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OSM Postbox Collection Times Issues

Lists any UK postboxes with a collection_times tag whose value is not a simple Mo-Fr time, Mo-Fr and Sa times, or a Mo-Sa time. Not all the boxes listed will be errors, as some boxes (particularly meter boxes) may have non-standard collection times. In addition, the tool does a second check on each listed box to see if the value of the collection_times key fits the syntax defined in the wiki. For technical details of the tests performed, see below.

Found 34 boxes with non-standard values.

Box Number Node ID LE IS Collection Times JOSM RC
PH43 16 2561762228 5m * 1␣hour␣prior␣to␣departure␣of␣ferry J+
PH42 108 2429018781 3m * 1␣hr␣before␣ferry␣departure J+
PH41 118 1108121120 17m * 15␣minutes␣prior␣to␣departure␣of␣the␣ferry. J+
9034867913 2y * 4:30pm J+
PL21 517 9455784597 0h * Mo-Fi␣09:00;␣Sa␣07:00 J+
KW17 51 4431892102 7y * Mo-Fr␣"Times␣vary␣according␣to␣flight␣times" J+
KW17 122 4431892097 5y * Mo-Fr␣"Times␣vary␣according␣to␣flight␣times" J+
2338184268 13m   Mo-Fr␣07:15,10:15,16:00,18:30;␣Sa␣07:15,10:15,11:30;␣Su,PH␣off J+
3782574200 13m   Mo-Fr␣07:30,15:24;␣Sa␣12:30;␣Su␣off J+
7864589926 13m   Mo-Fr␣08:00,15:45;␣Sa␣08:00 J+
12037650767 43h * Mo-Fr␣09:00;␣Sa␣07:00;␣Su␣Off J+
TS24 100 11429898908 4d * Mo-Fr␣09:00;Sa␣07:00 J+
IP27 3234 4915319672 7m   Mo-Fr␣09:15;␣Sa␣09:15;␣Su␣11:00 J+
SN14 148 6689817315 2m   Mo-Fr␣10:30,17:00,␣Sa␣10:30;␣Su␣11:45 J+
WR14 69 619411351 13m   Mo-Fr␣11:30,17:30;␣Sa␣01:30 J+
IP1 8165 1913086048 13m   Mo-Fr␣11:50,16:16,18:30;␣Sa␣11:50 J+
2973094047 15m   Mo-Fr␣12:20,17:00;␣Sa␣12:20 J+
4091239090 8y   Mo-Fr␣12:30,17:30;␣Sa␣09:00 J+
IV40 23 391839947 22m   Mo-Fr␣14:00;␣Sa␣14:00;␣Su␣09:45 J+
AB31 483 5897218745 18m   Mo-Fr␣14:45;␣Sa␣11:45;␣Su␣12:15 J+
SW19 95 379690962 8m   Mo-Fr␣15:00,19:00;␣Sa␣15:10;␣Su␣10:30 J+
TS27 91 12031748650 4d * Mo-Fr␣15:15;Sa␣12:00 J+
4856525389 13m   Mo-Fr␣15:30;␣Sa␣11:15;␣Su␣11:00 J+
SW5 9 1610243347 13m   Mo-Fr␣16:00,18:45;␣Sa␣12:00 J+
SW7 23 1360296150 8m   Mo-Fr␣16:00,18:45;␣Sa␣12:00 J+
DE6 287 581386822 13m   Mo-Fr␣16:00,19:00;␣Sa␣08:00 J+
3374801987 13m   Mo-Fr␣16:30;␣Sa␣11:00;␣Su␣12:00 J+
12040371788 14h * Mo-Fr␣16:30;␣Sa␣Off;␣Su␣Off J+
3213949467 3w * Mo-Fr␣17:00-17:15 J+
30630718 8m   Mo-Fr␣17:15;␣Su␣11:45 J+
26484829 13m   Mo-Fr␣17:30;␣Su␣11:00 J+
TS24 19 12031918876 4d * Mo-Sa␣09:00;Sa␣07:00 J+
BN18 1346 7942897044 8m * Not␣collected J+
EH2 88 702566943 7d   Sa␣12:00 J+

OSM IDs for objects with errors, e.g. for loading into JOSM:

Unexpected collection times values occuring more than three times:

Collection Times IS # JOSM RC

Some mappers have also user other keys to represent the last collection times:

Technical details

A postbox is listed in the table above if has a collection_times tag whose value does not match one of the following regular expressions, which are designed to describe all common possibilities for UK postbox collection times:

A collection_times value is considered to have valid syntax if it matches the following regular expression:

In other words, it comprises one or more semi-colon or comma separated day-time blocks, where each block comprises one or more comma separated days or day-ranges, followed by one or more comma-separated times or the keword "off". Note that this does not check for days appearing more than once, or invalid or repeated times being specified.

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