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OSM Post Box Progress in the 'YO11' Postal District

Copyright Warning: The box locations and reference numbers shown by the blue markers on the map, and the box numbers and location descriptions in the table are © Royal Mail. They may not be used directly in OSM — in particular do not use them to add either box locations or numbers to OSM. But you may find them helpful in suggesting places you would like to survey in the hope of finding post boxes to add.

Overall stats for YO11 postal district: 50 / 50 (100.0%). Map key:

The OSM is refreshed roughly once a week, and was last updated on 2024‑05‑27 18:43:00 Z.

Boxes in this District on Royal Mail's List

Box number Description ML OSM Object OSM CT OSM RC LE Offset
YO11 1 YO11 CLIFTON STREET 6 CASTLE ROAD 🔍 n3727496543 10m 9m
YO11 2 ALMA SQUARE (RIGHT) 🔍 n2988483443 Mo-Fr 16:00; Sa 13:15 EIIR 12m 15m
YO11 4 ESPLANADE 🔍 n3726158633 GR 11m 10m
YO11 6 LONGWESTGATE 🔍 n2004793816 EVIIR 11m 13m
YO11 7 WESTWOOD HILL 🔍 n3727474693 VR 10m 2m
YO11 11 SEA CLIFF ROAD 🔍 n3727396313 EIIR 12m 31m
YO11 12 ESPLANADE GARDENS 🔍 n3726097768 Mo-Fr 09:00; Sa 07:00 no 12m 3m
YO11 13 CASTLE ROAD 🔍 n3048272401 GR 11m 6m
YO11 16 VALLEY ROAD 🔍 n3727474694 EIIR 12m 2m
YO11 18 ST NICHOLAS CLIFF 🔍 n3727490294 EIIR 12m 21m
YO11 19 THE CRESCENT 🔍 n3727490293 EIIR 12m 4m
YO11 20 WESTWOOD 🔍 n3727483644 Mo-Fr 09:00; Sa 07:00 VR 12m 3m
YO11 21 SOUTH STREET 🔍 n3727474697 Mo-Fr 09:00; Sa 07:00 VR 12m 4m
YO11 22 SOUTH CLIFFE POST OFFICE 🔍 n3727452082 7y 2m
YO11 26 SANDSIDE 🔍 n3041275698 EIIR 12m 42m
YO11 28 VICTORIA ROAD POST OFFICE 🔍 n3727483645 EIIR 12m 8m
YO11 31 RAMSHILL ROAD 🔍 n3727474696 VR 12m 2m
YO11 32 NEW ESPLANADE 🔍 n3727404909 VR 12m 6m
YO11 33 BELVEDERE ROAD 🔍 n3727396315 VR 12m 8m
YO11 34 BLANDS CLIFF 🔍 n479769924 VR 12m 8m
YO11 35 MILL LANE CAYTON 🔍 n3951562542 EIIR 12m 10m
YO11 41 NEWBOROUGH 🔍 n3173770246 21m 24m
YO11 49 MOUNTSIDE 🔍 n3727396316 EVIIR 11m 6m
YO11 50 ORIEL CRESCENT 🔍 n3727459333 6y 17m
YO11 56 LEBBERSTON 🔍 n4837745143 EIIR 12m 12m
YO11 67 HOLBECK HILL 🔍 n3727396312 EVIIR 11m 5m
YO11 71 OSGODBY LANE 🔍 n4314132134 GVIR 11m 90m
YO11 73 HUNTRISS ROW 🔍 n3160430476 Mo-Fr 09:00; Sa 07:00 EVIIR 7m 24m
YO11 76 FLIXTON VILLAGE 🔍 n186081318 GR 11m 8m
YO11 77 FOLKTON 🔍 n4542200129 VR 12m 24m
YO11 85 CAYTON POST OFFICE 🔍 n3997803340 EIIR 3m 2m
YO11 99 FLIXTON INGS 🔍 n4542192190 EIIR 12m 16m
YO11 101 SPA 🔍 n3727474710 EIIR 12m 36m
YO11 112 WEAPONNESS PARK 🔍 n3727396314 GR 11m 26m
YO11 117 OSGODBY POST OFFICE 🔍 n4542179957 EIIR 12m 3m
YO11 139 CAYTON CARR 🔍 n4572222989 EIIR 12m 15m
YO11 163 CROMWELL TERRACE 🔍 n3727455367 Mo-Fr 09:00; Sa 07:00 GVIR 11m 3m
YO11 180 EASTFIELD POST OFFICE 🔍 n4955808033 EIIR 12m 12m
YO11 184 MANHAM HILL 🔍 n4572212963 GVIR 11m 2m
YO11 191 BRUNSWICK PAVILLION 🔍 n478559142 Mo-Fr 16:30; Sa 13:20 21m 9m
YO11 193 SALTER ROAD 🔍 n4541850184 EIIR 12m 36m
YO11 194 TESCO WESTWOOD 🔍 n3727483643 EIIR 12m 38m
YO11 199 SEA VIEW DRIVE 🔍 n3726029140 EIIR 12m 8m
YO11 202 SOUTHWOLD 🔍 n4572185077 GVIR 11m 6m
YO11 206 ST SEPULCHRE STREET 🔍 n3738849809 5y 33m
YO11 207 MORRISONS SEAMER 🔍 n4954830822 Mo-Fr 17:15; Sa 10:00 EIIR 12m 19m
YO11 1001 SCARBOROUGH DELIVERY OFFICE 🔍 n3124669194 21m 5m
YO11 1002 ALMA SQUARE (LEFT) 🔍 n2988483443 Mo-Fr 16:00; Sa 13:15 EIIR 12m 9m
YO11 2002 SALTER ROAD 🔍 n4541850185 14m 48m
YO11 2010 YO11 SCARBOROUGH D.O. ABERDEEN WALK 🔍 n3124669194 21m 6m

Boxes from OSM with refs in this District, but not on Royal Mail's List

Box number OSM ID LE
YO11 250 4572198722 8m
OpenStreetMap data, © OpenStreetMap Contributors, licensed under Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL). Royal Mail Postbox data © Royal Mail, All Rights Reserved.