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UK Designation Tagging Warnings

This report is generated by fetching a list of all designation=* values used in the UK, using the Taginfo UK API, and then comparing this with a list of recommended values and a list of common incorrect or holding values. The tables below show the number of objects with values from the two lists, together with any values that are close (in the Levenshtein edit distance sense) to a value in one of the lists. The latter are often typos or formatting errors that should be fixed. The values under the different headings are my personal recommendations, and not necessarily the consensus of the mapping community. So not everything under the negative headings will be wrong; other values may well be appropriate too. Also, note that while the data used to compile these tables only comes from the UK, the links to the Overpass API will return results from the whole planet.

Report based on OSM data from 2024‑07‑10 20:20:35 Z UTC

Recommended values

These are values that I consider to be useful for use in the UK, to describe the precise legal classification of an object that might otherwise only be given a more generic tagging. Most are either classifications of Public Rights of Way and other special highways, or designations of nature reserves and other protected areas.

Possible mis-spellings of recommended values

Common incorrect / temporary values

These are values that I think are either inappropriate or should be seen as temporary holding values until better information is available. The incorrect values may be common nomencalure errors, shortened forms, or abbreviations that would be better written out in full.

Possible mis-spellings of incorrect values

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Check taginfo for mis-spelled keys for the following values:

And also for uses of the following keys:

Data derived from OpenStreetMap data, © OpenStreetMap Contributors, licensed under Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL). Data obtained using the TagInfo API.