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OSM Pharmacy Mapping Progress in the 'G' Postal Area

Note: There is currently no licence to use the pharmacy registration data from the General Pharmaceutical Council in Open Street Map. So you must not make any OpenStreetMap edits based on the circles on the map, or the data in the popups or tables below. The data can be used to inform surveys though. You may also find that some pharmacies are listed in the FHRS dataset, which is available for use in OSM.

In the G postal area, 120 out of 313 pharmacies are matched to OSM objects, which is 38.3%.

The blue circles on the map are pharmacies on the official register that haven't been matched to an OSM object. The red circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a pharmacy on the official register. The green lines represent matches from the register to an OSM object. For more information see below.

Pharmacies not matched to an OSM Object

The matching process is simplistic, so an incorrect matching may result in a different nearby pharmacy being the one that is really missing. Also, it is not currently clear what licence the official register data can be re-used under. Until this is clarified, you should not use the data below directly to add pharmacies to OSM. However, knowing that there is a pharmacy missing in a particular area, you may be able to add that using other sources.

Official ID Postcode Official Name
1042414 G72 0DL A & A Gilbride Ltd
1042312 G32 8EE A & A Gilbride Ltd.
1074455 G33 1PR Asda Pharmacy
1042513 G67 1JW Asda Pharmacy
1042488 G22 5JL Bannerman Pharmacy
1042427 G66 3SJ Bannerman's Pharmacy
1042485 G22 5ER Bannerman's Pharmacy
1042289 G42 9JT Battlefield Pharmacy
1090352 G83 9DZ Bonhill Pharmacy
1042261 G34 9HQ Boots
1042214 G72 7PH Boots
1042239 G74 1LD Boots
1088943 G32 7PB Boots
1077973 G74 1LB Boots
1042248 G74 1LW Boots
1042381 G52 2AA Boots
1042530 G31 5BJ Boots
1042268 G32 6LJ Boots
1090040 G34 9DL Boots
1042604 G71 6LB Boots
1104031 G64 2TS Boots
1042514 G64 2TR Boots
1042426 G46 7RX Boots
1042291 G5 9XT Boots
1073934 G51 4BP Boots
1042463 G52 3JL Boots
1042374 G61 4RN Boots
1102811 G65 0HL Boots
1098203 G67 1JW Boots
1042320 G42 8AE Boots
1042523 G42 8YU Boots
1042525 G42 7AA Boots
1042476 G66 1JH Boots
1085313 G53 7FY Boots
1041981 G82 1LS Boots
1041975 G81 2TL Boots
1041983 G84 0JH Boots
1085168 G15 7QR Boots
1041966 G83 0NX Boots
1041965 G83 0LW Boots
1042366 G15 6UH Boots
1042281 G1 2GF Boots
1042263 G77 6EY Boots
1087216 G84 8TG Boots
1109507 G82 4EW Brucehill Pharmacy
9010157 G40 3LJ Burns Pharmacy
1042589 G73 3RN Burnside Pharmacy
9011251 G73 3SB Burnside Pharmacy
1091510 G23 5BA Cadder Pharmacy
1089566 G66 8EA Campsie Pharmacy
1093250 G76 9BP Camunnock Pharmacy
1091049 G43 1RU Catterson Pharmacy
1090707 G82 3EB Clarkes Chemist
1042411 G76 8DU Complements of Scotland Ltd
1042432 G67 4BT Condorrat Pharmacy
1042305 G51 3TB Craigton Pharmacy
1042313 G42 8YG Crosshill Pharmacy
1042474 G33 1EX D G Tarbet (Pharmacy) Ltd
1125346 G65 0AH D.Charteris
1042489 G32 7PH David L L Robertson (East) Ltd
1085493 G32 8UW Dickson Chemist
1103627 G73 2LS Dickson Chemist
1091065 G73 2LS Dickson Chemist
1122325 G75 0TD Doctors Dispensing Services Ltd
1042333 G45 9AW Domkell Ltd
1118585 G73 5AA Dukes Road Pharmacy
1042341 G14 9XS Dunnet Pharmacy
1091233 G81 6HF Duntocher Pharmacy
9010213 G43 1HL Eastwood Pharmacy
1042243 G75 8TT Fenton & Sons; J.P.
1042453 G51 1LU Gilbride Pharmacy
1042457 G51 1LB Gilbride Pharmacy
1041967 G83 0LW Gordons Chemists
1041993 G62 6PB Gordons Chemists
1042324 G42 7DR Govanhill Pharmacy Ltd.
1042329 G11 6SN Hand Pharmacy
1042335 G14 9UT Hand Pharmacy
1042390 G51 3BA Harmony Row Pharmacy
1108891 G46 8PR Honey Pharmacy
1042399 G46 8DF Houlihan Pharmacy Arden
1042404 G51 3BQ J Gilbride
1042403 G64 2LS JF Forbes Chemist
1042303 G51 2UE John Gilbride (Ibrox)
1042314 G45 9AA Kellock Pharmacy Ltd.
1042298 G31 3NN Kennyhill Pharmacy
1092170 G63 9NN Killearn Pharmacy
1101651 G73 4QG Kyle Square Pharmacy
1042215 G72 7EJ Leslie Chemist
1092184 G32 6LY Lightburn Pharmacy
1090915 G60 5LW Lightburn Pharmacy Ltd
1042429 G69 7AD Lloyds Pharmacy
1042350 G51 4AU Lloyds Pharmacy
9011215 G5 9ZR LLoyds Pharmacy
1098350 G33 4JJ Lloyds Pharmacy Clinical Homecare Ltd
1041973 G81 2TX Lloydspharmacy
1041982 G82 1NR Lloydspharmacy
1041991 G66 1HN Lloydspharmacy
1041972 G81 2TU Lloydspharmacy
1042435 G69 6SG Lloydspharmacy
1042493 G76 7NW Lloydspharmacy
1041979 G82 1PQ Lloydspharmacy
1042445 G61 3SL Lloydspharmacy
1042353 G46 6PW Lloydspharmacy
1084161 G20 6HS Lloydspharmacy
1092764 G15 8NE Lloydspharmacy
1042276 G14 0YU Lloydspharmacy
1100868 G42 0PH Lloydspharmacy
1042401 G15 7TG Lloydspharmacy
9011336 G20 7JX Lloydspharmacy
1042880 G46 6AU Lloydspharmacy
1042354 G34 9DT Lloydspharmacy
1042405 G34 0JZ Lloydspharmacy
9010360 G4 9AH Lloydspharmacy
1042259 G40 2DA LloydsPharmacy
1042343 G13 4QU Lloydspharmacy
1042454 G52 3QN Lloydspharmacy
1123845 G53 5UW Lyoncross Pharmacy
1042413 G66 7DB M. Farren Ltd.
1042517 G32 8UQ Macbon Chemist
1041980 G82 1LL Mackie Pharmacy
9011176 G52 3SX Mackie Pharmacy
1042878 G46 6XW Mackie Pharmacy
1042458 G52 3SS Mackie Pharmacy
1090924 G82 4PE Marchbanks Pharmacy
9010455 G20 8FB Maryhill Dispensary Ltd
1042422 G20 9AZ Maryhill Pharmacy
1042372 G23 5QA Maryhill Pharmacy
1042267 G77 6EG Mearns Pharmacy
9010351 G1 4DF Medics Direct Pharmacy
1115346 G73 4EQ Melville Chemist
1042588 G73 3ED Millar & McGowan Ltd.
1102124 G22 7EU Milton Pharmacy
1042439 G69 7HU Morrisons Pharmacy
1042295 G13 1JD Morrisons Pharmacy
1042400 G64 2TR Morrisons Pharmacy
1042247 G74 4TT Morrisons Pharmacy
1042477 G43 1PU Morrisons Pharmacy
1090494 G52 1JS Mosspark Pharmacy
1042246 G75 0BH Murray Pharmacy
1042269 G41 1HU Nancy’s Chemist
1099285 G44 3SE New Life Pharmacy And Health Care
1042467 G52 3SJ P.J. & K. Gilbride
1042459 G31 5BA Parkhead Health Centre Pharmacy Ltd.
1042292 G44 3BL Penney Pharmacy
9011206 G81 1BL
1042270 G41 2NH Pollokshields Pharmacy
1092708 G3 8LY Reach Pharmacy
1093332 G69 8EU Reach Pharmacy
1122745 G21 4QJ Red Road Pharmacy
1042244 G74 4LZ Rowlands Pharmacy
1042407 G67 3AZ Rowlands Pharmacy
1042452 G51 1PX Rowlands Pharmacy
1080133 G74 3BQ Rowlands Pharmacy
1042483 G32 7YS Rowlands Pharmacy
9011334 G21 3HN RX Pharmacy
1042272 G41 1HU S H Mehta Pharmacy
1042449 G32 7JZ Shettleston Pharmacy Ltd.
9010127 G21 1RR Sighthill Pharmacy
9010472 G33 3NQ Simple Online Pharmacy
1042501 G21 1TR Springburn Dispensary Ltd.
1123486 G74 5QD St James Pharmacy
1041978 G82 1EL Stronvar Ltd
1042420 G73 2LS Superdrug Pharmacy
1083739 G77 6EY Superdrug Pharmacy
1042340 G61 3RA Suttie & Co; J.H.C.
1042425 G77 5LU The Pharmacy
1042865 G78 1SG The Pharmacy
1042391 G11 5QF The Pharmacy
1042451 G52 1DP Thistle Pharmacy
1042395 G67 1BP Thomas McLean and Sons Ltd.
1042509 G73 3ED Thomas McLean and Sons Ltd.
1042326 G67 1DA Thomas McLean and Sons Ltd.
1042519 G31 4UN Tollcross Pharmacy
1091218 G64 4EN Torrance Pharmacy
1042511 G66 1NG Townhead Pharmacy
1042262 G31 3AA Townhead Pharmacy Ltd.
1091511 G65 9TA Twechar Pharmacy
1042434 G67 2RX Village Pharmacy
1042601 G71 5AL W.Y. Graham Ltd
1123367 G63 0BG Walter Davidson & Sons Ltd
1092097 G84 0FL Walter Davidson & Sons Ltd
1042441 G53 7BN Well
1042283 G32 0TN Well
1090617 G32 7PQ Well
1042301 G53 6EQ Well
1043009 G65 0AL Well
1041990 G66 1JD Well
1042412 G41 2HN Wellcare Pharmacy
1042251 G75 8JQ Westwood Square Pharmacy
1042330 G14 9DB Willis Pharmacy
1042532 G64 1DH Woodhill Pharmacy
1042280 G20 7LR Woodside Pharmacy (Glasgow) Ltd.
1042359 G31 4ST Young and Mair Pharmacy

OSM Objects not matched to a pharmacy on the register

Entries here could be due to: Former pharmacies that have now closed, more than one object being tagged for a single pharmacy, the register entry for a real pharmacy being matched incorrectly to a different OSM object, or businesses (e.g. non-dispensing chemists) being tagged incorrectly as pharmacies in OSM. Not all of these entries will be errors in the OSM data, so be careful before making any edits. Also, it is not currently clear what licence the official register data can be re-used under. Until this is clarified, you should not use the data below directly to make edits to OSM.

OSM Object OSM Name
n7603331673 Boots
n663418050 Lloyds Pharmacy
n483593696 Superdrug
n1484698190 Townhead Pharmacy

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Pharmacies matched to an OSM object

Note that the matching is very simplistic, just taking the nearest unmatched OSM pharmacy object within a certain radius of the postcode centroid of each official entry in turn. Where several pharmacies are in close proximity, they may be matched incorrectly.

Official ID Postcode Official Name OSM Object OSM Name Offset NM
9010801 G1 5HB Abbey Chemist n1591177485 Abbey Chemist 121 m
1089756 G33 5NZ Apple Pharmacy n1940354082 Apple Pharmacy 14 m
1042337 G31 4EB Asda Pharmacy n7500602117 36 m
1042257 G64 1NG Auchinairn Pharmacy n1929439163 M&D Green Auchinairn Pharmacy 70 m
1042975 G63 0TW Balfron Pharmacy n5005749808 70 m
1042265 G69 7SP Bargeddie Pharmacy n289658523 Bargeddie Pharmacy 143 m
1103767 G72 7HB Boots n6361565140 Boots 40 m
1042428 G73 2HP Boots n6363086898 Boots 37 m
1089723 G74 4UN Boots n5528894274 Boots 28 m
1042258 G3 8AA Boots n5000431018 Your local pharmacy 8 m
1042336 G31 1RB Boots n1637944069 Boots 18 m
1101105 G31 1QL Boots n1600288285 Boots 20 m
1042207 G72 0BS Boots n753838064 Moss Pharmacy 10 m
1092469 G53 6AG Boots n1265466987 Boots 44 m
1041994 G62 6BL Boots n5016392676 Boots 27 m
1041992 G66 4LQ Boots n1561483010 Boots 18 m
1042599 G71 7EP Boots n944233247 Central Pharmacy 52 m
1042209 G71 8ER Boots n1341652773 Boots 16 m
1042402 G41 3NN Boots n1944626964 Boots 18 m
1042273 G68 0EZ Boots n736626026 64 m
1042286 G12 8TL Boots n601707726 Boots 8 m
9010562 G2 3GF Boots n3125951981 Boots 67 m
1042469 G20 8NZ Boots n3066461627 Boots 34 m
1041976 G81 1BZ Boots n1343216828 Boots 139 m
1042365 G12 8RA Boots n2371590820 Boots 15 m
1042504 G2 3LW Boots n1312364665 Boots 11 m
1042496 G2 3EN Boots n726727683 Boots 110 m
1042355 G13 1DS Boots n2934125001 Boots 17 m
1042361 G13 1HH Boots n2934008501 Lloyds Pharmacy 8 m
1041985 G84 8SR Boots n1103176544 Boots 32 m
1079153 G11 7RY Boots w232709331 Boots 33 m
1042442 G11 7BN Boots n2410398656 Boots 28 m
1090077 G1 3SQ Boots n645616545 Boots 16 m
1042873 G76 7BG Boots n7004922403 Boots 10 m
1042352 G1 4LZ Boots n1800433931 Boots 76 m
1042866 G78 1SL Boots n688459404 Lloyds Pharmacy 16 m
1042348 G11 6RZ Boots n2371569766 Buchanan and Campbell 35 m
1042344 G11 6RZ Buchanan & Campbell Chemist n601711569 Boots 25 m
1042235 G73 5LJ Burns Pharmacy Cathkin w225622772 Burns Pharmacy 84 m
1090741 G82 5NY Cardross Pharmacy w263107734 Cardross Pharmacy 78 m
1041974 G81 5NZ Clan Chemists Ltd. n1975875389 Lloyds Pharmacy 10 m
1042282 G53 5EB David L.L. Robertson (Glasgow) Ltd. n2075196844 DLL Robertson Chemist 10 m
1042490 G63 9JQ Davidsons Chemists n3128346312 Strathblane Pharmacy 4 m
1042603 G71 6HQ Dickson Chemist n3151466876 28 m
1093014 G40 1QA Dickson Chemist n7603331668 Dickson Chemist 11 m
1042394 G43 1TY Docherty Pharmacy n7569846633 Docherty Chemist 12 m
1092299 G21 4AL Ferguson Pharmacy n1860691512 Colin Fergusson Pharmacy 22 m
1042304 G12 0JU First Stop Pharmacy n3066465045 LG Pharmacy 32 m
1041986 G84 8TQ Gordons Chemists w365106301 4 m
1041995 G62 8PG Graeme Pharmacy n4158290189 Graeme Pharmacy 35 m
1042512 G52 2AZ Guidi's Pharmacy n503792496 Guidi Pharmacy 29 m
1042874 G76 0JQ Harvester Healthcare n4635931560 14 m
1092760 G1 1PQ High Street Pharmacy n899023483 High Street Pharmacy 7 m
1089180 G42 9XL Honey Pharmacy n1075320145 Apple Pharmacy 20 m
1042271 G31 3BS Honey Pharmacy n1600288419 apple Pharmacy 30 m
1042503 G33 2QZ Houlihan Pharmacy n1951173112 Houlihan Pharmacy 9 m
1092268 G53 7RH Houlihan Pharmacy Darnley n5457420014 Houlihan Pharmacy 15 m
1100983 G11 6TF Houlihan Pharmacy Partick n602488584 Houlihan Pharmacy 19 m
1042479 G22 5AR Houlihan; D.F. n5934188943 Houlihan Pharmacy 11 m
1042297 G11 7HS J.A. Hogarth (Chemists) Ltd. n26401416 9 m
1042389 G12 9JA Kelvin Pharmacy n600374139 Kelvin Pharmacy 4 m
1042307 G44 4LE Kingspark Pharmacy n1628708773 AM Malcolm Pharmacy 13 m
9010035 G42 9JN Langside Pharmacy n985075222 41 m
1042216 G72 7EN Leslie Chemist n6361565111 Superdrug 80 m
1094801 G3 8XU LG Pharmacy Ltd n1885953559 LG Pharmacy 25 m
1042408 G22 7BT Liddesdale Pharmacy n2091264096 Liddesdale Pharmacy 119 m
1042433 G67 2HU Lindsay & Gilmour Pharmacy n365851728 10 m
1087144 G75 8BF Lloydspharmacy n1705377725 Lloyds 6 m
1092261 G72 7XR Lloydspharmacy w256501696 55 m
1092813 G72 0BP Lloydspharmacy n5981719694 Lloyds Pharmacy 156 m
1042600 G71 7EP Lloydspharmacy n944233315 Boots 15 m
1089021 G61 2DW Lloydspharmacy n5041886084 Lloyd's Pharmacy 14 m
1103865 G81 4BY Lloydspharmacy n1467632297 Lloyds Pharmacy 6 m
1042867 G78 1SL Lloydspharmacy n688459409 Boots 28 m
1042416 G20 9AA Lloydspharmacy n3955847530 Lloyds Pharmacy 14 m
1042396 G13 2EX Lloydspharmacy n2941655105 Lloyds Pharmacy 27 m
9011194 G13 1HF Lloydspharmacy n2934039801 Boots 45 m
1042317 G44 5EH Lloydspharmacy n1389050260 Lloyds Pharmacy 7 m
1042266 G15 8QS Lloydspharmacy n2954348337 Lloyd's Pharmacy 90 m
1126488 G20 7UH Lloydspharmacy n5559201404 Lloyds Pharmacy 76 m
1042206 G72 0YL Lloydspharmacy n6848247117 Lloyds Pharmacy 12 m
1042387 G33 4RJ Lloydspharmacy n2027080985 Lloyds Pharmacy 3 m
1042260 G40 2RZ Lloydspharmacy n1477877607 Bridgeton Health Centre Pharmacy 30 m
1042287 G40 1BW Lloydspharmacy n2223085555 Lloyds Pharmacy 15 m
1042461 G52 3SX Lloydspharmacy n503792507 16 m
1042275 G13 3AY Lloydspharmacy n471322938 Lloyds Pharmacy 15 m
1042285 G69 0EN Mackie Pharmacy n1094353401 55 m
1042213 G69 0LB Mackie Pharmacy n2149597708 19 m
1042460 G41 3YF Mackie Pharmacy n844500222 J.P. Mackie 8 m
1042497 G61 1LF Mackie Pharmacy n1376259799 Sinclair Pharmacy 21 m
1042325 G44 3DS Merrylee Pharmacy n28213507 31 m
1086527 G42 9AF Mount Florida Pharmacy n1879594782 Mount Florida Pharmacy 14 m
1042294 G44 3PN Muirend Pharmacy n369286619 8 m
1042912 G78 3NH Neilston Pharmacy n885679645 Neilston Pharmacy 85 m
9010642 G11 6XE Partick Pharmacy n7578550974 Partick Pharmacy 9 m
1091848 G66 2PX Pulse Pharmacy Ltd n335693327 27 m
1124668 G41 2AX Queens Park Pharmacy n4304386278 Queens Park Pharmacy 14 m
1116648 G21 1TU Rowlands Pharmacy n2098493417 Rowands 55 m
1041987 G84 8UG Rowlands Pharmacy n1189325464 Rowlands Pharmacy 16 m
1042245 G74 2AT Rowlands Pharmacy n440903835 St Leonards Pharmacy 76 m
1091864 G21 1DU Rowlands Pharmacy n1776084692 Rowands 24 m
1117252 G77 6GR Rowlands Pharmacy w188620868 Rowlands Pharmacy 32 m
1042284 G22 6LJ Rowlands Pharmacy n2091091988 Rowlands Pharmacy 12 m
1042368 G33 3TT Rowlands Pharmacy n1940354101 Rowands 44 m
1042444 G41 5RB Rowlands Pharmacy n484483896 Rowlands Pharmacy 44 m
1042473 G21 2QN Royston Pharmacy n2387857601 Royston Pharmacy 8 m
1086411 G41 3YN Shawlands Pharmacy n844503589 Shawlands Pharmacy 59 m
1126666 G14 0YS Sinclair Pharmacy n2018752266 44 m
1042322 G33 6HA Stepps Pharmacy n1882970602 Stepps Pharmacy 70 m
1042602 G71 7EP The Central Pharmacy Ltd n944233328 70 m
1042367 G4 9HY The Park Road Pharmacy Ltd. n199663322 Park Road Pharmacy 19 m
1042338 G14 0JX Thistle Pharmacy n300530686 Thistle Pharmacy 10 m
1042212 G69 9DX Thomas McLean and Sons Ltd. n1640563132 18 m
1089080 G42 0EH Toryglen Pharmacy n1628735105 Newmark Pharmacy 127 m
1041970 G83 8LA Well n4317843199 Well Pharmacy Balloch 54 m
1042872 G76 7BU Well w749969106 Well Pharmacy 6 m
1042311 G44 5JR Well n1389050895 The Co-operative Pharmacy 8 m
9010762 G22 7BE Westray Pharmacy n1776153891 M&D Green 11 m
1041971 G81 3NQ Willis Pharmacy n448121317 53 m
1086844 G21 3PR Willis Pharmacy n1929439140 Colin Fergusson 37 m

For full details of data sources and import dates, see

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