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Nameless Objects: tourism=apartment

This page flags tourism=apartment objects in the UK, that do not have a name=* tag, which would normally be expected. Often a survey will be needed to determine the missing name. The objects also appear in the Survey Me! tool.

Object Amenity Leisure Shop Housename Brand Operator Disused W LE JRC
n9588362963 Abbey House 2m +J
w1006716436 Buzzards View 5m +J
n9537287854 Candlelight 2m +J
w130877503 Cider Cottage Elizabeth and Brian Totman W 3y +J
w217376604 Cockercombe Wellisford Lettings Ltd W 4m +J
w590623818 Crowcombe Wellisford Lettings Ltd W 4m +J
w444401391 Eden House Your Space W 8w +J
w514196274 Farthings Barn W 2y +J
w217376605 Foxcombe Wellisford Lettings Ltd W 4m +J
w988900209 Garden Room 7m +J
n5822685323 Kintore Cottage 3y +J
w426663028 Llawr-y-glynn 5y +J
w631070865 Lower Burrowton W 5m +J
w627911597 Meadow View Cottage W 3y +J
w627911596 Meadow View Stables W 3y +J
w627863282 Oddwell Cottage W 3y +J
w210851293 Old Convent 3y +J
w146029524 Paragon House 2y +J
w217376606 Parkgate House Parkgate House Holidays W 4m +J
w217376609 Ramscombe Wellisford Lettings Ltd W 4m +J
w1006716437 Red Kites Retreat 5m +J
w130877498 Redlands Barn Elizabeth and Brian Totman 3y +J
n4607772891 Roberts Farm 3m +J
w600468602 Rosary House 3y +J
n4758539646 Sea Shells by the Beach W 5y +J
r9226957 Silverton Park Stables The Landmark Trust W 3m +J
w627911665 Sunset 3y +J
w130877511 The Barn 3y +J
w627911733 The Byre 3y +J
w667954927 The Chauffer's Quarters Sykes Holiday Cottages W 2y +J
w669610482 The Cottage Coach House Farm W 5m +J
w669860128 The Cottage Newhall Farm Newhall Farm 3m +J
w627863399 The Old Piggery Glebe Farm, Brompton Ralph 3y +J
w130877504 The Stables 3y +J
w130876598 Thorncombe Wellisford Lettings Ltd W 4m +J
n4299120333 Tree Tops 17m +J
n9106192642 Upcott House W 8m +J
n5828623985 AirBnB 3y +J
n5124971961 Airbnb 4y +J
w1044437816 Citystay W 8w +J
w1061072186 Diamond Resorts W 6d +J
w638575786 Farmer's Lodges 3y +J
w638575788 Farmer's Lodges 3y +J
w638575789 Farmer's Lodges 3y +J
w638575791 Farmer's Lodges 3y +J
w638575792 Farmer's Lodges 3y +J
w638575793 Farmer's Lodges 3y +J
w641387349 Forches Head Cottage W 3y +J
w103003877 Lagnaha Farm 4y +J
w560390117 Lagnaha Farm 4y +J
w348028567 The White Lady 2y +J
w887507787 W 17m +J
n4329216889 W 19m +J
w987139233 W 7m +J
n6913144770 W 2y +J
w1050733568 6w +J
w1050733569 6w +J
w1050733570 6w +J
w1050733571 6w +J
w1050733572 6w +J
w1050733573 6w +J
w1050733574 6w +J
w1050733575 6w +J
w1050733576 6w +J
w1050733577 6w +J
w1050733578 6w +J
w1050733579 6w +J
w1050733580 6w +J
w1050733581 6w +J
w1050733582 6w +J
w1050733583 6w +J
w1050733584 6w +J
n5233167633 4y +J
w1050733585 6w +J
w1050733586 6w +J
n9034084627 8m +J
w1050733587 6w +J
w1050733588 6w +J
w1050733589 6w +J
n9740880918 8d +J
w1050733590 6w +J
w1050733591 6w +J
w1050733592 6w +J
w1050733593 6w +J
w1050733594 6w +J
w1050733595 6w +J
n5573828124 4y +J
w1050733596 6w +J
n7407699485 2y +J
w1050733597 6w +J
w1050733598 6w +J
w1050733599 6w +J
w1050733600 6w +J
w512764705 3y +J
w1050733601 6w +J
w512764706 3y +J
w207236386 4y +J
w1050733602 6w +J
w1050733603 6w +J
w1050733604 6w +J
w1050733605 6w +J
w512764710 3y +J
w1050733606 6w +J
w1050733607 6w +J
w512764712 3y +J
w1050733608 6w +J
w1050733609 6w +J
w1050733610 6w +J
w1050733611 6w +J
w1050733612 6w +J
w1050733613 6w +J
w1050733614 6w +J
w1050733615 6w +J
w1050733616 6w +J
n8964308017 9m +J
w1050733617 6w +J
w1050733618 6w +J
w299669555 2y +J
w1050733619 6w +J
w1050733620 6w +J
n5892037685 3y +J
n6697351733 2y +J
n6566348085 2y +J
w1050733621 6w +J
w1050733622 6w +J
w1050733623 6w +J
w499016504 4y +J
w1050733624 6w +J
w1050733625 6w +J
w1050733626 6w +J
w1050733627 6w +J
w1050733628 6w +J
w935347261 12m +J
n8848057917 11m +J
w1050733629 6w +J
w935347262 12m +J
w1050733630 6w +J
w935347263 12m +J
w1050733631 6w +J
w935347264 12m +J
w1050733632 6w +J
w1050733633 6w +J
w935347266 12m +J
w1050733634 6w +J
w1050733635 6w +J
w935347268 12m +J
w1024592202 3m +J
n6307611987 3y +J
n5729470822 3m +J
n6638766185 2y +J
n9062219117 8m +J
n6948587889 6m +J
n6099324282 3y +J
n6099324283 3y +J
w1050729341 6w +J
w1050729342 6w +J
w1050729343 6w +J
w1044282496 8w +J
w1050729344 6w +J
w1050729345 6w +J
w1050729346 6w +J
w1050729347 6w +J
w1050729348 6w +J
w1050729349 6w +J
w1050729350 6w +J
w1050729351 6w +J
w1050729352 6w +J
w1050729353 6w +J
w1050729354 6w +J
w1050729355 6w +J
w1050729356 6w +J
w1050729357 6w +J
w1050729358 6w +J
w1050729359 6w +J
w1050729360 6w +J
n8715474833 9m +J
w1050729361 6w +J
w1050729362 6w +J
w1050729363 6w +J
w1050729364 6w +J
w1050729365 6w +J
w1050729366 6w +J
w1050729367 6w +J
w1050729368 6w +J
w1050729369 6w +J
w1050733465 6w +J
w1050733466 6w +J
w1050733467 6w +J
w1050733468 6w +J
w1050733469 6w +J
w1050733470 6w +J
w1050733471 6w +J
w1050733472 6w +J
w1050733473 6w +J
w1050733474 6w +J
w1050733475 6w +J
w1050733476 6w +J
n6463928485 2y +J
w1050733477 6w +J
n7746757286 21m +J
w1050733478 6w +J
w1050733479 6w +J
w1050733480 6w +J
w1050733481 6w +J
w1050733482 6w +J
w1050733483 6w +J
w1050733484 6w +J
w1050733485 6w +J
w1050733486 6w +J
w475896751 3y +J
w1050733487 6w +J
w1050733488 6w +J
w1050733489 6w +J
w1050733490 6w +J
w1050733491 6w +J
w1050733492 6w +J
w1050733493 6w +J
w1050733494 6w +J
w1050733495 6w +J
w1050733496 6w +J
w1050733497 6w +J
w1050733498 6w +J
w1050733499 6w +J
w1050733500 6w +J
w963232189 10m +J
w1050733501 6w +J
w844629950 20m +J
w1050733502 6w +J
w844629951 20m +J
w1050733503 6w +J
w1050733504 6w +J
n9034676417 8m +J
w1050733505 6w +J
w911406529 14m +J
w1050733506 6w +J
n6635658691 2y +J
w1050733507 6w +J
n6635658692 2y +J
w1050733508 6w +J
n6635658693 2y +J
w727599813 20m +J
w1050733509 6w +J
n6150047686 3y +J
w1050733510 6w +J
w1050733511 6w +J
w1050733512 6w +J
w1050733513 6w +J
n7625424586 23m +J
w1050733514 6w +J
w1050733515 6w +J
w1050733516 6w +J
w977037261 8m +J
w1050733517 6w +J
w977037262 8m +J
w1050733518 6w +J
w977037263 8m +J
w1050733519 6w +J
w977037264 8m +J
w1050733520 6w +J
w977037265 8m +J
w1050733521 6w +J
w977037266 8m +J
w1050733522 6w +J
w977037267 8m +J
w1050733523 6w +J
w977037268 8m +J
w1050733524 6w +J
w830162901 21m +J
w1050733525 6w +J
w1050733526 6w +J
w1050733527 6w +J
w1050733529 6w +J
w1050733530 6w +J
w1050733531 6w +J
w382434013 6y +J
w1050733533 6w +J
w1050733534 6w +J
w964851679 10m +J
w1050733535 6w +J
n5242843872 4y +J
w1050733536 6w +J
w512762849 3y +J
w1050733537 6w +J
w1050733538 6w +J
w1050733539 6w +J
w1050733540 6w +J
w1050733543 6w +J
w1050733544 6w +J
w1050733545 6w +J
w1050733546 6w +J
w1050733547 6w +J
w1050733548 6w +J
n7812111085 21m +J
w1050733549 6w +J
w1050733550 6w +J
w1050733551 6w +J
w1050733552 6w +J
w1050733553 6w +J
w1050733554 6w +J
w1050733555 6w +J
w1050733556 6w +J
w1050733557 6w +J
w1050733558 6w +J
w1050733559 6w +J
w1050733560 6w +J
n8461552121 3m +J
w844832761 20m +J
w1050733561 6w +J
w1050733562 6w +J
w1050733563 6w +J
w1050733564 6w +J
w1050733565 6w +J
w1050733566 6w +J
w1050733567 6w +J
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