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Nameless Objects: tourism=gallery

This page flags tourism=gallery objects in the UK, that do not have a name=* tag, which would normally be expected. Often a survey will be needed to determine the missing name. The objects also appear in the Survey Me! tool.

Object Amenity Leisure Shop Housename Brand Operator Disused W LE JRC
w943506161 Appies 2y +J
n10242925297 Pendeen House W 17m +J
n3943125587 telephone BT 8m +J
n6695219379 Gallery East 21m +J
n278285974 telephone Pride in Horbury Bridge Community Group 14m +J
n10955678576 Y Festri 11m +J
n1141382105 Y Festri 11m +J
n5935211425 W 7m +J
n11159491078 8m +J
n573390087 3m +J
n10220162315 17m +J
n5322432796 6y +J
n352785182 telephone 13m +J
w358530849 8y +J
w838981412 3y +J
w1209843496 8m +J
w795781943 3y +J
n3531929147 2m +J
w754723388 gallery 2y +J
n11192869974 8m +J
w597360738 5y +J
w855402851 3w +J
w956420709 2y +J
w1138858857 15m +J
n5251284843 telephone 2y +J
n3370694252 7m +J
n482790767 14y +J
n11375674992 5m +J
n874415998 telephone 17m +J
n8712843391 public_bookcase 22m +J
n11869903488 3w +J
n9499441024 telephone 2y +J
n7734661251 3y +J
w630770576 7m +J
n11019662489 10m +J
n5141693850 6y +J
n11019662491 10m +J
n11019662493 10m +J
n11019662496 10m +J
w1042625701 2y +J
n365761451 telephone 4m +J
n7467569836 telephone 2y +J
n365761452 telephone 4m +J
n7609767598 3y +J
n9925532335 telephone 4m +J
n5047099316 6y +J
n9999668922 20m +J
w1011408839 4m +J
n3085263820 10m +J
w92655571 3y +J
n534793433 public_bookcase 16m +J
n10797355481 13m +J
n10607021536 15m +J
w964727264 2y +J
n2353482466 telephone 4m +J
w230761187 12d +J
n3092272108 telephone 2y +J
w1208734446 8m +J
n11392849649 5m +J
n5000538353 6y +J
n3634363122 8y +J
w403361271 8y +J
w1208734456 8m +J
n4057303802 8y +J
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