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OSM Post Box Progress in the 'NG7' Postal District

Copyright Warning: The box locations and reference numbers shown by the blue markers on the map, and the box numbers and location descriptions in the table are © Royal Mail. They may not be used directly in OSM — in particular do not use them to add either box locations or numbers to OSM. But you may find them helpful in suggesting places you would like to survey in the hope of finding post boxes to add.

Overall stats for NG7 postal district: 53 / 54 (98.1%). Map key:

Boxes in this District on Royal Mail's List

Box number Description ML OSM ID LE Offset
NG7 4 BARRACK LA/DERBY RD   393732847 5w 26m
NG7 10 BBOX,HIGHFIELDS SCIENCE PARK   2571473763 6y 3m
NG7 13 BBOX,LENTON LA,FINCH CLOSE   849843198 5w 2m
NG7 20 SHERWOOD RISE/HAMILTON RD   29428141 5w 4m
NG7 22 ALFRETON RD/ON FOREST RD WEST   497364295 5w 10m
NG7 23 ILKESTON RD.DOUGLAS RD   489827605 5w 10m
NG7 28 CASTLE BLVD/HASLAM ST   2240046647 5w 29m
NG7 32 NEWCASTLE CIRCUS   1454764030 5w 8m
NG7 33 BEECH AVE POC   1649795635 6y 7m
NG7 34 RADFORD RD/ELAND ST   1649214547 5w 6m
NG7 35 RAWSON ST/DUKE ST   544544037 5w 16m
NG7 36 OLD LENTON/ABBEY ST   5732259486 2y 165m
NG7 37 ILKESTON RD POC/ROTHESAY AVE   2169717761 5w 8m
NG7 42 RADFORD BLVD/NR ILKESTON RD   489827612 5y 6m
NG7 43 ILKESTON RD/OPP BRIGHT ST   736631192 4y 11m
NG7 46 REDFIELD RD/THE MIDWAY   863667866 5w 16m
NG7 47 GROVE RD/CASTLE BLVD   343693325 5w 6m
NG7 49 CAVENDISH CRES EAST/TUNNEL RD   2331082853 5w 1m
NG7 51 PEVERIL DRI/LENTON RD   2518068832 5w 3m
NG7 59 BRIDLINGTON ST/ALFRETON RD   2266199215 5w 8m
NG7 66 BOVILL ST/HARTLEY RD   2746428018 5w 3m
NG7 69 BENTINCK RD/SOPHIE RD   1158104451 5w 6m
NG7 75 HARTLEY RD/RADFORD BLVD   2632818468 5w 16m
NG7 85 DUKE ST/GAWTHORNE ST   1649214346 5w 9m
NG7 86 ARTHUR AVE/LENTON BLVD   343679945 5w 6m
NG7 89 BURNS ST/GEDLING GR   393740295 5w 15m
NG7 91 BERRIDGE RD/NR NOEL ST   2275353780 5w 3m
NG7 98 LAWSON ST/FOREST RD WEST   497364298 6y 4m
NG7 100 NEWDIGATE ST/ALFRETON RD   2632811014 5w 14m
NG7 105 BEACONSFIELD ST/RADFORD RD   1158077748 5w 9m
NG7 112 JOHNSON RD/CYCLE RD   330071214 6y 5m
NG7 113 DUNKIRK P O/BEESTON RD   1639430446 5w 10m
NG7 114 HYSON GREEN P O   424533517 5w 3m
NG7 118 LENTON LA/NR RH FREIGHT   2440952607 5w 18m
NG7 119 EGYPT RD/NOTTINGHAM RD   2281449705 5w 6m
NG7 120 BBOX,HARRIMANS LA/ACORN PARK   863667958 7y 1m
NG7 124 NEW LENTON PO/LENTON BLVD   343678309 5w 7m
NG7 127 GARDEN ST/OFF ILKESTON RD   2632815895 6y 9m
NG7 139 RUSSELL RD/GREGORY BLVD   424533524 5w 3m
NG7 168 DERBY GR/DERBY RD   1680271964 5w 5m
NG7 172 HIGHFIELDS SCIENCE PARK   2571473765 5w 10m
NG7 183 EXETER RD/BERRIDGE RD   2342434178 5w 3m
NG7 186 ST PETERS ST/CROYDON RD   489600823 5y 74m
NG7 198 LAURIE AVE/STANLEY RD   3389856014 5w 3m
NG7 204 HIGHFIELDS (UNIVERSITY)   863980636 5w 5m
NG7 213 HILLSIDE/DERBY RD   329373414 5w 8m
NG7 214 HARRINGTON DR/GALWAY RD   528585725 5w 7m
NG7 233 BOBBERSMILL RD/LAMBERT ST   278980614 5w 19m
NG7 238 FARADAY RD/HERON DR   330071345 5w 152m
NG7 281 CHURCHFIELD LA/KNIGHTON AVE   378087759 5w 12m
NG7 343 ASDA,HYSON GREEN   2390242784 5y 36m
NG7 505 QUEENS MEDICAL CTR,MAIN ENT   1595531234 5y 43m

Boxes from OSM with refs in this District, but not on Royal Mail's List

No such boxes found.

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