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OSM Pharmacy Mapping Progress in the 'TW' Postal Area

Note: There is currently no licence to use the pharmacy registration data from the General Pharmaceutical Council in Open Street Map. So you must not make any OpenStreetMap edits based on the circles on the map, or the data in the popups or tables below. The data can be used to inform surveys though. You may also find that some pharmacies are listed in the FHRS dataset, which is available for use in OSM.

In the TW postal area, 53 out of 120 pharmacies are matched to OSM objects, which is 44.2%.

The blue circles on the map are pharmacies on the official register that haven't been matched to an OSM object. The red circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a pharmacy on the official register. The green lines represent matches from the register to an OSM object. For more information see below.

Pharmacies not matched to an OSM Object

The matching process is simplistic, so an incorrect matching may result in a different nearby pharmacy being the one that is really missing. Also, it is not currently clear what licence the official register data can be re-used under. Until this is clarified, you should not use the data below directly to add pharmacies to OSM. However, knowing that there is a pharmacy missing in a particular area, you may be able to add that using other sources.

Official ID Postcode Official Name
1035045 TW7 7AA A.C. Curd (Isleworth) Ltd
9010490 TW13 7LU Aesthetica Solutions Limited
1034951 TW3 1NP Amin Pharmacy
1091704 TW3 1JT Asda Pharmacy
1035048 TW7 7DT Azchem Pharmacy
1034833 TW8 0JW B.A. Williams (Chemists) Ltd.
1114106 TW3 3BT Bath Road Pharmacy
1034961 TW5 0AB Bhogal Pharmacy
1034944 TW4 5NP Boots
1034897 TW13 6AJ Boots
1034948 TW3 1BL Boots
1035154 TW2 7LN Boots
1034942 TW6 1QG Boots
1034826 TW15 1QD Boots
1087315 TW6 1QG Boots
1034930 TW4 7DN Boots
1036711 TW9 1HF Boots
9010121 TW6 2RQ Boots
1122285 TW6 1EF Boots
1034899 TW14 8BT Boots
1034927 TW12 2NT Boots
1093069 TW6 2GA Boots
1034889 TW13 6SA Boots
1034928 TW12 2HZ Boots
1034837 TW8 8AH Brent Pharmacy
1035043 TW7 4BX Clarks Pharmacy
1034945 TW3 1RH Crystal Pharmacy
9011078 TW15 1UU Easy Pharmacy
1099663 TW11 0JL Fairview Pharmacy
1034902 TW13 5DY Feltham Pharmacy
1034953 TW3 3LH Herbert & Herbert Chemists
1034956 TW3 3LX Herbert & Herbert Chemists
9010440 TW11 9JD Herbert & Shrive
9010207 TW5 0HA Heston Pharmacy
1109997 TW4 7NR Hobbs Pharmacy
1034952 TW3 1JH Hounslow Central Pharmacy
1105011 TW3 1QA Hounslow East Pharmacy
1034932 TW3 3BT Hounslow Pharmacy
1035142 TW16 6LG Imagecraft Ltd.
1034960 TW5 0DR Jade Pharmacy
1034943 TW5 0QU Jade Pharmacy (Heston Road)
1035042 TW7 4EP Jade Pharmacy (Isleworth)
1035041 TW7 6NW Jasins Pharmacy
1118705 TW20 9HN Jays Pharmacy Egham
1086956 TW11 8QZ K C Pharmacy
1084912 TW9 1YB Lloydspharmacy
1107525 TW3 3UH London Pharmacy
1091124 TW3 2QH Maswell Park Pharmacy
9011048 TW12 1JT Meds & Pills LTD
1034838 TW8 0JG Morrisons Pharmacy
1035049 TW7 4QG Osterley Park Pharmacy
1035161 TW2 6HT Percy Road Pharmacy
9011148 TW8 9DN Pingamed
9010203 TW2 7LL Postmymeds
1089855 TW7 7DE Riverside Pharmacy
1034936 TW4 7HT Shah Pharmacy
1035165 TW2 5SQ Strawbery Hill Pharmacy
1035151 TW11 8UB Teddington Pharmacy
1107305 TW19 7PZ Tesco Instore Pharmacy
1092224 TW14 0LT Tesco Instore Pharmacy
1035164 TW7 7JY Tesco Instore Pharmacy
1035046 TW7 5NZ Tesco Instore Pharmacy
1034895 TW13 4EX Tesco Instore Pharmacy
1035108 TW17 9AJ Trio Pharmacy
1035140 TW18 2PG Westlake Pharmacies
1090241 TW3 3UH Westlake Pharmacy
1119746 TW2 6JL Whitton Corner Pharmacy

OSM Objects not matched to a pharmacy on the register

Entries here could be due to: Former pharmacies that have now closed, more than one object being tagged for a single pharmacy, the register entry for a real pharmacy being matched incorrectly to a different OSM object, or businesses (e.g. non-dispensing chemists) being tagged incorrectly as pharmacies in OSM. Not all of these entries will be errors in the OSM data, so be careful before making any edits. Also, it is not currently clear what licence the official register data can be re-used under. Until this is clarified, you should not use the data below directly to make edits to OSM.

OSM Object OSM Name
n4527219249 Boots
w358385145 Boots
w391835742 Boots
n6797101420 Lloyds Pharmacy
w441838240 Ritechem Pharmacy
n4100186793 Wraysbury Village Pharmacy

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Pharmacies matched to an OSM object

Note that the matching is very simplistic, just taking the nearest unmatched OSM pharmacy object within a certain radius of the postcode centroid of each official entry in turn. Where several pharmacies are in close proximity, they may be matched incorrectly.

Official ID Postcode Official Name OSM Object OSM Name Offset NM
1093216 TW13 4BH Asda Pharmacy w753674029 Boots 28 m
1034825 TW15 2BX Ashford Lodge Pharmacy n3770513934 102 m
1091299 TW13 4BH Boots n7495030022 79 m
1035139 TW18 4WB Boots w332201613 Boots 36 m
1091661 TW20 9EX Boots n4495225247 Millman 7 m
1092878 TW15 2TS Boots w351521107 Boots 9 m
1035107 TW17 9AJ Boots n1969984401 Boots Pharmacy 21 m
1035145 TW16 7AZ Boots w346609398 Boots 129 m
1036715 TW9 4AD Boots w165277670 Boots 29 m
1035147 TW11 8QZ Boots w708212648 KC Pharmacy 27 m
9010431 TW6 3XA Boots w358379511 Boots 120 m
1035157 TW1 3SD Boots w301591369 Superdrug 52 m
1034929 TW12 3YH Boots n297990776 Alliance Pharmacy 29 m
1034892 TW13 4BS Boots n3551232239 Boots 89 m
1034823 TW15 2UN Breakspear Pharmacy n3572537299 NHS Pharmacy 2 m
1035138 TW18 1AT Broadway Pharmacy n3740500312 Broadway Pharmacy 30 m
1089731 TW1 3RR C Goode Pharmacy w391735287 C.Goode Pharmacy 25 m
1035162 TW1 2DX Charles Harry w705581312 Charles Harry 18 m
1035166 TW2 5AT Crossroads Pharmacy w288579364 Crossroads Chemist 27 m
1109646 TW1 4AG Day Lewis Pharmacy n3950944486 Day Lewis Pharmacy 7 m
1034931 TW5 9TY Dunn Chemist n1719496527 Dunn Chemists 57 m
1034900 TW14 8BN Edwards & Taylor Chemists w757269914 Edwards & Taylor 16 m
1034926 TW12 1NL Hampton Hill Pharmacy w423437082 Hampton Hill Pharmacy 24 m
1034925 TW12 1PD Health On The Hill w725685190 Health on the Hill 82 m
1110890 TW19 7HT Herman Pharmacy n2825228259 12 m
1035130 TW19 7QU Herman Trading Ltd n3009882855 Herman's Pharmacy 245 m
1036544 TW20 8AS Jays Pharmacy n7170619049 Jay's Pharmacy 26 m
1036708 TW10 7NR Kanset Pharmacy n1673180360 Kanset Pharmacy 14 m
1035148 TW11 8HD Kirby Chemist w298834096 Kirby Pharmacy 13 m
1036716 TW9 3PS Lloyds Pharmacy n678216491 Lloyds Pharmacy 22 m
1035141 TW16 5HS Lloydspharmacy n3757136228 Lloyds Pharmacy 8 m
1034827 TW15 2PH Lloydspharmacy n3573166725 Lloyds Pharmacy 15 m
1036543 TW20 0DF Lloydspharmacy n268027511 Lloyds Pharmacy 53 m
1035153 TW2 5AB Maple Leaf Pharmacy w347634184 Maple Leaf Pharmacy & Clinic 61 m
1084101 TW11 0AB Medco Pharmacy w298834118 Medico Pharmacy 8 m
1034934 TW5 9AX Medico Pharmacy n1439203779 Medico Pharmacy 28 m
1036542 TW20 9EX Millman Pharmacy n4495225236 Jays Pharmacy 32 m
1035156 TW2 7LA Minal Pharmacy w561977189 Minal Pharmacy 7 m
1036710 TW10 6NQ Nima Pharmacy w693587566 Nima Pharmacy 22 m
1036709 TW10 7LF PC Pharmacies n441058972 Nena Chemists 19 m
1036717 TW9 3PS Q Pharmacy n1232463232 Q Pharmacy 22 m
1034962 TW3 2EW Ram Dispensing Chemist n1614382876 13 m
1088827 TW9 2LN Richmond Pharmacy w585940471 Richmond Pharmacy 18 m
1036718 TW9 1UF Richmond Pharmacy w464989823 Richmond Pharmacy 10 m
1036719 TW9 1UR Springfield Pharmacy w568582151 Springfield Pharmacy 9 m
1082733 TW1 3EH St Margarets Pharmacy n6904803972 Your Pharmacy 24 m
1035135 TW18 4PA Sunset Pharmacy n3770513924 Sunset 20 m
1034829 TW15 2UP Superdrug Pharmacy w351471388 Superdrug 11 m
1035143 TW16 7BB Tesco Instore Pharmacy n2921565551 Tesco Pharmacy 244 m
1035132 TW18 1PJ The Hive Pharmacy n946175829 Hive Pharmacy 52 m
1035163 TW1 3AB Twickenham Pharmacy w706910488 Twickenham Pharmacy 3 m
9011385 TW6 1EW Well n4527208481 Boots 66 m
1035134 TW19 5DB Wraybury Village Pharmacy n1800313535 99 m

For full details of data sources and import dates, see

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