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OSM Post Box Progress in the 'IP22' Postal District

Copyright Warning: The box locations and reference numbers shown by the blue markers on the map, and the box numbers and location descriptions in the table are © Royal Mail. They may not be used directly in OSM — in particular do not use them to add either box locations or numbers to OSM. But you may find them helpful in suggesting places you would like to survey in the hope of finding post boxes to add.

Overall stats for IP22 postal district: 83 / 83 (100.0%). Map key:

Boxes in this District on Royal Mail's List

Box number Description ML OSM ID LE Offset
IP22 7001 IP22 MERE STREET DISS   1312212452 13m 16m
IP22 7003 IP22 VICTORIA CLOSE DISS   3102614024 3y 2m
IP22 7004 IP22 ROYDON ROAD DISS   7454430182 2m 20m
IP22 7005 IP22 VICTORIA ROAD DISS   3391703477 2m 19m
IP22 7006 IP22 RAILWAY STATION DISS   3763441527 5m 13m
IP22 7007 IP22 SCHOLARS WALK DISS   3741485684 3y 4m
IP22 7008 IP22 DENMARK GREEN DISS   895600928 5y 12m
IP22 7009 IP22 WALCOT ROAD DISS   2844898622 9m 2m
IP22 7016 IP22 POST OFFICE THE STREET ,BOTESDALE, DISS   2181988631 8m 19m
IP22 7017 IP22 POST OFFICE HIGH ROAD ,BRESSINGHAM, DISS   2141761026 10d 9m
IP22 7020 IP22 Crown Green Burston   2844034985 8w 14m
IP22 7024 IP22 THE STREET FERSFIELD, DISS (2)   2971742031 6y 775m
IP22 7026 IP22 Post Office The Street Garboldisham   2418857066 8m 9m
IP22 7027 IP22 The Street Gasthorpe   895601041 2y 11m
IP22 7029 IP22 UPPER STREET GISSING, DISS   2844008418 2m 17m
IP22 7030 IP22 POST OFFICE THE STREET   497017625 8m 4m
IP22 7031 IP22 THE STREET HINDERCLAY, DISS   390716162 8m 5m
IP22 7033 IP22 O/S HOPTON SPSO, THELNETHAM ROAD   895600931 8m 17m
IP22 7037 IP22 CHURCH ROAD   895601005 8m 13m
IP22 7042 IP22 Post Office The Street North Lopham   2426500107 3y 6m
IP22 7044 IP22 Post office Thetford Road Palgrave   3763441417 5w 7m
IP22 7048 IP22 The Street Rickinghall   158817698 4y 27m
IP22 7049 IP22 HIGH ROAD ,ROYDON, DISS   1312262956 3y 2m
IP22 7054 IP22 COMMON ROAD SHELFANGER, DISS   2501063415 16m 17m
IP22 7066 IP22 Post Office Wattisfield   462003427 3m 10m
IP22 7070 IP22 EX POST OFFICE MILL ROAD ,WINFARTHING, DISS   4886476722 22m 3m
IP22 7073 IP22 POST OFFICE LONG GREEN ,WORTHAM, DISS   3509002579 5y 3m
IP22 7082 IP22 THELNETHAM ROAD BLO NORTON, DISS   2426993405 4m 16m
IP22 7084 IP22 THE COMMON BRESSINGHAM, DISS   2399697278 8m 9m
IP22 7085 IP22 THE CHEQUERS BRESSINGHAM, DISS   1312262954 8m 12m
IP22 7088 IP22 SYCAMORE VIEW BURGATE, DISS   447809527 3y 14m
IP22 7102 IP22 The Old Post Office Redgrave   392115509 8m 47m
IP22 7103 IP22 MANOR ROAD   2418857018 8m 2m
IP22 7104 IP22 RECTORY ROAD   2844008287 3m 8m
IP22 7106 IP22 HARTS CORNER   7616334482 3m 27m
IP22 7107 IP22 VINCES ROAD DISS   3763441365 11m 165m
IP22 7108 IP22 ALLWOOD GREEN RICKINGHALL, DISS   447650829 3m 12m
IP22 7109 IP22 THE HEYWOOD DISS   6634997226 14m 15m
IP22 7112 IP22 MAGPIE GREEN WORTHAM, DISS   2844961928 2m 8m
IP22 7114 IP22 POST BOX COTTAGES KNETTISHALL, DISS   1422745641 8m 10m
IP22 7119 IP22 THE GREEN NORTH LOPHAM, DISS   2426500246 8m 9m
IP22 7123 IP22 THE STREET WATTISFIELD, DISS   519263884 3m 21m
IP22 7125 IP22 MORRISONS, INDOOR BOX DISS   3762411395 4y 75m
IP22 7130 IP22 THE RECTORY RICKINGHALL, DISS   390532941 4w 16m
IP22 7132 IP22 THE HALL RIDDLESWORTH, DISS   1079904372 6y 13m
IP22 7134 IP22 HALL LANE ROYDON, DISS   3508959315 5y 23m
IP22 7137 IP22 SMALLWORTH GARBOLDISHAM, DISS   2418857076 2y 16m
IP22 7141 IP22 THE GREEN REDGRAVE, DISS   392115506 8m 17m
IP22 7144 IP22 CROSSROADS REDGRAVE, DISS   895600898 4w 6m
IP22 7152 IP22 WALCOTT GREEN DISS   6634997225 14m 2m
IP22 7153 IP22 WARDS FARM   1308080691 8m 8m
IP22 7158 IP22 SHORT GREEN WINFARTHING, DISS   4886448104 3y 17m
IP22 7161 IP22 THE LING WORTHAM, DISS   882529917 6y 7m
IP22 7164 IP22 MILL GREEN BURSTON, DISS   6634997227 8w 11m
IP22 7166 IP22 HIGH COMMON NORTH LOPHAM, DISS   2426993297 8m 11m
IP22 7167 IP22 WHITEHOUSE FARM   2418857016 22m 13m
IP22 7170 IP22 FRENZE ROAD DISS   3763407199 10m 24m
IP22 7172 IP22 THE STREET HEPWORTH, DISS   2441174290 8m 167m
IP22 7174 IP22 HOPTON ROAD THELNETHAM, DISS   457138834 8m 16m
IP22 7177 IP22 LOW COMMON SOUTH LOPHAM, DISS   2140584384 8m 15m
IP22 7178 IP22 CHEQUERS LANE SOUTH LOPHAM, DISS   2184018156 6y 13m
IP22 7179 IP22 South Common Hepworth   497478148 8m 18m
IP22 7181 IP22 POND END LANE MARKET WESTON, DISS   2441162067 8m 5m
IP22 7182 IP22 CHURCH ROAD NORTH LOPHAM, DISS   2426500119 8m 18m
IP22 7183 IP22 LITTLE GREEN BURGATE, DISS   447809504 4w 8m
IP22 7184 IP22 THE WINDMILL BRESSINGHAM, DISS   2252626962 5y 15m
IP22 7186 IP22 THE BANKS BLO NORTON, DISS   2418857078 8m 6m
IP22 7188 IP22 THESTREET BOTESDALE, DISS   157290796 4y 8m
IP22 7189 IP22 CROFT LANE DISS   3741485701 4m 19m
IP22 7190 IP22 THE GREEN ROYDON, DISS   2399668988 4m 1m
IP22 7193 IP22 THE STREET FERSFIELD, DISS (1)   2045784538 8m 787m
IP22 7195 IP22 GRUNDLE CORNER WATTISFIELD, DISS   7640644104 3m 30m
IP22 7197 IP22 WILLBY AVENUE DISS   3763441494 9m 3m
IP22 7199 IP22 FEN STREET HOPTON, DISS   895601119 17m 8m
IP22 7200 IP22 SKELTON ROAD DISS   3763441490 3y 9m
IP22 7319 IP22 WALCOT RISE DISS   3763441487 11m 10m
IP22 7402 IP22 ROYAL MAIL MARKET PLACE ,DISS   1312212451 4y 10m
IP22 7423 IP22 ORCHARD GROVE DISS   3741485663 2m 10m
IP22 7424 IP22 PARKSIDE COURT DISS   2844898649 6m 7m
IP22 7425 IP22 TAYLOR ROAD DISS   3761315561 4m 40m
IP22 7426 IP22 FORGE CLOSE PALGRAVE, DISS   3763441388 4y 2m

Boxes from OSM with refs in this District, but not on Royal Mail's List

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