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Nameless Objects: leisure=marina

This page flags leisure=marina objects in the UK, that do not have a name=* tag, which would normally be expected. Often a survey will be needed to determine the missing name. The objects also appear in the Survey Me! tool.

Object Amenity Shop Tourism Housename Brand Operator Disused W LE JRC
w91899496 W 6y +J
w91899500 W 9y +J
n5792380272 W 4y +J
w223261604 W 11m +J
w125800704 19m +J
n289143041 10y +J
w620712707 4y +J
w530213891 2y +J
w124271110 6y +J
w537613830 12m +J
w530213894 2y +J
n886208518 8w +J
w211093768 6y +J
w378033928 20m +J
w559395336 2y +J
w867236872 2y +J
n4821580553 5m +J
w867236873 2y +J
n1293636106 11y +J
n4821580554 2y +J
n4674553355 5m +J
n4821580555 2y +J
w963238156 20m +J
w223239693 9y +J
n7433031953 2y +J
w28910865 20m +J
w922935313 23m +J
n6605044241 3y +J
w250691090 13m +J
w846420243 2y +J
w317966099 8y +J
n2203654676 6m +J
w794705172 2y +J
w386335765 21m +J
w797042458 21m +J
w242869787 5y +J
w653808669 18m +J
w32206878 2y +J
w310339615 8y +J
n853557280 9y +J
w361846816 2y +J
n254437152 6y +J
n4831014177 5y +J
w59965986 4y +J
w1126436386 2m +J
n6683253540 3y +J
w52329252 9y +J
w173310245 5m +J
n731839781 9y +J
w237700902 2y +J
w128070438 11y +J
n1280247849 6w +J
n8040758828 2y +J
w210587948 10y +J
w787918124 2y +J
w306012206 8y +J
w94817326 9y +J
n4674547761 6y +J
n4674547764 6y +J
w532136501 11m +J
r1531446 11y +J
w156939318 13m +J
n4358280760 6y +J
w91332408 21m +J
w286805561 21m +J
w116617018 14m +J
w112473403 8y +J
n1111441979 4y +J
w91332411 21m +J
n6683253564 3y +J
w968588348 19m +J
w535144508 5y +J
n3844798781 7y +J
w182596926 3y +J
w532136511 12m +J
n4671329343 6y +J
w29026623 3y +J
w125905472 9y +J
n2216847683 10y +J
w172985155 10y +J
w579650627 4y +J
w973169220 19m +J
w211713860 10y +J
w384788293 7y +J
r6437959 3y +J
w579650631 4y +J
w486863175 5y +J
w383531337 7y +J
n6683253577 3y +J
w141364045 19m +J
w254822478 9y +J
w117738574 3m +J
w206555474 17m +J
n4410687315 6y +J
w449586005 6y +J
w508158037 5y +J
w295436117 8y +J
w88391254 9y +J
n8707101015 22m +J
n9988159834 6m +J
w24597850 14y +J
n4821581914 5y +J
w120223325 17m +J
w174480735 2y +J
w499626080 2y +J
w773764192 2y +J
w797134946 12m +J
w499166562 23m +J
w149532515 6y +J
w380849254 5m +J
w367350891 7y +J
w487406444 20m +J
n1091011436 12m +J
w95848046 9y +J
n2425703023 9y +J
n4951124337 6w +J
w1087460209 7m +J
n8892706161 20m +J
w164058994 9m +J
w145384818 8y +J
w530280818 5y +J
r4276595 14m +J
n7019356019 13d +J
w139959924 11y +J
w199769973 10y +J
w91899511 3y +J
w54887799 14m +J
w162961784 6m +J
n2385888888 2y +J
r1635192 11y +J
r1635193 11y +J
w130517883 11y +J
n9685104763 11m +J
w57704060 18m +J
w95855228 boatyards 13m +J
r1635197 11y +J
w1132263037 9d +J
n7985843838 2y +J
r1635198 11y +J
w264504447 9y +J
w121240959 8y +J
w891243904 13m +J
w891243905 13m +J
w530278277 5y +J
w375976582 7y +J
n1556496263 9y +J
w63848330 9y +J
w530221450 5y +J
w1146117004 5w +J
w23224461 5y +J
n2084379022 6y +J
w109697935 4w +J
w156568465 7w +J
w292984211 2y +J
w890418323 2y +J
w499528084 2y +J
w1124515988 2m +J
w205371543 10y +J
w133979802 2y +J
w55945371 7w +J
w240528542 9y +J
w172990883 21m +J
n4821519780 2y +J
w514032295 5y +J
n6423996073 3y +J
w109233065 9y +J
w503013290 2y +J
n2300737962 9y +J
w505555115 2y +J
w514032299 5y +J
w655414443 4y +J
w597507756 20m +J
w1080240558 8m +J
w586632110 4y +J
w57770928 9y +J
w861171378 2y +J
n949650100 17m +J
w385588916 7y +J
w496342198 5m +J
w129754039 9y +J
w59605176 7y +J
n1068993977 8y +J
w541299386 17m +J
w172542141 10y +J
w706110655 3y +J
w503542976 4y +J
w150185410 2y +J
w173172675 20m +J
w173181635 4y +J
w377679811 7y +J
n1905738437 6y +J
w163696581 21m +J
w92889799 2y +J
w94817225 9y +J
n3365896908 8y +J
w189640653 3y +J
w598011853 5m +J
w255771854 9y +J
w123191247 5y +J
w239848911 17m +J
r1969616 11y +J
n2177216726 10y +J
w530746327 4m +J
n1086370008 2y +J
w123191256 22m +J
w1037910233 attraction 2m +J
w536837850 5m +J
n5104914138 2y +J
w503543004 5y +J
w255771869 2y +J
r10414302 3y +J
w143714528 2y +J
r1969633 2y +J
w587545569 4y +J
n3810644961 7y +J
w175699937 8y +J
r1969634 2y +J
w30543331 5m +J
w175699939 4y +J
w125941733 2y +J
w509419238 2y +J
w107445479 2y +J
w540967400 5m +J
w530213866 2y +J
w412843500 4y +J
w220162289 23m +J
w378141681 7y +J
n4674547954 6y +J
w1090469619 6m +J
n280792051 2y +J
w320521717 23m +J
n3809294071 21m +J
n4178359287 2y +J
n3781519353 2y +J
w695008251 3y +J
w125065724 3y +J
w433119996 2w +J
w499900925 16m +J
w125800702 yes 19m +J
n5316521470 5y +J
n4821580543 2y +J
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