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Nameless Objects: name:en=*

The name=* key should be used to store an objects primary name in the local language. Other name:xx=* keys can be used to store translations in specific languges. In most of the UK, the name will be in English, and there is no need for a separate name:en=* tag. In bilingual areas, name:cy (Welsh), name:gd (Scots Gaelic), name:ga (Irish or Gaelic) may be used too. If there is no concensus on the dominant local language, and two or more name:xx tags are present, then the name=* may legitimately be left out.

Object Primary Tag Name:en ON? Housename Brand Operator Disused W LE JRC
w854358242 amenity = bank Principality Building Society * W 2y +J
n10807491806 amenity = bar George Samuel Brewery 7w +J
n10544144309 amenity = bar Sixes Social Cricket 4m +J
n10807491805 amenity = cafe Blue Mallard 7w +J
n10110391428 amenity = cafe Brü Coffee and Gelato Cardiff 7m +J
n10294230709 amenity = cafe Cafe Toulous 5m +J
n10110391118 amenity = cafe Coffi Clwb 7m +J
n10294230710 amenity = cafe Duran's 5m +J
n10110391329 amenity = cafe Elvis's Bistro & Takeaway 7m +J
n10237785509 amenity = cafe Origin Coffee 5m +J
w179182952 amenity = cafe RSPB Nature Reserve Cafe * RSPB Conwy 6m +J
n10110391323 amenity = cafe The Tucker Tuk 7m +J
n10110391326 amenity = clinic Feet In Focus Podiatry 7m +J
w292109518 amenity = college The Cwtch * W 2y +J
w1053158964 amenity = community_centre Eglwyswrw Old School Community Centre * 13m +J
w1013059100 amenity = community_centre Llandeilo'r Fan Village Hall * 8m +J
w1088531112 amenity = community_centre Llangoed Village Hall * 9m +J
w397513224 amenity = community_centre Rhosneigr Village Hall * 3w +J
w1106189142 amenity = community_centre Ysradfellte Church Hall * 7m +J
w1137056507 amenity = community_centre Ystradowen Community Centre 4m +J
w355248374 amenity = fire_station Abersoch Fire Station * 2y +J
w117426127 amenity = library Abergele Library * 5y +J
w477147207 amenity = library Bognor Regis Library * 6m +J
n3073739278 amenity = library Knighton Library * 2y +J
w293985982 amenity = place_of_worship Bethel Baptist Chapel * W 20m +J
n4313967791 amenity = place_of_worship German Church Liverpool * 11m +J
w879158112 amenity = place_of_worship Saint David's Church * 9m +J
w224364318 amenity = place_of_worship Saint John's Church * 9m +J
w344278583 amenity = place_of_worship St Mary's Church * 12m +J
n1351080110 amenity = place_of_worship St Trillo's Chapel * 3y +J
n861390405 amenity = place_of_worship St. Illtyd's 5y +J
w117426129 amenity = place_of_worship St. Michael's * 4y +J
w169818013 amenity = police South Wales Police Headquaters * W 5w +J
w83926998 amenity = post_depot Aberdare Delivery Office Royal Mail 4y +J
w524638196 amenity = post_depot Cardigan Delivery Office * Royal Mail 16m +J
n5820385554 amenity = post_office Denbigh Post Office * Post Office I'r Dim W 3m +J
n313493874 amenity = post_office Holywell Post Office * Post Office Post Office 8m +J
w945392205 amenity = pub Farmers Inn * 9m +J
n262348314 amenity = pub The Albert Inn * 14m +J
n9667113457 amenity = pub The Greyhound Inn * W 7m +J
n1158349254 amenity = pub The Swan * 8y +J
n10270435609 amenity = restaurant Balham Social 5m +J
n10294237709 amenity = restaurant Barracuda 5m +J
n10178588117 amenity = restaurant Cabana 6m +J
n10110391425 amenity = restaurant G&T (Gin and Tapas, Mumbles) 7m +J
n10110391431 amenity = restaurant Got No Beef 7m +J
n10589803005 amenity = restaurant James Dahl Indian 4m +J
n10110391426 amenity = restaurant La Toscana 7m +J
n10202745018 amenity = restaurant Shaam 6m +J
n10110391120 amenity = restaurant The Circus 7m +J
n10110391218 amenity = restaurant Turtle Bay 7m +J
w454025078 amenity = school Edward Bryant School * W 6m +J
w39577384 amenity = school Traethmelyn Primary School * 2y +J
w208605886 amenity = university University of Liverpool * University of Liverpool 5w +J
r14230793 leisure = golf_course Letterkenny Golf Club 11m +J
r5559878 leisure = nature_reserve Rùm National Nature Reserve * Scottish Natural Heritage 3y +J
n6041008833 office = company Northgate Public Services 2y +J
w155733987 office = educational_institution Jame’ah Madrasa 6y +J
n9920901162 office = employment_agency Careers Wales * 10m +J
w1085856042 office = government Agriculture, Food and Marine (Regional Offices) * 9m +J
w157076265 office = ngo Esperanto House * Esperanto House W 4y +J
r6524513 office = yes Port of Liverpool Building * 4m +J
n9129935434 shop = alcohol Cwrw Llŷn Tap Room and Shop 20m +J
n10110390720 shop = alcohol Wally's 7m +J
n10110391434 shop = bakery The Ginger Pig Ltd 7m +J
n10110390723 shop = clothes Found 7m +J
n10110391324 shop = confectionery Mrs Potts Chocolate House 7m +J
n10110391018 shop = convenience Booze & News 7m +J
n5255840422 shop = convenience Newroz Kurdish Supermarket * 2y +J
n9920901161 shop = convenience Shopezy 10m +J
n10110391422 shop = convenience Swansea Food Centre 7m +J
n10180902017 shop = electronics Supercharged VR 6m +J
n10110391325 shop = gift Castle Welsh Crafts 7m +J
w787953909 shop = pottery Tân y Ddraig Ceramic Café * 3y +J
n10110393018 shop = supermarket Taste Croatia 7m +J
n3503766998 shop = wedding Wedding Belles * W 2y +J
n460019594 tourism = attraction Aberuchaf Craft Centre * 13y +J
n10110391427 tourism = attraction Devil's Bridge 7m +J
n9881107317 tourism = attraction Prince of Siam's Tree 10m +J
n10110391327 tourism = attraction Pulteney Cruisers Ltd 7m +J
n9907958717 tourism = attraction Rock & spindle 10m +J
n10110390722 tourism = attraction The Mount 7m +J
n10110391322 tourism = attraction Wreck of the Helvetia 7m +J
n10280272809 tourism = camp_site Motorhome Parking 5m +J
w1021754267 tourism = caravan_site Twnti Caravan Touring Park W 16m +J
w260383662 tourism = chalet The Bakehouse * Pen-y-dre W 22m +J
w260383663 tourism = chalet The Cow Byre * Pen-y-dre W 22m +J
w260383664 tourism = chalet The Stable Pen-y-dre W 22m +J
n9104935644 tourism = hotel Castle Hotel * 20m +J
w1105625325 tourism = museum Moidart History House * 7m +J
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