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OSM Post Box Progress in the 'NG3' Postal District

Copyright Warning: The box locations and reference numbers shown by the blue markers on the map, and the box numbers and location descriptions in the table are © Royal Mail. They may not be used directly in OSM — in particular do not use them to add either box locations or numbers to OSM. But you may find them helpful in suggesting places you would like to survey in the hope of finding post boxes to add.

Overall stats for NG3 postal district: 58 / 59 (98.3%). Map key:

Boxes in this District on Royal Mail's List

Box number Description ML OSM ID LE Offset
NG3 5 BBOX,RODEN ST/ALFRED ST SOUTH   1670722476 5w 10m
NG3 8 SERLBY RISE/RANBY WALK   790036582 5w 8m
NG3 14 HENDON RISE/THE WELLS RD   3412009145 5w 11m
NG3 15 ABBOTSFORD DRI / HUNGERHILL RD   60028896 5w 9m
NG3 19 WOODBOROUGH RD/OPP BOWERS AVE   1299442380 5w 6m
NG3 26 RADSTOCK RD..PORCHESTER RD   1691284130 5w 14m
NG3 31 KENT RD/WHITTINGHAM RD   3413685431 19m 10m
NG3 38 VICKERS ST/MAPPERLEY RD   1299425253 5w 5m
NG3 41 REDCLIFFE RD/THORNECLIFFE RD   1299425278 6y 14m
NG3 52 WESTDALE LA/MOORE RD   379242195 19m 20m
NG3 60 PENRHYN CL/ABBOTSFORD DR   1787835669 6y 1m
NG3 68 ST ANNS WELL RD/WESTMINSTER CLS   3412009108 5w 13m
NG3 76 WOODBOROUGH RD/MAGDALA RD   2825517414 5w 9m
NG3 99 ST ANNS PO/ROBINHOOD CHASE   430512147 5w 5m
NG3 116 MAPPERLEY PLAINS/OPP BELVOIR ST   2260661928 5w 5m
NG3 129 THYRA GROVE/WOODBOROUGH RD   496130721 5w 13m
NG3 134 MAGDALA RD/NR CYPRUS RD   3390376103 5w 69m
NG3 135 MALTBY RD/WALSINGHAM RD   427146499 19m 14m
NG3 138 BEACONHILL RISE/KELVEDON GDNS   3024062829 5w 8m
NG3 144 PORCHESTER RD /FLORENCE RD   2329485697 18m 6m
NG3 148 PRIVATE RD/FAIRLAWN PLC   3390376205 5w 108m
NG3 156 CRANMER ST/VILLA RD   1298344035 5w 3m
NG3 163 WOODTHORPE DR/PLAINS RD   1544132242 19m 5m
NG3 165 GROSVENOR AVE/ EBERS RD   3366223331 5w 3m
NG3 171 MAPPERLEY PLAINS/OPP PRIVATE RD   3366223377 5w 9m
NG3 181 MOORE RD/PORCHESTER RD   1569580532 19m 23m
NG3 187 SEFTON DR/MAPPERLEY HALL DR END   3390376173 5w 5m
NG3 192 DENSTONE RD/CARLTON RD   778485211 5w 7m
NG3 195 PLAINS RD/NR GEDLING RD   429381814 19m 62m
NG3 201 ARLINGTON DR/SEFTON DR   3390376191 5w 7m
NG3 202 LANCASTER RD/NR SUTHERLAND RD   1691255832 19m 6m
NG3 203 LUCKNOW AVE/TAVISTOCK DR   1300254745 5w 6m
NG3 210 HALLAM RD/KENRICK RD   3413685335 19m 15m
NG3 212 WELLS RD/ASTLEY RD   496130774 5w 6m
NG3 219 STEEDMAN AVE/OFF WESTDALE LA   429381812 19m 5m
NG3 220 INSTOW RISE/ST ANNS WELL RD   430913615 5w 7m
NG3 224 CARLTON RD...COMMERY AVE   3482098113 5w 5m
NG3 225 GORDON RISE/MAPPERLY DR   2855674902 5w 13m
NG3 234 WINDMILL LA,WESTHORPE AVE   774077597 5w 7m
NG3 236 LINTON RISE/SNIENTON DALE   2329897423 5w 13m
NG3 272 DOVEDALE RD/ON OAKDALE RD   387527350 5w 7m
NG3 274 OAKDALE RD PO/KIRKDALE RD   2329503443 5w 4m
NG3 275 SUNNYDALE RD/HOLDALE RD   1691255627 5w 9m
NG3 283 HOLYOAKE RD (BLENHIEM AVE)   379036813 14m 8m
NG3 293 ALMA RD/CARLTON RD   790043602 5w 6m
NG3 301 AVON RD/LANGDALE RD   387527545 5w 8m
NG3 302 HARROGATE RD/LANGDALE RD   387527380 5w 4m
NG3 306 DOWSON ST/BLUEBELL HILL RD   3412007374 5w 3m
NG3 311 LUCKNOW DR/WARWICK RD   496044766 5w 8m
NG3 329 SPRING LA/KINGSBRIDGE AVE   3426083236 19m 50m
NG3 336 MARSHALL HILL DR/FERNLIEGH RD   3413685356 19m 9m
NG3 390 GREENWOOD RD/SNEINTON DALE   3378370517 5w 2m
NG3 484 BRIARWOOD AVE/PORCHESTER RD   1691284153 5w 6m
NG3 506 MARPLE SQ/ WOODBOROUGH RD   1270221923 4y 10m
NG3 510 BREWSTERS RD/TOP END OF RD ST ANNS   3412009201 5w 6m
NG3 534 MILFORD DR.OFF PARK DALE   1691255701 5y 8m

Boxes from OSM with refs in this District, but not on Royal Mail's List

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