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OSM Schools Progress in the 'BD' Postal Area

The blue circles on the map are schools from the official lists that haven't been matched to an OSM object. The red circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a school on the official list. The lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects. Dark green lines represent a match based on the ref:edubase (England & Wales), ref:seedcode (Scotland) and ref:deni (Northern Ireland) tags. Light green lines represent a match based on location in the absense of an OSM ref:* tag. Orange lines represnt a match based on location, with an incorrect ref:* tag. The location matches can match the wrong schools, particularly in inner-city areas where there are many schools in close proximity. To fix incorrect location matches, add the appropriate ref:* tag to the OSM amenity=school objects. For more information see below.

Schools not matched to an OSM Object

Note that only OSM ways and relations tagged with amenity=school or amenity=college are checked for possible matches. In most cases, any nodes tagged like this would be better converted to way polygons covering the whole of the school site. The matching process is simplistic, so an incorrect matching may result in a different nearby school being the one that is really missing. Also, it is not currently clear what licence the official Edubase / Scottish Government data can be re-used under. Until this is clarified, you should not use the data below directly to add schools to OSM. However, knowing that there is a school missing in a particular area, you may be able to add that school using other sources -- e.g. Bing, OS Street View, and by searching for the possible school's own website.

Official ID Postcode Official Name
135229 (E) BD20 6ED Beechcliffe Special School
147067 (E) BD4 7EB Bronte Girls' Academy
141002 (E) BD5 0JD Dixons McMillan Academy
138252 (E) BD5 0BE Dixons Music Primary
147204 (E) BD3 8DF Eden Boys' Leadership Academy, Bradford
145499 (E) BD5 7PE Eden Springs
139977 (E) BD16 1EE Hazelbeck Special School
144857 (E) BD19 5LH Pivot Academy
130980 (E) BD18 2LU Tracks

OSM Objects not matched to a school on the official lists

Entries here could be due to: Former schools that have now closed, more than one area being tagged for a single school, the official entry for a real school being matched incorrectly to a different OSM object, or institutions not included in the official lists being tagged as schools in OSM. Not all of these entries will be errors in the OSM data, so be careful before making any edits.

OSM Object OSM Name OSM Ref
w464224188 Al Markaz Ul Islami 141316
w280757727 Bewerley Park Centre for Outdoor Education
w398956153 Calderdale Pupil Referral Unit (The Whitley Phoenix Centre) 133693
w261439030 Castle Hill Junior and Infant School
w456263488 Education In Hospital 1 (Airedale) 133753
w418360222 Education in Schools 2 133752
w169039763 Hamledon Community College 134995
w194348722 Ings Community Primary and Nursery School 121416
w60672834 NWSILC Green Meadows School (Back Lane Site)
w195045535 NWSILC Green Meadows School (Bradford Road Site)
w400818783 Rathmell C of E (VA) Primary School 121633
w157059100 Shipley College: Salt Building
w587812776 St. Catherine's Catholic High School
w457320583 Taywood Nursery School
w53559495 The Hope Centre - Education & Training
w237960762 Todmorden C of E School

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Schools matched to an OSM object by location

Note that the matching is very simplistic, just taking the nearest unmatched OSM amenity=school or amenity=college way or relation within 1km of the postcode centroid of each official entry in turn. Where several school sites are in close proximity, they may be matched incorrectly.

Official ID Postcode Official Name OSM Object OSM Name MN MR MPC Offset
146851 (E) BD18 3JE Bradford Alternative Provision Academy Central w227119572 Aireview Pupil Referral Unit 51 m
147709 (E) BD7 2AH Co-Op Academy Princeville w394185128 Princeville Primary School 25 m
139978 (E) BD5 9ET Co-op Academy Southfield w400975780 Ummid Independent School 989 m
143704 (E) BD5 7JR Dixons Free Sixth Form w175586557 Dixons 6th Form Academy + + 10 m
138251 (E) BD5 0BE Dixons Trinity Academy w71891068 Bradford Studio School 799 m
107666 (E) BD19 4PX Gomersal Primary School w299837336 + 154 m
107458 (E) BD16 4AP Lady Lane Park School w591375190 + 183 m
143689 (E) BD5 0DX New College Bradford r8789289 Bradford College + + 816 m
145168 (E) BD3 0AD Olive Secondary Girls w401081502 M A Boys School 966 m
139474 (E) BD8 7DX One In A Million Free School w380976920 Bradford College: Bolton Royd + + 439 m
107336 (E) BD15 7NE St Matthew's Catholic Primary School w817197481 St Matthew's Catholic Primary School + + 39 m
133529 (E) BD8 8EJ The Home Study Project Co Pakistan Community and Neighbourhood Assoc w401076460 M A Institute Girls School 454 m
143944 (E) BD13 3NN Thornton Primary School w624492554 Thornton Primary School + 134 m

Schools matched to an OSM object by reference number

Official ID Postcode Official Name OSM Object OSM Name MN MPC Offset
134429 (E) BD8 7DA Al Mumin Primary and Secondary School w401483004 Al Mumin Primary and Secondary School 112 m
107302 (E) BD5 0NG All Saints Church of England Primary School w27571162 All Saints' Church of England Primary School 101 m
107302 (E) BD5 0NG All Saints Church of England Primary School w32008655 All Saints' Church of England Primary 257 m
145173 (E) BD12 8AL Appleton Academy w397665166 Appleton Academy 111 m
143565 (E) BD8 8DL Atlas Community Primary School w225862737 Atlas Community Primary School 37 m
138111 (E) BD19 4BE BBG Academy w35284645 BBG Academy 187 m
107337 (E) BD17 6TE Baildon CofE Primary School w318439333 Baildon CofE Primary School 97 m
107248 (E) BD5 9NR Bankfoot Primary School w395170029 Bankfoot Primary School 54 m
142836 (E) BD3 0QT Barkerend Primary Leadership Academy w395171925 Barkerend Primary Leadership Academy 61 m
143092 (E) BD15 7HB Beckfoot Allerton Primary School and Nursery w390311635 Allerton Primary School and Nursery 11 m
143094 (E) BD9 6LL Beckfoot Heaton Primary w264967266 Beckfoot Heaton Primary School & Nursery 18 m
146281 (E) BD22 6NP Beckfoot Nessfield w395824219 Beckfoot Nessfield Primary School & Nursery 99 m
143112 (E) BD22 7DU Beckfoot Oakbank w393261444 Beckfoot Oakbank 126 m
144891 (E) BD22 6HZ Beckfoot Phoenix w456677470 Beckfoot Phoenix School 218 m
144890 (E) BD16 4JS Beckfoot Priestthorpe Primary School & Nursery w317134846 Priestthorpe Primary School 59 m
139975 (E) BD16 1EE Beckfoot School w51143343 Beckfoot School 74 m
143114 (E) BD13 3BH Beckfoot Thornton w201238743 Beckfoot Thornton 141 m
142031 (E) BD9 6AL Beckfoot Upper Heaton w265003981 Beckfoot Upper Heaton 203 m
138087 (E) BD9 6NA Belle Vue Girls' Academy w265003982 Belle Vue Girls' School 41 m
107439 (E) BD16 2RS Bingley Grammar School w315626878 Bingley Grammar School 63 m
107730 (E) BD11 2JE Birkenshaw Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School w43517527 Birkenshaw C.E. (C) Primary School 162 m
107224 (E) BD10 8QN Blakehill Primary School w396413087 Blakehill Primary School 114 m
107234 (E) BD5 8BT Bowling Park Primary School w27551626 Bowling Park Primary School 175 m
107250 (E) BD7 4HA Brackenhill Primary School w393602195 Brackenhill Primary School 118 m
135367 (E) BD4 7QJ Bradford Academy w27430869 Bradford Academy 180 m
107461 (E) BD2 1BT Bradford Christian School w399780385 Bradford Christian School 64 m
130532 (E) BD7 1AY Bradford College w50648212 Bradford College: Joseph Nutter House 1403 m
130532 (E) BD7 1AY Bradford College w71890767 Bradford College: Trinity Green 543 m
135732 (E) BD4 7SY Bradford District PRU w401018974 Bradford District PRU 39 m
140429 (E) BD4 8RG Bradford Forster Academy w464219422 Bradford Forster Academy 191 m
140204 (E) BD9 6RB Bradford Girls' Grammar School w201449896 Bradford Girls' Grammar School 68 m
107455 (E) BD9 4JP Bradford Grammar School w188813205 Bradford Grammar School 84 m
121383 (E) BD20 9EF Bradleys Both Community Primary School w282568950 Bradleys Both Community Primary School 90 m
142784 (E) BD6 2LE Broadbeck Learning Centre w456259128 Broadbeck – Integrated Therapeutic Provision 90 m
121778 (E) BD23 2DB Brooklands School w365342361 Brooklands Community Special School 121 m
121622 (E) BD23 6BP Burnsall Voluntary Aided Primary School w78065359 Burnsall V.A. Primary School 61 m
142825 (E) BD6 3PX Buttershaw Business & Enterprise College Academy w200755425 Buttershaw Business and Enterprise College 84 m
144050 (E) BD3 0AB Byron Primary School w397704601 Byron Primary School 60 m
121624 (E) BD23 3DE Carleton Endowed CofE Primary School w397991964 Carleton Endowed C of E School 38 m
147100 (E) BD3 0DU Carlton Bolling w27430004 Carlton-Bolling College 40 m
107240 (E) BD4 0EQ Carrwood Primary School w54444187 Carrwood Primary School 86 m
107243 (E) BD2 2DU Cavendish Primary School w313570585 Cavendish Primary School 129 m
135228 (E) BD9 6AL Chellow Heights Special School w264967264 Chellow Heights Special School 8 m
139201 (E) BD18 2NT Christ Church Church of England Academy w395160842 Christ Church Primary Academy 112 m
121590 (E) BD23 2AP Christ Church Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School w394420169 Christ Church C.E. (VC) Primary School 7 m
145180 (E) BD14 6DD Clayton St John CofE Primary School w72440692 Clayton St. John C of E Primary School 68 m
107199 (E) BD14 6AD Clayton Village Primary School w72439763 Clayton Village Primary School 44 m
145306 (E) BD4 8ER Co-op Academy Beckfield w401286705 Co-Op Academy Beckfield 157 m
147117 (E) BD3 8QX Co-op Academy Delius w456669625 Co-op Academy Delius 193 m
147177 (E) BD5 9ET Co-op Academy Grange w27439679 Co-op Academy Grange 155 m
145752 (E) BD10 9BG Co-op Academy Parkland w397652240 The Co-op Academy Parkland 129 m
121387 (E) BD20 8NA Cononley Community Primary School w195040114 Cononley Community Primary School 107 m
143096 (E) BD7 3AY Copthorne Primary School w397661582 Copthorne Primary School 87 m
107252 (E) BD16 1SY Cottingley Village Primary School w329161069 Cottingley Village Primary School 53 m
121388 (E) BD22 0DF Cowling Community Primary School w391661645 Cowling Community Primary School 69 m
121558 (E) BD23 6LQ Cracoe and Rylstone Voluntary Controlled Church of England Primary School w397820640 Cracoe and Rylstone CE VC Primary School 20 m
130591 (E) BD23 1US Craven College w418367158 Craven College: Aireville Campus 90 m
135851 (E) BD23 2QS Craven Pupil Referral Service w424579979 Craven Pupil Referral Service 232 m
107253 (E) BD16 2EP Crossflatts Primary School w389377234 Crossflatts Primary School 89 m
146581 (E) BD8 0HJ Crossley Hall Primary School w400871407 Crossley Hall Primary School 75 m
130857 (E) BD5 7PE Crystal Gardens Primary School w397849052 Crystal Gardens Primary School 65 m
146049 (E) BD13 5DA Cullingworth Village Primary School w392102295 Cullingworth Village Primary School 48 m
134140 (E) BD4 9PH Darul Uloom Dawatul Imaan w418363951 Darul Uloom Dawatul Imaan 30 m
143567 (E) BD13 4AY Denholme Primary School w104745790 Denholme Primary School 89 m
135866 (E) BD8 0DH Dixons Allerton Academy w201415850 Dixons Allerton Academy 226 m
130909 (E) BD5 7RR Dixons City Academy w397770220 Dixons City Academy 48 m
146198 (E) BD16 1TZ Dixons Cottingley Academy w389780362 Dixons Cottingley Academy 226 m
137277 (E) BD7 2AN Dixons Kings Academy w400873252 Dixons Kings Academy 124 m
141375 (E) BD8 8HY Dixons Manningham Academy w395344440 Dixons Manningham Primary 113 m
140358 (E) BD3 8QQ Dixons Marchbank Primary w397800834 Dixons Marchbank Primary School 18 m
134407 (E) BD11 1JY Drighlington Primary School w35225466 Drighlington Primary School 166 m
107719 (E) BD4 6PH East Bierley Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School w42384758 East Bierley C.E. (VC) Primary School 142 m
145072 (E) BD20 5SE East Morton CofE Primary School w393245964 East Morton CofE Primary School 167 m
107274 (E) BD20 8UX Eastburn Junior and Infant School w398634835 Eastburn Junior and Infant School 69 m
146223 (E) BD21 3JL Eastwood Community School w151655137 Eastwood Community School 77 m
107255 (E) BD16 3LE Eldwick Primary School w389420311 Eldwick Primary School 132 m
137497 (E) BD10 0TD Ellar Carr w35168504 Ellar Carr Pupil Referral Unit 148 m
121559 (E) BD23 6RH Embsay Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School w393644344 Embsay Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 61 m
121716 (E) BD23 1PL Ermysted's Grammar School w36879462 Ermysted's Grammar School 41 m
136189 (E) BD5 9DH Eternal Light Secondary School w403113352 Eternal Light Secondary School 39 m
107249 (E) BD2 3PU Fagley Primary School w394045905 Fagley Primary School 48 m
107238 (E) BD6 2BS Farfield Primary and Nursery School w401429387 Farfield Primary School and Nursery 200 m
144862 (E) BD7 3HU Farnham Primary School w400592216 Farnham Primary School 56 m
146435 (E) BD4 8DX Fearnville Primary School w139934229 Fearnville Primary School 47 m
136962 (E) BD3 0LT Feversham Academy w400145167 Feversham College 70 m
138867 (E) BD3 9EG Feversham Primary Academy w27392768 Feversham Primary Academy 134 m
107432 (E) BD13 1LN Foxhill Primary School w315689038 Foxhill Primary School 18 m
107204 (E) BD9 4HP Frizinghall Primary School w48981877 Frizinghall Primary School and Nursery 22 m
121599 (E) BD23 3RE Gargrave Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School w194969653 Gargrave Church of England Primary School 176 m
121392 (E) BD24 0BJ Giggleswick Primary School w398606736 Giggleswick Primary School 42 m
121740 (E) BD24 0DE Giggleswick School w131494203 Giggleswick School 219 m
107293 (E) BD8 9NR Girlington Primary School w400059726 Girlington Primary School 115 m
107280 (E) BD17 7LY Glenaire Primary School r10052831 Glenaire Primary School 155 m
121447 (E) BD20 8PJ Glusburn Community Primary School w380217007 Glusburn Community Primary School 187 m
107747 (E) BD19 4NA Gomersal St Mary's Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School w398186640 Gomersal St. Mary's CE(C) Primary School 76 m
121563 (E) BD23 5LB Grassington Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School w143382307 Grassington C of E (VC) Primary School 64 m
143573 (E) BD8 8HT Green Lane Primary School w395344439 Green Lane Primary School 53 m
146593 (E) BD10 9AX Greengates Primary Academy w40698382 Greengates Primary Academy 141 m
107242 (E) BD2 4ED Grove House Primary School w397650790 Grove House Primary School 59 m
107440 (E) BD2 1JP Hanson School w397650789 Hanson Academy 133 m
140076 (E) BD16 1LJ Harden Primary School w147218106 Harden Primary School 8 m
142949 (E) BD22 8DW Haworth Primary School w199205849 Haworth Primary School 73 m
141904 (E) BD19 3AE Heaton Avenue Primary School w399525450 Heaton Avenue Primary School 43 m
107321 (E) BD9 4DA Heaton St Barnabas' CofE Aided Primary School w400868878 Heaton St Barnabas’C of E (VA) Primary School 112 m
121402 (E) BD23 4HA Hellifield Community Primary School w362764846 Hellifield Community Primary School 6 m
142582 (E) BD18 2ES High Crags Primary Leadership Academy w400404509 High Crags Primary School 100 m
143533 (E) BD9 6RY High Park School w265009369 High Park School 83 m
107434 (E) BD12 0TL Hill Top CofE Primary School w398004281 Hill Top C of E Primary School and Nursery 119 m
144860 (E) BD7 4BE Hollingwood Primary School w201238755 Hollingwood Primary School 108 m
145303 (E) BD10 0EF Holybrook Primary School w144456283 Holybrook Primary School 16 m
143982 (E) BD21 1JF Holycroft Primary School w396312592 Holycroft Primary School 71 m
131357 (E) BD6 3NR Home Farm Primary School w400555667 Home Farm Primary School 139 m
143093 (E) BD7 2EU Horton Grange Primary School w400592217 Horton Grange Primary School 177 m
143095 (E) BD5 9LQ Horton Park Primary School w27439800 Horton Park Primary School 72 m
107671 (E) BD19 3SD Howard Park Community School w398002494 Howard Park Community School 149 m
107283 (E) BD17 6DN Hoyle Court Primary School w393669306 Hoyle Court Primary School 34 m
107320 (E) BD10 8LU Idle CofE Primary School w400058018 Idle C Of E Primary School 73 m
142590 (E) BD10 9AQ Immanuel College w144176269 Immanuel College 177 m
107262 (E) BD21 1BW Ingrow Primary School w390416753 Ingrow Primary School 58 m
140111 (E) BD8 8DA Iqra Academy w285763199 Iqra Academy 11 m
133453 (E) BD8 8AW Islamic Tarbiyah Preparatory School w401663733 Islamic Tabiyah Preparatory School 40 m
133453 (E) BD8 8AW Islamic Tarbiyah Preparatory School w451946761 Islamic Tarbiyah Preparatory School 34 m
140566 (E) BD9 4JB J.A.M.E.S. w401071099 J.A.M.E.S. 58 m
107460 (E) BD14 6JX Jaamiatul Imaam Muhammad Zakaria w72765400 Jaamiatul Imaam Muhammad Zakaria 166 m
107438 (E) BD13 4HH Keelham Primary School w390844903 Keelham Primary School 33 m
107339 (E) BD21 2ND Keighley St Andrew's CofE Primary School and Nursery w154397540 Keighley St Andrews C of E Primary School and Nursery 55 m
121406 (E) BD23 5HX Kettlewell Primary School w224659703 Kettlewell Primary School 132 m
121600 (E) BD20 9BH Kildwick Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School w398634348 Kildwick C of E Primary School 57 m
107431 (E) BD3 7JF Killinghall Primary School w400405799 Killinghall Primary School 118 m
121629 (E) BD23 4BY Kirkby in Malhamdale United Voluntary Aided Primary School w258157070 Kirkby in Malhamdale United Voluntary Aided Primary School 239 m
132183 (E) BD4 9AE Knowleswood Primary School w54443975 Knowleswood Primary School 189 m
142681 (E) BD3 8HE Laisterdyke Leadership Academy w400957973 Laisterdyke Leadership Academy 108 m
143564 (E) BD3 8QX Lapage Primary School and Nursery w456669627 Lapage Primary School & Nursery 113 m
144861 (E) BD22 0PP Laycock Primary School w233734455 Laycock Primary School 52 m
142950 (E) BD22 9DL Lees Primary School w396311151 Lees Primary School 113 m
107241 (E) BD15 7PQ Ley Top Primary School w395595221 Ley Top Primary School 7 m
107212 (E) BD7 2QN Lidget Green Primary School w201238741 Lidget Green Primary School 112 m
143572 (E) BD9 5AD Lilycroft Primary School w231432001 Lilycroft Primary School 76 m
134053 (E) BD9 5AT Lister Primary School w401589041 Lister Primary School 20 m
107265 (E) BD21 4RU Long Lee Primary School w110601575 Long Lee Primary School 121 m
121631 (E) BD23 4PN Long Preston Endowed Voluntary Aided Primary School w362736113 Long Preston Endowed Voluntary Aided Primary School 96 m
142201 (E) BD20 8HB Lothersdale Primary School w395598585 Lothersdale Primary School 116 m
107272 (E) BD18 1AA Low Ash Primary School w28164980 Low Ash Primary School 70 m
107307 (E) BD12 0NN Low Moor CofE Primary School w219024760 Low Moor Church of England Primary School 168 m
146584 (E) BD4 8RG Lower Fields Primary Academy w464219420 Lower Fields Primary Academy 88 m
143568 (E) BD9 5DF Margaret McMillan Primary School w399332920 Margaret McMillan Primary School 192 m
107215 (E) BD5 9DS Marshfield Primary School w27439751 Marshfield Primary School 117 m
139229 (E) BD22 6HZ Merlin Top Primary Academy w393659508 Merlin Top Primary Academy 253 m
107296 (E) BD8 8RG Miriam Lord Community Primary School w285763183 Miriam Lord Primary School 11 m
107437 (E) BD16 1HB Myrtle Park Primary School w390308574 Myrtle Park Primary School 26 m
107445 (E) BD9 4AY Netherleigh and Rossefield School w400408532 Netherleigh & Rossefield School 95 m
107218 (E) BD5 7DQ Newby Primary School w27418809 Newby Primary School 43 m
132185 (E) BD4 6AF Newhall Park Primary School w51450380 Newhall Park Community Primary School 174 m
142948 (E) BD22 7HX Oakworth Primary School w154565927 Oakworth Primary School 14 m
139995 (E) BD8 7ND Oasis Academy Lister Park w418371917 Oasis Academy Lister Park 108 m
138099 (E) BD4 7RH Oastlers School w400554112 Oastlers School 109 m
147150 (E) BD22 0HZ Oldfield Primary School w338657262 Oldfield Primary School 11 m
130245 (E) BD3 0AD Olive Secondary Boys w401427395 Olive Secondary School 60 m
107334 (E) BD10 0QA Our Lady and St Brendan's Catholic Primary School w399318558 Our Lady and St Brendan’s Catholic Primary School 129 m
141059 (E) BD22 6JP Our Lady of Victories Catholic School w395821772 Our Lady of Victories Catholic School 101 m
142946 (E) BD22 9LH Oxenhope CofE Primary School w393258640 Oxenhope C of E Primary School 30 m
132217 (E) BD13 5AD Parkside School w391666259 Parkside School 209 m
143569 (E) BD21 4QH Parkwood Primary School w389437148 Parkwood Primary School 51 m
101494 (E) BD2 4PR Peel Park Primary School and Nursery w152802582 Peel Park Primary School 36 m
107247 (E) BD2 1LQ Poplars Farm Primary School w28336573 Poplars Farm Primary School 81 m
133410 (E) BD5 8DB Primary Pupil Referral Unit w27383597 Park Primary Pupil Referral Unit 81 m
137785 (E) BD8 9ES Prism Independent School w463478292 Prism Youth Project 68 m
143113 (E) BD13 2AS Queensbury Academy w315689032 Queensbury School 130 m
137320 (E) BD5 0HD Rainbow Primary School w400983523 Rainbow Primary School 81 m
143511 (E) BD6 3ST Reevy Hill Primary School w400982941 Reevy Hill Primary School 139 m
107340 (E) BD20 5AB Riddlesden St Mary's CofE Primary School w391813102 Riddlesden St Mary's CofE Primary School 248 m
107433 (E) BD13 2AW Russell Hall Primary School w193557095 Russell Hall Primary School 24 m
138675 (E) BD4 0LS Ryecroft Primary Academy w53559468 Ryecroft Primary Academy 66 m
107270 (E) BD18 4NR Saltaire Primary School w45065609 Saltaire Primary 59 m
107287 (E) BD17 5DH Sandal Primary School w56681387 Sandal Primary School & Nursery 151 m
107219 (E) BD15 9JU Sandy Lane Primary School w391810088 Sandy Lane Primary School 124 m
107674 (E) BD19 6DN Scholes Village Primary School w204674730 Scholes Village Primary School 158 m
121587 (E) BD24 9BW Settle Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School w217417294 Settle Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 62 m
121689 (E) BD24 0AU Settle College w398206420 Settle College 48 m
139358 (E) BD13 2ND Shibden Head Primary Academy w322793830 Shibden Head Primary Academy 67 m
146536 (E) BD18 2PT Shipley CofE Primary School w51142861 Shipley CofE Primary School 10 m
130534 (E) BD18 3JW Shipley College w56683958 Shipley College: Mill Building + 219 m
130534 (E) BD18 3JW Shipley College w157059079 Shipley College: Exhibition Building 6 m
130534 (E) BD18 3JW Shipley College w157059099 Victoria Hall + 57 m
130534 (E) BD18 3JW Shipley College w477158427 Shipley College: Jonathan Silver Building 51 m
140639 (E) BD12 8SA Shirley Manor Primary School w395589006 Shirley Manor Primary Academy 47 m
107273 (E) BD20 0AW Silsden Primary School w395672761 Silsden Primary School (Hothfield Site) 184 m
107273 (E) BD20 0AW Silsden Primary School w397629476 Silsden Primary School (Aire View Site) 69 m
136664 (E) BD23 1QL Skipton Girls' High School w258200069 Skipton Girls' High School 25 m
121591 (E) BD23 2ES Skipton Parish Church Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School w397935981 Skipton Parish Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School 57 m
121425 (E) BD23 2SJ Skipton, Greatwood Community Primary School w398030931 Greatwood Community Primary & Nursery School 219 m
121417 (E) BD23 1PE Skipton, Water Street Community Primary School w222716593 Water Street Community Primary School 36 m
136736 (E) BD20 7RL South Craven School w108166087 South Craven School 45 m
146798 (E) BD7 3NR Southmere Primary Academy w201077130 Southmere Primary Academy 110 m
141062 (E) BD21 3AD St Anne's Catholic Primary School w401997451 St. Anne's Catholic Primary School and Nursery a Voluntary Academy 121 m
107324 (E) BD14 6HW St Anthony's Catholic Primary School w73041504 St Anthony's Catholic Primary School 157 m
107348 (E) BD18 1HD St Anthony's Catholic Primary School w28351474 St Anthony's Catholic Primary School 102 m
140569 (E) BD9 4BQ St Bede's and St Joseph's Catholic College w201450089 St Bede's and St Joseph's Catholic College (Ardor Site) 149 m
140569 (E) BD9 4BQ St Bede's and St Joseph's Catholic College w389578795 St Bede's and St Joseph Catholic College (Ignis Site) 1440 m
107325 (E) BD2 3JD St Clare's Catholic Primary School w394045910 St. Clare’s Catholic Primary School 10 m
107326 (E) BD4 9PY St Columba's Catholic Primary School w54444007 St Columba's Catholic Primary School & Nursery 28 m
107335 (E) BD9 5AT St Cuthbert and The First Martyrs' Catholic Primary School w401589039 St Cuthbert & The First Martyrs’ Catholic Primary School 27 m
107332 (E) BD2 4ES St Francis Catholic Primary School w230190884 St. Francis Catholic Primary School 129 m
142945 (E) BD6 3DQ St John the Evangelist Catholic Primary School w202525443 St John the Evangelist Catholic Primary School 141 m
145220 (E) BD4 6JF St John's CofE Primary School w50318754 St John's CofE Primary School 59 m
143032 (E) BD21 1AR St Joseph's Catholic Primary School w393255136 St Joseph's Catholic Primary School 80 m
107327 (E) BD5 0RB St Joseph's Catholic Primary School w401025736 St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School 17 m
107342 (E) BD16 4HQ St Joseph's Catholic Primary School w314738648 St Joseph's Catholic Primary School 179 m
107305 (E) BD2 3NS St Luke's CofE Primary School w400159236 St. Luke’s C. E. Primary School 96 m
107303 (E) BD5 8FG St Matthew's CofE Primary School and Nursery w27550308 St. Matthew's Church of England Primary and Nursery 20 m
138916 (E) BD7 3JT St Oswald's Church of England Primary Academy w401583032 St Oswald's Church of England Primary Academy 104 m
107319 (E) BD6 1ST St Paul's CofE Primary School w394111351 St Paul's CE Primary School 88 m
141098 (E) BD8 9JL St Philip's CofE Primary School w401283838 St Philip's CE Primary Academy 5 m
142023 (E) BD23 1PJ St Stephen's Catholic Primary School and Nursery, A Voluntary Academy w364147732 St. Stephen's Primary School and Nursery 205 m
107323 (E) BD5 7HU St Stephen's CofE Primary School w401293152 St Stephen's C of E Primary School 5 m
142947 (E) BD18 4RL St Walburga's Catholic Primary School, A Voluntary Academy w51143079 St Walburga's Catholic Primary School 162 m
107330 (E) BD8 9RG St William's Catholic Primary School w201405511 St William's Catholic Primary School 47 m
142951 (E) BD6 1SR St Winefride's Catholic Primary School, A Voluntary Academy w538107250 St Winefride's Catholic Primary School 134 m
107329 (E) BD3 9ND St. Mary's & St. Peter's Catholic Primary School w401085421 St Mary's and St Peter's Primary School 93 m
107268 (E) BD22 0HA Stanbury Village School w217367199 Stanbury Village School 193 m
107275 (E) BD20 6NN Steeton Primary School w157936207 Steeton Primary School 18 m
107237 (E) BD13 2RH Stocks Lane Primary School w395313273 Stocks Lane Primary School 5 m
121593 (E) BD20 7JS Sutton in Craven Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School w398926278 Sutton in Craven Church of England VC Primary School 58 m
121420 (E) BD20 7ES Sutton-in-Craven Community Primary School w398926300 Sutton-in-Craven Community Primary School 60 m
107220 (E) BD2 1JL Swain House Primary School w389696663 Swain House Primary School 128 m
134427 (E) BD1 4EL TLG Bradford w202526051 TLG Bradford 2806 m
107221 (E) BD10 8PJ Thackley Primary School w393362369 Thackley Primary School 78 m
143847 (E) BD15 7YD The Academy At St. James w399330794 The Academy at St. James 199 m
121621 (E) BD23 6HE The Boyle and Petyt Primary School w397822341 The Boyle and Petyt Primary School 163 m
134587 (E) BD5 8BP The Fountain w400976900 The Fountain 42 m
107428 (E) BD20 6LH The Holy Family Catholic School w389430075 The Holy Family Catholic School 114 m
141179 (E) BD23 1UQ The Skipton Academy w418367162 The Skipton Academy 95 m
145936 (E) BD3 7AU Thornbury Primary Leadership Academy w395310982 Thornbury Primary Leadership Academy 40 m
121421 (E) BD23 3SX Thornton in Craven Community Primary School w397989662 Thornton-in-Craven Community Primary School 119 m
132180 (E) BD10 9PY Thorpe Primary School w358677801 Thorpe Primary School 75 m
121594 (E) BD23 5NP Threshfield School w392094923 Theshfield Primary School 223 m
107395 (E) BD17 5RH Titus Salt School r10052832 Titus Salt School 74 m
142761 (E) BD4 6NR Tong Leadership Academy w400558016 Tong High School 80 m
141603 (E) BD3 9BE Training and Skills Centre w400153734 Training and Skills Centre 268 m
107338 (E) BD16 2PP Trinity All Saints CofE VA Primary School w389717770 Trinity All Saints CofE VA Primary School 14 m
136198 (E) BD20 6EB University Academy Keighley w293517225 University Academy Keighley 142 m
121690 (E) BD23 5BS Upper Wharfedale School w97352435 Upper Wharfedale School 287 m
143571 (E) BD21 2RD Victoria Primary School w393241309 Victoria Primary School 62 m
107230 (E) BD2 3DE Wellington Primary School w395675226 Wellington Primary School 88 m
143566 (E) BD8 7PL Westbourne Primary School w542859669 Westbourne Primary School 23 m
142824 (E) BD3 0HW Westminster Church of England Primary Academy w400145170 Westminster Church of England Primary Academy 53 m
121763 (E) BD23 6AN Wharfedale Montessori School w456261731 Wharfedale Montessori Nursery and School 1280 m
139046 (E) BD8 9HZ Whetley Academy w393242348 Whetley Academy 75 m
107780 (E) BD19 3AQ Whitcliffe Mount School w201101460 Whitcliffe Mount School 122 m
136511 (E) BD19 6HR Whitechapel Church of England Primary School w396245971 Whitechapel Church of England Primary School 176 m
107233 (E) BD6 1RL Wibsey Primary School w144117018 Wibsey Primary School 38 m
144006 (E) BD15 0AE Wilsden Primary School w391644535 Wilsden Primary School 66 m
108114 (E) BD10 0NR Woodhouse Grove School w35377518 Woodhouse Grove School 116 m
145225 (E) BD12 7EZ Woodlands Church of England Primary Academy w42384811 Woodlands Church of England Primary Academy 218 m
144492 (E) BD6 2PG Woodside Academy w200716651 Woodside Academy 125 m
143510 (E) BD22 7AX Worth Valley Primary School w391729755 Worth Valley Primary School 25 m
107246 (E) BD12 9EL Worthinghead Primary School w395301619 Worthinghead Primary School 58 m
146512 (E) BD18 3HZ Wycliffe CofE Primary School w51142923 Wycliffe CofE Primary School 63 m

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