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Nameless Objects: tourism=attraction

This page flags tourism=attraction objects in the UK, that do not have a name=* tag, which would normally be expected. Often a survey will be needed to determine the missing name. The objects also appear in the Survey Me! tool.

Object Amenity Leisure Shop Housename Brand Operator Disused W LE JRC
w941117483 yes 7w +J
w988037449 yes 7m +J
n3017214598 Northbank 7y +J
w267656827 Rode Hall 8y +J
w212904910 Blackpool Pleasure Beach 4y +J
w297367807 English Heritage 2y +J
w180729952 Freij Wheels W 11m +J
r7190848 Historic Environment Scotland 15m +J
w5363773 National Trust 11m +J
w204280992 National Trust 2y +J
w687321545 National Trust 3y +J
w204141817 National Trust 8m +J
w143932061 The Gap 11m +J
n6359405651 The German School 4m +J
n324766985 W 3y +J
n2424101142 W 3y +J
w120560192 W 9m +J
w974372295 park W 9m +J
n6447075569 W 3y +J
n6344035585 2y +J
n444005122 high_ropes_course 6y +J
w297494787 10m +J
w682170116 2y +J
n8607467268 13m +J
w316335365 miniature_golf 20m +J
n475418630 2y +J
n9569438727 2m +J
w313374727 3y +J
w281518856 8y +J
n307860748 9y +J
n860567821 11y +J
n7467695629 fishing 2y +J
w856059918 19m +J
n807652878 fountain 17m +J
n5077270032 4y +J
w68464657 11y +J
w152636946 maze 16m +J
n4395971090 5y +J
n320446994 13y +J
r2344211 9y +J
w68464660 11y +J
n2433303 12y +J
n1796988695 9y +J
w102436632 11m +J
w109984792 11y +J
n7862197785 20m +J
r3431196 8y +J
r5307420 2y +J
w68464669 11y +J
n6023590685 3y +J
w68464671 11y +J
w126197024 7y +J
w149574434 4y +J
w23840546 park 2y +J
w68464675 11y +J
w68464677 11y +J
n5829636390 3y +J
w117399846 10y +J
n260386087 14y +J
r4586791 5y +J
n296178216 9y +J
w149574440 4y +J
w332005673 2y +J
w68464681 11y +J
n3041895212 7y +J
w355386413 4y +J
w76730157 8y +J
n864679213 11y +J
w109984814 11y +J
w818171694 22m +J
n6710935089 2y +J
w1024688180 3m +J
w38085687 16m +J
n8937591351 10m +J
n3041895224 7y +J
n302761016 13y +J
n5215196729 high_ropes_course 4y +J
w523431737 3y +J
n4349166394 21m +J
w132712763 bandstand 4y +J
n8937591355 10m +J
n2821903419 8y +J
w39976251 9y +J
n3041895229 7y +J
n5141604925 4y +J
w59537471 12y +J
w590345023 4y +J
w367088192 3y +J
w809404992 11m +J
w666737986 2y +J
w59747906 12y +J
n618887493 7y +J
w150216518 4y +J
n5012606028 4y +J
w257754190 nature_reserve 6y +J
w284422223 10m +J
n1778297425 9y +J
w189613395 amusement_arcade 6y +J
n7093557588 2y +J
w260499029 grave_yard 3y +J
w937100887 12m +J
w520139095 4y +J
n5598648921 4y +J
w210813018 9y +J
w906686043 6m +J
n5942235484 camera_obscura 7m +J
w150357855 9y +J
w234829664 garden 8y +J
w895870304 16m +J
r7893857 4y +J
n592507492 8y +J
w974443877 garden 8w +J
n8041132647 18m +J
w111501161 11y +J
w111501162 11y +J
w189467499 18m +J
n3988759915 15m +J
n332606572 9y +J
w111501164 7y +J
w601365873 3y +J
n3024369777 7y +J
w220919666 8y +J
w601365876 3y +J
w601365877 3y +J
n7106650485 13m +J
n2327276406 3y +J
w601365879 3y +J
w601365880 3y +J
w187382136 garden 9y +J
w306675576 4y +J
w601365881 3y +J
w963238265 10m +J
n3129479546 7y +J
w179320954 14m +J
w60107643 8y +J
w363108219 2y +J
n1025028476 9y +J
n663955069 12y +J
n428510078 12y +J
w179320960 14m +J
n439220096 12y +J
n817597057 4y +J
w83991169 8y +J
w938727553 12m +J
w83991170 8y +J
w305573766 10m +J
w52697991 12y +J
n290546312 13y +J
n4169241992 6y +J
n282251144 10y +J
w815289737 23m +J
w619288969 entertainment complex 2y +J
n460019594 12y +J
n3594491018 6y +J
w179325327 14m +J
n9033515921 8m +J
w150914194 6y +J
w313080980 bandstand 18m +J
w422209430 2y +J
w127331478 8y +J
w422209431 2y +J
n8148916119 18m +J
w127331479 8y +J
w127331482 10y +J
w127331485 10y +J
n8943639455 10m +J
n90615711 10y +J
w143391647 3y +J
w310688673 7y +J
w163976356 2y +J
n325596836 19m +J
n5263136422 4y +J
w839489702 21m +J
w876060840 17m +J
w147030185 2y +J
w35317929 13m +J
n267135914 13y +J
n9555848362 2m +J
w127331498 10y +J
r2863019 18m +J
w127331499 8y +J
n4718362029 18m +J
n337691566 maze 13y +J
w127331502 10y +J
n267047343 fountain 23m +J
w127331503 8y +J
w421377200 3y +J
w137564593 10y +J
n1212570546 fountain 16m +J
w372537266 6m +J
r2863026 8y +J
w1023636915 fountain 3m +J
w127331507 8y +J
r11843508 park 18m +J
w127331508 10y +J
n7862197685 20m +J
n8866990518 8m +J
w566722745 4y +J
w956175546 11m +J
n5325841594 4y +J
w106953914 11y +J
n5325841595 4y +J
w928923069 3d +J
n9394470078 4m +J
n9394470079 4m +J
n9394470080 4m +J
n412945601 3y +J
n4804651201 5y +J
n9394470081 4m +J
n9394470082 4m +J
n9394470083 4m +J
w163976388 10y +J
n9394470084 4m +J
w241989831 8y +J
n4586672844 5y +J
w255584460 8y +J
w255584461 8y +J
w117239501 bandstand 7m +J
w255584463 8y +J
w300854992 4y +J
w255584464 8y +J
w255584465 8y +J
w851874002 19m +J
w255584466 8y +J
w851874003 19m +J
w255584467 8y +J
w255584468 8y +J
w626132437 3y +J
w159109846 3y +J
w1037910233 marina 2m +J
n7799409627 21m +J
n6687934685 2y +J
w567088097 2y +J
w30851553 3y +J
w638805219 3y +J
w638805220 3y +J
w255584740 8y +J
w255584741 8y +J
w566295013 4y +J
w255584742 8y +J
w566295014 4y +J
w566295015 4y +J
w566295016 4y +J
w141641196 8m +J
n8082211308 18m +J
w104391148 playground 10y +J
w460845804 3m +J
n8082211309 18m +J
w460845806 3m +J
w236640752 3y +J
n615698417 15m +J
n535125490 12y +J
n1773452274 7y +J
w424601074 3w +J
w638805235 3y +J
n422015475 6y +J
w108832755 20m +J
w171823603 15m +J
w424601077 3w +J
w424601078 22m +J
n5894903287 clock 3y +J
w173683449 9y +J
w678087674 3y +J
n5197031419 4y +J
n708253436 12y +J
w649598461 2y +J
n26559743 8y +J
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