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Nameless Objects: leisure=miniature_golf

This page flags leisure=miniature_golf objects in the UK, that do not have a name=* tag, which would normally be expected. Often a survey will be needed to determine the missing name. The objects also appear in the Survey Me! tool.

Object Amenity Shop Tourism Housename Brand Operator Disused W LE JRC
w513642803 Anglian Water 6m +J
n7272478450 Codona's Amusement Park 14m +J
w503582575 Manor House Hotel 2y +J
w774632813 Salt Ayre Sports Centre 14m +J
w888460463 Serco 4m +J
w779103575 St Ives Bay Holliday Park 4m +J
n7734001201 Toppings 9m +J
w591526450 ambiance cafe 2y +J
w918044672 8w +J
w158557954 9y +J
w97736707 3m +J
w909918212 2m +J
w316335365 attraction 8m +J
w109722631 10y +J
w427579146 4y +J
w867774732 6m +J
w109722636 10y +J
w738895887 18m +J
w571054610 3y +J
w823074579 10m +J
w209937428 8y +J
w560453396 3y +J
w812861974 11m +J
n693878809 11y +J
n602728220 8y +J
w203999517 8y +J
w246786596 7y +J
w166949928 6m +J
w469679401 4y +J
w660597801 6m +J
w701370154 22m +J
w108944170 10y +J
w57101613 6y +J
w44802605 11y +J
w225812784 6y +J
w268481329 6y +J
w223420980 7y +J
w827619136 9m +J
w373524545 2m +J
w894235202 4m +J
w894235203 4m +J
w894235205 4m +J
n4879337287 3y +J
w299654984 6y +J
w928664137 4w +J
w204334153 8y +J
w188332874 9m +J
w576355148 3y +J
w849949517 7m +J
w851806030 7m +J
w584289359 3y +J
w896980047 3m +J
w610660687 2y +J
w44333648 22m +J
w104846163 8y +J
w555145812 3y +J
w282655063 4m +J
n3331028568 6y +J
w91899481 2y +J
w627228250 2y +J
w162464859 9y +J
w147011931 9y +J
w625595995 2y +J
w458576732 4y +J
n430418268 9m +J
w584421725 3y +J
r7328350 3y +J
w226750304 3y +J
w660491873 2y +J
n6482579056 23m +J
w166851696 3m +J
w601365875 2y +J
w558592627 17m +J
w884677748 4m +J
w895925620 3m +J
w422717045 4y +J
w155867765 6y +J
w706994037 21m +J
w31284343 12y +J
w159349625 2m +J
w266804346 7y +J
w614625658 2y +J
w820900730 10m +J
w122523518 5w +J
w256711039 6m +J
w680641666 2y +J
w55364228 14m +J
w308312198 6y +J
w164825991 8y +J
w840904584 8m +J
w930290316 4w +J
w661883020 2y +J
w159325325 6y +J
w194948239 8y +J
w156359056 3y +J
w26467217 6y +J
w692071315 23m +J
w138314901 6m +J
w869128341 6m +J
w939382422 8d +J
w108892312 2y +J
w175327385 8y +J
w478177436 4y +J
w194442141 17m +J
w544951456 3w +J
w223419810 7y +J
w839838627 8m +J
n5751449508 2y +J
w329488805 6y +J
w807920038 11m +J
w472408745 3y +J
w223419818 7y +J
w617505194 2y +J
w840552618 8m +J
w863502250 6m +J
w180097452 8y +J
w560506544 3y +J
w477190065 2y +J
w765761970 15m +J
w214782645 8y +J
w402535351 6m +J
w715079351 20m +J
w439081143 3y +J
w842883256 8m +J
w56076472 6m +J
n265816505 12y +J
w35824313 11y +J
w560506553 3y +J
n1810816188 8y +J
w878421949 5m +J
w702851007 22m +J
w619897791 22m +J
w23402177 12y +J
w274929601 7y +J
w511343041 3y +J
w117690306 9y +J
w808269252 11m +J
w27103428 6m +J
w267160263 7y +J
w130036684 7y +J
w910655694 2m +J
w444877525 6m +J
w34401749 8m +J
w186189272 7y +J
w701308120 22m +J
w118448344 9m +J
w130036697 7y +J
w877831129 5m +J
n2258835162 8y +J
w490090458 4y +J
w302661082 6y +J
w700576987 22m +J
w352180445 5y +J
n6900799712 18m +J
w488868322 4y +J
w544951523 3w +J
w179090403 8y +J
w520128228 3y +J
w88365287 6m +J
w121534695 9y +J
w37293546 17m +J
w836845292 8m +J
w121534700 9y +J
n8176866799 5m +J
w187691762 3y +J
n6183926004 2y +J
n3681189364 5y +J
w216896244 8y +J
w216896245 8y +J
w250963447 7y +J
w553338110 3y +J
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