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Lists any UK Schools with a fixme tag.

Found 317 schools.

OSM Object Name LE fixme
w24825997 Ysgol Bro Gwaun 2w 2020-05-06: middle building now different to earlier mapping; imagery not yet good enough to remap.
w23713127 Wheeler Primary School 16m 2020-05-10 Does the school cadestre extended into the fields at north?
w23126991 15m 2020-05-24 Needs a survey to see if a school still exists on the site.
w196097582 Lincoln University Technical College 17m Add school boundary
w280576176 Northern College for Residential Adult Education 17m Add school boundry
w186670825 The Kirkby-on-Bain Church of England Primary School 2m Add school boundry
w813356360 Hackwood Primary Academy 13m Approximate boundary
w947889383 Cornerstone C Of E (Aided) Primary School 2d Approximate school boundaries
w405159606 St Mary's Primary School 11m Are the neighbouring sports fields part of the school?
w337033250 Stanstead Nursery and Primary School 15m Area approximate - not clear from aerial imagery
w389677845 Alderwood Academy 14m Area inferred from Bing and school website. Does it also cover the buildings to the south?
w96565892 18m Area needs splitting per school
w541041678 Dean Close Preparatory School 8m Area only estimate, check on precise extent.
r1353086 Whitchurch Primary School 16m As per the note I think there might possibly be another one at the back near the construction in the aerial photos.
w196629680 North Huddersfield Trust School 6m Boundaries approximate and may need adjustments
w452038855 Bond Primary School 10m Boundaries are approximate. In particular, there is a playing field and playground to the north of Bond & Eagle House - to which school do they belong?
w616735291 Eagle House School 22m Boundaries are approximate. In particular, there is a playing field and playground to the north of Bond & Eagle House - to which school do they belong?
w96153528 Gretna Primary School 5y Boundaries guessed from Bing aerial
w199696737 Hill View Academy 2w Boundaries may need adjustments
w616713723 Wolsey Infant & Nursery School 3y Boundary between schools is approximate
w616713722 Wolsey Junior Academy 18m Boundary between schools is approximate
w345749367 The Carlton Academy 2w Boundary to north a guess
w616728055 Fairchildes Primary School 18m Boundary with other schools is approximate
w192949780 Meridian High School 14m Boundary with other schools is approximate
w31456110 Derby College - Broomfield Hall 10m Bounds are a guess
w62318890 Park Street CofE VA Primary School 2m Branch Street or Branch Road?
w37015241 Stone Soup Academy 15m Building area uncertain
w389356059 Caldecott School 16m Check boundaries. I suspect, looking at the Bing imagery, that the site spreads further to the south and east.
w153330797 Limehurst Academy 2d Check boundary
w543156200 Shrewsbury Academy 11h Check boundary
w338763970 Nottingham College - Duke Street 17m Check current use -- not listed on
w240048439 M-TECII 7m Check details. Is this
w863734467 De La Salle School 10m Check extend of school
w863734468 St Louis Girls School 10m Check extend of school
w863371480 10m Check extent
w390959935 Harleston CofE VA Primary Academy 14m Check extent
w288806405 Whitwell Primary School 13m Check extent at east
w390628575 Sidestrand Hall School 14m Check extent of area
w232714728 Thomas Wolsey Ormiston Academy 14m Check extent of buildings occupied
w394876723 Frettenham Primary School 2w Check extent of grounds
w394874025 Langley Preparatory School at Taverham Hall 5m Check extent of school grounds
w422639824 St Swithun's Church of England VC Primary School 16m Check if extent of grounds is correct
w39609209 Charlton School 6m Check if mapped buildings in the site are up to date.
w391821970 Silverstone Church of England Primary School 2y Check if merged Primary School still uses this site
w391795628 Surlingham Primary School 2d Check if school covers a larger area
w26367397 Abbeygate Sixth Form College 16m Check if site is actually open yet, and precise extent of grounds
w389899198 Priory Sheridan School 5m Check if the school does cover the whole site. Only buildings in NW corner appear on website.
w194135440 South Holland Post 16 Centre 2m Check if this is now part of Spalding Academy
w393906932 Pleckgate High School Mathematics and Computing College 3w Check on area occupied. Looks like new building work adjacent on Bing.
w402670023 Westfield Junior School 3w Check on division of site. Are some of the fields shared?
w398219289 Liberty Lodge Independent School 2w Check on extent of area -- may cover two adjacent houses, not just one.
w392236307 Paston College 8m Check on extent of area, and that name is correct
w461586332 Wymondham College Prep School 8m Check on location. This building may only be being used temporarily.
w124759227 Costessey Infant School 14m Check on move to new site.
w303299596 Penrhyn Church in Wales Voluntary Controlled School 3y Check on status
w626232133 First Base 3y Check on the groud that this is the right building
w393274145 Tibberton Church of England Primary School 21m Check school boundary
w96237005 Royal Academy 23m Check the split between this (which is marked museum on OS) and the gallery to the south (marked Acad on OS).
w678740873 The West Bridgford School 17m Correct boundary with Central College site not unknown
w361021850 St. John the Baptist C of E Primary School 6w Detalls need to be mapped
w405670444 Fulston Manor School 2y Determine boundary between schools.
w170364143 Highsted Grammar School 2y Determine boundary between schools.
w394888017 Moorside Community Primary School 3y Do school grounds extend much further north?
w391729755 Worth Valley Primary School 2y Does school extend further?
w397613968 Five Acre Wood School 2w Exact split of extent of school guessed.
w397613969 New Line Learning Academy 2w Exact split of extent of school guessed.
w397613970 Tiger Primary School 2w Exact split of extent of school guessed.
w393906936 Stonyhurst College and St. Mary's Hall 6m Extent. Previous mapper just used aerial imagery, I used aerial plus what I consider the boundaries from local knowledge. Still only approx. Includes St. Mary's Hall (because they share an edubase entry).
w452660228 South Hill Primary School 18m Find out where Heath Lane Nursery School is in this site.
w392481656 5y From the website: "We are excited to be moving into a brand new building in February 2016"
w391661645 Cowling Community Primary School 2y Guessed at the boundary
w198069177 Chester Park Infant School 2m Guessed division between infant and junior schools
w181658149 Thomas Whitham Sixth Form 4m I believe this site hosts multiple schools? Including a 6th form and primary school. Wikipedia also suggests 6th form now closed? Needs local knowledge/survey.
w169137577 Coombe Wood School 18m I think there are some additional buildings on the site but inadequate imagery/access to map outlines.
w404387799 King Arthur's School 2w Ia this an accurate outline. around sports centre?
w445294158 Gelliswick Church in Wales VC Primary School 3y Is still being used as part of the merged school site.
w983027520 7d Is this a shared site or can it be split?
w67582956 Donegal Education and Training Board 7m Is this administrative offices only?
w396431633 Larkrise 8w Is this boundary accurate?
w396431634 Paxcroft Primary School 8d Is this boundary accurate?
w401075856 Ysgol y Mynydd Du 10m Is this moving / moved to a new site?
w51202365 Gwauncelyn Primary 7m Is this one or two schools?
w391723075 Future Education 8d Is this one school or two?
w218521850 South Nottinghamshire Academy 17m Large new building under construction (not mapped) (August 2015)
w4414019 Aylward Academy 3w Mapped area might go well beyond the school grounds
w446375597 Llanidloes County Primary School 2w May be Community not County
w598205280 Reedham Park School 18m Needs a fuller survey to add buildings and confirm exact boundaries.
w288780688 Clowne Junior School 13m Needs proper survey
w571687116 King's High School 2w Needs survey
w394185128 Co-Op Academy Princeville 3w New building not included - not yet on Bing imagery
w392951422 Wallscourt Farm Primary Academy 17m No aerial imagery yet - have just drawn a feasible outline of the site. Not sure if the whole area is the school.
w26100148 Wellsway School 3y No edubase ref. Is whole site IKB Studio School?
r6058736 Bridge Learning Campus 3y Not 100% sure about fence boundary
w392102295 Cullingworth Village Primary School 9m Not entirely sure of the boundaries
w392286879 Bibury Church of England Primary School 7m Not sure if both buildings are part of the school
w284135665 Ackworth School 6m Not sure of exact boundaries
w391734018 Beaudesert Park School 3y Not sure of the extents of the school grounds
w33282079 Westminster Kingsway College 8m OS indicates this extends west of the service road up to the gardens.
w80230975 St Dominic's Sixth Form College 3w Outline approximate.
w169458726 Portsmouth High School Science Department 17m Presumably this should be made into a relation with the other campus
w817725033 15m Resurvey this - is seperate to Dukes Secondary School but not entirely sure what it is - used to be Josephine Butler Primary Campus - MIGHT now be Castle School
r10956911 Astrea Academy Sheffield 6m Resurvey when new satellite images are available
w793394476 Ingoldsby Academy 17m School cadastre is an educated guess.
w793653581 Oneschool Global Uk Biggleswade Campus 17m School cadastre is an educated guess.
w793403494 Poplar Farm School 17m School cadastre is an educated guess.
w392068672 Bredon School 2y School extents much larger ("set in 84 acres")
w615292970 Beulah Infant and Nursery School 18m School grounds outline is inexact
w338296962 Beulah Junior School 18m School grounds outline is inexact
w978210720 2w School name & boundary
w199887996 St Peter's Church of England Primary School 17m School outline
w74663991 18m Schools need splitting
w47096696 18m Schools need splitting
w47096698 18m Schools need splitting
w95667963 3m Schools need splitting
w4451198 3w Split school boundries
w402917176 15m Split schools
w43055487 17m Split schools
w402744965 Bramley Sunnyside Infant and Junior School 17m Split schools
w305477523 Brockwell School Grounds 17m Split schools
w75085420 Fryern Infant & Junior Schools 18m Split schools
w47864989 Gomer Infant and Junior School 5w Split schools
w23058044 Newfield Secondary School & Talbot Special School 17m Split schools
w96847895 Foxhills School 5w Split schools, Foxhills Infant School and Foxhills Junior School
w124391960 Trosnant Infant and Junior schools 7m Split schools, might be hard as they share the building, and even contact info
w659663924 Oak Meadow Children's Centre 18m Survey needed, possible no longer exists. Might be merged with school next door
w406441858 Willows Centre for Children 14m Survey needed, possible no longer exists. Might be merged with school next door
w273804492 Manor Park School 2w Tag school more fully
w50882213 Chadwick High School 3w The "main" Skerton High School closed in August 2014, however, Chadwick High School still operates in the original High School's grounds. I have returned this area to school grounds but under Chadwick. A detailed survey (if possible) should be attempted.
w167402158 The Minster Junior School 18m The boundary with the infant school is not exact, based on streetview only.
w620973301 The Minster Nursery & Infant School 18m The boundary with the junior school is not exact, based on streetview only.
w793388861 APTCOO - A Place to Call Our Own 14m The building has been chosen by Postcode location. It's precise extent is unknown.
w401176388 Mayplace Primary School 2w The grounds need defining and most of these attributes transferred to it. Relation needed for internal quad.
w326805532 Kimbolton School 11d There's a Royal Society of Chemistry blue plaque somewhere on this school - please locate it
w217880840 Ysgol Uwchradd Aberteifi 2w These "school grounds" include the college. Probably ought to be split.
w608062133 SRUC - Oatridge Campus 5w This boundary goes around the central college buildings, but the college grounds are much larger and includes Oatridge Farm, needs research into full extent
w193000826 Cubitt Town Junior & Infant School 8m This is two separate entities on Get Information About Schools (formerly edubase): Cubbitt Town Infants' School (100932) and Cubbitt Town Junior School (100898), are there separate entrances or parts of the site?
w405565069 Mendip Partnership School 5y This school may have multiple sites
w777096916 St Mary's Catholic Junior School 18m This shares a site with St Philomena's but without access I have been unable to map the exact school grounds
w236929653 Preston Manor Lower School 7y This was under construction at the time that the Bing image was made. Please verify boundary and add post construction details.
w219135559 John Cabot Academy 17m Unsure of boundary's accuracy
w392182275 Hartpury College & University 12m Very rough outline, needs refining. Website says more than 200 hectares, outline currently encompasses 117
w499871760 Settlebeck High School 3w Very rough outline; buildings seem misaligned; not sure of separation with primary school
w499871759 Sedbergh Primary School 3w Very rough outline; buildings seem misaligned; not sure of separation with secondary school
w499871758 Sedbergh School 12m Very rough outline; probably needs to be part of a multi-side relation
w547519421 Wicor Primary School 16m Way aroung the school needed
w403516834 Ridge View School 5y Website says that school is moving. Check from 2017 onwards.
w369434722 Coombe Bank School 16m Website says that school will be called Radnor House from 2016-09-01 onwards.
w393659508 Merlin Top Primary Academy 13d Western edge only a guess!
r9368380 The IKB Studio School 5m Which building is this school in?
w39420841 The Bath Studio School 5m Who are Aspire/Link/Wellsway Acadamey Trust?
w308136673 Three Ways School 2y Who are Aspire/Link/Wellsway Acadamey Trust?
w650715705 The JCB Academy 6m actual area guesstimated
w392621054 Sulhamstead and Ufton Nervet C of E Primary School 2w add precise address where possible
w757893269 Hailsham Community College Primary Academy 20m approx area
w431452451 The Dolphin School 19m approximate
w260596164 Trumpington Meadows Primary School 12m approximate location
w393221261 Westonbirt School 2y approximate outline
w391734021 Cirencester Deer Park School 2w arbitrary division between Deer Park School and Cirencester College
w392301052 Yatton Church of England Junior School 6d arbitrary division between infant and junior schools
w403670708 Yatton Infant School 2w arbitrary division between infant and junior schools
w262337020 Rowanfield Infant School 6m arbitrary division between infants and juniors
w404451316 Rowanfield Junior School 6m arbitrary division between infants and juniors
w404554646 Benhall Infant School 5y arbitrary division of ground between the schools
w230584219 St Mark's Church of England Junior School 7d arbitrary division of ground between the schools
w391680757 Northleach Church of England Primary School 7m are the playing fields part of the school?
w101019444 RISE Learning Zone 13m area approximate
w381980262 Grace Dieu Manor House Preparatory School 2w area v approximate
w252163647 Ballater Primary School 2w assme all wooded area is within school
w92725575 Lancing College Preparatory School at Worthing 7d boundaries on west side
w391644535 Wilsden Primary School 2y boundaries only guessed!
w161795966 Manor Infant School 14m boundary almost certainly needs improvements
w391204273 Ratcliffe College 2w boundary approximate
w118595822 Rushey Mead School 2w boundary assumed, needs varification
w118595839 Soar Valley College 8m boundary assumed, needs varification
w659997845 St Patrick's Primary School 15m boundary between schol & church is arbitrary
w126083648 Hollybrook Infant School 5m boundary between schools based only on bing
w126083651 Hollybrook Junior School 5m boundary between schools based only on bing
w79819334 7y boundary estiamted
w79819446 10y boundary estiamted
w70896338 Bramingham Primary School 2w boundary estiamted, needs checking
w70904844 Woodlands Secondary School 2w boundary estiamted, needs checking
w70877242 Warden Hill Infant School 2w boundary estimated, needs checking
w70877241 Warden Hill Junior School 2w boundary estimated, needs checking
w70690254 Cutenhoe Community Learning Park 5y boundary estimated, needs ground survey
w70993211 Waulud Primary School 2w boundary estimated, needs survey
w71007239 5y boundary estimated, needs surveying
w402641729 Bristol Free School 20m boundary guessed in places; new sports centre etc built behind main buildings
w273821767 Woodside School 2w boundary is approximate; possibly includes area to south, which could be 'nursery garden'?
w181753087 The Pingle Academy 9m boundary of the school changed since Bing
w163613053 Cardinal Heenan Catholic High School 6m boundary probably could be improved
w163613056 St Urban's Catholic Primary School 2w boundary probably could be improved
w161095206 Stroud School 4w boundary probably quite wrong in places
w404250536 Bruton School for Girls 8d boundary taken from website map. on ground survey required.
w264895823 Leeson House Field Studies Centre 2y boundary;amenity
w83927549 Carlton le Willows Academy 2m bounds approximate
w456669625 Co-op Academy Delius 6m campu divide guessed
w66666415 Fairisle Junior, Infant and Nursery Schools 2y change map to seperate between these two/three schools
w172991669 Queensway School 16m check
w390099478 Dodleston CofE Primary School 26h check area -- is there a house the S corner?
w542995274 St Joseph's Catholic Primary School 18m check area is correct
w390040434 Thorndon Primary School 14m check area is correct
w626619726 Granta School 20m check area of site is correct
w22911199 LVS Ascot 5d check boundaries
w130052654 New Hinksey Primary School 2w check boundaries
w307190245 Stafford Grammar School 11m check boundaries
w563690638 Warfield (Woodhurst) CE Primary School 3y check boundaries
w49343410 Sundorne Infant School 11h check boundary
w451209684 Warminster School 2y check boundary & where is the nursery, preprep & sixth form?
w314965233 Buckland Brewer Community Primary School 17m check boundary due new housing to E
w405334074 Fosse Way School 5m check boundary extent
w405334077 Westfield Primary School 5m check boundary extent
w397313764 Great Dunham Primary School 14m check extent
w395045110 All Saints School 5m check extent of area
w394877570 Turnstone House School 3w check extent of area
w398618814 Westbridge School 14m check extent of area on ground
w397321348 Flitcham Church of England Primary Academy 3w check extent of grounds
w390210476 Framlingham College 2y check extent of grounds
w403889470 Gosberton House Academy 18m check extent of grounds
w403523448 Hampton Hargate Primary School 5m check extent of grounds
w112659225 Warminster Preparatory School 17m check if edubase is same as Warminster School
w398223614 Centre Academy East Anglia 3y check on extent of grounds
w398162948 Recreation Road Infant School 2w check on extent of school grounds
w97200592 Saint Margaret's Primary Academy 19m check on extent of school grounds
w346638518 St Andrew's School 5m check on ground
w392133176 Upton St Leonards Church of England Primary School 5y check relationship between footpath and school boundary
w597323138 Boldmere Infant And Nursery School 2y check split of school site
w389430722 Mundesley Infant School 14m check that this is the right area
w403689526 City of Peterborough Academy Special School 5m check that this is the right building
w389579787 Suffield Park Infant, Nursery School & Children's Centre 14m check whether area is correct
w422107464 Townville Infants 16m could need swapping with the box round Airedale infants
w255557016 4y disuesd?
w39325224 Oldfield Brow Primary School 3w estimated
w93808102 Inverness Royal Academy 3y exact boundaries guessed
w719045301 Park Mains High School 2w exact boundaries unclear
w166828398 Hazel Wood Infant School 10m exact boundary unclear
w208926934 Downside School 8d extended boundary roughly, based on Bing & previous data
w302904294 Nottingham Free School 17m extent & length of stay unknown
w390690060 Ifield School 16m extent needs enlarging to cover playing ields
w42436859 Norman Street Primary School 2d extents
w76130917 Hesters Way Primary School 12d furthest edge away from Dill Ave unsurveyed
w71007242 11y grounds needed
w392173712 Cotswold Chine School 6m guessed at school extents
w390844903 Keelham Primary School 2y guessed at the eastern edges
w403656946 Paulton Infant School 3w guessed infant/junior school split
w403656950 Paulton Junior School 4m guessed infant/junior school split
w403027786 Lympsham Church of England Academy 3y guesswork on boundary
r6032564 Sidcot School 15m guesswork on boundary - probably more to include
w400461750 Summerhill Academy 19m guesswork on the boundary between the two schools
w400461752 Summerhill Infant School 2w guesswork on the boundary between the two schools
w391307901 Dormer House School 2y imagery not clear; guesswork on boundary
w391249792 Meysey Hampton Church of England Primary School 7m imagery not clear; guesswork on boundary
w391734023 The Acorn School 5y imagery unclear - guesswork on boundary
w391366520 Oakridge Primary School 5y imagery unclear, guestimated boundary
w392528092 Rendcomb College 2y initial stab at college boundary - needs refining (and probably expanding)
w393906933 Sabden Primary School 3w is extent correct? estimated from aerial
w393906937 Wheatley Lane School 3w is extent correct? estimated from aerial
w399326655 Ardgowan Primary School 4y is this really Ardgowna Primary School. website and streetview suggest otherwise
w403816589 Meadows School 17m kindergarten now
w37260030 Uplands Schools 4y location_approximate
w456259128 Broadbeck – Integrated Therapeutic Provision 2y may be shared campus with social services.
w60797064 6y may be two schools
w941972337 4m name?
w162921270 Huntley Church of England Primary School 2w need to move tags to school boundary, but imagery unclear
w276556095 Ysgol Uwchradd Bodedern 2w no street on OSM called Bro Alaw, needs a check
w398624727 Hurworth House Independent School 13m not entirely sure whether adjacent properties are part of school
w391397089 Wycliffe College 2y not entirely sure which buildings are part of Wycliffe and which are neighbouring houses; there are also additional exclaves to map
w396321412 Ashbrooke House School 19m not sure about northeast corner
w400557217 Baytree School 19m not sure how building/grounds are divided up between the schools
w400557218 Herons' Moor Academy 19m not sure how building/grounds are divided up between the schools
w251529910 Dervaig Primary School 2w not sure if LH part of site of school
w393255136 St Joseph's Catholic Primary School 3y not sure of north & west boundaries
w88009834 St John's Primary and Nursery School 7m not very convinced of the boundaries from aeiral imagery, so please improve them!
w464927327 Wings School 2y outline approximate
w404410590 Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Primary School 8d outline best guess from bing
w390424518 Chew Valley School 6m outline needs confirming on the ground
w23124966 Yardley Primary School 5m outline of area is estimated from aerial, please survey
w92729581 Blatchington Mill Secondary School Grounds 12m playing fields might want incorporating into this area
w591363920 Strachan School 3y possibly closed?
w264967264 Chellow Heights Special School 19m postcode - 6AL or 6RY ?
w394140142 The Oaks Primary School 12m precise boundaries
w57377841 Abbot Beyne High School 10m quadrilateralise me
w240040769 St Giles School 3y resurvey
w310776161 Castle Mead School 2w rough outline
w531385984 St Francis Catholic and Church of England Primary Academy 4m scholl and sports centre needs survey
w395593718 Rhayader Church in Wales Controlled School 11m school area approximate
w291627807 Gwyn Jones Primary School 5m school area inferred from aerial: please survey to confirm and add detail
w161594369 Corpus Christi RC Primary School 17m school grounds area needs to be modifie dto exclude the church, convent, etc.
w371320764 Worksop Priory Church of England Primary Academy 15m school grounds estimated; two schools here
w391666259 Parkside School 6m school may be much larger?
w66864700 Shirley Infant and Junior Schools 8m seperate into two schools
w87998237 Townhill Infant and Junior Schools 15m seperate two schools
w622847982 Sperrinview Special School 20m some of this could be Drumglass Children's Home
w102669249 Oasis Academy Coulsdon 2y someone with local knowledge will know if this needs extending to the east
w406156406 St Brigid's Primary School 11m split between primary & high school estmated
w197710306 Francis Combe Academy 2w survey boundaries
w34710257 St Michael’s Catholic High School 2w survey boundaries
w406854059 Olive Ap Academy 2d survey to check new name
w78043033 Tanners Brook Primary School 5m survey?
w136355336 Dyce School 4w unclear in imagery where boundary is between school grounds and park, think there might be a fence these days which could be surveyed
w390311635 Allerton Primary School and Nursery 3y unsure of western boundary
w981386486 Ashgrove Children's Centre 11d unsure what this is? is this a kindergarten (isced:level=0) ?
w456263488 Education In Hospital 1 (Airedale) 4y years since i visited ward 17 may well be wrong one
w383962892 Carmel College 13m yes
w381225609 Corporation Road Community Primary School 13m yes
w384990417 Gurney Pease Academy 2w yes
w384965163 Heathfield Primary School 13m yes
w381246950 Holy Family RC Primary School 13m yes
w383998184 Hummersknott Academy 13m yes
w380950308 Mount Pleasant Primary School 13m yes
w383965175 Mowden Infant School 13m yes
w383965176 Mowden Junior School 13m yes
w383634764 Ravensthorpe Preparatory School 5y yes
w384982158 Red Hall Primary School 13m yes
w384805111 Rise Carr College 13m yes
w384009556 Skerne Park Academy 2d yes
w384966456 St Aidan's Church of England Academy 13m yes
w384833144 St John's Church Of England Academy 2d yes

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