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OSM Post Box Progress in the 'BH14' Postal District

Copyright Warning: The box locations and reference numbers shown by the blue markers on the map, and the box numbers and location descriptions in the table are © Royal Mail. They may not be used directly in OSM — in particular do not use them to add either box locations or numbers to OSM. But you may find them helpful in suggesting places you would like to survey in the hope of finding post boxes to add.

Overall stats for BH14 postal district: 44 / 49 (89.8%). Map key:

Boxes in this District on Royal Mail's List

Box number Description ML OSM ID LE Offset
BH14 3 BH14 COMMERCIAL ROAD   7683956821 4w 5m
BH14 4 BH14 LILLIPUT ROAD   4317726612 3w 24m
BH14 13 BH14 CHURCH ROAD   7683956819 4w 14m
BH14 14 BH14 BOURNEMOUTH ROAD   7398718223 3m 5m
BH14 15 BH14 CRICHEL MOUNT   830553901 8y 14m
BH14 26 BH14 26 ASHLEY ROAD EAST   7681364397 4w 14m
BH14 31 BH14 KINGSBRIDGE ROAD   1944831661 4w 8m
BH14 38 BH14 BOURNEMOUTH ROAD   7398718204 3m 2m
BH14 40 BH14 WHITECLIFF PO   7683956814 4w 51m
BH14 43 BH14 SANDBANKS ROAD   7683956807 4w 4m
BH14 46 BH14 ORCHARD AVENUE   7683956805 4w 23m
BH14 47 BH14 ALEXANDRA ROAD   7681364390 4w 3m
BH14 51 BH14 CONIFER AVENUE   830553902 6y 1m
BH14 52 BH14 PENN HILL AVE   7683956810 4w 10m
BH14 55 BH14 SPRINGFIELD ROAD   7683956809 4w 17m
BH14 56 BH14 SPUR HILL AVENUE   830553928 4w 4m
BH14 59 BH14 PARKSTONE AVE   830553945 4y 13m
BH14 62 BH14 NORTH ROAD   7683956811 4w 24m
BH14 63 BH14 BINGHAM AVE   7681364392 4w 39m
BH14 64 BH14 ALTON ROAD   7683956820 4w 12m
BH14 68 BH14 PENN HILL AVE   830553913 4w 20m
BH14 69 BH14 COMPTON AVE   830553904 4w 37m
BH14 128 BH14 BOULNOIS AVE   7681364395 4w 9m
BH14 130 BH14 ST OSMONDS ROAD   7683956815 4w 13m
BH14 132 BH14 DANECOURT ROAD   7683956817 4w 19m
BH14 141 BH14 COMPTON AVENUE   830553930 4w 4m
BH14 148 BH14 RINGWOOD ROAD   7683956812 4w 10m
BH14 151 BH14 CLIFTON ROAD   830553912 4w 4m
BH14 152 BH14 SANDBANKS ROAD   830553925 3w 28m
BH14 154 BH14 STATION ROAD   7683956806 4w 15m
BH14 156 BH14 BRITTANNIA ROAD   7683956816 4w 20m
BH14 157 BH14 SANDBANKS ROAD   7683956818 4w 22m
BH14 160 BH14 SHERWOOD AVENUE   7683956822 4w 4m
BH14 167 BH14 CANFORD CLIFFS AVE   830553903 4w 13m
BH14 169 BH14 PALMERSTON ROAD   1376194491 4w 9m
BH14 172 BH14 ST PETERS ROAD   7683956808 4w 32m
BH14 189 BH14 PARKSTONE PO RIGHT   7398718205 3m 8m
BH14 190 BH14 PARKSTONE PO LEFT   7398718218 3m 9m
BH14 197 BH14 OVERLINKS ROAD   432578795 4w 3m
BH14 202 BH14 ELGIN ROAD   830553906 10y 6m
BH14 206 BH14 ELMS AVENUE   830553951 8y 4m
BH14 244 BH14 NORTH LODGE ROAD   1376194457 4w 25m
BH14 279 BH14 CONSTITUTIONAL HILL ROAD   7683956813 4w 4m
BH14 303 BH14 LINKS ROAD   7681364396 4w 3m

Boxes from OSM with refs in this District, but not on Royal Mail's List

No such boxes found.

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