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OSM Post Box Progress in the 'BS37' Postal District

Overall stats for BS37 postal district: 71 / 71 (100.0%). Map key:

Copyright Warning: The box locations and reference numbers shown by the blue markers above, and the box numbers and location descriptions in the table below are © Royal Mail. They may not be used directly in OSM — in particular do not use them to add either box locations or numbers to OSM. But you may find them helpful in suggesting places you would like to survey in the hope of finding post boxes to add.

Boxes in this District on Royal Mail's List

Box number Description ML OSM ID LE Offset
BS37 22 LATTERIDGE BS37 9TW   379464876 10y 11m
BS37 50 WESTERLEIGH POST OFFICE BS37 8QH   272848983 21m 12m
BS37 65 BRINMSHAM PARK BS37 5XD   383928983 5y 3m
BS37 69 SHALE COTTAGE BS37 9XE   337672110 6y 11m
BS37 79 DOVECOTE BS37 4PE   289472699 8y 6m
BS37 121 NIBLEY BS37 5JG   344464987 21m 2m
BS37 166 DYERS LANE BS37 9XU   272847630 7y 13m
BS37 198 CROSSHANDS BS37 6RW   153428126 2w 8m
BS37 199 BOWLING HILL BS37 6AT   264364360 3y 3m
BS37 200 DODDINGTON BS37 6SG   389040770 4y 5m
BS37 201 LITTLE SODBURY BS37 6QA   684716609 9y 81m
BS37 202 GOOSE GREEN BS37 5BH   379593169 10y 4m
BS37 204 YATE ROCKS BS37 7BT   1429304332 4y 7m
BS37 205 OLD SODBURY VILLAGE BS37 6NA   389040773 2w 13m
BS37 206 WAPLEY BS37 8RJ   721485188 9y 16m
BS37 221 HIGHFIELD ROAD BS37 6HD   264339978 6y 4m
BS37 233 RAILWAY STATION BS37 6LL   377100483 4y 40m
BS37 238 LITTLE SODBURY END BS37 6QE   684716611 9y 24m
BS37 244 WESTERLEIGH CLOSE BS37 5HZ   286739079 4y 9m
BS37 245 CODRINGTON BS37 6RY   272848939 4y 7m
BS37 246 WESTERLEIGH HILL BS37 8QY   251207685 9y 16m
BS37 250 RIDGEWOOD BS37 4AH   266037338 7y 11m
BS37 279 COLTS GREEN BS37 6LU   389040775 10y 10m
BS37 283 GRAVEL HILL BS37 7BB   383928985 10y 7m
BS37 284 CRANLEIGH COURT BS37 5DN   344469299 7y 7m
BS37 286 CHURCH ROAD (WHITE LION) BS37 4AL   337672044 5m 3m
BS37 295 HERON WAY BS37 6XW   395559502 10y 7m
BS37 304 CHAINGATE LANE BS37 9XJ   30050725 7y 60m
BS37 372 RANGEWORTHY VILLAGE BS37 7ND   156877492 4y 3m
BS37 396 WESTERLEIGH ROAD BS37 4DD   395559478 10y 13m
BS37 418 THE SCHOOL BS37 9UN   30050734 7y 3m
BS37 423 ENGINE COMMON BS37 7PX   269546304 7y 5m
BS37 426 LOWER HORTON BS37 6PD   246445019 4y 8m
BS37 435 HOUNDS ROAD BS37 6EQ   262892912 6y 15m
BS37 446 COOMBESEND BS37 6SQ   266395216 4y 22m
BS37 453 FIRGROVE CRESCENT BS37 7AQ   266037356 7y 4m
BS37 454 HORTON COURT BS37 6QR   221044988 4y 5m
BS37 485 WOOD LANE BS37 6PG   684716706 4y 430m
BS37 509 CHILWOOD CLOSE BS37 9UT   266400855 7y 9m
BS37 510 WOODCHESTER BS37 8TU   344469298 10y 7m
BS37 526 GORLANDS ROAD BS37 6LQ   369586117 10y 3m
BS37 557 SUNDRIDGE PARK BS37 4EB   118039009 3w 9m
BS37 577 HIGHWORTH CRESCENT BS37 4HX   266397618 7y 10m
BS37 584 HORTON BS37 6QT   684716677 4y 5m
BS37 588 DEERHURST BS37 4JW   395560154 10y 6m
BS37 595 SOMERSET AVENUE BS37 7SF   268372251 7y 172m
BS37 597 RODBOROUGH BS37 8SE   275422236 4y 17m
BS37 603 KINGSCOTE BS37 8YJ   272803674 7y 7m
BS37 613 WAVERLEY ROAD BS37 5QZ   30990750 4y 34m
BS37 614 GREENWAYS ROAD BS37 5SZ   268373214 4y 13m
BS37 616 ST JOHNS WAY BS37 6NS   153428196 4y 10m
BS37 624 HALIFAX ROAD BS37 5HD   269545780 5m 34m
BS37 627 DEAN ROAD (YATE) BS37 5NJ   116014863 4y 11m
BS37 638 NEW ROAD BS37 5LZ   337672114 10m 6m
BS37 641 TESCO EAST WALK BS37 4AS   376987210 6m 64m
BS37 658 THE MEAD BRIMSHAM PARK BS37 7RL   352745193 10y 6m
BS37 663 LILLIPUT AVENUE BS37 6HX   369586085 4y 9m
BS37 681 SAFEWAY YATE BS37 5PW   395560319 3y 13m
BS37 684 LATTERIDGE ROAD IRON ACTON BS37 9TQ   30050737 7y 21m
BS37 686 BRIMSHAM PARK (TESCO EXPRESS) BS37 7PJ   383928984 5m 4m
BS37 694 COUZENS CLOSE BS37 6BT   262897789 6y 14m
BS37 1017 OLD SODBURY POST OFFICE BS37 6LX   389040774 10y 6m
BS37 1022 YATE POST OFFICE BS37 4DG   379593173 3y 10m
BS37 1023 YATE POST OFFICE BS37 4DG   379593173 3y 13m
BS37 1042 NORTH ROAD POST OFFICE BS37 7LQ   269546309 4y 5m
BS37 1091 CHIPPING SODBURY POST OFFICE BS37 6DA   369586115 3y 10m
BS37 1092 STATION ROAD (TESCO EXPRESS) BS37 4PH   364035737 3y 5m
BS37 1125 ABBOTSWOOD POST OFFICE BS37 4NG   395560307 10y 2m
BS37 1547 HIGH STREET (CHIPPING SODBURY) BS37 6AH   369586113 3y 12m
BS37 1548 HIGH STREET (CHIPPING SODBURY) BS37 6AH   369586110 3y 6m
BS37 4010 STOVER TRADING ESTATE   383928982 7y 8m

Boxes from OSM with refs in this District, but not on Royal Mail's List

No such boxes found.

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