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OSM Schools Progress in the 'BH' Postal Area

The blue circles on the map are schools from the official lists that haven't been matched to an OSM object. The red circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a school on the official list. The lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects. Dark green lines represent a match based on the ref:edubase (England & Wales), ref:seedcode (Scotland) and ref:deni (Northern Ireland) tags. Light green lines represent a match based on location in the absense of an OSM ref:* tag. Orange lines represnt a match based on location, with an incorrect ref:* tag. The location matches can match the wrong schools, particularly in inner-city areas where there are many schools in close proximity. To fix incorrect location matches, add the appropriate ref:* tag to the OSM amenity=school objects. For more information see below.

Schools not matched to an OSM Object

Note that only OSM ways and relations tagged with amenity=school or amenity=college are checked for possible matches. In most cases, any nodes tagged like this would be better converted to way polygons covering the whole of the school site. The matching process is simplistic, so an incorrect matching may result in a different nearby school being the one that is really missing. Also, it is not currently clear what licence the official Edubase / Scottish Government data can be re-used under. Until this is clarified, you should not use the data below directly to add schools to OSM. However, knowing that there is a school missing in a particular area, you may be able to add that school using other sources -- e.g. Bing, OS Street View, and by searching for the possible school's own website.

Official ID Postcode Official Name
141755 (E) BH17 8AP Ad Astra Infant School
146038 (E) BH21 5RU Aurora Boveridge College
146790 (E) BH21 5RT Aurora Boveridge College - The Beeches School
145721 (E) BH20 7DB Bere Regis Primary and Preschool
138249 (E) BH2 6NA Bournemouth Christian School
132082 (E) BH8 8TH Cambian Wing College
134374 (E) BH23 1PJ Christchurch Learning Centre
145405 (E) BH31 6JF Emmanuel Middle Church of England Middle School
143314 (E) BH15 4DG Hamworthy Park Junior School
139692 (E) BH8 0LT Jewell Academy Bournemouth
138333 (E) BH2 6LD Kings Bournemouth
138385 (E) BH11 9JW LeAF Studio
146386 (E) BH23 6DF Parkfield School
113950 (E) BH19 1PR Purbeck View School
139249 (E) BH24 2EB Sheiling College
146044 (E) BH21 3AA South West Regional Assessment Centre
131891 (E) BH23 8EE The Fortune Centre of Riding Therapy
147087 (E) BH20 6NU The Harbour School
139498 (E) BH12 4HU The Quay School
147198 (E) BH23 6AQ The Stable School

OSM Objects not matched to a school on the official lists

Entries here could be due to: Former schools that have now closed, more than one area being tagged for a single school, the official entry for a real school being matched incorrectly to a different OSM object, or institutions not included in the official lists being tagged as schools in OSM. Not all of these entries will be errors in the OSM data, so be careful before making any edits.

OSM Object OSM Name OSM Ref
w267163170 Bere Regis Community School
w454026190 Buckholme Towers School 113930
w272149074 Corfe Castle Community Pre-School
w543319075 Dunbury CofE Primary School
w439378001 Eagle International School
w156645934 Hillbourne Middle School
w264895823 Leeson House Field Studies Centre
w129463357 Longspee School
r1520328 Oakdale South Road Middle School
w154000938 Queens Park Academy
w247284141 Southbourne School of English
w252923214 St Luke's Primary School (Infant Department)
w102675864 St Peter's Lower School
w265887046 St. Mark's Church of England (VA) Primary School
w243099781 Talbot combined school

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Schools matched to an OSM object by location

Note that the matching is very simplistic, just taking the nearest unmatched OSM amenity=school or amenity=college way or relation within 1km of the postcode centroid of each official entry in turn. Where several school sites are in close proximity, they may be matched incorrectly.

Official ID Postcode Official Name OSM Object OSM Name MN MR MPC Offset
147467 (E) BH7 6NZ Avonbourne Boys' Academy w100836240 Harewood College + + 94 m
138193 (E) BH7 6NY Avonbourne Girls Academy w100836242 Avonbourne College + + 19 m
142974 (E) BH14 8UL Baden-Powell and St Peter's Church of England Junior School w778257225 + 22 m
145496 (E) BH16 5AH Bayside Academy w147981335 Turlin Moor Community School + + 107 m
143477 (E) BH11 9UN Bearwood Primary and Nursery School w434851207 Bearwood Primary & Nursery School + + 25 m
144873 (E) BH12 1PG Bishop Aldhelm's Church of England Primary School w124903314 Bishop Aldhelm's CE VA Primary School + + 110 m
113929 (E) BH14 9JY Bournemouth Collegiate Preparatory School w447050617 + 54 m
147264 (E) BH20 6LE Bovington Academy w55152728 Bovington Primary School + + 51 m
141258 (E) BH18 8AA Broadstone First School w15625316 Broadstone First + + 84 m
113789 (E) BH23 7JY Burton Church of England Primary School w24917173 Burton CE VC Primary School + + 138 m
141762 (E) BH17 8PJ Canford Heath Infant School w129463730 Canford Heath First School + + 92 m
140705 (E) BH11 9EH Christ The King Catholic Primary School w137630783 Christ The King School + + 102 m
142145 (E) BH20 5EE Corfe Castle Church of England Primary School w272149076 Corfe Castle Primary School + + 11 m
113845 (E) BH5 2BX Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School w68729268 Corpus Christi Primary School + + 46 m
142972 (E) BH14 9HL Courthill Infant School w347379528 Courthill First School + + 3 m
113797 (E) BH21 5QB Cranborne Church of England Voluntary Aided First School w175877676 Cranborne C of E First School + + 101 m
140008 (E) BH10 4EX Glenmoor Academy r3351164 + 673 m
141138 (E) BH19 1PE Harrow House International College w267145723 Harrow House + + 91 m
134892 (E) BH17 7HX Hillbourne Primary School w156645935 Hillbourne First School + + 108 m
141671 (E) BH1 4NB King's Park Academy w118606273 Kings Park Primary School + + 197 m
142970 (E) BH14 8JX Lilliput Church of England Infant School w447050567 + 205 m
144554 (E) BH12 3DT Livingstone Road Infant School w401966955 Branksome Heath Junior School + + 164 m
144602 (E) BH12 3DX Livingstone Road Junior School w401966954 Sylvan Infant School + + 107 m
142973 (E) BH15 2HF Longfleet Church of England Primary School w372840908 Longfleet CofE VC Primary School + + 92 m
140067 (E) BH17 8PJ Longspee School r2252332 Canford Heath Middle School + + 87 m
135323 (E) BH20 5SA Lulworth and Winfrith CofE VC Primary School w459304871 + 213 m
146475 (E) BH16 6DY Lytchett Matravers Primary School w184840177 + 129 m
139711 (E) BH17 8RE Magna Academy w312155090 Adastral First School + + 157 m
141745 (E) BH12 4JG Manorside Academy w139704250 Manorside Primary School + + 141 m
113738 (E) BH23 3HH Mudeford Community Infants' School w188255765 Mudeford Infant School + + 71 m
115928 (E) BH25 6PZ New Milton Infant School w620415976 Adult Learning Centre New Milton + 181 m
115929 (E) BH25 6DS New Milton Junior School w157939981 + 127 m
141089 (E) BH14 0PZ Ocean Academy Poole w587525561 The Bournemouth and Poole College + + 325 m
142971 (E) BH15 1QB Old Town Infant School and Nursery w307404812 Old Town Infant School & Nursery + + 12 m
113764 (E) BH21 4EE Pamphill Voluntary Controlled Church of England First School w346570921 Pamphill School + + 178 m
136368 (E) BH17 7EP Parkstone Grammar School w270718304 Parkstone Grammar (Girls) + + 49 m
139453 (E) BH5 2AS Pokesdown Community Primary School w68698730 Pokesdown Primary School + + 64 m
138860 (E) BH8 9PU Queen's Park Academy w252242749 + 51 m
139447 (E) BH8 9PU Queen's Park Infant Academy w819903309 Queen's Park Infant Academy + + 29 m
136657 (E) BH24 1SE Ringwood School Academy w93203391 Ringwood School + 52 m
113818 (E) BH20 7BN Sandford St Martin's Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School w121883034 Sandford Primary School + + 24 m
142102 (E) BH1 4DZ St Clement's and St John's Church of England Infant School w245333901 + 62 m
113893 (E) BH15 3HY St Edward's Roman Catholic/Church of England School, Poole w156647056 Saint Edwards RC/CoE School + + 246 m
113803 (E) BH19 3HB St George's Church of England Primary School, Langton Matravers w158613749 St George's C.E. V.A. Primary School + + 216 m
140760 (E) BH7 6DW St James' Church of England Primary Academy w68729350 Thomas Garnet School + + 587 m
113848 (E) BH23 3DA St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Christchurch w188255778 St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School + + 33 m
113841 (E) BH6 4NA St Katharine's Church of England Primary School w93205636 St Katherine's Primary School + + 196 m
142103 (E) BH9 1LG St Luke's Church of England Primary School w252923460 St Luke's Primary School (Junior Department) + + 68 m
140770 (E) BH20 6DS St Mary & St Joseph's Catholic Primary School w267162926 St Mary & St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School + + 144 m
140777 (E) BH15 3QQ St Mary's Catholic Primary School, Poole w372572330 St Mary's Catholic Combined School + + 141 m
140780 (E) BH19 1QE St Mary's Catholic Primary School, Swanage w627753664 Swanage Grammar School + + 143 m
142446 (E) BH2 5LH St Michael's Church of England Primary School w51568799 Saint Michael's School + + 54 m
137349 (E) BH6 4AH St Peter's Catholic Comprehensive School w769256704 St Peter's RC School + + 133 m
113944 (E) BH5 2BH St Thomas Garnet's School w68729259 Corpus Christi School Annexe + + 97 m
113898 (E) BH9 3BY St Walburga's Catholic Primary School w127030982 St Walburga's RC Primary School + + 97 m
140527 (E) BH15 3AA Stanley Green Infant Academy w156647454 Stanley Green Infant Acadamy + 98 m
113753 (E) BH20 5AD Stoborough Church of England Primary School w262952347 + 91 m
138815 (E) BH6 5JS Stourfield Infant School w247828482 + 5 m
144047 (E) BH6 5JG Stourfield Junior School w125786651 + 190 m
142165 (E) BH19 2PH Swanage St Mark's Church of England Primary School w267567103 The Swanage School + 129 m
136120 (E) BH8 9PW The Bishop of Winchester Academy w77609511 Bishop of Winchester Academy + + 24 m
138040 (E) BH9 3PE The Epiphany School w236062452 The Epiphany Church of England Primary School + + 12 m
113855 (E) BH20 4PF The Purbeck School w158614887 + 162 m
139376 (E) BH19 2PH The Swanage School w158614334 St. Mark's CE VA Primary School + + 84 m
137998 (E) BH7 6QP Tregonwell Academy w100836246 The Bicknell School + + 15 m
143313 (E) BH15 4AX Twin Sails Infant and Nursery School w263312837 + 148 m
142671 (E) BH23 2NH Twynham Primary School w798408027 Twynham Primary School + 92 m
146490 (E) BH16 5NQ Upton Junior School w202502281 Upton Junior School + + 77 m
146720 (E) BH31 6JF Verwood Church of England First School w136607967 + 212 m
113954 (E) BH13 6AS Victoria Education Centre w447050718 + 74 m
142167 (E) BH20 4PG Wareham St Mary Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School w170819772 Wareham St Mary Primary School + + 336 m
140007 (E) BH10 4HT Winton Academy w690212121 Winton & Glenmoor Academies + + 91 m

Schools matched to an OSM object by reference number

Official ID Postcode Official Name OSM Object OSM Name MN MPC Offset
141757 (E) BH21 1PL Allenbourn Middle School w167008385 Allenbourn Middle School 86 m
115855 (E) BH25 5AA Ashley Infant School w166822749 Ashley Infant School 106 m
116488 (E) BH25 5FN Ashley Junior School w166943581 Ashley Junior School 88 m
116524 (E) BH25 5SU Ballard School w182029444 Ballard School 118 m
113956 (E) BH21 2SS Beaucroft Foundation School w452286130 Beaucroft Foundation School 44 m
142100 (E) BH1 4DJ Bethany Church of England Junior School w439527563 Bethany Church of England Junior School 105 m
113937 (E) BH5 2DY Bournemouth Collegiate School w70497123 Bournemouth Collegiate School 52 m
137452 (E) BH8 9PY Bournemouth School w227372470 Bournemouth School 16 m
136996 (E) BH8 9UJ Bournemouth School for Girls w124490546 Bournemouth School for Girls 53 m
137693 (E) BH23 8JH Bransgore Church of England Primary School w126026530 Bransgore Church of England Primary School 64 m
141184 (E) BH18 8AE Broadstone Middle School w202311945 Broadstone Middle School 128 m
115870 (E) BH24 4AP Burley Primary School w127088568 Burley Primary School 180 m
141763 (E) BH17 8PJ Canford Heath Junior School w454037326 Canford Heath Junior School 139 m
113922 (E) BH21 3AD Canford School w454036688 Canford School 223 m
139258 (E) BH15 4BQ Carter Community School w4733700 Carter Community School 84 m
113931 (E) BH21 3RF Castle Court Preparatory School w378444792 Castle Court Preparatory School 191 m
113734 (E) BH23 2AE Christchurch Infant School w29088172 Christchurch Infant School 69 m
145428 (E) BH23 2AA Christchurch Junior School w29088171 Christchurch Junior School 222 m
141768 (E) BH21 2LZ Colehill First School w452286020 Colehill First School 99 m
136574 (E) BH18 9BG Corfe Hills School w83556627 Corfe Hills School 86 m
113853 (E) BH21 5RP Cranborne Middle School w175890874 Cranborne Middle School 104 m
113923 (E) BH21 7AF Dumpton School w444014273 Dumpton School 26 m
116522 (E) BH25 7AQ Durlston Court School w157945241 Durlston Court School 102 m
138990 (E) BH11 9JN Elm Academy w454036409 Elm Academy 123 m
113667 (E) BH22 9FB Ferndown First School w591286415 Ferndown First School 93 m
113878 (E) BH22 9UP Ferndown Middle School w770060663 Ferndown Middle School 15 m
113854 (E) BH22 9EY Ferndown Upper School w435505109 Ferndown Upper School 73 m
113802 (E) BH21 7LX Hampreston Church of England Voluntary Aided First School w454036883 Hampreston Church of England Voluntary Aided First School 83 m
141786 (E) BH21 2HN Hayeswood First School w452285865 Hayeswood First School 83 m
141787 (E) BH17 8WG Haymoor Junior School w312200873 Haymoor Junior School 102 m
145212 (E) BH12 2BG Heatherlands Primary School w439212670 Heatherlands Primary School 137 m
142101 (E) BH11 8HB Heathlands Primary Academy w454036284 Heathlands Primary Academy 119 m
147710 (E) BH21 3TR Henbury View First School w83556617 Henbury View First School 176 m
136763 (E) BH23 4QD Highcliffe School w188280504 Highcliffe School 27 m
134987 (E) BH23 5AZ Highcliffe St Mark Primary School w188318898 Highcliffe St Mark Primary School 113 m
142352 (E) BH10 5BD Hill View Primary School w447050446 Hill View Primary School 33 m
146690 (E) BH31 7HE Hillside Community First School w129536466 Hillside Community First School 132 m
142428 (E) BH10 5HT Kingsleigh Primary School w454027575 Kingsleigh Primary School 125 m
146796 (E) BH11 9DG Kinson Academy w137528650 Kinson Academy 107 m
133740 (E) BH12 5BN Langside School w372372968 Langside School 182 m
113961 (E) BH9 1AJ Linwood School r6640654 Linwood School 195 m
145811 (E) BH21 3HQ Lockyer's Middle School w83556625 Lockyers Middle School 246 m
113863 (E) BH16 6JD Lytchett Minster School w127819411 Lytchett Minster School 227 m
142354 (E) BH8 8LU Malmesbury Park Primary School w127030469 Malmesbury Park Primary School 15 m
141794 (E) BH21 1SD Merley First School w156645857 Merley First School 144 m
137286 (E) BH17 9NG Montacute School w454037742 Montacute School 76 m
142435 (E) BH9 2SA Moordown St John's Church of England Primary School w447050360 Moordown St John's Church of England Primary School 68 m
116559 (E) BH24 3NF Moyles Court School r6457314 Moyles Court School 80 m
113740 (E) BH23 3HP Mudeford Junior School w188255763 Mudeford Junior School 191 m
142436 (E) BH8 0AB Muscliff Primary School w236058816 Muscliff Primary School 88 m
139037 (E) BH11 9JJ Oak Academy w390615205 Oak Academy 115 m
142975 (E) BH15 3JR Oakdale Junior School w106628955 Oakdale Junior School 116 m
142500 (E) BH22 0DY Oakhurst Community First School w435505498 Oakhurst Community First School 113 m
113939 (E) BH8 9BJ Park School w447050239 Park School 65 m
113682 (E) BH22 8QE Parley First School w454037035 Parley First School 134 m
136850 (E) BH17 9JU Poole Grammar School w127777629 Poole Grammar School 82 m
113907 (E) BH15 2BW Poole High School w106632998 Poole High School 144 m
113942 (E) BH23 6BP Portfield School w335326008 Portfield School 27 m
116031 (E) BH24 3LA Poulner Infant School w166925184 Poulner Infant School 126 m
115999 (E) BH24 3LA Poulner Junior School w166925182 Poulner Junior School 122 m
141526 (E) BH21 4DT Queen Elizabeth's School r6529486 Queen Elizabeth's School 185 m
116309 (E) BH24 1LG Ringwood Church of England Infant School w166928475 Ringwood Church of England Infant School 140 m
115943 (E) BH24 1NH Ringwood Junior School w93204719 Ringwood Junior School 160 m
113943 (E) BH24 2NN Ringwood Waldorf School r6457276 Ringwood Waldorf School 88 m
113684 (E) BH21 3PX Rushcombe First School w83556615 Rushcombe First School 101 m
113952 (E) BH24 2EB Sheiling School w454015690 Sheiling School 112 m
113736 (E) BH23 3AS Somerford Primary School w447049142 Somerford Primary School 25 m
115948 (E) BH23 8ET Sopley Primary School w166929603 Sopley Primary School 85 m
143616 (E) BH18 9BW Springdale First School w454038252 Springdale First School 74 m
136206 (E) BH12 4HS St Aldhelm's Academy w439213121 St Aldhelm's Academy 96 m
140756 (E) BH21 2HN St Catherine's Catholic Primary School, Wimborne w452285842 St Catherine's Catholic Primary School, Wimborne 190 m
142505 (E) BH24 2LE St Ives Primary & Nursery School r6457277 St Ives Primary & Nursery School 113 m
113761 (E) BH21 4JN St James' Church of England Voluntary Controlled First School w442173811 St James' CofE (VC) First School 121 m
141821 (E) BH21 1BX St John's Church of England First School, Wimborne w454037887 St John's Church of England First School, Wimborne 151 m
140767 (E) BH12 4DZ St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Poole w439213048 St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Poole 65 m
142445 (E) BH10 4JA St Mark's Church of England Primary School r3391861 St Mark's Church of England Primary School 69 m
113940 (E) BH3 7NA St Martin's School w454025629 St Martin's School 21 m
141829 (E) BH21 7AB St Michael's Church of England Middle School, Colehill w452286181 St Michael's Church of England Voluntary Aided Middle School, Colehill 181 m
113675 (E) BH21 4AY Sturminster Marshall First School w263771065 Sturminster Marshall First School 72 m
113677 (E) BH19 2EY Swanage Primary School w117421461 Swanage Primary School 38 m
113945 (E) BH4 9NJ Talbot Heath School w4812673 Talbot Heath School 92 m
113941 (E) BH9 2LR Talbot House School w454026305 Talbot House School 6 m
144874 (E) BH12 5ED Talbot Primary School r3391863 Talbot Primary School 117 m
136652 (E) BH25 6RS The Arnewood School w182027960 Arnewood School 89 m
136125 (E) BH10 5HS The Bourne Academy w454027603 The Bourne Academy 99 m
130652 (E) BH14 0LS The Bournemouth and Poole College w454038148 The Bournemouth and Poole College 98 m
142906 (E) BH25 6SY The Eaglewood School w618278317 77 m
141378 (E) BH23 3AU The Grange School w447049476 The Grange School 60 m
113847 (E) BH23 1HX The Priory Church of England Primary School w447049179 The Priory Church of England Primary School 35 m
142512 (E) BH21 6RF Three Legged Cross First and Nursery School r6457275 Three Legged Cross First and Nursery School 87 m
132767 (E) BH31 7PG Trinity CofE VA First School w129536473 Trinty CofE VA First School 158 m
136649 (E) BH23 1JF Twynham School w28914719 Twynham School 247 m
146496 (E) BH16 5LQ Upton Infant School w454038412 Upton Infant School 83 m
113861 (E) BH22 0DA West Moors Middle School w435505557 West Moors Middle School 115 m
142514 (E) BH22 0JF West Moors, St Mary's Church of England Voluntary Controlled First School w815024156 St Mary's CE First School and Nursery 134 m
113679 (E) BH21 1HQ Wimborne First School w187369923 Wimborne First School 61 m
113819 (E) BH21 5LX Wimborne St Giles Church of England First School and Nursery r6457312 Wimborne St Giles Church of England First School and Nursery 164 m
113955 (E) BH12 4LL Winchelsea School w140697949 Winchelsea School 153 m
142453 (E) BH9 2TG Winton Primary School w70817199 Winton Primary School 69 m
141854 (E) BH21 5AP Witchampton Church of England First School w439045545 Witchampton Church of England First School 71 m
113822 (E) BH20 6BT Wool Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School w51823692 Wool CE VA Primary School 134 m
113914 (E) BH16 5EU Yarrells Preparatory School w454038462 Yarrells Preparatory School 111 m

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