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Public Rights of Way Open Data and Licensing

This page is my attempt to record the availability and licensing of open data on Public Rights of Way from each of the Surveying Authorities in England and Wales. (Scotland and Northerin Ireland have different approaches to Rights of Way.) Rows with grey text correspond to Inner London Boroughs and the Isles of Scilly, which are exempt from the requirement to maintain a Definitive Map and Statement. To ensure everything is verifiable, the entries in the table are based on statements and data coming directly from the councils concerned, or via an official OpenData portal. The Rowmaps website has a lot more data, but a lot of that has been provided privately. If you spot any errors in the tables or anything that needs updating, then please get in touch.

Note that only datasets that have been released under the Open Government Licence or another licence that is compatible with the ODbL may be used in OpenStreetMap. The online maps produced by many authorities cannot be used if they contain a third-party (unlicensed) base map. See Use of Rights of Way Data in OpenStreetMap for further details. I have a PRoW progress tool that makes use of the Council data to help with OSM mapping. When suitable data is published, I am happy add more authorities (see conditions). In the tables below, authorities with a star (*) in the second column are ready to be imported if/when anyone requests it. Those with a plus sign (+) need the licence clarifying. Those with a cross (×) need a look-up table to convert parish reference numbers to names.

Authorities in England

Surveying Authority RM Type OM GIS Data DS TROs LoS PT Notes
Barking and Dagenham LBO
Barnet LBO Definitive maps can be found in the FOI Disclosure Log by searching for 26/01/2017.
Barnsley * BL MTD OGL 3
Bath and North East Somerset BS UTA
Bedford BF UTA
Bexley BX LBO N/L
Birmingham × BI MTD OGL 3 EIR & RoPSIR request made at ; accepted following internal review and data sent to me personally and passed on to Rowmaps. Currently waiting for data to be published directly by the council.
Blackburn with Darwen * BB UTA OGL 3 OGL 3
Blackpool BP UTA N/L
Bolton * BO MTD OGL 3 (dl) Three-letter codes are used for parishes/areas in GIS data, but I have a list from the council.
Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole UTA  
Bracknell Forest * BC UTA OGL 3 (dl) N/L
Bradford * BA MTD OGL 3 (dl) Download of RoW GIS data is in two parts; one for the former borough and one of the outer area.
Brent LBO N/L
Brighton and Hove BH UTA
Bristol BZ UTA
Bromley * BR LBO OGL 3 (dl)
Buckinghamshire + BM CTY OS-ODL N/L GIS file uses three-letter abbreviations for the parishes.
Calderdale CA MTD
Cambridgeshire CB CTY OGL 3 (dl) OGL 3 N/L N/L
Camden LBI  
Central Bedfordshire BK UTA
Cheshire East CH UTA
Cheshire West and Chester CC UTA
City of London LBI  
Cornwall CN UTA OGL 3 (dl) N/L Parishes only identified by numbers in GIS data. Lookup table requested at
Coventry MTD
Croydon LBO N/L N/L
Cumbria × CU CTY OGL 3 N/L Definitive Statements not held in electronic form as of 2017. Dataset released excludes National Park area, and uses 3-digit parish codes in place of names. Request made to clarify:
Darlington UTA
Derby UTA
Derbyshire DY CTY OGL 3 (dl) N/L
Devon DN CTY OGL 3 (dl)
Doncaster DR MTD
Dorset × DT CTY OGL 3
Dudley DZ MTD
Durham DU UTA
Ealing LBO
East Riding of Yorkshire EY UTA OGL 3
East Sussex ES CTY OGL 3 (dl)
Enfield LBO
Essex EX CTY OGL 3 N/L N/L Data and re-use request for GIS data and statements at
Gateshead GH MTD N/L
Gloucestershire GR CTY OGL 3 Statements not held in electronic form:
Greenwich LBI  
Hackney LBI  
Halton UTA
Hammersmith and Fulham LBI  
Hampshire HP CTY OGL 3 (dl) OGL 3 OGL 3 OGL 3 Permission to re-use the Statements, List of Streets, and list of TROs granted at
Haringey LBO
Harrow LBO
Hartlepool UTA
Havering LBO N/L N/L
Herefordshire HE UTA OGL 3 OGL 3 Data can be downloaded from via,-2.3%2051.8,-2.3%2052.4,-3.2%2052.4,-3.2%2051.8))&Simplify=1&Type=all&Version=1&format=json but only under OS-ODL. Also Definitive Map REST service at under PSMA.
Hertfordshire HD CTY OGL 3 (dl) N/L N/L
Hillingdon LBO
Hounslow LBO
Isle of Wight IW UTA OGL 3 N/L
Isles of Scilly UTA Under s100 of the Countryside and Rights of Way Act ( the Isles of Scilly are excluded from the duties to record and map Public Rights of Way.
Islington LBI  
Kensington and Chelsea LBI  
Kingston upon Hull KH UTA
Kingston upon Thames LBO
Kirklees KL MTD
Knowsley MTD
Lambeth LBI  
Lancashire * LA CTY OGL 3 GIS data and Definitive statements supplied on a CD in response to
Leeds MTD
Leicester LC UTA N/L N/L
Leicestershire LT CTY
Lewisham LBI  
Lincolnshire LL CTY
Liverpool MTD GIS data held according to
Luton UTA WFS server quoted at appears not to be working
Manchester * MA MTD OGL 3 Online map and GIS download cover the whole of the Greater Manchester area
Medway ME UTA N/L
Merton LBO
Middlesbrough UTA
Milton Keynes UTA
Newcastle upon Tyne MTD
Newham LBO
Norfolk NK CTY OGL 3 (dl) OGL 3 OGL 2 No central list of TROs; would need to search each parish file individually for those affecting Rights of Way.
North East Lincolnshire UTA
North Lincolnshire NI UTA N/L N/L N/L TRO page only seems to include recent orders.
North Somerset NS UTA
North Tyneside MTD
North Yorkshire * NY CTY OGL 3 (dl)
Northamptonshire NN CTY N/L TROs in three lists: seasonal, permanent, and temporary.
Northumberland ND UTA Page at claiming PRoW data under OGL, but link doesn't seem to work.
Nottingham + NG UTA OS-ODL Conflicted description of licence for GIS data. Site says OGL, but then includes OS-ODL additions.
Nottinghamshire NT CTY
Oldham × OH MTD OGL 3 (dl) N/L Abbreviations used for parishes in GIS file, but only 8 values and can identify manually.
Oxfordshire ON CTY OGL 3 OGL 1
Peterborough PE UTA
Plymouth × PY UTA OGL 3 (dl) N/L N/L GIS file uses numerical codes for parishes. Need to obtain lookup table.
Portsmouth PO UTA N/L
Reading RG UTA
Redbridge LBO
Redcar and Cleveland + RC UTA OS-ODL (dl) GIS file uses numerical codes for parishes. Need to obtain lookup table.
Richmond upon Thames LBO N/L
Rochdale RD MTD
Rotherham RO MTD N/L (dl)
Rutland RL UTA
Salford * SC MTD OGL 3 (dl)
Sandwell MTD
Sefton SE MTD
Sheffield * SP MTD OGL 3 OGL 3
Shropshire SH UTA
Slough YT UTA
Solihull MTD
Somerset ST CTY OGL 3 (dl) Licence to re-use GIS granted at . Details of numbering scheme at . OGL also stated implicitly at .
South Gloucestershire SG UTA OGL 3 GIS data and statements requested at
South Tyneside MTD
Southampton SO UTA N/L
Southend-on-Sea UTA N/L
Southwark LBI  
St Helens SN MTD
Staffordshire SF CTY N/L See for PRoW GIS licence details.
Stockport * YY MTD OGL 3 Abbreviations used for parishes/areas in the GIS file, but only a few and they can be worked out manually.
Stockton-on-Tees + SM UTA OS-ODL
Stoke-on-Trent UTA
Suffolk SK CTY OGL 3 OGL 3 OGL 3 OGL 3 GIS Data and statements previously obtained via and . But now parties can request to be added to a mailing list to receive quarterly updates.
Sunderland MTD
Surrey * SU CTY OGL 3 (dl)
Sutton LBO
Swindon UTA N/L GIS data held according to
Tameside TS MTD
Telford and Wrekin UTA
Thurrock TU UTA
Torbay TB UTA
Tower Hamlets LBI  
Trafford × TR MTD OGL 3 Online map and GIS download cover the whole of the Greater Manchester area
Wakefield WE MTD
Walsall WA MTD
Waltham Forest LBO
Wandsworth LBI  
Warrington WG UTA
Warwickshire WK CTY OGL 3 N/L Previous successful request at
West Berkshire WB UTA N/L N/L
West Sussex WS CTY  
Westminster LBI  
Wigan * WN MTD OGL 3 N/L
Wiltshire WT UTA  
Windsor and Maidenhead WC UTA — (dl) N/L
Wirral × WR MTD OGL 3 (dl) N/L
Wokingham WJ UTA
Wolverhampton MTD
Worcestershire WO CTY OGL 3 OGL 3 OGL 3 OGL 3 Statements available as TIFF files from links in the online map. Only Byways with TROs listed in the link. Re-Use of Statements granted at . Reuse of List of Streets and TRO data at .
York × YK UTA OGL 3 GIS download is in two parts; there's a second page for Bridleways at . GIS file uses numerical codes for parishes. Need to obtain lookup table.

Authorities in Wales

Surveying Authority RM Type OM GIS Data DS TROs LoS PT Notes
Blaenau Gwent BG UTA
Bridgend UTA
Caerphilly UTA
Cardiff CD UTA
Carmarthenshire UTA
Ceredigion CE UTA
Conwy UTA
Denbighshire UTA
Flintshire FL UTA
Gwynedd GY UTA
Isle of Anglesey IA UTA
Merthyr Tydfil MT UTA
Monmouthshire UTA
Neath Port Talbot UTA
Newport UTA
Pembrokeshire PB UTA
Powys * PW UTA OGL 3 (dl) N/L 20 features in the GIS Shapefile are missing the "Community" (i.e. "Parish") field. Council emailed to see if there's a reason. Also, it appears the DM&S is in three parts (for the three former councils of Radnorshire, Mongomeryshire, and Brecknockshire) and each part uses a different numbering scheme.
Rhondda Cynon Taf RH UTA
Swansea SS UTA
Torfaen TF UTA
Vale of Glamorgan VG UTA GIS data licensed under OGL according to but no public statement of this.
Wrexham WX UTA

Summary Statistics

Measure Number Percent
DM&S Maintining Authorities 159 100.0%
Data available on 109 68.6%
Online map on authority website 106 66.7%
Data publicly available 51 32.1%
Re-Use permitted under OGL3 41 25.8%
Direct download link available 23 14.5%

Download data as JSON (CC0)

Icons from FamFamFam Silk, licensed under CC-by 2.5.