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Nameless Objects: leisure=fitness_centre

This page flags leisure=fitness_centre objects in the UK, that do not have a name=* tag, which would normally be expected. Often a survey will be needed to determine the missing name. The objects also appear in the Survey Me! tool.

Object Amenity Shop Tourism Housename Brand Operator Disused W LE JRC
w109187455 Anytime Fitness W 18m +J
w927258956 Oxford Brookes University 5w +J
w158792353 University of East London W 3y +J
w698184055 W 22m +J
w123809009 W 3y +J
w718428672 20m +J
n8615790337 4w +J
w930188033 4w +J
n6508548610 23m +J
n7489695493 12m +J
w158088711 2y +J
n4801335816 4y +J
n8022617097 6m +J
n4801335817 4y +J
n4801335818 4y +J
n4801335819 4y +J
n4801335820 4y +J
w548722444 22m +J
w918944012 8w +J
n7289724686 14m +J
w825459982 10m +J
w88736272 8m +J
w509419539 3y +J
r7422996 3y +J
n6533516566 23m +J
w766549791 15m +J
n7232525603 14m +J
w627106852 2y +J
w279479335 4y +J
w556374567 3y +J
w346595879 2y +J
n4721120296 4y +J
n1484739626 2m +J
w575271728 3y +J
w26750258 4m +J
w529015350 7m +J
w617162806 2y +J
w458317624 4y +J
w99274809 16m +J
w564847673 3y +J
w862775355 6m +J
w463846205 4y +J
n6724044353 20m +J
w854517317 5m +J
w590381894 2y +J
n3695244102 3w +J
w345132360 2y +J
w611211852 2y +J
w667209038 2y +J
w361056084 23m +J
w619273556 2y +J
w856158804 7m +J
w901814614 3m +J
n5758689366 2y +J
w463109464 4y +J
w694509146 23m +J
n4940554844 3y +J
w897107297 3m +J
n6872262755 19m +J
w38445411 23m +J
w791161701 13m +J
w761527915 16m +J
w309088621 3y +J
w388017774 5m +J
w636353390 14m +J
w681614193 2y +J
w615112561 2y +J
n4631926643 4y +J
w222582132 7m +J
n8669042549 2w +J
n5059726966 3y +J
w62035574 19m +J
n5166075258 3y +J
w598040957 2y +J
w303419009 5w +J
w763096706 15m +J
w908456578 2m +J
w61427333 7m +J
w567940742 2m +J
w496359814 2y +J
n4763930250 4y +J
n2301324174 23m +J
w886793363 4m +J
w571752341 3y +J
n2814284693 3y +J
w866044825 4m +J
n6759776155 20m +J
w28101276 6y +J
w596661922 2w +J
n7745664933 9m +J
n4699613608 4y +J
w349194155 18m +J
w795272107 12m +J
w655414444 2y +J
w664668077 20m +J
w890530477 4m +J
n6508630702 21m +J
n5167503022 3y +J
w491918767 4y +J
w149922737 2y +J
w635093428 2y +J
n5981895608 2y +J
w56017848 4y +J
w860232633 6m +J
n6715507134 20m +J
w435143102 9m +J
n7840657342 8m +J
w483190721 4y +J
n1714130114 21m +J
w339587522 4y +J
n6705172418 21m +J
w664922314 2y +J
w413295819 5y +J
w784768971 13m +J
w632505807 2y +J
n4393385937 4y +J
w795193044 12m +J
w887450583 4m +J
w856341464 7m +J
w503653082 2y +J
w934332378 2w +J
w374540507 11m +J
w493719259 16m +J
w891887324 2w +J
w660211422 2y +J
n5316983778 3y +J
n8098287078 6m +J
w699510761 22m +J
n6140720105 2y +J
n7304997866 13m +J
w747082988 17m +J
n4700212461 4y +J
n8497501421 2m +J
n6210613230 2y +J
w369710063 3w +J
w844826096 7m +J
w488946672 4y +J
w400410865 18m +J
n6132655090 2y +J
w926224884 3w +J
w492859642 23m +J
w916582395 2m +J
n4610216446 4y +J
w822257662 10m +J
n2566369790 17m +J
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