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OSM Schools Data Queries

This page lists potential problems detected in the official schools data provided by the UK Department for Education (Edubase), the Scottish Executire Education Depatment, and the Departme for Education Northern Ireland.

Missing or Malformed Postcodes

Entries from the official lists with either a missing postcode or a postcode that does not conform to the standard template.

Source ID Name Original Postcode Manual Correction
Edubase (England + Wales) 132913 (E) St Aidans and St John Fisher Associated Sixth Form HG2 8JR
Edubase (England + Wales) 132916 (E) Didcot Sixth Form College OX11 8AZ
Edubase (England + Wales) 132942 (E) Sydenham and Forest Hill Sixth Form SE26 4RD
Edubase (England + Wales) 143762 (E) Halcyon Way School OL9 9QE
Edubase (England + Wales) 149075 (E) Maritime Academy ME8 6JH
Edubase (England + Wales) 149100 (E) Salmons Brook School EN3 5PA
Edubase (England + Wales) 149826 (E) Bloxham Grove Academy
Edubase (England + Wales) 150214 (E) JMF6 Abingdon
Edubase (England + Wales) 150224 (E) Hounslow Heath School
Edubase (England + Wales) 150274 (E) Menorah Primary School for Boys
Edubase (England + Wales) 402468 (E) King Henry viii 3-19 School
DENI List (N. Ireland) 126-0294 (I) Malone Integrated College BT10␣OJB BT10 0JB
DENI List (N. Ireland) 204-6669 (I) Bunscoil an Traonaigh BT92␣OPE BT92 0PE
DENI List (N. Ireland) 223-0322 (I) St Kevin's College BT92␣OLA BT92 0LA
DENI List (N. Ireland) 406-6682 (I) Rowandale Integrated Primary School BT67␣OPB BT67 0PB

Unrecognised Postcodes

Entries from the official lists with postcodes that are not present in a recent-ish copy of CodePoint open or a less recent NI Postcode Database.

Source ID Name Postcode
Edubase (England + Wales) 108024 (E) Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School LS9 0HA
Edubase (England + Wales) 132421 (E) Beechwood School GY1 1PU
Edubase (England + Wales) 132423 (E) FCJ Primary School JE2 7XB
Edubase (England + Wales) 132424 (E) La Moye School JE3 8GQ
Edubase (England + Wales) 132425 (E) First Tower School JE2 3SD
Edubase (England + Wales) 132426 (E) Helvetia House School JE2 3PN
Edubase (England + Wales) 132428 (E) Victoria College JE1 4HT
Edubase (England + Wales) 132430 (E) De La Salle College JE2 7TH
Edubase (England + Wales) 132432 (E) St George's Prep School JE3 7DB
Edubase (England + Wales) 132433 (E) Forest Primary School GY8 0HF
Edubase (England + Wales) 132436 (E) St Katharines School KY16 9RB
Edubase (England + Wales) 132470 (E) La Mare De Carteret High School GY5 7FL
Edubase (England + Wales) 132471 (E) Plat Douet School JE2 7PN
Edubase (England + Wales) 132472 (E) St John's School JE3 4EJ
Edubase (England + Wales) 132473 (E) Victoria College Preparatory School JE2 4RR
Edubase (England + Wales) 132474 (E) Grouville School JE3 9DL
Edubase (England + Wales) 132475 (E) St Mary's School JE3 3DA
Edubase (England + Wales) 132480 (E) La Houguette Primary School GY7 9LA
Edubase (England + Wales) 132482 (E) St Martin's School JE3 6HW
Edubase (England + Wales) 132483 (E) Janvrin School JE2 3ZN
Edubase (England + Wales) 132484 (E) St Clement's School JE2 6LN
Edubase (England + Wales) 132485 (E) Rouge Bouillon School JE2 3YN
Edubase (England + Wales) 132486 (E) Bel Royal Primary School JE3 1JQ
Edubase (England + Wales) 132487 (E) Jersey College for Girls JE2 7YB
Edubase (England + Wales) 132489 (E) Les Beaucamps High School GY5 7DS
Edubase (England + Wales) 132491 (E) Notre Dame Du Rosaire Primary School GY1 1HL
Edubase (England + Wales) 132496 (E) Le Rocquier School JE2 6QP
Edubase (England + Wales) 132497 (E) Les Landes School JE3 2BJ
Edubase (England + Wales) 132498 (E) Guernsey Grammar School and Sixth Form Centre GY6 8TD
Edubase (England + Wales) 132499 (E) St Saviour's School JE2 7TY
Edubase (England + Wales) 132500 (E) Mont Nicolle School JE3 8DB
Edubase (England + Wales) 132501 (E) St Mary's and St Michael's Primary School GY2 4HU
Edubase (England + Wales) 132502 (E) St Martin's Primary School GY4 6HN
Edubase (England + Wales) 132503 (E) Grands Vaux School JE2 7NZ
Edubase (England + Wales) 132504 (E) Vale Primary School GY3 5LN
Edubase (England + Wales) 132505 (E) St Sampson's High School GY2 4DA
Edubase (England + Wales) 132506 (E) Castel Primary School GY5 7PH
Edubase (England + Wales) 132508 (E) St Peter's School JE3 7ZH
Edubase (England + Wales) 132511 (E) Jersey College Preparatory School JE2 7RT
Edubase (England + Wales) 132512 (E) St Michael's School JE2 7UG
Edubase (England + Wales) 132513 (E) Trinity School JE3 5JP
Edubase (England + Wales) 132514 (E) St Anne's School GY9 3XP
Edubase (England + Wales) 132515 (E) St Luke's School JE2 7PG
Edubase (England + Wales) 132516 (E) La Mare De Carteret Primary School GY5 7FL
Edubase (England + Wales) 132517 (E) Samarès School JE2 6TG
Edubase (England + Wales) 132518 (E) Le Murier GY2 4DA
Edubase (England + Wales) 132519 (E) Grainville School JE2 7XB
Edubase (England + Wales) 132520 (E) St Lawrence's School JE3 1NG
Edubase (England + Wales) 132522 (E) Hautlieu School JE2 7TH
Edubase (England + Wales) 132523 (E) Beaulieu Convent School JE2 4RJ
Edubase (England + Wales) 132524 (E) Les Quennevais School JE3 8JW
Edubase (England + Wales) 132526 (E) The Ladies' College GY1 1RW
Edubase (England + Wales) 132530 (E) Springfield School JE2 7LD
Edubase (England + Wales) 132540 (E) Haute Valleé School JE2 3HA
Edubase (England + Wales) 132541 (E) St Christopher's School JE2 4LB
Edubase (England + Wales) 132544 (E) Mont l'Abbe School JE2 3FN
Edubase (England + Wales) 132995 (E) White Lodge Children's Centre KT16 0AU
Edubase (England + Wales) 133025 (E) Vauvert Primary School GY1 1NQ
Edubase (England + Wales) 134115 (E) De La Salle Primary School JE2 7TH
Edubase (England + Wales) 134188 (E) Amherst Primary School GY1 2DF
Edubase (England + Wales) 134335 (E) Hautes Capelles Primary School GY2 4GL
Edubase (England + Wales) 134839 (E) D'Auvergne School JE2 3GF
Edubase (England + Wales) 135087 (E) Le Rondin School and Centre GY8 0DP
Edubase (England + Wales) 135252 (E) Broadlands Hall CB9 7UA
Edubase (England + Wales) 139586 (E) Les Voies School GY1 1FW
Edubase (England + Wales) 139962 (E) Aspire Ap School B28 9EJ
Edubase (England + Wales) 140769 (E) St Margaret Clitherows RC Primary School TS6 6TA
Edubase (England + Wales) 143843 (E) La Sente JE2 7LF
Edubase (England + Wales) 147511 (E) Nythe Primary School SN3 3RR
Edubase (England + Wales) 148071 (E) Endeavour House School IG8 9QA
Edubase (England + Wales) 148836 (E) Highlands College JE1 1HL
Edubase (England + Wales) 149340 (E) Compass Community School Athelstan Park BA13 3BR
Edubase (England + Wales) 400035 (E) Grangetown Nursery School CF1 7DW
Edubase (England + Wales) 401482 (E) Llandogo C.P. School NP5 4TJ
Edubase (England + Wales) 401492 (E) Ysgol Gymraeg Y Ffin NP6 4SY
Edubase (England + Wales) 401864 (E) St Julian's School NP9 7XU
Edubase (England + Wales) 402046 (E) Alway Primary NP9 9QP
Edubase (England + Wales) 402047 (E) Ringland Primary NP9 9LU
SEED List (Scotland) 5307732 (S) Webster's High School DD8 5BR
SEED List (Scotland) 5324920 (S) Eastern Primary School DD5 3AE
SEED List (Scotland) 5531020 (S) Victoria Primary School EH7 4TN
SEED List (Scotland) 5616530 (S) Earlston High School TD4 6HF
SEED List (Scotland) 8235732 (S) Belmont Academy KA7 2PG
SEED List (Scotland) 8416621 (S) Cranhill Primary School G33 3LT
SEED List (Scotland) 8425426 (S) St Maria Goretti Primary School G33 3LT
SEED List (Scotland) 8523126 (S) Robert Smillie Memorial Primary School ML9 1NJ
DENI List (N. Ireland) 101-6604 (I) Harmony Primary School BT13 3SY
DENI List (N. Ireland) 103-6132 (I) St Therese of Lisieux Primary School BT15 5GF
DENI List (N. Ireland) 201-1899 (I) Derrygonnelly Primary School BT93 6HY
DENI List (N. Ireland) 201-6127 (I) Maguiresbridge Primary School BT94 4PJ
DENI List (N. Ireland) 201-6184 (I) Lack Primary School BT93 0BU
DENI List (N. Ireland) 201-6218 (I) Lisbellaw Primary School BT94 5BF
DENI List (N. Ireland) 203-1863 (I) Tattygar Primary School BT94 5GT
DENI List (N. Ireland) 203-1876 (I) St Mary's Primary School BT94 4HY
DENI List (N. Ireland) 203-1887 (I) St John the Baptist Primary School BT93 3DP
DENI List (N. Ireland) 203-6107 (I) St Joseph's Primary School BT92 5BE
DENI List (N. Ireland) 203-6186 (I) St Dympna's Primary School BT78 3GA
DENI List (N. Ireland) 203-6227 (I) St Paul's Primary School Slievemore BT48 8QZ
DENI List (N. Ireland) 206-6552 (I) Omagh Integrated Primary School BT79 0GW
DENI List (N. Ireland) 226-0283 (I) Drumragh Integrated College BT79 0GW
DENI List (N. Ireland) 242-0320 (I) Enniskillen Royal Grammar School BT74 5HD
DENI List (N. Ireland) 501-1602 (I) Bleary Primary School BT66 8TD

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