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OSM Post Box Progress in the 'BS3' Postal District

Copyright Warning: The box locations and reference numbers shown by the blue markers on the map, and the box numbers and location descriptions in the table are © Royal Mail. They may not be used directly in OSM — in particular do not use them to add either box locations or numbers to OSM. But you may find them helpful in suggesting places you would like to survey in the hope of finding post boxes to add.

Overall stats for BS3 postal district: 39 / 40 (97.5%). Map key:

The OSM is refreshed roughly once a week, and was last updated on 2024‑06‑22 12:33:00 Z.

Boxes in this District on Royal Mail's List

Box number Description ML OSM Object OSM CT OSM RC LE Offset
BS3 2 DALBY AVENUE BS3 4HG 🔍 n3771263475 Mo-Fr 09:00, Sa 07:00 EIIR 13m 4m
BS3 5 ASHTON DRIVE BS3 2QY 🔍 n3811695677 VR 13m 5m
BS3 27 CHESSEL STREET BS3 3DS 🔍 n1237042634 VR 13m 7m
BS3 28 WEST STREET BS3 3LR 🔍 n3771252715 EIIR 13m 3m
BS3 29 CLINTON ROAD BS3 5PD 🔍 n1913427595 GR 12m 1m
BS3 31 PARSON ST/VALE LANE BS3 5QH 🔍 n1913419992 EIIR 13m 6m
BS3 32 MARKSBURY ROAD BS3 5JU 🔍 n3781475281 GR 12m 34m
BS3 33 PAULTOW ROAD BS3 4PT 🔍 n3303363909 VR 13m 10m
BS3 34 RAYMEND ROAD BS3 4QH 🔍 n4044686346 EIIR 13m 2m
BS3 37 COTSWOLD ROAD BS3 4PD 🔍 n3781475285 EIIR 13m 11m
BS3 39 WHITEHOUSE STREET BS3 4DP 🔍 n2283531216 Mo-Fr 09:00; Sa 07:00 EIIR 12m 6m
BS3 43 MELVILLE TERRACE BS3 1EU 🔍 n3811695681 Mo-Fr 09:00; Sa 07:00 GR 12m 2m
BS3 44 THE NURSERY (NORTH STREET) BS3 1JQ 🔍 n364770532 Mo-Fr 09:00; Sa 07:00 EIIR 2m 4m
BS3 46 GREVILLE ROAD BS3 1LL 🔍 n3672583085 Mo-Fr 16:30; Sa 12:00 EIIR 13m 7m
BS3 47 OSBORNE ROAD BS3 1PW 🔍 n3771252718 EIIR 13m 7m
BS3 48 MERRYWOOD ROAD BS3 1NN 🔍 n1743728093 Mo-Fr 16:30; Sa 12:15 GR 12m 6m
BS3 51 SOUTH LIBERTY LANE BS3 2TH 🔍 n3811695676 EIIR 13m 4m
BS3 54 LUCKWELL ROAD BS3 3ET 🔍 n3811695679 GVIR 12m 5m
BS3 55 DUCKMOOR ROAD BS3 2DH 🔍 n26374401 GR 12m 5m
BS3 57 SWISS DRIVE BS3 2RS 🔍 n3811695678 Mo-Fr 16:30; Sa 11:45 EVIIIR 10m 5m
BS3 58 RISDALE ROAD BS3 2RB 🔍 n3811695675 GR 12m 6m
BS3 59 MARSH ROAD BS3 2NA 🔍 n3771252716 EIIR 2m 1m
BS3 60 ASHTON PARK BS3 2EG 🔍 n2925388882 Mo-Fr 09:00; Sa 07:00 GVIR 12m 5m
BS3 61 ASHTON ROAD BS3 1RT 🔍 n2571841373 Mo-Fr 17:00; Sa 12:30 EIIR 13m 9m
BS3 65 CORONATION ROAD BS3 1AZ 🔍 n1651061059 VR 13m 7m
BS3 66 ST PAULS CHURCH BS3 1AR 🔍 n1651054399 Mo-Fr 16:30; Sa 11:45 no 7y 17m
BS3 67 PARKLANDS ROAD / BOWER ASHTON BS3 2JS 🔍 n3823656374 Mo-Fr 17:15, Sa 10:30 GR 12m 5m
BS3 119 ST LUKES ROAD BS3 4AD 🔍 n1416611562 Mo-Fr 09:00; Sa 07:00 EIIR 13m 4m
BS3 120 WINDSOR TERRACE / ST LUKES RD BS3 4SE 🔍 n1404736520 Mo-Fr 09:00; Sa 07:00 EIIR 11m 9m
BS3 121 RAVENHILL ROAD BS3 5NP 🔍 n3746579124 Mo-Fr 09:00; Sa 07:00 GR 11m 8m
BS3 122 CAMBRIDGE STREET BS3 4TU 🔍 n3645205165 Mo-Fr 09:00; Sa 07:00 GR 10m 9m
BS3 1030 BEDMINSTER ROAD BS3 5NP 🔍 n1913427593 GR 12m 2m
BS3 1035 VICTORIA PARK POST OFFICE BS3 5AG 🔍 n3746579066 Mo-Fr 17:00; Sa 11:30 GVIR 11m 1m
BS3 1041 SOMERSET TERRACE BS3 4LF 🔍 n3067617500 Mo-Fr 09:00; Sa 07:00 GR 12m 25m
BS3 1045 THE CHESSELS BS3 3DJ 🔍 n3811695680 GVIR 12m 5m
BS3 1051 BEDMINSTER PARADE MSPO BS3 4HN 🔍 n3771252717 Mo-Fr 17:15; Sa 13:00 EIIR 10m 24m
BS3 1052 BEDMINSTER PARADE MPSO BS3 4HN 🔍 n1219801897 Mo-Fr 17:15; Sa 13:00 EIIR 10m 29m
BS3 1056 ASHTON VALE BS3 1RT 🔍 n3303363908 EIIR 2m 3m
BS3 1062 NORTH STREET POST OFFICE BOX BS3 1JA 🔍 n2334883310 EIIR 13m 20m
BS3 1123 TOTTERDOWN POST OFFICE BS3 4RL 🔍 n489956930 Mo-Fr 17:15; Sa 11:30 EVIIR 8m 4m
BS3 4008 LIBERTY BUSINESS PARK 🔍 n4044704947 8y 103m

Boxes from OSM with refs in this District, but not on Royal Mail's List

Box number OSM ID LE
BS3 9 5259181523 4y
BS3 1005 2925302378 12m
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