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OSM Schools Progress in the 'AB' Postal Area

The blue circles on the map are schools from the official lists that haven't been matched to an OSM object. The red circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a school on the official list. The lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects. Dark green lines represent a match based on the ref:edubase (England & Wales), ref:seedcode (Scotland) and ref:deni (Northern Ireland) tags. Light green lines represent a match based on location in the absense of an OSM ref:* tag. Orange lines represnt a match based on location, with an incorrect ref:* tag. The location matches can match the wrong schools, particularly in inner-city areas where there are many schools in close proximity. To fix incorrect location matches, add the appropriate ref:* tag to the OSM amenity=school objects. For more information see below.

Schools not matched to an OSM Object

Note that only OSM ways and relations tagged with amenity=school or amenity=college are checked for possible matches. In most cases, any nodes tagged like this would be better converted to way polygons covering the whole of the school site. The matching process is simplistic, so an incorrect matching may result in a different nearby school being the one that is really missing. Also, it is not currently clear what licence the official Edubase / Scottish Government data can be re-used under. Until this is clarified, you should not use the data below directly to add schools to OSM. However, knowing that there is a school missing in a particular area, you may be able to add that school using other sources -- e.g. Bing, OS Street View, and by searching for the possible school's own website.

Official ID Postcode Official Name
5230934 (S) AB33 8TY Alford Academy
5226325 (S) AB54 4GF Gartly School
5227127 (S) AB51 0LX Keithhall School
5219124 (S) AB43 8UL Rathen School
135025 (E) AB23 8JS Springwood School

OSM Objects not matched to a school on the official lists

Entries here could be due to: Former schools that have now closed, more than one area being tagged for a single school, the official entry for a real school being matched incorrectly to a different OSM object, or institutions not included in the official lists being tagged as schools in OSM. Not all of these entries will be errors in the OSM data, so be careful before making any edits.

OSM Object OSM Name OSM Ref JRC
w60522024 +J
w628326925 +J
w293925404 +J
w326466307 Albyn School 5281938 +J
w631372096 Ardallie School +J
w392696986 Bervie Primary School +J
w1104083541 Caledonia North Campus +J
w452477442 Camphill Rudolf Steiner Schools 997620 +J
w1112635756 Camphill School Aberdeen +J
w422737321 Fishermoss Primary School +J
w427502820 Gartly School +J
w96881423 Gordonstoun School 5280338 +J
w840232763 Hazelwood School +J
w406840117 Inveravon Primary School 5207428 +J
w303218132 Lathallan School 5281334 +J
w392873719 Lethnot Primary School 5305020 +J
w406229285 Longhaven School +J
w647442450 North East Scotland College - Aberdeen Altens Campus +J
w647443100 North East Scotland College - Aberdeen Clinterty Campus +J
w61940064 North East Scotland College - Fraserburgh Campus +J
w105361254 North East Scotland College - Inverurie Learning Centre +J
w647444370 North East Scotland College - Scottish Maritime Academy +J
w104480874 Old Market Place Primary School Grounds +J
w52469637 Old Stoneywood School +J
w422737449 Portlethen Academy +J
w489081127 SRUC - Aberdeen Campus +J
w452477076 St. Margaret's School for Girls 5282136 +J
w591363920 Strachan School +J
w606775280 Tarfside Primary School 5306922 +J
w422818824 VSA Linn Moor School 5281148 +J

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Schools matched to an OSM object by location

Note that the matching is very simplistic, just taking the nearest unmatched OSM amenity=school or amenity=college way or relation within 1km of the postcode centroid of each official entry in turn. Where several school sites are in close proximity, they may be matched incorrectly.

Official ID Postcode Official Name OSM Object OSM Name MN MR MPC Offset JRC
5245044 (S) AB24 3NJ Aberdeen School for the Deaf w640830955 North East Scotland College - Aberdeen City Campus + 891 m +J
5237629 (S) AB15 8AD Airyhall School w452477507 International School of Aberdeen 864 m +J
5224020 (S) AB33 8TY Alford Primary School w894734233 Alford Community Campus + + 455 m +J
5206227 (S) AB55 5JF Botriphnie Primary School w136413795 + 95 m +J
5256429 (S) AB35 5ZS Braemar School w89572656 + 71 m +J
5216028 (S) AB42 0YX Burnhaven School w115481204 + 72 m +J
5224721 (S) AB51 5HH Chapel Of Garioch School w429629129 Chapel of Garioch School + + 224 m +J
1004247 (S) AB15 8AD Countesswells School w327295530 Airyhall School + 62 m +J
5216524 (S) AB53 5RN Fintry School w893963076 Fintry Primary School + + 218 m +J
5245842 (S) AB25 2ZG Hospital & Home Tuition Service w981386486 Ashgrove Children's Centre + 899 m +J
5217326 (S) AB43 8XZ Inverallochy School w318829378 + 71 m +J
5232228 (S) AB51 3YH Kellands School w401480884 Kellands Primary School + + 30 m +J
5257123 (S) AB31 4SE Lumphanan School w97264286 Lumphanan Primary School + 123 m +J
5235324 (S) AB13 0DX Milltimber School w1047142128 Milltimber School + 201 m +J
5222133 (S) AB42 5FN Mintlaw Academy w993326493 Mintlaw Academy + + 8 m +J
5218020 (S) AB53 5WH Monquhitter School w122385991 + 94 m +J
5220327 (S) AB53 6TB New Deer School w122391869 + 32 m +J
5219426 (S) AB42 3HD St Fergus School w1025691492 St Fergus School + + 96 m +J
5220920 (S) AB43 6SX Strichen School w949843436 + 224 m +J
5209234 (S) AB37 9HA Tomintoul Primary School w1102252856 Tomintoul Primary School + + 287 m +J
5222222 (S) AB53 4WB Turriff Primary School w1029052208 Turriff Primary School + + 342 m +J
5240042 (S) AB10 1AB Virtual School w666783604 Robert Gordon's College + 354 m +J

Schools matched to an OSM object by reference number

Official ID Postcode Official Name OSM Object OSM Name MN MPC Offset
5237521 (S) AB12 5QX Abbotswell School w102540484 Abbotswell School 242 m
5212227 (S) AB54 7TW Aberchirder School w122381049 Aberchirder School 57 m
5244439 (S) AB10 1HT Aberdeen Grammar School w925883033 Aberdeen Grammar School 41 m
5209722 (S) AB38 9PN Aberlour Primary School w406840114 Aberlour Primary School 39 m
5257530 (S) AB34 5JN Aboyne Academy r3905061 Aboyne Academy 109 m
5256127 (S) AB34 5JN Aboyne Primary School r3905060 Aboyne Primary School 138 m
5232422 (S) AB51 5FW Alehousewells School w427720856 Alehousewells Primary School 188 m
5221447 (S) AB42 2AP Anna Ritchie School w545100739 Anna Ritchie School 128 m
5251524 (S) AB39 2DP Arduthie School w118816491 Arduthie School 105 m
5224128 (S) AB41 8UX Arnage School w219016460 Arnage School 248 m
5237823 (S) AB10 6RU Ashley Road School w72615575 Ashley Road School 55 m
5249821 (S) AB30 1WQ Auchenblae School w406662600 Auchenblae School 138 m
5215420 (S) AB41 8TF Auchnagatt School w406955762 Auchnagatt School 75 m
5225922 (S) AB41 9FA Auchterellon School w407036316 Auchterellon School 20 m
5215528 (S) AB53 8BA Auchterless School w631229996 Auchterless Primary School 268 m
5256224 (S) AB35 5RN Ballater School w252163647 Ballater Primary School 123 m
5224225 (S) AB23 8YW Balmedie School w690886495 Balmedie School 137 m
5251834 (S) AB31 5TQ Banchory Academy w453555174 Banchory Academy 104 m
5257824 (S) AB31 4EH Banchory Primary School w453555276 Banchory Primary School 110 m
5249023 (S) AB12 5XQ Banchory-Devenick School w427327784 Banchory Devenick Primary School 510 m
5213231 (S) AB45 1BY Banff Academy w227497828 Banff Academy 219 m
5212324 (S) AB45 1BL Banff Primary School w429009374 Banff Primary School 128 m
5224322 (S) AB51 8TD Barthol Chapel School w452478249 Barthol Chapel School 57 m
5215625 (S) AB42 3NG Boddam School w1071269946 45 m
5212421 (S) AB45 3HA Bracoden School w452477554 Bracoden School 112 m
5234026 (S) AB22 8RR Braehead School w6229050 Braehead School 171 m
5238129 (S) AB16 7BL Bramble Brae School w7818640 Bramble Brae School 33 m
5235634 (S) AB22 8RR Bridge Of Don Academy w6228990 Bridge of Don Academy 86 m
1002929 (S) AB21 9DF Brimmond School w452475899 Brimmond School 97 m
5238226 (S) AB10 6JF Broomhill School w327289815 Broomhill School 9 m
5215927 (S) AB42 1HD Buchanhaven School w537174385 Buchanhaven Primary School 59 m
5208734 (S) AB56 1QB Buckie High School w256994911 Buckie High School 223 m
5234034 (S) AB21 9DG Bucksburn Academy r8888385 Bucksburn Academy 125 m
5224527 (S) AB54 4TQ Cairney School w427514270 Cairney School 120 m
5252148 (S) AB39 2GZ Carronhill School w406664689 Carronhill School 136 m
5249325 (S) AB39 2UL Catterline School w406669612 Catterline School 124 m
5246423 (S) AB12 3FH Charleston School w327280668 Charleston School 8 m
5224829 (S) AB54 4NY Clatt School w427539156 Clatt School 224 m
5218624 (S) AB42 2AX Clerkhill School w509698343 Clerkhill School 145 m
5206324 (S) AB56 1PX Cluny Primary School w673438463 Cluny Primary School 82 m
5224926 (S) AB51 7JQ Cluny School w427330296 Cluny School 120 m
5238625 (S) AB16 5BL Cornhill School w327261828 Cornhill School 44 m
5206723 (S) AB38 9SX Craigellachie Primary School w406840116 Craigellachie Primary School 135 m
5225221 (S) AB33 8JE Craigievar School w422878395 Craigievar School 266 m
5249422 (S) AB31 5QR Crathes School w422737713 Crathes School 20 m
5256623 (S) AB35 5UL Crathie School w252165177 Crathie School 225 m
5216125 (S) AB43 8QL Crimond School w122399661 Crimond School 111 m
5232627 (S) AB32 6XZ Crombie School w508831580 Crombie School 416 m
5206820 (S) AB55 6LX Crossroads Primary School w427512945 Crossroads Primary School 18 m
5216222 (S) AB53 5QD Crudie School w313827950 Crudie School 418 m
5206928 (S) AB56 4UZ Cullen Primary School w806132358 Cullen Primary School 119 m
5234522 (S) AB14 0RX Culter School w67731200 Culter School 47 m
5225329 (S) AB41 6QQ Cultercullen School w407030512 Cultercullen School 45 m
5235839 (S) AB15 9TP Cults Academy w7955845 Cults Academy 215 m
5234727 (S) AB15 9RG Cults Primary School w466398071 Cults Primary School 40 m
5221927 (S) AB42 2GD Dales Park School w509698495 Dales Park School 102 m
5246326 (S) AB22 8ZN Danestone Primary School w440587959 Danestone Primary School 49 m
5225426 (S) AB51 0HZ Daviot School w452477966 Daviot School 55 m
5225523 (S) AB54 6EQ Drumblade School w429281383 Drumblade School 251 m
5256720 (S) AB31 5DY Drumoak School w307141020 Drumoak Primary School 151 m
5225620 (S) AB32 7BA Dunecht School w423019946 Dunecht School 175 m
5249627 (S) AB39 2JN Dunnottar School w406668535 Dunnottar School 19 m
5251729 (S) AB31 6BH Durris School w422736229 Durris School 112 m
5243335 (S) AB21 7NF Dyce Academy w237994869 Dyce Academy 69 m
5234921 (S) AB21 7BD Dyce Primary School w136355336 Dyce School 235 m
5212529 (S) AB53 4HY Easterfield School w429289235 Easterfield School 178 m
5225728 (S) AB32 6UL Echt School w422822236 Echt School 156 m
5231132 (S) AB41 8LF Ellon Academy w469680174 Ellon Academy 52 m
5225825 (S) AB41 9BB Ellon Primary School w407031266 Ellon Primary School 107 m
5233224 (S) AB32 6QB Elrick School w508831582 Elrick School 116 m
5239427 (S) AB15 6HD Fernielea School w246996513 Fernielea School 95 m
5239524 (S) AB11 6TT Ferryhill School w327317304 Ferryhill School 113 m
5216427 (S) AB42 4HD Fetterangus School w698588827 Fetterangus School 49 m
5249724 (S) AB30 1YB Fettercairn School w209876693 Fettercairn School 204 m
5207126 (S) AB56 4QW Findochty Primary School w401275320 Findochty Primary School 149 m
5256828 (S) AB31 6NY Finzean School w213926072 Finzean School 83 m
5216621 (S) AB51 8YS Fisherford School w429620270 Fisherford School 131 m
5257921 (S) AB12 4UF Fishermoss School w422737323 Fishermoss Primary School 198 m
5212626 (S) AB45 2SJ Fordyce School w429272966 Fordyce Primary School 106 m
5246121 (S) AB22 8UR Forehill School w6404117 Forehill Primary School 661 m
5226120 (S) AB54 6DQ Forgue School w281091135 Forgue School 165 m
5226228 (S) AB41 6AZ Foveran School w407042410 Foveran School 342 m
5219736 (S) AB43 9NA Fraserburgh Academy w43112437 Fraserburgh Academy 34 m
5216923 (S) AB43 9JR Fraserburgh North School w429666188 Fraserburgh North School 65 m
5217024 (S) AB43 9QB Fraserburgh South Park School w43112436 Fraserburgh South Park School 83 m
5219922 (S) AB53 8RD Fyvie School w407038054 Fyvie School 153 m
5241626 (S) AB10 1PG Gilcomstoun School w449869876 Gilcomstoun School 46 m
5235529 (S) AB22 8UR Glashieburn School w6281808 Glashieburn School 605 m
5226422 (S) AB54 4YA Glass School w423974872 Glass Primary School 2 m
5249929 (S) AB39 3YS Glenbervie School w406668117 Glenbervie School 105 m
5207223 (S) AB37 9DA Glenlivet Primary School w307657652 Glenlivet Primary School 394 m
5226724 (S) AB54 4SE Gordon Primary School w951401644 Gordon Primary School 168 m
5248922 (S) AB23 8NJ Greenbrae School w6269883 Greenbrae School 89 m
5239729 (S) AB24 5HN Hanover Street School w327406323 Hanover Street School 9 m
5243238 (S) AB10 1RG Harlaw Academy w452476692 Harlaw Academy 46 m
5217229 (S) AB42 0HZ Hatton (Cruden) School w650092560 Hatton (Cruden) School 116 m
5226627 (S) AB21 0YG Hatton (Fintray) School w454328293 Hatton (Fintray) School 155 m
5243432 (S) AB15 8BE Hazlehead Academy w16259213 Hazlehead Academy 107 m
5239826 (S) AB15 8HB Hazlehead Primary School w16259211 Hazlehead School 200 m
5230829 (S) AB16 7RW Heathryburn School w313631861 Heathryburn School 34 m
5250820 (S) AB31 5ZT Hill of Banchory School w93140589 Hill of Banchory School 162 m
1003607 (S) AB12 4LX Hillside School w516664821 Hillside Primary School 161 m
5239923 (S) AB15 6HE Holy Family RC School w327328367 Holy Family RC School 128 m
5231523 (S) AB52 6JH Insch School w143780091 Insch School 54 m
5231639 (S) AB51 3PX Inverurie Academy w423092002 Inverurie Academy 52 m
5245923 (S) AB10 7HR Kaimhill Primary School w327287346 Kaimhill School 152 m
5226929 (S) AB33 8BH Keig School w427541112 Keig School 119 m
5208831 (S) AB55 5GS Keith Grammar School w424447853 Keith Grammar School 129 m
5207525 (S) AB55 5ES Keith Primary School w424447850 Keith Primary School 107 m
5233038 (S) AB51 5FW Kemnay Academy w427720855 Kemnay Academy 242 m
5230721 (S) AB51 5RA Kemnay Primary School w427720849 Kemnay Primary School 101 m
5227224 (S) AB54 4NP Kennethmont School w955844021 Kennethmont School 393 m
5256925 (S) AB34 5AA Kincardine O'Neil School w91342265 Kincardine O'Neil School 166 m
5232325 (S) AB21 0SR Kinellar School w117471070 Kinellar School 177 m
5217423 (S) AB45 3ND King Edward School w440586287 King Edward School 120 m
5241820 (S) AB16 6PQ Kingsford School w327322501 Kingsford School 91 m
5235227 (S) AB15 8TG Kingswells Primary School w452475031 Kingswells Primary School 56 m
5217520 (S) AB42 4HT Kininmonth School w250392545 Kininmonth School 102 m
5231922 (S) AB51 0RU Kintore School w599906995 Kintore Primary School 13 m
5240522 (S) AB12 5BS Kirkhill School w857256358 Kirkhill School 83 m
5240425 (S) AB24 3QG Kittybrewster School w326342970 Kittybrewster School 16 m
5201829 (S) AB38 7RY Knockando Primary School w406840118 Knockando Primary School 101 m
5210020 (S) AB39 3QS Lairhillock School w406670625 Lairhillock Primary School 26 m
5227526 (S) AB54 6HS Largue School w281087806 Largue School 193 m
5258227 (S) AB30 1EG Laurencekirk School w422730351 Laurencekirk School 40 m
5222020 (S) AB43 9BF Lochpots School w62002914 Lochpots Primary School 97 m
1004166 (S) AB12 3JG Lochside Academy w606515728 Lochside Academy 307 m
5257026 (S) AB34 5PQ Logie Coldstone School w422829290 Logie Coldstone School 168 m
5227623 (S) AB51 5EN Logie Durno School w429631419 Logie Durno School 929 m
5246024 (S) AB12 3HE Loirston School w327278664 Loirston School 162 m
5217725 (S) AB42 4TP Longside School w117816609 Longside School 183 m
5227720 (S) AB54 4JR Lumsden School w422885349 Lumsden School 322 m
5250420 (S) AB30 1QA Luthermuir School w422682447 Luthermuir School 42 m
5212723 (S) AB44 1PT Macduff School w100783625 Macduff Community School 117 m
5251931 (S) AB39 3DF Mackie Academy w303215620 Mackie Academy 153 m
5241723 (S) AB16 7YB Manor Park School w273804492 Manor Park School 106 m
5250722 (S) AB30 1UZ Marykirk School w422678843 Marykirk School 9 m
5217822 (S) AB42 4LA Maud Primary School w440586807 Maud Primary School 51 m
5252032 (S) AB30 1ZJ Mearns Academy w951466270 Mearns Academy 71 m
5218721 (S) AB42 2BF Meethill School w509698493 Meethill School 91 m
5232724 (S) AB41 9BQ Meiklemill School w407032484 Meiklemill School 63 m
5232333 (S) AB51 0NT Meldrum Academy w221601125 Meldrum Academy 35 m
5227828 (S) AB51 0BF Meldrum School w221602077 Meldrum School 136 m
5227925 (S) AB41 7DS Methlick School w407042932 Methlick School 88 m
5235928 (S) AB22 8UR Middleton Park School w6281819 Middleton Park School 236 m
5228026 (S) AB51 7PQ Midmar School w422825441 Midmar School 136 m
1003615 (S) AB51 0QH Midmill School w584949708 Midmill School 347 m
5240026 (S) AB15 5LT Mile End School w366379418 Mile End School 555 m
5257727 (S) AB39 2TD Mill O'Forest School w406664690 Mill O'Forest School 110 m
5206421 (S) AB56 1LU Millbank Primary School w256993605 Millbank Primary School 139 m
5220122 (S) AB42 5EJ Mintlaw Primary School w453761003 Mintlaw Primary School 92 m
5228220 (S) AB51 7HJ Monymusk School w427544541 Monymusk School 245 m
5207827 (S) AB55 4AU Mortlach Primary School w136409359 Mortlach Primary School 94 m
5241022 (S) AB16 6UE Muirfield School w427330038 Muirfield School 28 m
5228425 (S) AB21 0WB New Machar School w237976906 New Machar School 211 m
5220424 (S) AB43 6NE New Pitsligo & St John's School w440587384 New Pitsligo & St. John's School 181 m
5228328 (S) AB41 6BT Newburgh Mathers School w452474526 Newburgh Mathers School 76 m
5207924 (S) AB55 6US Newmill Primary School w424440926 Newmill Primary School 202 m
5251028 (S) AB39 3XW Newtonhill School w406666276 Newtonhill Primary School 94 m
5244234 (S) AB16 7AU Northfield Academy w135700022 Northfield Academy 47 m
5228522 (S) AB52 6RY Old Rayne School w429336788 Old Rayne School 114 m
5246237 (S) AB22 8UR Oldmachar Academy w6282026 Oldmachar Academy 325 m
1004140 (S) AB16 7RH Orchard Brae School w655657217 Orchard Brae School 577 m
5212928 (S) AB45 2EX Ordiquhill School w401279845 Ordiquhill School 179 m
5228727 (S) AB52 6QT Oyne School w429289895 Oyne School 37 m
5220734 (S) AB42 1SY Peterhead Academy w509698872 Peterhead Academy 41 m
5218527 (S) AB42 1QD Peterhead Central School w545100741 Peterhead Central School 61 m
5221722 (S) AB42 5GP Pitfour School r6554812 Pitfour School 199 m
5228824 (S) AB41 7NY Pitmedden School w32476751 Pitmedden School 71 m
5228921 (S) AB51 3XJ Port Elphinstone School w452477630 Port Elphinstone School 57 m
5219027 (S) AB42 0NP Port Erroll School w667520244 Port Erroll School 129 m
5208025 (S) AB56 1TN Portessie Primary School w401115997 Portessie Primary School 63 m
5208122 (S) AB56 5RA Portgordon Primary School w1072656687 Portgordon Primary School 125 m
5208327 (S) AB56 4NX Portknockie Primary School w401278282 Portknockie Primary School 168 m
5258030 (S) AB12 4QL Portlethen Academy w112682827 Portlethen Academy & Library 388 m
5251125 (S) AB12 4PT Portlethen Primary School w823261731 Portlethen Primary School 107 m
5213029 (S) AB45 2RB Portsoy School w277889291 Portsoy Primary School 147 m
5229022 (S) AB52 6QA Premnay School w427719657 Premnay School + 58 m
5241227 (S) AB16 5QT Quarryhill School w327325630 Quarryhill School 216 m
5229227 (S) AB51 5BY Rayne North School w429621724 Rayne North School 90 m
5251222 (S) AB30 1NP Redmyre School w422731657 Redmyre School 61 m
5229324 (S) AB54 4GF Rhynie School w424450344 Rhynie Primary School 156 m
5230420 (S) AB24 2XL Riverbank School w246889113 Riverbank School 112 m
5220823 (S) AB43 7JL Rosehearty School w751714833 Rosehearty School 147 m
5202620 (S) AB38 7BD Rothes Primary School w406840119 Rothes Primary School 82 m
5208424 (S) AB54 7LT Rothiemay Primary School w429280148 Rothiemay Primary School 133 m
5219221 (S) AB51 8YE Rothienorman School w440586544 Rothienorman Primary School 73 m
5219523 (S) AB43 7EQ Sandhaven School w440586681 Sandhaven School 141 m
5234123 (S) AB22 8HH Scotstown School w6229134 Scotstown School 138 m
5241529 (S) AB24 1XE Seaton School w26799458 Seaton School 106 m
5229529 (S) AB32 6YJ Skene School w423009374 Skene School 601 m
5241421 (S) AB25 2UN Skene Square School w454328344 Skene Square School 60 m
5229626 (S) AB41 8SA Slains School w453761048 Slains School 21 m
5208939 (S) AB38 9QU Speyside High School w307659863 Speyside High School 87 m
5216729 (S) AB43 9LS St Andrew's Primary School r6392256 St Andrews Primary School 156 m
5232147 (S) AB51 3XT St Andrew's School w423092001 St Andrew's School 97 m
5219329 (S) AB43 8YR St Combs School w427507810 St Combs School 129 m
5241928 (S) AB15 4YL St Joseph's RC School w427329768 St Joseph's RC School 106 m
5246431 (S) AB24 3YZ St Machar Academy w151791274 St Machar Academy 42 m
5206529 (S) AB56 1QN St Peter's RC Primary School w256993608 St Peter's RC Primary School 62 m
5242126 (S) AB24 3UJ St Peter's RC School w327091617 St. Peter's RC School 36 m
5207622 (S) AB55 5AL St Thomas RC Primary School w424448510 St Thomas RC Primary School 50 m
5235421 (S) AB21 9HY Stoneywood School r9046383 Stoneywood School 781 m
5231825 (S) AB51 4RY Strathburn School w104480876 Strathburn School 136 m
5229723 (S) AB36 8UR Strathdon School w440586588 Strathdon Primary School 60 m
5219825 (S) AB42 5HP Stuartfield School w440586769 Stuartfield School 54 m
5242223 (S) AB24 3NJ Sunnybank School w151788949 Sunnybank School 150 m
5257328 (S) AB34 4UU Tarland School w422826949 Tarland School 106 m
5233127 (S) AB41 7JX Tarves School w256789944 Tarves School 165 m
5231434 (S) AB54 4SE The Gordon Schools w99481799 The Gordon Schools 20 m
5229928 (S) AB41 8LT Tipperty School w452474665 105 m
5257425 (S) AB31 4JT Torphins School w87826592 Torphins Primary School 407 m
5230020 (S) AB33 8ES Tough School w427332147 Tough School 60 m
5230128 (S) AB33 8RN Towie School w422831466 Towie School 69 m
5242428 (S) AB11 8FJ Tullos School w100622615 Tullos School 34 m
5230225 (S) AB33 8QN Tullynessle School w427332481 Tullynessle School 387 m
5221234 (S) AB53 4EE Turriff Academy w440586418 Turriff Academy 67 m
5219620 (S) AB43 7DQ Tyrie School w467819619 Tyrie School 253 m
5230322 (S) AB41 7RS Udny Green School w120061877 Udny Green School 138 m
5226821 (S) AB51 6AS Uryside School w684343451 Uryside School 146 m
5242827 (S) AB11 8DL Walker Road School w514018603 Walker Road School 73 m
5221544 (S) AB43 9BL Westfield School w61985168 Westfield School 41 m
5232937 (S) AB32 6XZ Westhill Academy w508830382 Westhill Academy 56 m
5230527 (S) AB32 6FY Westhill Primary School w611684330 Westhill Primary School 109 m
5230624 (S) AB16 7JD Westpark School w327329242 Westpark School 30 m
5213126 (S) AB45 2LX Whitehills School w227496216 Whitehills Primary School 68 m
5243122 (S) AB24 4EA Woodside School w273821767 Woodside School 19 m

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