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Nameless Objects: leisure=stadium

This page flags leisure=stadium objects in the UK, that do not have a name=* tag, which would normally be expected. Often a survey will be needed to determine the missing name. The objects also appear in the Survey Me! tool.

Object Amenity Shop Tourism Housename Brand Operator Disused W LE JRC
n662192234 Ballycastle Tennis Club 11y +J
w95507076 Buxton FC 10y +J
w253051394 7y +J
w260443403 20m +J
w122361618 9y +J
w728063252 19m +J
w36728342 5y +J
w664909852 2y +J
w193466910 8y +J
w664909854 2y +J
w365439007 3y +J
w424095519 16m +J
w203654431 8y +J
w265749281 8m +J
w365439009 5y +J
w124874273 4m +J
w365439011 5y +J
w765469223 15m +J
w603518761 2y +J
w250006319 7y +J
w55440947 11d +J
w372563509 5y +J
w265749562 7y +J
r1833787 8y +J
w313542463 6y +J
w265749569 8m +J
w200945476 8y +J
w333235271 6y +J
w602925639 2y +J
w478362952 4y +J
w265749583 8m +J
w861022033 6m +J
w656579667 6w +J
w828781656 9m +J
n3744556125 5y +J
w316186217 2y +J
w185716329 8y +J
w155020139 9y +J
w105388398 10y +J
w190274676 8y +J
w261824886 7y +J
w765830012 15m +J
w80347004 10y +J
w227215744 3y +J
w913028995 2m +J
w77015692 10y +J
w313276556 7m +J
w515308940 16m +J
w536951437 3y +J
w106164367 8y +J
w428490897 2y +J
w478448026 4y +J
w759353754 7m +J
w190846619 8y +J
w860981660 6m +J
w765830044 15m +J
r1883813 4y +J
w298311848 5y +J
w562908846 12m +J
w58535857 3m +J
w104982453 10y +J
w412556472 2y +J
r1831102 4y +J
w332060864 6y +J
r912578 2y +J
w166266056 2y +J
w239865033 7y +J
w265749458 7y +J
w265749466 7y +J
w623888346 2y +J
w623888348 2y +J
w27766240 7y +J
w372879076 5y +J
w221653989 2y +J
w257787883 3y +J
w215269614 8y +J
w720478959 20m +J
w720478960 20m +J
w720478961 20m +J
w241903348 7y +J
w275719933 9m +J
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