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OSM UK Post Office Mapping Notes

This page provides some caveats and suggestions for how to make use of the branch list released by Post Office Ltd under the OGL to improve the coverage and tagging of Post Office branches in the UK.

Data Notes / Caveats

General Mapping and Tagging Suggestions

Here are some UK specific notes for Post Office tagging, to supplement the Tag:amenity=post_office wiki page.

Suggested Uses of the Progress Tool

The Post Office Progress Tool compares OSM data for amenity=post_office objects to the official branch lists. The tool tries to match up the branches — either by reference values or geographic proximity. For each postal area, a map is show with matches by number, matches by location, unmatched OSM objects, and missing branches.

Unmatched Post Offices (red circles)

Missing Post Office branches (blue circles)

Missing "Home Service" Branches (light blue circles)

Branches matched by proximity (light green lines)

Branches matched by ID (dark green lines)