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Mark Boxes on Royal Mail list as No Longer Present

The list of boxes supplied by Royal Mail is now quite out of date. A number of boxes on the list have since been removed or otherwise tekn out of service. To avoid false positives showin up on the progress maps within this tool, there is a way for such boxes to be marked as "removed". Such boxes then show up as a grey marker rather than a blue one, and don't count against progress statistics.

Currently, I need to do this marking manually. So if you have discovered a box that appears on the Royal Mail list but is no longer present in reality, then please contact me via my OSM Profile, with the following information:

The additional information is so I can keep good records of when and where boxes were removed, and also because the locations Royal Mail reports for boxes are not necessarily accurate. Just because a box isn't where Royal Mail says it is, doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Hence I like to have some evidence that a missing box was present previously, to avoid the possibility that it's just located elsewhere all the time.