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Mapping UK Schools in OSM

Mapping Progress and Data Comparison Reports

Mapping Progress
Comparison maps showing mapping progress and possible errors by postal area. Only a very rough beta tool at the moment, and only covers schools in England.
OSM Tag Keys Report
List of all keys used on UK amenity=school and amenity=college ways and relations in OSM, ordered by number of occurrences. There are also indivual lists of objects with fixme and note tags.
Matching Queries
Report showing possible errors in the matching of OSM objects to UK schools using the ref:* key.
Official Data Queries
Report showing possible errors and omissions in the official government data for UK schools.
OSM Tag Lists
Various reports listing school objects with specific tags defined:

Overpass Turbo Queries

Schools as Nodes
An Overpass Turbo script to find nodes tagged with amenity=school or amenity=college. In many cases, these would be better converted to areas surrounding the whole of the school site.
Schools as Buildings
An Overpass Turbo script to find ways with amenity=school and building=*. In many cases, the amenity=school tag would be better moved to a polygon bounding the entire school site, rather than on any individual buildings.
Schools without Names
An Overpass Turbo script to find ways and relations with amenity=school but no name=* tag.

Tagging Guidence and Resources

OSM Wiki: amenity=school
Tagging advice and guidlines from the OSM Wiki.
How to Map a School in OpenStreetMap
Introductory tutorial by RobJN on the Mappa Mercia blog.

Notes on the data sources and matching algorithm uses in my tools above: