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OSM Post Box Progress in the 'CH62' Postal District

Copyright Warning: The box locations and reference numbers shown by the blue markers on the map, and the box numbers and location descriptions in the table are © Royal Mail. They may not be used directly in OSM — in particular do not use them to add either box locations or numbers to OSM. But you may find them helpful in suggesting places you would like to survey in the hope of finding post boxes to add.

Overall stats for CH62 postal district: 38 / 41 (92.7%). Map key:

Boxes in this District on Royal Mail's List

Box number Description ML OSM ID LE Offset
CH62 30 BROMBOROUGH POOL   7737830254 13d 142m
CH62 45 ALLPORT ROAD POST OFFICE   7737864494 13d 7m
CH62 46 SPITAL STATION,   121799288 13d 1m
CH62 48 EASTHAM MEWS   7737852364 13d 10m
CH62 107 NEW FERRY POST OFFICE,   6054633183 13d 4m
CH62 114 BEBINGTON POST OFFICE,   7737895405 13d 5m
CH62 129 WOODSLEE   7737906359 13d 8m
CH62 130 EASTHAM DOCKS   7741533141 12d 10m
CH62 142 NEW FERRY PRECINCT   7737896084 13d 4m
CH62 144 NEW FERRY ROAD   7741740023 12d 6m
CH62 185 PORT SUNLIGHT POST OFFICE,   7737909808 13d 1m
CH62 201 CROFT INDUSTRIAL ESTATE.   7737940187 13d 1m
CH62 202 CROFT INDUSTRIAL ESTATE   7737923139 13d 7m
CH62 208 BOLTON ROAD. WEST.   6766524981 12d 30m
CH62 219 BEACONSFIELD ROAD.   1251808330 13d 8m
BEACONSFIELD ROAD.   2656608173 13d 2516m
CH62 279 SUTHERLAND DRIVE.   7737960214 13d 8m
CH62 297 BROMBOROUGH POST OFFICE,   7737941378 13d 8m
CH62 309 CENTRAL AVENUE   7737999503 13d 17m
CH62 373 THE CAUSEWAY.   6766648486 12d 1m
THE CAUSEWAY.   7738010238 13d 1544m
CH62 379 STANLEY LANE   675763684 13d 36m
CH62 420 PORT CAUSEWAY   7738022403 13d 2m
CH62 423 HEYGARTH ROAD.   7738035485 13d 14m
CH62 436 RAEBURN AVENUE.   7738031636 13d 11m
CH62 453 CROFT LANE   7738036254 13d 5m
CH62 456 BRIDLE,   7738043306 13d 22m
CH62 469 ALLPORT LANE.   7738046237 13d 5m
CH62 482 CARLETT PARK   7738033283 13d 6m
CH62 491 JUNE AVENUE.   7738012183 13d 6m
CH62 495 ECCLESTON AVENUE.   7738058530 13d 3m
CH62 508 THORNLEIGH AVENUE.   511130312 13d 14m
CH62 510 ASHFIELD ROAD.   7739240444 13d 4m
CH62 540 MILL PARK,   7739251239 13d 8m
CH62 547 HILARY AVENUE.   516636637 13d 63m
CH62 558 WOODYEAR ROAD.   7739262003 13d 3m
CH62 588 LEWISHAM ROAD.   7741709055 12d 7m
CH62 602 ARGYLE AVENUE.   7739280527 13d 6m
CH62 733 ALLPORT LANE   7739297341 13d 27m
CH62 838 CH62 VIOTA   7741664691 12d 90m

Boxes from OSM with refs in this District, but not on Royal Mail's List

No such boxes found.

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