = social_facility Hazeldene 6y +J
w737090374 amenity = social_facility Heatherlea House W 11m +J
n8401629426 amenity = social_facility Hilltops W 23m +J
w1054290910 amenity = social_facility Homesure House 9m +J
w1039679797 amenity = social_facility Homewood Court Retirement Villages Group Ltd 10m +J
w222317863 amenity = social_facility Hopwood Court Retirement Home 16m +J
w858150735 amenity = social_facility Hurstleigh 11m +J
w263521834 amenity = social_facility Kate Daniels House 8y +J
w152736060 amenity = social_facility Kellaway House 15m +J
w724335500 amenity = social_facility Kingfisher Court 3y +J
w983105550 amenity = social_facility Kings Castle 2m +J
w173467583 amenity = social_facility Langley House 5y +J
w814587111 amenity = social_facility Lavender House Care Home W 2y +J
w233833657 amenity = social_facility Linden Cottage 5y +J
w232150606 amenity = social_facility Little Millfields W 5y +J
w380605528 amenity = social_facility Long Ashton Church House 7y +J
w677182450 amenity = social_facility Mably House Genesis Housing Association 3y +J
w232118681 amenity = social_facility Manitoba Croft Care Through The Millennium W 5y +J
w809191880 amenity = social_facility Markham House 2y +J
w28819465 amenity = social_facility Mary Barfield House 6m +J
w385863820 amenity = social_facility Millrace Court Places for People 3y +J
w653400963 amenity = social_facility New Priory 11m +J
n9307491956 amenity = social_facility Newport Congregational Chruch Salvation Army W 11m +J
r10786852 amenity = social_facility Nutfield House Agincare 11m +J
w760050976 amenity = social_facility Oak Lodge W 23m +J
w58258510 amenity = social_facility Orchard House 12m +J
w404650139 amenity = social_facility Pelham Lodge Voyage Care W 3y +J
w357915098 amenity = social_facility Phyllis Jane Court 12m +J
w219431036 amenity = social_facility Poppy Lodge 11m +J
n8852669477 amenity = social_facility Ravenswood Nursing Home 19m +J
w477424233 amenity = social_facility Rivers House 22m +J
w855915472 amenity = social_facility Roger Williams & Queen Victoria Almshouses 14m +J
w927804652 amenity = social_facility Rokewood Court Care Home 4w +J
w402640608 amenity = social_facility Rushall Care Home 9m +J
w81532460 amenity = social_facility Saint Alban's House 2m +J
w177209567 amenity = social_facility Saresta & Serenade 5y +J
w753159735 amenity = social_facility Smiddybrae House 6m +J
w104381060 amenity = social_facility St Anne's House 3y +J
w386968318 amenity = social_facility St Leonards Court 3y +J
w1086302257 amenity = social_facility St Margaret's Care Home 5m +J
w1105662021 amenity = social_facility St Margaret's Care Home 3m +J
w943627264 amenity = social_facility St Margaret's Residential Home 15m +J
w981241796 amenity = social_facility Stanshawes Care Home 16m +J
w531832721 amenity = social_facility Taramix Lodge Hica Group 5y +J
w214856419 amenity = social_facility Templar Lodge 3y +J
w339439842 amenity = social_facility Terrill Court MHA 4y +J
w148613003 amenity = social_facility The Bungalow 16m +J
w1039679791 amenity = social_facility The Cedars Retirement Villages Group Ltd 10m +J
w395912609 amenity = social_facility The Red House Voyage Care W 6m +J
w136647973 amenity = social_facility The Springs, 224 Riverside ECHG 3y +J
r14626175 amenity = social_facility The Wite House Care Homeh 4m +J
w1120190806 amenity = social_facility The Woodlands Adlington Retirement Living W 2m +J
r15082740 amenity = social_facility Todd Court 4w +J
w499004246 amenity = social_facility Treddinoch 11m +J
w715572537 amenity = social_facility Vaughan Lee House 3y +J
w1096150917 amenity = social_facility * Warwick Court 4m +J
w1096150918 amenity = social_facility * Warwick Court 4m +J
w1096150919 amenity = social_facility * Warwick Court 4m +J
w1096150920 amenity = social_facility * Warwick Court 4m +J
w1096150921 amenity = social_facility * Warwick Court 4m +J
w1096150922 amenity = social_facility * Warwick Court 4m +J
w1096150923 amenity = social_facility * Warwick Court 4m +J
w1096150924 amenity = social_facility * Warwick Court 4m +J
w1096150925 amenity = social_facility * Warwick Court 4m +J
w1096150926 amenity = social_facility * Warwick Court 4m +J
w1096150927 amenity = social_facility * Warwick Court 4m +J
w1096150928 amenity = social_facility * Warwick Court 4m +J
w1096150929 amenity = social_facility * Warwick Court 4m +J
w1096150930 amenity = social_facility * Warwick Court 4m +J
w1096150931 amenity = social_facility * Warwick Court 4m +J
w1096150932 amenity = social_facility * Warwick Court 4m +J
w1096150933 amenity = social_facility * Warwick Court 4m +J
w645351689 amenity = social_facility Wasdale Centre 4y +J
w370586270 amenity = social_facility Wey House 3y +J
w845735607 amenity = social_facility White Rose House 2y +J
w1039679790 amenity = social_facility Wildwood Court Retirement Villages Group Ltd 10m +J
w175582618 amenity = social_facility Winchester House 4y +J
w383538303 amenity = social_facility Woodcote Broadland Housing Association 2y +J
w383538648 amenity = social_facility Woodcote Broadland Housing Association 2y +J
w1039679792 amenity = social_facility Woodland Place Retirement Villages Group Ltd 10m +J
w404650140 amenity = social_facility Woodley House 6y +J
w820179564 amenity = social_facility Yockleton Grange Springcare Care Homes Ltd 19m +J
r11243919 amenity = social_facility York House 6m +J
w233227738 amenity = studio Broadcasting House 7m +J
w245519212 amenity = studio Factory Studios 8m +J
w226153575 amenity = studio Havlock House 19m +J
w233227737 amenity = studio Office Block 9y +J
w1047127663 amenity = studio Phoenix Wharf 10m +J
w222713759 amenity = studio Television Block 9y +J
n8164863354 amenity = theatre The Astor Community Theatre W 18m +J
w576984328 amenity = townhall Hutton House W 13m +J
w193418558 amenity = townhall Jack Dash House 2w +J
w403095223 amenity = townhall Tilstock Bradbury Village Hall 11m +J
w291222590 amenity = university Ashby House Anglia Ruskin University 8m +J
w28833634 amenity = university Eden Grove London Metropolitan University 2y +J
w122621736 amenity = university Fairfax House, University of York 4y +J
w27815145 amenity = university Old Warehouse London Metropolitan University 4y +J
w441467454 amenity = university PACE Building (Performance Arts Centre for Excellence) 5y +J
w27815144 amenity = university Spring House London Metropolitan University 4y +J
w27820974 amenity = university Tower Building London Metropolitan University 6y +J
r2421755 amenity = university University of Huddersfield University of Huddersfield W 2y +J
w631887247 amenity = veterinary Churchfield 15m +J
w1125893725 amenity = veterinary Donaldson's Vets Shepley Surgery Donaldsons's Vets W 5w +J
w453815172 amenity = veterinary Fairfield House 3y +J
n6581410563 amenity = veterinary Signal House W 22m +J
w1104630305 leisure = horse_riding Brambletye Manor Stables 3m +J
w168512666 leisure = shooting_ground Shooting Range Lancaster Royal Grammar School 6m +J
w135979640 leisure = social_club Bossard Hall Royal British Legion 11y +J
w221363662 leisure = sports_centre Ford Hall 23m +J
w53569860 leisure = sports_centre Long Eaton RFC West Park Clubhouse Long Eaton RFC W 9m +J
w128467307 leisure = sports_centre Ovington Cricket Club Pavilion 11y +J
w149602614 leisure = sports_centre Sports Hall 10y +J
w189801724 leisure = sports_centre Sports Hall W 2y +J
w635040060 leisure = sports_centre St Margaret’s Hope Healthy Living Centre 17m +J
w430176318 leisure = sports_centre Stanmore Stables 4y +J
n6703502680 shop = Cymraeg_/_Welsh-language Siop Tŷ Tawe Ty Tawe W 8m +J
n8904668584 shop = alcohol Uplands Business Park 17m +J
w139625658 shop = antiques Church Cottage 6m +J
w460806613 shop = antiques Clifton Arcade 4y +J
w310877480 shop = antiques Ham House 4y +J
n339962872 shop = art Bellevue 2y +J
n410203014 shop = art Poppy Cottage 6y +J
n6606798468 shop = bag Market Hall 7w +J
w799179560 shop = bakery Fellows, Sussex House 9d +J
n8281455615 shop = bakery Morrisons WM Morrison 2m +J
w367258259 shop = beauty Greenfield Stores 7y +J
n6919746156 shop = beauty Rosella's Tanning and Beauty 3y +J
w1127848172 shop = beauty The Beauty Parlour 4w +J
n4608735077 shop = bicycle The Lock Building W 4w +J
w117399481 shop = boarding_cattery Meadow Cottage 3y +J
n2053008859 shop = books Castle Howard W 8m +J
n29781654 shop = butcher Canterbury House 12m +J
n2053005827 shop = butcher Castle Howard W 8m +J
n9701153171 shop = butcher Hale Manor Farm Farmer Jack's 9m +J
n10291507115 shop = butcher K. Mottram & Son 5w +J
n8281455614 shop = butcher Morrisons WM Morrison 2m +J
n7841367699 shop = car Auction House W 2y +J
w24428412 shop = car Humphris 9m +J
w225081900 shop = car_repair Banff 21m +J
w1036874166 shop = car_repair Bluestar Garage 11m +J
w265870961 shop = car_repair Forge Garage 8y +J
w469917726 shop = car_repair Mylne Apartments 14m +J
n2049050285 shop = car_repair Railway Arches 11m +J
w61910470 shop = car_repair Unit 10 7y +J
w111737943 shop = car_repair Unit 8 7y +J
w936428837 shop = charity To be Hope House 2m +J
n5043395588 shop = cheese The Goods Shed 13m +J
n2435889141 shop = chemist Regal House 9y +J
w967646706 shop = clothes Caseys Schoolwear 18m +J
n1513122956 shop = clothes Greenham 3y +J
n5981573978 shop = clothes Kirkgate Market 4y +J
n6606798464 shop = clothes Market Hall 7w +J
n7169868116 shop = computer Royal Victoria Arcade 16m +J
n1964458577 shop = computer_games Galleria 15m +J
n2053013544 shop = confectionery Castle Howard W 8m +J
n6052531535 shop = confectionery White Rose Shopping Centre 17m +J
w937277340 shop = convenience 95 21m +J
n7146796894 shop = convenience Bakers Arms 3y +J
w499178697 shop = convenience Castleside Service Station Shell 11m +J
w307156541 shop = convenience Colinsburgh Filling Station 8y +J
n8786215696 shop = convenience Community Link Building 2m +J
w1031824910 shop = convenience Culcheth Garage 11m +J
w843453242 shop = convenience Euro Garage 15m +J
w609919826 shop = convenience Hunslet Hall Shopping Centre 4y +J
n9338072316 shop = convenience Jackie's - Prees Village Stores 13m +J
n9138284480 shop = convenience Landguard Holiday Park J&J Wilson 16m +J
w151256674 shop = convenience Lisnagelvin Centre 13m +J
w190042748 shop = convenience Morrisons Fuel 10y +J
w342944673 shop = convenience Old Post Office & Store 5m +J
w1080298430 shop = convenience Ormskirk Road Service Station 6m +J
w588429790 shop = convenience Sgubor Ddegwm 4y +J
w301677492 shop = convenience Shinners Bridge Garage 11m +J
w1037301876 shop = convenience Standard Hill Store 11m +J
n3854130457 shop = convenience Swiss Cottage Underground Station 7y +J
w972632104 shop = convenience Warrington Interchange 17m +J
w1044085595 shop = convenience Whelley Service Station 10m +J
w270247615 shop = convenience Whiteclosegate Service Station 8y +J
w374179332 shop = copyshop Capitol House 14m +J
n8281455613 shop = deli Morrisons WM Morrison 2m +J
n740946102 shop = deli Shop 9m +J
w130304214 shop = disused Old Bank House 8m +J
n7037002396 shop = dry_cleaning Spring Corner 3y +J
w1123657590 shop = dry_cleaning Village Dry Cleaners 6w +J
n9838690128 shop = e-cigarette Cascades Shopping Centre 7m +J
w972885817 shop = e-cigarette Golden Square Shopping Centre 17m +J
w895204848 shop = farm Farm Shop 2y +J
w980591035 shop = farm Maddocks Farm Shop 17m +J
n5866061835 shop = farm Peterley Manor Farm 4y +J
n5471039594 shop = farm The Apple Farm 3y +J
w967386798 shop = farm Woodbridge Farm Shop Woodbridge Farm W 18m +J
n5107373506 shop = farm Yare Valley W 3y +J
w350085155 shop = fishing Catch 22 Fishing Centre W 4y +J
w966246451 shop = florist Folklore Florist Folklore Florist 18m +J
w543191082 shop = frame Pheasant Framing 15m +J
w348694829 shop = funeral_directors Tynevale Lodge 5y +J
w111309655 shop = funeral_directors Valley Funeral Services W 7w +J
w62074045 shop = furniture Brodie House 2m +J
w359440124 shop = furniture The Eagle Building 6w +J
w604762175 shop = furniture Wysdom Hall 4y +J
w835273131 shop = garden_centre Cottage Gardens 12m +J
n1227981521 shop = garden_centre The Nursery 4y +J
n2053011878 shop = gift Castle Howard W 8m +J
n10030256687 shop = gift National Museum Cardiff 4m +J
n4441019586 shop = gift Nuffield Place Natoinal Trust Enterprises 6y +J
w384897322 shop = gift Tŷ Isaf National Trust W 4m +J
n5236796039 shop = gift We The Curious 5y +J
n5043395591 shop = greengrocer The Goods Shed 13m +J
n5996592101 shop = hairdresser Atelier 18 Hair Studio 7m +J
n1015090500 shop = hairdresser Bus Station 12m +J
w367258261 shop = hairdresser Greenfield Stores 7y +J
w350653236 shop = hairdresser Old Police Station 20m +J
n8946769454 shop = hairdresser Sam's Barbers 18m +J
n2365996113 shop = hairdresser The Sailor's Rest W 7m +J
n10291507113 shop = hairdresser The Village Barbers 5w +J
w895007104 shop = hairdresser Worlds End Barber 2y +J
n1649376492 shop = hairdresser Zeena's Hair 3w +J
n3400366358 shop = kiosk All Saints DLR Station 2y +J
w138184053 shop = kiosk Boat Hire 9y +J
w235825818 shop = kitchen The Old Pub 7m +J
n9150294593 shop = laundry * Laundromat 11m +J
n9487452485 shop = laundry * Laundromat 11m +J
n9554368965 shop = laundry * Laundromat 11m +J
n8651916544 shop = laundry Leeds Trinity University Circuit Laundry W 21m +J
n9267148453 shop = laundry Senghennydd Court Cardiff University Residences 14m +J
w132697402 shop = laundry Wessex Lane Laundrette W 21m +J
w286457349 shop = mall Digital World Centre 21m +J
w529079562 shop = mall Gallops Court 8d +J
w376275101 shop = mall The Covered Market 5y +J
r11688462 shop = mall The Springs 5m +J
w703381270 shop = mall The Springs 5m +J
n9273448922 shop = massage Bank Quay House W 14m +J
w110149483 shop = mobility Maybush Corner 7m +J
n9137357749 shop = model Inver Models 16m +J
w341520510 shop = newsagent Newsagent 2y +J
n9907671524 shop = pet Open Market 2m +J
w698802686 shop = pet Salisbury Road Retail Park 12m +J
w777536126 shop = pet_grooming Violet Villas 6m +J
w143081809 shop = seafood Aldeburgh Shellfish Farms 5m +J
n8281497518 shop = seafood Morrisons WM Morrison 2m +J
w829836747 shop = seafood The Fish Shack 5m +J
n5043395600 shop = seafood The Goods Shed 13m +J
n5981576298 shop = sewing Kirkgate Market 4y +J
n9550687908 shop = stationery Sinclair Office Supplies 11m +J
w628801238 shop = stone The Ronson Building 9m +J
w61500684 shop = supermarket Grays Farm Gray's Farm W 8m +J
n10278980849 shop = supermarket Westfield Stratford City 6w +J
n9570944839 shop = ticket Aberystwyth station W 9m +J
n9853931052 shop = trade Clarence Wharf Industrial Estate 7m +J
w747139521 shop = trade Mansfield & District Garden Holders@ Association 7m +J
n3395259616 shop = travel_agency Clanbrassil Centre 7y +J
w714582375 shop = variety_store Tŷ Beacon 3y +J
n6723728627 shop = yes 33 St Peter's Court 15m +J
n6723728628 shop = yes 33 St Peter's Court 15m +J
n6723728626 shop = yes 34 St Peter's Court 15m +J
w333055824 shop = yes 49-51 6w +J
w1058927128 shop = yes Ashwellthorpe Stores 8m +J
n2377231594 shop = yes Bay View Shopping Centre 2y +J
n1100589327 shop = yes Bridgford House 3m +J
w156993176 shop = yes * Canolfan Deiniol 13m +J
n6600874668 shop = yes Carlton Lanes Shopping Centre 12d +J
w1020299122 shop = yes Charlton House 2m +J
n9033507084 shop = yes Cheshire Oaks Outlet Village 17m +J
n9033507086 shop = yes Cheshire Oaks Outlet Village 17m +J
n9033507087 shop = yes Cheshire Oaks Outlet Village 17m +J
n3376935729 shop = yes Cheshire Oaks Outlet Village 17m +J
n3376935732 shop = yes Cheshire Oaks Outlet Village 17m +J
w256304727 shop = yes Chester Retail Park 8m +J
w256304850 shop = yes Chester Retail Park 2m +J
n5890145792 shop = yes Cotford Parade 4y +J
w903122966 shop = yes Crossgates Shopping Centre 4w +J
n8913628099 shop = yes Cumbernauld Retail Park 9m +J
n8913628100 shop = yes Cumbernauld Retail Park 9m +J
n8913628103 shop = yes Cumbernauld Retail Park 18m +J
n9443109460 shop = yes Flintshire Retail Park 12m +J
n9443109461 shop = yes Flintshire Retail Park 12m +J
n9443109462 shop = yes Flintshire Retail Park 12m +J
n9443109463 shop = yes Flintshire Retail Park 12m +J
n9443109464 shop = yes Flintshire Retail Park 12m +J
n9443109465 shop = yes Flintshire Retail Park 12m +J
n9443109466 shop = yes Flintshire Retail Park 12m +J
n9443109467 shop = yes Flintshire Retail Park 12m +J
n9443109468 shop = yes Flintshire Retail Park 12m +J
n9443109474 shop = yes Flintshire Retail Park 12m +J
w972714242 shop = yes Golden Square Shopping Centre 17m +J
w972714243 shop = yes Golden Square Shopping Centre 17m +J
w972721680 shop = yes Golden Square Shopping Centre 13m +J
w972721684 shop = yes Golden Square Shopping Centre 17m +J
w972700967 shop = yes Golden Square Shopping Centre 16m +J
w972885815 shop = yes Golden Square Shopping Centre 17m +J
w972885825 shop = yes Golden Square Shopping Centre 17m +J
w972703300 shop = yes Golden Square Shopping Centre 7m +J
w972976719 shop = yes Golden Square Shopping Centre 17m +J
w972976723 shop = yes Golden Square Shopping Centre 17m +J
w972698012 shop = yes Golden Square Shopping Centre W 7m +J
w972698016 shop = yes Golden Square Shopping Centre 7m +J
w972660428 shop = yes Golden Square Shopping Centre 17m +J
w972708053 shop = yes Golden Square Shopping Centre 17m +J
w972708054 shop = yes Golden Square Shopping Centre 17m +J
w973170667 shop = yes Golden Square Shopping Centre 17m +J
w973170668 shop = yes Golden Square Shopping Centre 17m +J
w973170671 shop = yes Golden Square Shopping Centre 17m +J
w973170672 shop = yes Golden Square Shopping Centre 17m +J
w973170673 shop = yes Golden Square Shopping Centre 17m +J
w972714239 shop = yes Golden Square Shopping Centre 17m +J
n9443245365 shop = yes Greyhound Retail Park 12m +J
n9443245366 shop = yes Greyhound Retail Park 12m +J
w791690019 shop = yes High Weald Dairy 2y +J
w1109910118 shop = yes Junction 32 Outlet Shopping Village 3m +J
w1109910147 shop = yes Junction 32 Outlet Shopping Village 3m +J
w962278110 shop = yes Junction NINE Retail Park 3m +J
w569485670 shop = yes King Farm Supplies 4m +J
n9680019676 shop = yes Kingsway Local Centre 9m +J
n9680019679 shop = yes Kingsway Local Centre 9m +J
n9680019680 shop = yes Kingsway Local Centre 9m +J
w803006986 shop = yes Marley Farm 15m +J
n9943601198 shop = yes Mayflower Retail Park 5m +J
n9943601199 shop = yes Mayflower Retail Park 5m +J
n9943601206 shop = yes Mayflower Retail Park 5m +J
n9943601207 shop = yes Mayflower Retail Park 5m +J
n9943728472 shop = yes Mayflower Retail Park 5m +J
w560212377 shop = yes Northern Buildings 12m +J
n9907671527 shop = yes Open Market 2m +J
n9907671528 shop = yes Open Market 2m +J
n9907671531 shop = yes Open Market 6m +J
n9907671532 shop = yes Open Market 6m +J
n9907671534 shop = yes Open Market 2m +J
n9907671535 shop = yes Open Market 2m +J
n9907671538 shop = yes Open Market 2m +J
n9907671539 shop = yes Open Market 2m +J
n9907671540 shop = yes Open Market 2m +J
n9907671541 shop = yes Open Market 2m +J
n9907671545 shop = yes Open Market 2m +J
n9907671546 shop = yes Open Market 2m +J
w979722105 shop = yes Parkside Industrial Estate 17m +J
w979722107 shop = yes Parkside Industrial Estate 17m +J
w974356131 shop = yes Queensville Retail Park 17m +J
w974023590 shop = yes Queensville Retail Park 17m +J
w217787094 shop = yes Queensville Retail Park 17m +J
n9657826012 shop = yes Quora Retail Park 9m +J
w229406457 shop = yes Retail World 3m +J
w753674023 shop = yes The Centre 4w +J
n5809993968 shop = yes The Forestdale Centre 4y +J
n5809993969 shop = yes The Forestdale Centre 4y +J
w514000173 shop = yes The Office Outlet 8m +J
w81976214 shop = yes The Parade 2y +J
w136734319 shop = yes Unit 1, St. Giles Centre 3m +J
n4971453036 shop = yes Unit 2 3y +J
n3499740354 shop = yes Unit 4 W 4w +J
n9404327108 shop = yes Valentine Retail Park 12m +J
n9404327110 shop = yes Valentine Retail Park 12m +J
n9404327111 shop = yes Valentine Retail Park 12m +J
n9404327112 shop = yes Valentine Retail Park 12m +J
n9404327113 shop = yes Valentine Retail Park 12m +J
w125976168 shop = yes Victoria House 5d +J
w310877476 shop = yes Wessex House 3y +J
w353721552 shop = yes Willow Brook Centre 4w +J
r9534845 tourism = accommodation Bigni W 3y +J
r9304710 tourism = accommodation Nanternis Farm W 8m +J
w256019755 tourism = alpine_hut Bentley Beetham Cottage Fell and Rock Climbing Club of the English Lake District 14m +J
w414585326 tourism = alpine_hut Rockhall Cottage BMC W 7m +J
n9588362963 tourism = apartment Abbey House 10m +J
w1006716436 tourism = apartment Buzzards View 14m +J
n9537287854 tourism = apartment Candlelight 11m +J
w130877503 tourism = apartment Cider Cottage Elizabeth and Brian Totman W 4y +J
w217376604 tourism = apartment Cockercombe Wellisford Lettings Ltd W 13m +J
w590623818 tourism = apartment Crowcombe Wellisford Lettings Ltd W 13m +J
w444401391 tourism = apartment Eden House Your Space W 10m +J
w514196274 tourism = apartment Farthings Barn W 3y +J
w217376605 tourism = apartment Foxcombe Wellisford Lettings Ltd W 13m +J
w988900209 tourism = apartment Garden Room 16m +J
n9970991917 tourism = apartment Grampian House 5m +J
n5822685323 tourism = apartment Kintore Cottage 4y +J
w804740188 tourism = apartment Lelola Holiday Lets 6m +J
w426663028 tourism = apartment Llawr-y-glynn 6y +J
w631070865 tourism = apartment Lower Burrowton W 13m +J
w1092397829 tourism = apartment Meadow Court 5m +J
w627911597 tourism = apartment Meadow View Cottage W 4y +J
w627911596 tourism = apartment Meadow View Stables W 4y +J
w627863282 tourism = apartment Oddwell Cottage W 4y +J
w210851293 tourism = apartment Old Convent 5m +J
w146029524 tourism = apartment Paragon House 2y +J
w217376606 tourism = apartment Parkgate House Parkgate House Holidays W 12m +J
w217376609 tourism = apartment Ramscombe Wellisford Lettings Ltd W 13m +J
w1006716437 tourism = apartment Red Kites Retreat 14m +J
w130877498 tourism = apartment Redlands Barn Elizabeth and Brian Totman 4y +J
n4607772891 tourism = apartment Roberts Farm 11m +J
w600468602 tourism = apartment Rosary House 4y +J
n4758539646 tourism = apartment Sea Shells by the Beach W 5y +J
r9226957 tourism = apartment Silverton Park Stables The Landmark Trust W 7m +J
w627911665 tourism = apartment Sunset 4y +J
w130877511 tourism = apartment The Barn 4y +J
w627911733 tourism = apartment The Byre 4y +J
w667954927 tourism = apartment The Chauffer's Quarters Sykes Holiday Cottages W 3y +J
w669610482 tourism = apartment The Cottage Coach House Farm W 8m +J
w669860128 tourism = apartment The Cottage Newhall Farm Newhall Farm 12m +J
w627863399 tourism = apartment The Old Piggery Glebe Farm, Brompton Ralph 4y +J
w130877504 tourism = apartment The Stables 4y +J
w130876598 tourism = apartment Thorncombe Wellisford Lettings Ltd W 13m +J
n4299120333 tourism = apartment * Tree Tops 2y +J
n9106192642 tourism = apartment Upcott House W 16m +J
n3017214598 tourism = attraction Northbank 7y +J
w400973494 tourism = camp_site The Golden Lion Inn The Golden Lion Inn W 23m +J
w481576990 tourism = camp_site The Green Man The Green Man W 6w +J
w569773694 tourism = camp_site Unicorn Inn Unicorn Inn 4y +J
n3512849707 tourism = caravan_site Farmhouse Caravans and Camping W 10m +J
w932793327 tourism = caravan_site Monks Farm Barn 21m +J
n471356817 tourism = caravan_site Moorland Farm 13y +J
n5159633574 tourism = caravan_site Zone B/MH2 LLTNPA 5y +J
w775601825 tourism = chalet Aintree Cottage 2y +J
w775601828 tourism = chalet Bookers Cottage 2y +J
w1091238206 tourism = chalet Bottom Barn W 5m +J
w775601827 tourism = chalet Cheltenham Cottage/Sandown Cottage 2y +J
w671311826 tourism = chalet Cherry Lodge 3y +J
w775601829 tourism = chalet Cope Cottage 2y +J
w1091238224 tourism = chalet Cowbyre Cottage W 5m +J
w642266998 tourism = chalet Croft Dhu Steading 4y +J
w314774977 tourism = chalet Croft No 9 16m +J
w1080619247 tourism = chalet Cromla Cottage W 6m +J
w312760808 tourism = chalet Culligran Cottage 8y +J
w915850591 tourism = chalet Deer Cottage W 22m +J
w664859954 tourism = chalet Dol Fraint 3y +J
w1026836721 tourism = chalet Earsham Waveney River Centre 12m +J
w775601822 tourism = chalet Epsom Cottage 2y +J
n4231626831 tourism = chalet Fell View West 4y +J
w671311837 tourism = chalet Fir Tree Lodge 3y +J
w1039185196 tourism = chalet Forrester House 10m +J
w646822709 tourism = chalet Foxhole Rigg Barn W 4y +J
w1026836720 tourism = chalet Gillingham Waveney River Centre 12m +J
w662104044 tourism = chalet Glynllifon 4y +J
w313535249 tourism = chalet Goodwood Cottage 2y +J
w1091238223 tourism = chalet Granary Cottage W 5m +J
w204921597 tourism = chalet Grange Barn W 2m +J
w984857972 tourism = chalet Harbour Beach 5m +J
w1079881985 tourism = chalet Harbour Haven 3m +J
w671311819 tourism = chalet Heron Lodge 3y +J
w951923967 tourism = chalet Hobby Cottage W 20m +J
w140834627 tourism = chalet Island Lodge W 11y +J
w671311830 tourism = chalet Kestral Lodge 3y +J
w678921932 tourism = chalet Lakeland Dream South Lakeland Leisure Village W 7m +J
w552402891 tourism = chalet Langstrath W 4y +J
w671311838 tourism = chalet Lapwing Lodge 3y +J
w671311832 tourism = chalet Larch Lodge 3y +J
w490322409 tourism = chalet Liona-tuim W 5y +J
w1134263540 tourism = chalet Lode Hall W 2w +J
w671311822 tourism = chalet Mallard Lodge 3y +J
w984831073 tourism = chalet Manor Cottage W 8d +J
w671311840 tourism = chalet Maple Lodge 3y +J
w951923966 tourism = chalet Merlin Cottage W 20m +J
w704406468 tourism = chalet Mole Catcher's Cottage 12m +J
w775601826 tourism = chalet Newmarket Cottage 2y +J
n9162362150 tourism = chalet North Star Glamping 15m +J
w1011527126 tourism = chalet Old House 5w +J
w1091238207 tourism = chalet Orchard Cottage W 5m +J
w671311821 tourism = chalet Pine Lodge 3y +J
w655449157 tourism = chalet Plas Cefn Mawr 4y +J
w1055935453 tourism = chalet Plealey Country Cottages 9m +J
w671311833 tourism = chalet Red Kite Lodge 3y +J
w664872474 tourism = chalet Rhandir 4y +J
n3301264239 tourism = chalet Rothay Lodge W 2y +J
w671311823 tourism = chalet Rowan Lodge 3y +J
w993980545 tourism = chalet Sanderling 15m +J
w993980543 tourism = chalet Sanderling's Nest 15m +J
w77412455 tourism = chalet Sands House W 15m +J
w775601824 tourism = chalet Saratoga Cottage 2y +J
w298243813 tourism = chalet Seaview Steading Holiday Cottages 2y +J
w775601830 tourism = chalet Shipton Cottage 2y +J
w528385248 tourism = chalet South Byre, Glenholme Farm W 5y +J
w1091238225 tourism = chalet Stable Cottage W 5m +J
w881658772 tourism = chalet Swallows' Barn W 10m +J
w233004421 tourism = chalet Tamarisk Duchy of Cornwall W 22m +J
w671311828 tourism = chalet Teal Lodge 3y +J
n9403932160 tourism = chalet Tern Cottage Aspects Holidays 12m +J
w251900010 tourism = chalet The Bothy 8y +J
w894368563 tourism = chalet The Burrows W 2m +J
w1134263548 tourism = chalet The Coach House W 2w +J
w100061244 tourism = chalet The Gatehouse 16m +J
n761154178 tourism = chalet The Hayloft W 2m +J
w251900008 tourism = chalet The New Lodge 8y +J
n6221991364 tourism = chalet The Old Bakery W 4y +J
w1077475714 tourism = chalet The Old Forge 6m +J
n6297611489 tourism = chalet The Old Post House W 2y +J
w844385886 tourism = chalet The Roundhouse 2y +J
w938104239 tourism = chalet Thorington Lodge National Trust 21m +J
w984857952 tourism = chalet Tides 16m +J
w548011448 tourism = chalet Tigh Fhionn 2y +J
w339968870 tourism = chalet Tigh na Fraoch 2y +J
w655449155 tourism = chalet Ty Newydd 4y +J
w583271991 tourism = chalet Tŷ'r Santes Fair W 3y +J
w530016208 tourism = chalet Watergate W 12m +J
w313535244 tourism = chalet Weir House 2y +J
w1011527125 tourism = chalet West House 5w +J
w671311841 tourism = chalet Woodburn 3y +J
w577555223 tourism = chalet Woodlands 4y +J
w671311820 tourism = chalet Woodpecker Lodge 3y +J
w775601823 tourism = chalet Wychwood Cottage 2y +J
w943506161 tourism = gallery Appies 9m +J
n10242925297 tourism = gallery Pendeen House W 2m +J
w799344957 tourism = guest_house 1 Fenwick Cottages Idyllic Suffolk 2y +J
w164381341 tourism = guest_house Abbey Green Farm W 15m +J
n5923047001 tourism = guest_house Blandford Lodge 4m +J
w638867493 tourism = guest_house Bollam Cottage 4y +J
n410202996 tourism = guest_house Castle Cottage 13y +J
w260343921 tourism = guest_house Cherry Holme W 3y +J
w433169879 tourism = guest_house Chestnut Villa 12m +J
n9095232808 tourism = guest_house Church Farm 9m +J
w384231423 tourism = guest_house Cockatrice B&B 2y +J
w414814966 tourism = guest_house Cotswolds 39 6y +J
w662104043 tourism = guest_house Craig Y Glyn 4y +J
n3472043846 tourism = guest_house Dundrum House W 8m +J
w584477762 tourism = guest_house Eastcombe Farm W 5w +J
w60143245 tourism = guest_house Emsworth House 3y +J
n9095232809 tourism = guest_house Far End 9m +J
n9095232810 tourism = guest_house Glen Lyon 9m +J
w93720658 tourism = guest_house Gotten Manor 22m +J
w1031371094 tourism = guest_house Hambrook House W 10m +J
w799344972 tourism = guest_house Higham Place Lodge Idyllic Suffolk 2y +J
w799351771 tourism = guest_house Hillside House 2y +J
w421845675 tourism = guest_house Kings Orchard 6y +J
n9095232814 tourism = guest_house Kingscliffe 9m +J
n9060013635 tourism = guest_house Kinloch Stables 17m +J
w350663201 tourism = guest_house Laburnum 2y +J
w331147094 tourism = guest_house Locksley 17m +J
n5321141911 tourism = guest_house Low Hall Farm W 8m +J
w1050276491 tourism = guest_house Malbeck Lodge 10m +J
n9095232815 tourism = guest_house Mews Cottage 9m +J
n9064342374 tourism = guest_house Milden Hall 17m +J
w232949565 tourism = guest_house Moel-y-Wyn 4y +J
n2522553253 tourism = guest_house Nichols Nymet House W 8m +J
w799344955 tourism = guest_house Old Post Office Idyllic Suffolk 2y +J
w553819428 tourism = guest_house Old Watermill 23m +J
w137842020 tourism = guest_house Periwinkle Cottage 6m +J
w720153650 tourism = guest_house Plas Offa Farm 3y +J
w257914964 tourism = guest_house Pyrland Farm Mary Read W 3y +J
w498275755 tourism = guest_house Rafters 5y +J
w423805095 tourism = guest_house Red Bank 22m +J
n9095232813 tourism = guest_house Redlands 9m +J
w631070338 tourism = guest_house Rewe Brake W 12m +J
w1108063086 tourism = guest_house Rhianfa 3m +J
w690963177 tourism = guest_house Richmond Villa 17m +J
w368508228 tourism = guest_house Rockwood House 2m +J
w410600002 tourism = guest_house Rowborough Stone Barn 17m +J
w67340062 tourism = guest_house Seefar 5y +J
w233137638 tourism = guest_house Shamrock W 3y +J
w832163752 tourism = guest_house Snowdon Cottage 2y +J
w428084196 tourism = guest_house Spring Cottage 6m +J
w633493181 tourism = guest_house St Margaret's Cottage 17m +J
w662104345 tourism = guest_house Stabal y Sarn 4y +J
w157089623 tourism = guest_house Stone House Lodge 18m +J
w295335201 tourism = guest_house The Cart Lodge 6m +J
w799344950 tourism = guest_house The Cartlodge Idyllic Suffolk 2y +J
w258924672 tourism = guest_house The Elms 9y +J
w799368587 tourism = guest_house The Gildhall Idyllic Suffolk 2y +J
w816652364 tourism = guest_house The Granary 2y +J
w329197075 tourism = guest_house The Hollies 7y +J
w507604987 tourism = guest_house The Parsonage 5y +J
n4874161726 tourism = guest_house The Townhouse W 13m +J
n948819834 tourism = guest_house Three Gates Farm 11m +J
n5695183420 tourism = guest_house Tigh‘n Eilean House 4y +J
n5846799034 tourism = guest_house Trem Hyfryd 2y +J
w331725994 tourism = guest_house Tresi Aur 7y +J
w587462958 tourism = guest_house Ty Croes Mawr 4y +J
w466403036 tourism = guest_house Viner House 5y +J
w628165562 tourism = guest_house Westfield 14m +J
w370586271 tourism = guest_house Wick House 3y +J
w501046101 tourism = guest_house Wishay Farm 5w +J
w736773692 tourism = guest_house Woodstock 11m +J
w329197020 tourism = hostel Borrowdale 7y +J
w503837641 tourism = hostel Bracken Tor Lodge 12m +J
w330836719 tourism = hostel Castlerigg 7y +J
w982761162 tourism = hostel Dan-y-wenallt-uchaf YHA 16m +J
w329196922 tourism = hostel Naddle 7y +J
w329197140 tourism = hostel Rigg 7y +J
w360732677 tourism = hostel Stour Valley Bunkhouse yha 6y +J
w399502445 tourism = hostel The Old School Bunkhouse 5y +J
w625402047 tourism = hotel Beinn Bhracaigh W 18m +J
w921798988 tourism = hotel Cambrian House 18m +J
w1033591596 tourism = hotel Camusbeag 11m +J
w171331934 tourism = hotel Ferry Cottage The Beetle & Wedge 14m +J
w1069886343 tourism = hotel Northrise Retreat 7m +J
w893073245 tourism = hotel Old Church Farm W 2y +J
w1024937870 tourism = hotel Raven Lodge 12m +J
n9795774789 tourism = hotel Truckhaven Carnforth 8m +J
w1118341939 tourism = hotel hotel 2m +J
w153245854 tourism = self_catering Luckley Farmhouse 10y +J
n2174022669 tourism = self_catering Walnut Tree Cottage W 9y +J
w900023021 tourism = trail_riding_station Silver Hill House 12m +J
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