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OSM Post Box Progress in the 'RH15' Postal District

Copyright Warning: The box locations and reference numbers shown by the blue markers on the map, and the box numbers and location descriptions in the table are © Royal Mail. They may not be used directly in OSM — in particular do not use them to add either box locations or numbers to OSM. But you may find them helpful in suggesting places you would like to survey in the hope of finding post boxes to add.

Overall stats for RH15 postal district: 54 / 54 (100.0%). Map key:

The OSM is refreshed roughly once a week, and was last updated on 2024‑04‑07 07:56:00 Z.

Boxes in this District on Royal Mail's List

Box number Description ML OSM Object OSM CT OSM RC LE Offset
RH15 109 TESCO SUPERSTORE 🔍 n5063640726 EIIR 5m 26m
RH15 110 CHURCH WALK 🔍 n5046028650 EIIR 5m 6m
RH15 111 HOLMESDALE ROAD 🔍 n5063640727 EVIIR 5m 8m
RH15 112 MANOR ROAD 🔍 n670093064 EIIR 5m 14m
RH15 113 BLENHEIMS 🔍 n671592867 EIIR 5m 2m
RH15 114 CHURCH ROAD 🔍 n5046028657 GR 5m 5m
RH15 115 CHURCH ROAD 🔍 n5046028651 Mo-Fr 17:15; Sa 12:00 EIIR 5m 34m
RH15 116 DENHAM ROAD 🔍 n5061690373 EIIR 5m 5m
RH15 117 FAIRFEILD ROAD 🔍 n5063640739 GR 5m 4m
RH15 118 FERNDALE ROAD 🔍 n671800121 EIIR 5m 10m
RH15 119 FIRLANDS COURT 🔍 n5061690378 EIIR 5m 27m
RH15 120 FOLDERS LANE 🔍 n5046028648 EIIR 3m 23m
RH15 121 DOUBLEDAYS 🔍 n5046028644 Mo-Fr 09:00; Sa 07:00 EIIR 5m 6m
RH15 122 JACOBS POST 🔍 n5061690380 EIIR 10m 97m
RH15 123 JUNCTION ROAD 🔍 n5046028633 EIIR 5m 2m
RH15 124 KEYMER ROAD 🔍 n671800109 Mo-Fr 09:00; Sa 07:00 GR 5m 2m
RH15 125 LEYLANDS ROAD 🔍 n5061690382 EIIR 5m 7m
RH15 126 LONDON ROAD 🔍 n190464401 EIIR 5m 84m
RH15 127 MILL ROAD 🔍 n5046028645 GR 5m 4m
RH15 128 NORTH END 🔍 n5046028649 Mo-Fr 17:15; Sa 11:15 GR 5m 4m
RH15 129 OTE HALL 🔍 n5046028641 EIIR 10m 15m
RH15 130 PARK ROAD 🔍 n5063640741 GR 5m 6m
RH15 131 STATION ROAD 🔍 n5046028632 Mo-Fr 16:45; Sa 11:45 EIIR 5m 4m
RH15 132 ST ANDREWS ROAD 🔍 n669958022 GVIR 5m 2m
RH15 133 ST JOHNS COMMON P O 🔍 n5061690372 GR 5m 35m
RH15 134 SILVERDALE ROAD 🔍 n671800129 EIIR 5m 1m
RH15 135 SPRINGFIELD TERRACE 🔍 n186953695 EIIR 5m 3m
RH15 136 THEOBALDS ROAD 🔍 n5046028636 Mo-Fr 09:00; Sa 07:00 EIIR 5m 2m
RH15 137 VALEBRIDGE ROAD 🔍 n5046028656 EIIR 10m 12m
RH15 138 WEST STREET 🔍 n5063640745 EIIR 5m 0m
RH15 139 POTTERS LANE 🔍 n5063640736 EIIR 5m 1m
RH15 140 VICTORIA WAY BUSINESS BOX 🔍 n5220195050 5m 31m
RH15 141 MARCHANTS WAY BUSINESS BOX 🔍 n5061690379 5m 16m
RH15 142 HAMMONDS RIDGE 🔍 n5063640740 EIIR 5w 8m
RH15 143 TEMPLE GROVE 🔍 n5061690370 EIIR 5m 53m
RH15 144 COULSTOCK ROAD 🔍 n668090634 EIIR 5m 16m
RH15 145 CHANCTONBURY ROAD 🔍 n5063640734 EIIR 5m 7m
RH15 146 BLACKHOUSE LANE 🔍 n541101952 EIIR 5m 17m
RH15 147 YORK ROAD (O/S DELIVERY OFFICE) 🔍 n5061690371 EIIR 5m 6m
RH15 148 ROBIN ROAD 🔍 n5061690376 EIIR 5m 4m
RH15 149 ST JOHNS AVENUE 🔍 n541101955 EIIR 5m 11m
RH15 150 GATEHOUSE LANE 🔍 n668090636 EIIR 5m 10m
RH15 151 VICTORIA ROAD 🔍 n186953844 EIIR 5m 1m
RH15 154 COPESTAKE DRIVE 🔍 n1426778097 EIIR 10m 4m
RH15 155 LOWER CHURCH ROAD P O 🔍 n5063640732 EVIIR 5m 2m
RH15 161 FACTORY ESTATE 🔍 n5063640733 EIIR 5m 2m
RH15 163 MARLBOROUGH DRIVE 🔍 n670093045 EIIR 5m 2m
RH15 164 GREENLANDS 🔍 n5063640729 GR 5m 10m
RH15 170 LEYLANDS PARK 🔍 n5046028629 EIIR 5m 8m
RH15 178 KINGSWAY 🔍 n679094916 EIIR 5m 9m
RH15 180 OAKENFIELD 🔍 n5061690375 EIIR 5m 3m
RH15 181 WISDEN AVENUE 🔍 n5061690381 EIIR 5m 4m
RH15 182 STATION ROAD 🔍 n5046028635 EIIR 5m 24m
RH15 183 ST GEORGES PARK 🔍 n9626860982 5m 5m

Boxes from OSM with refs in this District, but not on Royal Mail's List

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