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OSM Pharmacy Mapping Progress in the 'ST' Postal Area

Note: There is currently no licence to use the pharmacy registration data from the General Pharmaceutical Council in Open Street Map. So you must not make any OpenStreetMap edits based on the circles on the map, or the data in the popups or tables below. The data can be used to inform surveys though. You may also find that some pharmacies are listed in the FHRS dataset, which is available for use in OSM.

In the ST postal area, 76 out of 148 pharmacies are matched to OSM objects, which is 51.4%.

The blue circles on the map are pharmacies on the official register that haven't been matched to an OSM object. The red circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a pharmacy on the official register. The green lines represent matches from the register to an OSM object. For more information see below.

Pharmacies not matched to an OSM Object

The matching process is simplistic, so an incorrect matching may result in a different nearby pharmacy being the one that is really missing. Also, it is not currently clear what licence the official register data can be re-used under. Until this is clarified, you should not use the data below directly to add pharmacies to OSM. However, knowing that there is a pharmacy missing in a particular area, you may be able to add that using other sources.

Official ID Postcode Official Name
1103703 ST6 6AT Asda Pharmacy
1037016 ST1 6RS Birches Head Pharmacy
1037094 ST15 8AW Birchill & Watson Pharmacy
1037095 ST15 8AW Boots
1037056 ST1 1PZ Boots
1036939 ST5 1QL Boots
1099468 ST17 4SU Boots
1091090 ST1 5SJ Boots
1036997 ST3 2HX Boots
1092922 ST7 1LL Butt Lane Pharmacy
9010469 ST14 7FN Carters Pharmacy
1036978 ST16 1JG Cornwell's Chemists
1036938 ST5 1RB Cornwell's Chemists Ltd
1036953 ST5 6LQ Cornwell's Chemists Ltd
9010282 ST1 3LE Derby Street Pharmacy
1037072 ST2 9LT Eaton Park Pharmacy
1100487 ST21 6BZ Eccleshall Pharmacy Ltd
1117887 ST5 2UE Higherland Pharmacy
1090244 ST5 3HP Hollowood Chemists Limited
9010981 ST1 4PZ iClick Pharmacy
1116505 ST13 6QF Leek Pharmacy
9010425 ST3 4EG Live Well Nationwide
1036944 ST5 0EP Lloydspharmacy
1092173 ST4 7QD Lloydspharmacy
1037086 ST2 9AJ Lloydspharmacy
1113788 ST4 6QG Lloydspharmacy
1036966 ST17 9LT Lloydspharmacy
1036967 ST16 2AG Lloydspharmacy
1117245 ST13 8YG Lloydspharmacy
1036955 ST5 4LY Lloydspharmacy
1036924 ST13 6JS Lloydspharmacy
1036945 ST5 0EP Lloydspharmacy
1105569 ST5 2SJ Lloydspharmacy
1037058 ST2 7BN Milton Pharmacy
1037046 ST2 8BW Miltons (Chemists) Ltd.;
1036952 ST5 9JZ Milwards (Chemist) Ltd
1036937 ST5 3HY Morrisons Pharmacy
1120429 ST6 5AQ National Online Pharmacy
1116285 ST1 4PB Norfolk Street Pharmacy
1085107 ST7 4SR Packmoor Pharmacy
1037068 ST6 3EG Queen Street Pharmacy
1037000 ST2 7JL Ridgeways Pharmacy
9010842 ST15 8YE Stone Pharmacy
1036975 ST16 2HS Superdrug Pharmacy
1037022 ST6 5EA Superdrug Pharmacy
1037066 ST1 1PS Superdrug Pharmacy
1037028 ST10 4DY Tean Pharmacy Ltd
1037063 ST4 6PL Tesco Instore Pharmacy
1089236 ST3 2JB Tesco Instore Pharmacy
1111728 ST16 2HE Tesco Instore Pharmacy
1096061 ST14 8AU Tesco Instore Pharmacy
1105164 ST1 4AA Tesco Instore Pharmacy
1037049 ST3 7WB Tesco Instore Pharmacy
1036942 ST5 0EP W.S. Low Pharmacy
1109248 ST3 2NR Waterloo Pharmacy
1087821 ST6 5AP Well
1117869 ST8 6AG Well
1037055 ST7 4AY Well
1092238 ST7 8DE Well
1097121 ST7 2LU Well
9011610 ST4 5NX Well
1037045 ST4 5BA Well
1110727 ST3 6AB Well
1036990 ST17 9LT Well
1037021 ST6 5UD Well
1036995 ST6 5QJ Well
9010492 ST3 7UN Well
1036993 ST9 0JS Werrington Pharmacy
1089592 ST16 3RL Weston Road Pharmacy
1110447 ST3 6AB Weston Road Pharmacy
1117114 ST19 9NP Wheaton Aston Pharmacy
1036989 ST17 4AH Wolverhampton Road Pharmacy

OSM Objects not matched to a pharmacy on the register

Entries here could be due to: Former pharmacies that have now closed, more than one object being tagged for a single pharmacy, the register entry for a real pharmacy being matched incorrectly to a different OSM object, or businesses (e.g. non-dispensing chemists) being tagged incorrectly as pharmacies in OSM. Not all of these entries will be errors in the OSM data, so be careful before making any edits. Also, it is not currently clear what licence the official register data can be re-used under. Until this is clarified, you should not use the data below directly to make edits to OSM.

OSM Object OSM Name
n493146649 Angelway Chemist
n1573123096 Browning Street Pharmacy
n718801080 Co-Op Health Care
n731386197 Co-Op Health Care
n153358252 Lloyds Pharmacy
n466503333 Well Street Pharmacy

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Pharmacies matched to an OSM object

Note that the matching is very simplistic, just taking the nearest unmatched OSM pharmacy object within a certain radius of the postcode centroid of each official entry in turn. Where several pharmacies are in close proximity, they may be matched incorrectly.

Official ID Postcode Official Name OSM Object OSM Name Offset NM
1037048 ST7 2AA Alsager Pharmacy w222890339 Well Pharmacy 30 m
1036954 ST5 0AP Asda Pharmacy w326357594 Asda Pharmacy 43 m
1091768 ST16 3TA Asda Pharmacy n479905187 Asda Pharmacy 105 m
1087409 ST14 8JG Balance Street Pharmacy n4142791011 17 m
1088478 ST18 0BF Beaconside Pharmacy n457860251 Cornwell's Chemist 16 m
9010958 ST8 6HJ Biddulph Pharmacy n6415089685 Biddulph Late Night Pharmacy 178 m
1037093 ST15 0HN Birchill & Watson Pharmacy n452390723 Walton Pharmacy 45 m
1037038 ST6 8HX Birchill & Watson Pharmacy w557448186 Birchill & Watson Ltd 55 m
1106603 ST3 3JT Blurton Pharmacy n433726905 Blurton Pharmacy 20 m
1037079 ST11 9LY Blythe Bridge Pharmacy n297645505 Blythe Bridge Pharmacy 242 m
1037118 ST14 7HT Boots n4307327379 Boots 84 m
1108370 ST6 6BE Boots n7522851484 299 m
1036922 ST13 6HT Boots n1843022390 Boots 2 m
1036981 ST16 2BD Boots w127091711 Boots 1 m
1091924 ST2 0EU Boots n4839045713 Boots 69 m
1037032 ST10 1AR Boots n585151308 Boots 18 m
1036943 ST5 8HX Bradwell Pharmacy w665311927 Bradwell Pharmacy 16 m
1037005 ST6 2AB Burslem Pharmacy n6106219634 Burslem Pharmacy 54 m
1105665 ST17 0EF Cornwell's Chemists n79747604 Weeping Cross Pharmacy 38 m
1037070 ST9 9DR D McMullen Pharmacy n4081020642 D Mcmullen Pharmacy 67 m
1091114 ST20 0GP Day Lewis Pharmacy n479051964 13 m
1117107 ST6 5TZ Daynight Pharmacy Ltd n6124030839 Day Night Pharmacy 65 m
1037019 ST6 1NT Grahams Pharmacy n26190278 Grahams Pharmacy 87 m
1116545 ST4 6AT Hartshill Pharmacy w64048521 Hartshill Pharmacy 55 m
1036987 ST18 0SS Haywood Pharmacy n2300700912 Numark Pharmacy 28 m
1037014 ST4 3BL Heron Cross Pharmacy n298441663 Heron Cross Pharmacy 104 m
1036994 ST10 1HQ J C Ratcliffe n445580065 ratcliffes 49 m
1037024 ST10 1AF J C Ratcliffe n1408216746 J C Ratcliffe 40 m
1037057 ST7 4AB Kidsgrove Pharmacy n718801074 Lloyds Chemists 36 m
1037065 ST12 9DL Kitsons Pharmacy n7463019685 Kitson's Pharmaceutical Chemist 8 m
1037082 ST1 2BU Lloydspharmacy w335663816 Lloyds Pharmacy 47 m
1037017 ST1 3LE Lloydspharmacy w430813881 Derby St Pharmacy 7 m
1091177 ST4 3AQ Lloydspharmacy n7726600132 15 m
1101297 ST1 4PB Lloydspharmacy w430725229 Norfolk St Pharmacy 106 m
1109569 ST6 2JE Lloydspharmacy n1681923625 Lloyds Pharmacy 172 m
1036984 ST19 9BS Lloydspharmacy n2967311276 Lloyds Pharmacy 5 m
9010091 ST13 6QR Lloydspharmacy w941536357 Lloyds Pharmacy 23 m
1037073 ST3 2JH Longton Pharmacy n507075617 Lloyds Pharmacy 44 m
1036996 ST3 1LD Meir Hay Pharmacy n2945322476 Meir Hay Pharmacy 117 m
1105404 ST6 3QJ Middleport Pharmacy n2578902604 Middleport Pharmacy 70 m
1037003 ST3 4LR Millers Pharmacy (Longton) n8334635445 Millers Pharmacy 2 m
1037007 ST4 1NH Miltons (Chemists) n821785687 Miltons Chemists 15 m
1099726 ST5 9GA Morrell's Pharmacy w100187657 Morrell's Pharmacy 45 m
1037020 ST1 5NY Morrisons Pharmacy n455911582 Moss 41 m
1092296 ST19 5AP Northwood Pharmacy w93719848 Penkridge Medical Practice 118 m
9010593 ST6 2JF Raven Pharmacy n1701464674 Angelway Chemist 176 m
1036986 ST16 3BS Rowlands Pharmacy n243992118 Rowlands Pharmacy 61 m
1037054 ST1 6HD Sneyd Green Pharmacy w311016114 Lloyds Pharmacy 8 m
1126425 ST16 3EB Stafford Health and Wellbeing Pharmacy w549920519 10 m
1037041 ST7 1DX Tesco Instore Pharmacy n718801077 Tesco 42 m
1037089 ST4 8JT Trentham Pharmacy w232177437 Rowlands Pharmacy 59 m
1037077 ST3 4DF Trentham Road Pharmacy n1098386842 Boots 154 m
9011525 ST3 4DF Trentham Road Pharmacy n1098387892 Lloyds Pharmacy 6 m
1092737 ST6 2ER Waterloo Pharmacy w159859409 Waterloo Pharmacy 40 m
1092979 ST7 1QD Well n728466958 Co-op Health Care 182 m
1079576 ST8 7LR Well n6415117785 Well Pharmacy 30 m
1037027 ST8 6AS Well n5799610867 Well Pharmacy 37 m
1037047 ST7 2AA Well w133568080 5 m
1091564 ST13 5AJ Well n1843022388 Superdrug 45 m
1036921 ST13 6JW Well n1843022391 Well Pharmacy 1 m
9011327 ST6 1JP Well w817328198 Well Pharmacy 223 m
9010134 ST5 5BG Well n4373329942 227 m
1036970 ST16 1BS Well w71801334 46 m
1036947 ST5 1HX Well w323900451 Well Pharmacy 36 m
1036999 ST3 2AF Well n434128615 Well Pharmacy 39 m
1037060 ST3 6NA Well n1456830733 Well Pharmacy 16 m
1037081 ST3 7AE Well w781507095 Well 13 m
1037085 ST4 4QQ Well n471847692 Well Pharmacy 75 m
1037044 ST4 5AN Well n2327498700 Co-operative Pharmacy 11 m
1036991 ST17 9YF Well n3122650317 Co-op 21 m
1037015 ST6 5AP Well n26396383 The Co-Operative Pharmacy 19 m
1037001 ST6 7NN Well n1583749120 Co-operative Pharmacy 136 m
1036998 ST6 6SW Well n463180622 The Co-operative Pharmacy 28 m
1088622 ST5 7EA Well n731386128 Hulmes Chemists Ltd 84 m
1090135 ST19 5DH Whitehouse Pharmacy w521529789 Whitehouse Pharmacy 23 m
1036969 ST17 4RA Wildwood Pharmacy n1013364648 Wildwood Pharmacy 24 m

For full details of data sources and import dates, see

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