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Nameless Objects: tourism=museum

This page flags tourism=museum objects in the UK, that do not have a name=* tag, which would normally be expected. Often a survey will be needed to determine the missing name. The objects also appear in the Survey Me! tool.

Object Amenity Leisure Shop Housename Brand Operator Disused W LE JRC
w213187266 Aln Valley Railway Trust 5y +J
n7643773694 Downpatrick & County Down Railway W 23m +J
w81047056 English Heritage 10m +J
n9150235082 telephone Great Chesterford Parish Council 7m +J
w204280728 National Trust 13m +J
n8017480219 Ravenspoint 15m +J
n9317842759 Southwold Railway Trust 5m +J
w292491296 Tate 6m +J
n8334305645 Teifi Valley Railway W 16m +J
n9244884469 Wallingford Museum 4m +J
n107682851 W 11m +J
w84758669 W 4d +J
n986706944 5y +J
w307322113 7y +J
n350200836 13y +J
w654984197 3y +J
w968121351 9m +J
n2929160455 7y +J
n9003027722 9m +J
w291227659 7y +J
n1110807820 11y +J
n700428300 12y +J
n2007172110 9y +J
n367534095 7y +J
w149179663 3y +J
w194785040 9y +J
w149179664 3y +J
w194785041 12m +J
w207565074 6y +J
n762724371 11y +J
w148759573 5y +J
n2294146843 9y +J
w941592349 12m +J
n5238350622 4y +J
n6379669536 3y +J
w1002147616 6m +J
n3247462435 3y +J
n9581805091 6w +J
w138160164 23m +J
r4119332 7y +J
n9124468261 telephone 7m +J
w862140967 19m +J
w828172074 22m +J
r4731691 7y +J
n802670897 9y +J
w134768178 10m +J
w354612018 5y +J
w784531250 2y +J
w843840819 20m +J
w88310581 11y +J
w87262009 11y +J
n1785851965 4y +J
w167693118 20m +J
w237079873 5y +J
w290460483 7y +J
n693647171 12y +J
w250010949 7m +J
w468915527 4y +J
w833323592 21m +J
n47737161 13y +J
w278789450 8y +J
n943262027 telephone 17m +J
n8955994955 9m +J
w405208907 5m +J
w375688013 6y +J
n857550414 11y +J
w183981646 3y +J
n1110569551 11y +J
w321320785 7y +J
w312955989 4y +J
n2072372821 9y +J
w973455706 9m +J
n684441691 12y +J
w973455707 9m +J
n6153958747 3y +J
w69939548 11y +J
w105918812 2y +J
n781683551 9y +J
n1933956959 9y +J
n544271969 12y +J
w590932066 3y +J
n1920320612 9y +J
n2162905189 9y +J
n309417317 9y +J
n3072237669 7y +J
w240144744 8y +J
w234875240 4y +J
w240144746 8y +J
w234875243 3y +J
w217322605 7d +J
w165944687 7y +J
n38434673 8y +J
n4739996274 5y +J
w461929587 5y +J
w279740789 17m +J
w368980599 20m +J
w1014065783 5m +J
n2424550263 8y +J
w368980600 20m +J
w187420538 9y +J
w306904698 7y +J
w838178941 townhall 8w +J
w195441025 9y +J
n254634113 cafe 14y +J
w317444737 7y +J
n7323313026 2y +J
n769219208 11y +J
w433031049 5y +J
w237726346 8y +J
n897872780 11y +J
n298932368 10y +J
w457209488 4y +J
w980367506 5m +J
w546571155 4y +J
w980367507 8m +J
w980367508 8m +J
n6515038612 2y +J
w943527574 12m +J
w819523736 22m +J
w292460186 7y +J
w117158555 7y +J
w699064991 23m +J
w1026352799 3m +J
n4777460643 5y +J
n475376292 8y +J
n6602333862 2y +J
n1265549478 11y +J
w1016527526 2m +J
w502102951 6m +J
n7924111784 20m +J
w1002807722 6m +J
w275827627 4y +J
w126209967 3y +J
n874420656 6y +J
n1944403889 9y +J
w972946099 5m +J
w171873973 22m +J
w177852610 9y +J
w34178500 4y +J
n9482446788 telephone 3m +J
n1588569542 10y +J
w70460360 11y +J
n471527624 12y +J
n6428128457 3y +J
w1056854989 2w +J
w188462029 22m +J
w286669519 7y +J
n701201359 6m +J
w232133840 9m +J
w343152848 9m +J
w286669520 7y +J
w376109521 4y +J
n9583596243 2m +J
n1498911699 10y +J
w70377684 11y +J
w25749716 20m +J
w58738133 3y +J
n724189910 14m +J
n1316708055 10y +J
w461929689 5y +J
w461929690 5y +J
n663894240 10y +J
w175765730 16m +J
n5761533667 3y +J
n9181441768 7m +J
n1119291627 3y +J
n6573551083 10m +J
n1119285230 16m +J
w86220786 11y +J
n366533363 9y +J
n3780184308 6y +J
w84005621 3y +J
w944308983 12m +J
w216080122 9y +J
n328048123 11y +J
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