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OSM Post Box Progress in the 'LS24' Postal District

Copyright Warning: The box locations and reference numbers shown by the blue markers on the map, and the box numbers and location descriptions in the table are © Royal Mail. They may not be used directly in OSM — in particular do not use them to add either box locations or numbers to OSM. But you may find them helpful in suggesting places you would like to survey in the hope of finding post boxes to add.

Overall stats for LS24 postal district: 34 / 39 (87.2%). Map key:

The OSM is refreshed roughly once a week, and was last updated on 2021‑11‑21 09:31:00 Z.

Boxes in this District on Royal Mail's List

Box number Description ML OSM ID OSM CT OSM RC LE Offset
LS24 68 SOUTH END   6140262828 2y 17m
LS24 275 OXTON LANE   304495227 5y 11m
LS24 283 STUTTON ROAD   3939302386 5y 7m
LS24 299 RAILWAY STATION   6140262827 2y 14m
LS24 383 COLTON PO   2361013948 EIIR 8y 183m
LS24 567 THE BEECHES   3939302385 10m 146m
LS24 568 HILL TOP PO   3932145610 5y 9m
LS24 569 STUTTON PO   6140262821 2y 8m
LS24 572 KIRKBY WHARFE   6140262824 2y 7m
LS24 573 WIGHILL   6140262818 2y 2m
LS24 574 TOWTON   5242004058 2y 10m
LS24 610 STATION ROAD   3939302360 5y 2m
LS24 612 CATTERTON   4265549118 2y 11m
LS24 613 HIGH STREET   3932175417 EIIR 5y 13m
LS24 631 WIGHILL LANE   275777606 5y 3m
LS24 645 OXTON   6140262820 2y 14m
LS24 676 AUSTER BANK   29567505 5y 7m
LS24 715 CHURCH FENTON PO   651074936 Mo-Fr 16:45; Sa 11:45 2y 11m
LS24 751 BARKSTON ASH   6140262826 2y 10m
LS24 753 SAXTON   5242004045 2y 8m
LS24 772 NEWTON KYME   5242004069 2y 6m
LS24 821 MANOR FARM   6140262823 2y 7m
LS24 822 KELCBAR COURT   3939280675 5y 18m
LS24 824 R.A.F. CHURCH FENTON   373412286 9y 20m
LS24 874 GARNET ESTATE   3939307955 9m 15m
LS24 904 COMMERCIAL STREET   3932130240 GVIR 5y 10m
LS24 910 GARNET TERRACE   6140262822 2y 12m
LS24 937 WOODLANDS PO   275857117 EIIR 4y 5m
LS24 966 ISLINGTON   3932089173 5y 8m
LS24 971 HAZLEWOOD   333251558 2y 14m
LS24 989 ULLESKELF PO   3551045679 2y 6m
LS24 990 WEST END ULLESKELF   6140262825 2y 7m
LS24 991 RYTHER   373407997 9y 23m
LS24 998 WINDMILL RISE   3939307952 5y 4m

Boxes from OSM with refs in this District, but not on Royal Mail's List

Box number OSM ID LE
LS24 976 6140262819 2y
OpenStreetMap data, © OpenStreetMap Contributors, licensed under Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL). Royal Mail Postbox data © Royal Mail, All Rights Reserved.