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OSM Pharmacy Mapping Progress in the 'CB' Postal Area

Note: There is currently no licence to use the pharmacy registration data from the General Pharmaceutical Council in Open Street Map. So you must not make any OpenStreetMap edits based on the circles on the map, or the data in the popups or tables below. The data can be used to inform surveys though. You may also find that some pharmacies are listed in the FHRS dataset, which is available for use in OSM.

In the CB postal area, 67 out of 68 pharmacies are matched to OSM objects, which is 98.5%.

The blue circles on the map are pharmacies on the official register that haven't been matched to an OSM object. The red circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a pharmacy on the official register. The green lines represent matches from the register to an OSM object. For more information see below.

Pharmacies not matched to an OSM Object

The matching process is simplistic, so an incorrect matching may result in a different nearby pharmacy being the one that is really missing. Also, it is not currently clear what licence the official register data can be re-used under. Until this is clarified, you should not use the data below directly to add pharmacies to OSM. However, knowing that there is a pharmacy missing in a particular area, you may be able to add that using other sources.

Official ID Postcode Official Name
1029259 CB6 3XD Haddenham Pharmacy

OSM Objects not matched to a pharmacy on the register

Entries here could be due to: Former pharmacies that have now closed, more than one object being tagged for a single pharmacy, the register entry for a real pharmacy being matched incorrectly to a different OSM object, or businesses (e.g. non-dispensing chemists) being tagged incorrectly as pharmacies in OSM. Not all of these entries will be errors in the OSM data, so be careful before making any edits. Also, it is not currently clear what licence the official register data can be re-used under. Until this is clarified, you should not use the data below directly to make edits to OSM.

OSM Object OSM Name
n273495650 Boots
n1935068289 GP Practice and Pharmacy
n2503130995 Haddenham Pharmacy
n1591695999 J W Anderson's Chemist
n7462968602 Lloyds Pharmacy

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Pharmacies matched to an OSM object

Note that the matching is very simplistic, just taking the nearest unmatched OSM pharmacy object within a certain radius of the postcode centroid of each official entry in turn. Where several pharmacies are in close proximity, they may be matched incorrectly.

Official ID Postcode Official Name OSM Object OSM Name Offset NM
1093215 CB1 3ER Asda Pharmacy n6330495094 Asda 14 m
1031386 CB10 1HR Boots n258345887 Boots 29 m
1085016 CB5 8WR Boots w42232563 Boots 146 m
1029257 CB7 4PB Boots n2327911507 Boots 27 m
1029207 CB4 1EP Boots n307478302 Boots 6 m
1037227 CB8 8JX Boots n6330547750 Boots 14 m
1037151 CB9 8AD Boots n4067575036 Boots 54 m
1029220 CB22 3BG Boots n36418106 Boots 80 m
1079753 CB1 1PS Boots n3774727727 Boots 107 m
1029245 CB22 5LZ Boots n4728048268 Boots 76 m
1029236 CB2 3ND Boots w229676051 Boots 12 m
1109266 CB25 9DQ Bottisham Pharmacy n2282140002 Bottisham Pharmacy 10 m
1029219 CB1 9HX Cherry Hinton Pharmacy n303606249 Cherry Hinton Pharmacy 34 m
1091679 CB9 8LU David Holland Pharmacy n6331210279 David Holland Pharmacy 12 m
1029212 CB5 8SR Ditton Pharmacy n1800593396 Ditton Pharmacy 114 m
1029241 CB2 1QZ Fitzwilliam Pharmacy w151554002 Fitzwilliam Pharmacy 3 m
1085587 CB2 1LA G.F.T. Davies & Co. n298844674 G.F.T. Davis & Co Pharmacy 6 m
1091670 CB22 3HU Granta Pharmacy n6331214559 Granta Pharmacy 74 m
1099225 CB9 8HF Haverhill Pharmacy n6331229043 Haverhill Pharmacy 87 m
1029218 CB1 9HU Kumar Pharmacy n1890241909 Kumar Pharmacy 13 m
1089953 CB9 7YL Lloydspharmacy n6331249658 Lloyds Pharmacy 362 m
1029200 CB4 2JQ Lloydspharmacy n1958681644 Lloyds Pharmacy 36 m
1111347 CB7 4AS Lloydspharmacy n6331238197 Lloyds Pharmacy 177 m
1029237 CB4 1GL Lloydspharmacy n21137736 Lloyds Pharmacy 84 m
1095182 CB7 5HA Lloydspharmacy n473728920 Lloyds Pharmacy 12 m
1029221 CB25 0HD Lloydspharmacy w224891035 Lloyd's Pharmacy 150 m
1110069 CB1 3HP Lloydspharmacy n6331260312 Lloyds Pharmacy 149 m
1090779 CB23 6JX Lloydspharmacy n32533996 Lloyds Pharmacy 18 m
1115785 CB8 8EQ Lords Pharmacy n10857718784 Lords Pharmacy 102 m
1029231 CB4 1XE Milton Road Pharmacy n25611786 Milton Road Pharmacy 40 m
1029213 CB3 9JG N K Jank Chemist n20962799 N K Jank Dispensing Chemist 76 m
1093367 CB11 3QY Newport Pharmacy w493494612 Newport Pharmacy 36 m
9011098 CB1 7AJ Numark Pharmacy n428851650 Numark Pharmacy 103 m
1107714 CB24 5NZ Over Health Care Ltd w210411500 Over Pharmacy 41 m
1091681 CB23 3QQ Papworth Healthcare n555078833 Papworth Pharmacy 54 m
1092828 CB1 2AS Petersfield Pharmacy w135033202 Petersfield Pharmacy 26 m
1086662 CB1 8RE Polaris Pharmacy n25288530 Polaris Pharmacy 7 m
1029217 CB4 3HL Rowlands Pharmacy n21591549 Rowlands Pharmacy 19 m
9011732 CB7 4EY St Mary's Pharmacy n3274497232 Lloyds Pharmacy 106 m
1107486 CB7 4EY St Mary's Pharmacy n10612154498 St Mary's Pharmacy 61 m
9010154 CB6 1JU St. Georges Pharmacy w674320086 Wellbing Pharmacy 205 m
1104026 CB7 5JD Staploe Pharmacy n626116067 Lloyds Pharmacy 79 m
1084879 CB2 3HX Superdrug Pharmacy n2204957911 Superdrug 44 m
1029214 CB1 1ER Superdrug Pharmacy n1594798970 Superdrug 66 m
1084739 CB8 8HT Superdrug Pharmacy n6331120044 Superdrug 38 m
1091188 CB6 2RB Sutton Pharmacy n354716619 67 m
1037224 CB8 7AH Tesco Instore Pharmacy n6335284475 136 m
1097082 CB7 4DJ Tesco Instore Pharmacy w256335664 Tesco 10 m
1100987 CB9 0BQ Tesco Instore Pharmacy n6335287545 Tesco Pharmacy 4 m
1029209 CB24 6AY Tesco Instore Pharmacy n6335288835 Tesco Pharmacy 48 m
1085109 CB23 8EL Tesco Instore Pharmacy n6335287573 Tesco Pharmacy 104 m
1092269 CB1 9BF Tesco Instore Pharmacy n4204789689 Tesco Instore Pharmacy 31 m
1029224 CB21 5DH The Village Pharmacy n521577112 Village Pharmacy 48 m
1029227 CB21 4HS Village Pharmacy n30152967 54 m
9010685 CB25 9HW Waterbeach Pharmacy w366446699 Waterbeach Pharmacy 68 m
9010866 CB2 9FN Welfare Pharmacy n6331216966 Welfare Pharmacy 41 m
1029239 CB24 9LQ Well n568437482 Cooperative Pharmacies 206 m
1037153 CB9 8BD Well n6331361451 Well Pharmacy 102 m
1029238 CB24 9NP Well n25612142 Well Pharmacy 35 m
1029225 CB24 8RZ Well n243633744 Well Pharmacy 67 m
1031385 CB10 1ED Well n6331383786 Well Pharmacy 12 m
1029229 CB1 3AN Well n20458873 Well Pharmacy 17 m
1029203 CB5 8RG Well n1811412606 Well Cambridge 57 m
1087476 CB1 2PY Well n6331354345 Well Pharmacy 158 m
1089227 CB6 1DN Wellbeing Pharmacy w672193948 52 m
1125445 CB6 1JU Wellbeing Pharmacy n6316786025 Lloyds Pharmacy 226 m
1075514 CB24 5LB Willingham Health Care n148190094 Willingham Pharmacy 99 m

For full details of data sources and import dates, see

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