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OSM Post Office note=* List

Lists any UK Post Offices with a note tag.

Found 266 post offices, based on OSM data from 2020‑10‑18 18:01:00 Z.

OSM ID Name LE note
348414728 Liverpool Post Office 7y 1st floor of WH Smith
1069305178 3y 2016-03-23 Exmouth Post Office rellocated to within WH Smiths
244633492 Higham Food and Wine 16m 3 blocks of 5 in the terrace
1381788448 2y According to data from Post Office Ltd, this branch has moved. See
6394527618 Morden Post Office 13m Added based on streetlevel imagery having done a physical survey of the location that the Post Office's own location data suggested this ought to have been, some distance away in a residential street...
1040498479 4y Also includes 'Pontcanna Stores' convenience store
65137026 2y Also includes a Londis convenience store
1035258789 9y Also includes pharmacy and a Londis convenience store
820938942 Hatfield Post Office 18m At the back of Martin's news agents.
4601949997 Easter Road Post Office 2y Both A&A Traders and Easter Road Post Office share the premises and the entrance
1250612573 Honington Camp Post Office 18m Branch had been closed for a couple of years, but re-opened in February 2018:
6068968319 Belmont Post Office 17m Branch located inside Pet Stop
7147441111 Paganhill Post Office 8m Counter in Maypole Hall
1038474615 Station Parade Post Office 18m Counter in The Corner Shop
291977684 Brixton Hill Post Office 15m Counter inside Nisa Local
2589240446 Norwood Post Office 15m Counter inside WHSmith Local
6388177970 Lower Kingswood Post Office 18m Counter within News Shop
2338019415 Twickenham Post Office 8m Desk in WH Smiths
775131773 Nork Post Office 23m Desk inside WH Smith Local
6176815012 Walton On The Hill Post Office 21m Desk inside Walton News
775131002 Woodmansterne Post Office 2y Desk within Londis
356170177 Didcot Post Office 2y Enter via WH Smiths
5410356435 Stoke Holy Cross Post Office 2y Entrance via only door as mapped.
335906353 Booze Xtra 3y FHRS has this as Fisher's Conveniece Sore
5690934919 Abingdon Post Office 12m Find location within Co-Op store
773326893 Food 4 Less 4y Food 4 Less is an Eastern Eurpean food chain, possibly Romanian.
4345753190 Norwich Crown Post Office 18m Formerly of Castle Mall (1996 to 2016)
1985683895 Trafford Centre Post Office 2y Gound floor next to John Lewis
31000513 Seasalter Stores 19m Ground floor only
31678533 Redhill Post Office 8m High Street (lower) level
2792569718 Whitwell Post Office 11m I had to check but, yes, the post office is now in the church
6742711630 Purbrook Post Office 4m I haven't checked the current Covid-19 opening hours of this post office, but a while ago the opening hours were reduced and likely still are.
1123026464 5y I think this is now closed and was near the post box
5414134921 Leiston Post Office 2y In Coopers store
1117232871 Pinhoe Post Office 20m In Spar Shop
5481415947 Hills Road Post Office 2y In Tesco store
3202060557 5y In the Londis shop
3445708543 5y Included in the Best-One convenience store
5893091774 Two Mile Ash Post Office 17m Inside Bargain Booze
1102500583 Martham Post Office 2y Inside Co-Op
808809197 Whaplode Post Office 7y Inside Co-Op Late Shop
7711438667 Plaza Parade Post Office 3m Inside Coop Store
445817016 Rounds Green Post Office 2y Inside Greens Local convenience store. Offers core range only of Post Office services: 1 of 20 in pilot July 2009
3399819693 19m Inside KP Stationers
6035198578 Church Road Post Office 23m Inside Londis
1040498502 9y Inside Londis shop
2484144365 Maidenhall 2y Inside Martin's shop
316507844 Meredith Road Post Office 2y Inside McColl's
346194676 Adamsdown Post Office 9y Inside McColls shop
1557944947 Jesmond Post Office 2y Inside Medicentre shop.
5378768421 Red Lodge Post Office 2y Inside Nisa store
4297220331 Sherwood Post Office 4y Inside Nisa store
1305340390 20m Inside One-Stop
895521014 4y Inside Penny Black shop
5427113867 Bunwell Post Office 19m Inside Premier store
3065601959 2y Inside RS McColl's.
2525973914 2y Inside Spar shop
746857979 Coniston Post Office 2y Inside Spar shop
2193438559 Sunnyside Post Office 15m Inside Spar shop
834268365 Staveley Post Office 2y Inside The Beehive
7703645816 Worthing Post Office 3m Inside WH Smith store
3611650362 3y Inside WHSmith
5908665196 Llandudno Post Office 8m Inside WHSmith shop
5394361882 Felixstowe Post Office 12m Inside WHSmith store
3971754282 Montrose Court Post Office 2m Inside convenience store
5830609867 2y Inside shop
2169062617 Castlederg Post Office 3m Inside the Co-operative Food shop
7140934752 Guildford Post Office 8m Inside the WHSmith branch
1171107947 5y Inside_Co-operative
738800284 Wylam Post Office 3m Integrated into Spar.
1520037997 Reigate 4y LOOP not working on 2011-11-05 & 25
7846627392 Leamington Spa Post Office 7w Leamington Post Office is now inside the Town Hall. Appears to be a temporary arrangement:
156720883 The City of London Post Office 11d Length along Botolph Lane is just a guess
364048694 Bowthorpe Post Office 7m Likely to close/relocate ahead of end_date
667940196 Bradninch Post Office 3y Located in Spar
937793780 9y Located in pub building
66402706 Radstock Post Office 15m Located inside Radco Co-Op
3655772544 5y Located inside W H Smith newsagents.
6688521126 Hellifield Post Office 14m Located within Ahernes Clothing shop
1315197673 Hamsey Green Post Office 2y Located within Co-op. PO desk opening hours are shorter than those of the shop itself
415986737 Caversham Post Office 14m Located within Day Lewis Pharmacy
1038727753 15m Located within McColls convenience store
4970389173 Attleborough Post Office 2y Located within OneStop store
4405657153 Yetholm Post Office 2y Located within Yetholm Village Shop
4209020686 Beadnell Mobile Post Office Service 3m Mobile Post Office
4173372250 Hindringham Mobile Post Office Service 2y Mobile post office van parks here
26664260 Girton Post Office 2y Moved at the beginning of 2014 from Dodford Lane to The George Inn and is four mornings a week.
3004718250 2y Moved from old post office site in 2013.
5036716411 12m Moved per note
1588789637 8y New Location as of Autumn 2009
289120370 Bury St Edmunds Post Office 2y Now located on the first floor of WH Smith
535315661 Chelmsford Post Office 8m On first floor of WHSmith
2547112417 Milton Keynes Post Office 19m Opened on 17 June 2013 after closure of Crown Walk premises on 15 June 2013.
2517361764 University Plain Post office 21m Opening hours in pol_branch_list_2018-01 are incorrect.
1128156568 Winterbourne Stickland Post Office 4m Outreach service
5395991720 Coddenham Post Office 2y Outreach service inside Cottenham Food Store
5052262115 3y PO in garage shop
612959355 Tycroes Supermarket 10y PO inside shop, no box
853559537 Stotfold Post Office 2y PO is inside Co-Op
5596745986 Lime Tree Park Post Office 8m PO is inside Nisa
4225429399 Brunswick Road Post Office 2y POL data gives number as 177, which matches the Mace store a few doors along.
29393597 5y Part of Bargain Booze shop
1888243548 5y Part of The Corner Stores
3361277171 4m Part of a residential house garage!
448750357 5y Part of the Costcutter shop
291671429 2y Position approximated from memory.
158035681 New Dock Post Office 22m Post Office (Ground Floor), Flat 3 and 5 Upstairs
7160271801 8m Post Office data refers to "Village Hall" however the building is known as and labelled "Parish Hall".
5532669191 Spennymoor Post Office 2y Post Office inside Iceland store.
4839869043 3y Post Office inside WHSmith
7001332010 Stockbridge Road Post Office 3m Post Office integrated with retail counter.
1037927292 Hulland Ward General Store 11m Post Office is a mobile service 10:30 each Monday only
6547954246 Portswood Post Office 5w Post Office is inside Portswood Computer Centre
2913630413 WHSmith 6y Post Office is inside W H Smith
3720062262 4y Post Office is now opposite location shown on OSSV
1468440700 Kilburn Post Office 21m Post Office moved from Highfield Road to a single counter inside the Metro Foodstore, February 2016
3891083186 Shiel Pharmacy 8w Post Office moved to inside Sheel Pharmacy in summer 2018
30000050 South Merstham Post Office 2y Post Office now in Pharmacy premises
30099121 5y Post Office plus Royal Mail depot
1423100513 Street Lane 2y Post Office services are covered by McColl's staff when main counter is closed.
1168900834 Magdalen Street Post Office 2y Post office in Roys
116076276 4w Post office in basement of WH Smith
598141649 Smallthorne Post Office 8y Post office is in convenience store, but has different opening hours. Used two nodes to split out opening hours
793143930 10y Post office is in the petrol station
765256582 Marylebone Post Office 15m Post office is locatated inside the Ryman stationery store at this address.
5377372488 Medbourne Village Shop 22m Post office is part of the shop.
5005727128 London Road Post Office 2y Post office located inside the Premier Convenience Store
150543632 Chilworth Post office 7m Postmaster: Graham Fagg
305468981 6m Postoffice counter is inside local mini-market (Londis)
741671057 Paulton Post Office 8m Relocated from now-closed newsagent
312413509 Somersham Post Office 4m Shares shop with One Stop convenience.
256993223 Hayes Station Road 3y The full postal service from the back of the store is only during main hours. Outside of these hours some services are available from the shop counter.
289339320 Mail Boxes Etc. 5m The iD Editor may try to incorrectly use the Italian brand tag for this entry.
6655296115 Stawley Post Office 10d The official Post Office data is incorrect, the hours are in fact Thursday 11:30-13:30, as confirmed by the shop itself. The post office still list this location as 10:00-12:00
3559489374 Edgware Post Office 5y The shutters were down when surveyed, but this seems to be a sub-postoffice, i.e. a concession in another shop.
1128156347 4m There isn't a Post Office here now - not sure if it was in the past. Post box over the road was missing too.
509828608 11m This branch has probably closed, and moved to the Village Hall.
3668565425 5y This is a Royal Mail Enquiry Office
773904370 Livingstone Road Post Office 22m This is a desk within Livingstone Road Stores
1031024404 3d This is located within Clockwork Pharmacy
5420569501 Bretforton Mobile Post Office Service 2y This is one of two mobile post office locations in the village
5420569502 Bretforton Mobile Post Office Service 2y This is one of two mobile post office locations in the village
346299027 Rochester Post Office 2y This is the same shop as the chemist
2207164224 Ripley Post Office 8m This post office has moved and is now inside One Stop.
27125187 Hackbridge Post Office 17m This was previously in another unit (166) but has moved since last survey. POL Branch List is out of date (have checked POL branch finder website)
147608799 Co-op 20m Used to be a fish&chip shop?
1111100909 9y With 'Costcutter' convenience store
5959929175 Broom Road Post Office 2y Within McColls
3929790284 Crawcrook Post Office 3m Within Nisa
3741972789 Piccadilly Plaza Post Office 5y Within a Londis convenience store
921362284 Tong Road Post Office 4y Within best-one shop
6504340539 Reading 8m addr as per post office website
2140257927 7y also Kirkwood Hospice shop
2388150555 3y also shop, but what it sells not known
4281045108 Doddle 4y doddle is actually a parcel company but post_office seems to be the correct tag
286823970 Cromhall Shop & Post Office 2y flat above shop
5532207019 Meadow Street Post Office 2y in Essa's convenience store
1102851965 4y in MaColl's
4605619871 Brookfield Post Office 2y in SPAR
293275606 Cinnamon Hill Post Office 2y in Spar
3581443198 Earnshaw Bridge Post Office 2y in Spar
5534122761 Leyland Lane Post Office 2y in Spar
4139279455 Lostock Hall Post Office 21m in Spar
5572902944 Astwood Bank Post Office 17m in The Bank Convenience
1745866352 Cemetery Post Office 2y in convenience store
5052248228 3y in garage
2324282937 WH Smiths 2y in smaller shop with reduced range
4605619881 Greenlands Post Office 2y in the co-op
4348829129 4y in the village Stores
666845376 5w in village hall
5691307171 Chace Post Office 21m insice Chace Convenience Store
305272227 West Cross Post Office 8y inside "Best One" supermarket
944102315 Baginton Post Office 5y inside Baginton Village Stores
3553625049 17m inside Beales
3100582170 3m inside Best One convenience Store
4795331492 Stretton on Dunsmore Post Office 2y inside Brookside Stores
6318812758 Arbury Court Post Office 19m inside Budgens
4459343338 Bidford On Avon Post Office 2y inside Budgens
5167310548 Prince Of Wales Road Post Office 18m inside Budgens
6105875185 22m inside Cashcoints
1037979173 5w inside Cellar, wine shop
3471194908 Eversley Centre Post Office 5y inside Centre Stores
7179391641 6m inside Clopton News
6699363992 14m inside Co-op
4795369314 3y inside Co-op
4838784772 3y inside Co-op
282618048 5y inside Co-op
5981533547 Ripley Post Office 21m inside Co-op
5015313925 3y inside Community Shop
3522144266 Cubbington Post Office 2y inside Costcutter
5473156500 Yardley Road Post Office 4w inside Costcutter
1875879963 Cullen Post Office 15m inside Cullen Pharmacy
1317491736 Church Stretton Post Office 2y inside Family Shopper
485992749 Harbury Post Office 18m inside Harbury Supermarket
5753979229 Kenilworth News 9m inside Kenilworth News
1037914754 14m inside Lifestyle Express
4416758112 4y inside Londis
773074509 Saint Stephen's Post Office 10y inside Londis
775834718 Sedgley Post Office 6w inside Mac's Discount & Pound Store
6844776093 12m inside Martin's
4595004226 Church Hill Post Office 2y inside McColls
3750435090 Sydenham Post Office 2y inside McColls
1539867268 The Heugh Post Office 8w inside McColls
6534317878 16m inside Nisa Local
653879135 Bow Post Office 9m inside Nisa shop. PO was originally on South of Bow Road but moved
7589884815 4m inside One Stop
5637257057 Abbots Farm Post Office 22m inside OneStop
925079694 Coleshill Post Office 15m inside OneStop
3782426727 5y inside Premier
5060996633 M Gees Convenience Store 16m inside Premier
5736504560 2y inside Premier Stores
6325764027 19m inside Premier store
5765820045 Robertstreet supermarket 16m inside Robert street supermarket
3463653555 Roseland Post Office 2y inside Simply Food
6630009588 Elgin Avenue Post Office 11m inside Solomans News
434338480 3y inside Spar
539542927 3y inside Spar
5532926076 Batchley Road Post Office 5d inside Spar
4210668853 4y inside Spar store
2762301688 Studley Post Office 2y inside Tesco
6133023950 Melcombe Street 2m inside The Fruit Garden
1123026023 5y inside Village Store?
5610138692 8m inside WH Smith
761997782 2y inside WH Smith
2818264291 Wollaston Sub Post Office 9m inside Whibley's Premier
4202453446 4y inside co-op
3542170061 King Street Post Office 2y inside newsagents
4605619865 Fulwood Post Office 2y inside off licence
6308596736 19m inside pharmacy
304581848 5y inside the supermarket
5313851830 2y inside village hall
4225433198 Cauldwell Hall Road Post Office 2y is in Co-op
4382144008 4y is in Galleons Inn pub
940961767 4y is inside Co-op
940961741 13m is inside Spar
332328864 Headingley Post Office 18m is inside library
3526034236 5m is within the co-op supermarket
6459635855 Nottingham Post Office 10m located at back of top floor of WH Smiths
5687559136 Bromsgrove Post Office 2y matched to postcode NOT pol data
265577250 Spar - Select Convenience 2m may be small supermarket
264658583 12y mornings only
834484269 7y moved into OneStop shop area
368610197 15m moved to above WH Smith on 4 July 2019
7187815448 8m needs pointing to exact building
1610057815 21m new site 2018
1137662109 Linkfield Corner 4y no LOOP on 2011-11-10
2781144071 Spar 6y no fhrs data?
256044024 Jolly Farmer 3y not checked, but notice on old post office states that this is new location
1128157066 Shalbourne Post Office and Stores 5y not sure what else is sold other than post office stuff
6873844509 Chester Post Office 12m now in WHSmit h
1349067448 Kingussie Post Office 14m now in the paper shop
3176583229 Edinburgh City Post Office 2y on upper floor
639133497 Martin's 7m opening hours are for the post office
218154664 Crockenhill Post Office 2y opening hours not displayed
4605619888 Woodplumpton Post Office 3y part-time post office service offered inside pub two mornings per week
269159986 6m physically inside the Co-op supermarket
123724653 Bridgwater Post Office 10d pol_branch_list_2019-03 opening hours are out of date.
660165190 Drumblemble Post Office 21m post code on PO data is clearly wrong
131023194 Costcutter Old Marston Road 21m post office counter inside the shop, presumably
5603101473 Dunsop Bridge Post Office 2y post office in cafe/village store
292616872 Villa Road Post Office 9y this has moved (Apr 2011)
1585162264 5y village shop
2503000432 Dalkeith Road Post Office 3w within Amir & Sons Premier Store
3559262842 2y within Co-op Foodstore
1883844095 Blakeney Post Office 2y within Spar
1627047091 Lincoln Green Post Office 10m within shop

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