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OSM Schools Progress in the 'BN' Postal Area

The blue circles on the map are schools from the official lists that haven't been matched to an OSM object. The red circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a school on the official list. The lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects. Dark green lines represent a match based on the ref:edubase (England & Wales), ref:seedcode (Scotland) and ref:deni (Northern Ireland) tags. Light green lines represent a match based on location in the absense of an OSM ref:* tag. Orange lines represnt a match based on location, with an incorrect ref:* tag. The location matches can match the wrong schools, particularly in inner-city areas where there are many schools in close proximity. To fix incorrect location matches, add the appropriate ref:* tag to the OSM amenity=school objects. For more information see below.

Schools not matched to an OSM Object

Note that only OSM ways and relations tagged with amenity=school or amenity=college are checked for possible matches. In most cases, any nodes tagged like this would be better converted to way polygons covering the whole of the school site. The matching process is simplistic, so an incorrect matching may result in a different nearby school being the one that is really missing. Also, it is not currently clear what licence the official Edubase / Scottish Government data can be re-used under. Until this is clarified, you should not use the data below directly to add schools to OSM. However, knowing that there is a school missing in a particular area, you may be able to add that school using other sources -- e.g. Bing, OS Street View, and by searching for the possible school's own website.

Official ID Postcode Official Name
139657 (E) BN22 8HR Anderida Learning Centre
138261 (E) BN3 7QA Bilingual Primary School - Brighton & Hove
146036 (E) BN3 4FH Brighton & Hove Clinic School
140384 (E) BN27 3NW Burfield Academy
145116 (E) BN9 0NS Compass Community School South
131127 (E) BN3 6GE Drive Preparatory School
125862 (E) BN13 2JD Durrington Infant School
125952 (E) BN13 2JD Durrington Junior School
125919 (E) BN16 1EZ East Preston Infant School
147546 (E) BN11 1BG Educateu
125864 (E) BN12 6EN Field Place Infant School
114394 (E) BN8 4SJ Hamsey Community Primary School
145254 (E) BN23 8EJ Hazel Court School
140385 (E) BN9 9FD High Cliff Academy
114403 (E) BN3 5JA Hove Junior School
144505 (E) BN8 5RB King's Academy Ringmer
135111 (E) BN18 9QY My Choice School Arundel
126161 (E) BN13 1JX Oak Grove College
114410 (E) BN7 3EB Plumpton Primary School
143935 (E) BN11 1PS Reflections Small School
135691 (E) BN11 2BE Seadown School
140679 (E) BN9 9JL Seahaven Academy
135180 (E) BN15 8AN Springboard Education
114677 (E) BN25 2HU St. John's School (Seaford)
131504 (E) BN18 0SX The Amicus School
125939 (E) BN6 8LS The Windmills Junior School

OSM Objects not matched to a school on the official lists

Entries here could be due to: Former schools that have now closed, more than one area being tagged for a single school, the official entry for a real school being matched incorrectly to a different OSM object, or institutions not included in the official lists being tagged as schools in OSM. Not all of these entries will be errors in the OSM data, so be careful before making any edits.

OSM Object OSM Name OSM Ref
w151866639 Balfour Primary School (Infants)
w151866640 Balfour Primary School (Juniors)
w499433091 Bede's Senior School
w53840053 Birchwood Grove County Primary School
w308664002 Brighton College - Nursery and Pre-Prep
w4796362 Burgess Hill Girls
w53853192 Downs View Link College
w165406802 Downs View Link College
w822219116 East Sussex College Eastbourne
w617654170 Flintstone Centre
r8236206 Herstmonceux Castle
w92728403 Hove Park School & 6th Form Centre
w446007908 Lewes New School
w109634900 Marle Place Adult Education Centre
w793891599 Peacehaven Infant School
w455542395 Rodmell Church of England Primary School 114561
w219050936 Roundabout Nursery
w54517401 Seaford Head Community College
w54517403 Seaford Head School
w334986057 Seaford Head Six Form Center
w178319731 St. Giles International
w389628161 Steyning Grammar School
w54616414 Sussex Downs College
w95543383 Sussex Downs College
w417411201 Thakeham Primary Schoool
w303944851 The Haven School
w165406797 The Hutchins Wing
w261841670 Worthing College

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Schools matched to an OSM object by location

Note that the matching is very simplistic, just taking the nearest unmatched OSM amenity=school or amenity=college way or relation within 1km of the postcode centroid of each official entry in turn. Where several school sites are in close proximity, they may be matched incorrectly.

Official ID Postcode Official Name OSM Object OSM Name MN MR MPC Offset
114555 (E) BN3 7QD Aldrington CofE Primary School w92729588 Aldrington Church of England Primary + + 73 m
114385 (E) BN26 5XB Alfriston School w70089120 Alfriston School + + 51 m
146786 (E) BN25 4LF Annecy Catholic Primary School w309094332 Annecy Catholic Primary School + + 58 m
126019 (E) BN18 9HT Arundel CofE Primary School w232807153 Arundel Church of England Primary School + + 223 m
114653 (E) BN20 7XL Bede's Prep School w185754562 St Bede's Preparatory School + 50 m
114657 (E) BN27 3QH Bede's Senior School w185755950 Bede's Senior School + 137 m
114664 (E) BN1 4LF Bellerbys College Brighton w110723957 Downs Infant School + + 901 m
114485 (E) BN2 4JP Bevendean Primary School w404090836 Bevendean Primary School + 43 m
114606 (E) BN3 7BW Blatchington Mill School w92729581 Blatchington Mill School and 6th Form College + + 108 m
140424 (E) BN14 8AH Bohunt School Worthing w92725570 Northbrook College + + 244 m
114473 (E) BN22 8BD Bourne Primary School w122749121 Bourne School + 59 m
114413 (E) BN41 2LA Brackenbury Primary School w92727317 Portslade Infants School + + 167 m
136164 (E) BN1 9PW Brighton Aldridge Community Academy w122100611 Brighton Aldridge Community Academy + 143 m
114614 (E) BN2 0AL Brighton College w119013731 Brighton College + 61 m
114621 (E) BN2 0EU Brighton College Nursery, Pre-Prep and Prep School w308766351 Brighton College - Prep School + 5 m
114658 (E) BN1 3AT Brighton Girls w188143437 Brighton & Hove High School + 61 m
130669 (E) BN3 6EG Brighton Hove and Sussex Sixth Form College w164904721 Brighton, Hove and Sussex Sixth Form College + 73 m
126033 (E) BN14 7TQ Broadwater CofE Primary School w92725572 Broadwater CofE + + 57 m
131789 (E) BN1 8LU Carden Nursery and Primary School w151556606 Carden Primary School + 58 m
114611 (E) BN3 6ND Cardinal Newman Catholic School w102866262 Cottesmore St Mary's Catholic School + + 163 m
114381 (E) BN2 9HS Carlton Hill Primary School w137403359 St Giles International + 388 m
138565 (E) BN1 7FP Central Hub Brighton w455543266 The Cedar Centre 65 m
114682 (E) BN8 4EF Chailey Heritage School w99870897 Chailey Heritage School + + 33 m
114594 (E) BN8 4PU Chailey School w612251468 Chailey School + 171 m
125961 (E) BN11 2AA Chesswood Junior School w171223975 Chesswood Middle School + + 222 m
114384 (E) BN1 9EN Coldean Primary School w150447542 Coldean Primary School + 87 m
142143 (E) BN22 9RB College Central w593904970 College Central + 84 m
114567 (E) BN3 6NB Cottesmore St Mary's Catholic Primary School w102866261 Cardinal Newman Catholic School + 77 m
126093 (E) BN11 2JX Davison Church of England High School for Girls, Worthing w72518729 Davison CofE High School for Girls + + 86 m
114500 (E) BN6 8TU Ditchling (St Margaret's) Church of England Primary School w332438286 Ditchling St Margaret's CofE Primary School + 90 m
114580 (E) BN1 6PZ Dorothy Stringer School w53853195 Dorothy Stringer School + 81 m
126087 (E) BN6 8LP Downlands Community School w53857018 Downlands Community School + 81 m
146089 (E) BN1 8XR Downs View Life Skills College Ltd w455543492 Patcham House Special School 96 m
144244 (E) BN16 1EZ East Preston Junior School w23003318 East Preston Schools + + 74 m
114487 (E) BN2 3AJ Fairlight Primary School w122103162 Fairlight Primary and Nursery School + + 49 m
125959 (E) BN16 3JJ Georgian Gardens Community Primary School w92722335 Georgian Gardens Community School + + 140 m
114398 (E) BN3 7JW Goldstone Primary School w239328822 Goldstone School + + 84 m
130842 (E) BN12 6NU Greater Brighton Metropolitan College w29049935 Northbrook College (West Durrington Campus) + + 60 m
114393 (E) BN27 3UW Grovelands Community Primary School w38499380 + 144 m
138472 (E) BN27 1DT Hailsham Community College w399366247 Hailsham Community College + 159 m
114399 (E) BN3 8LF Hangleton Primary School w111607320 Hangleton Infants School + + 199 m
114441 (E) BN9 9LX Harbour Primary and Nursery School w341993307 + 127 m
125933 (E) BN6 8EY Hassocks Infant School w54293368 Hassocks Infants School + + 145 m
114396 (E) BN27 4DS Hellingly Community Primary School w137955472 Hellingly CP School + 91 m
138390 (E) BN22 9EE Heron Park Primary Academy w43377978 Heron Park Academy + 103 m
114506 (E) BN27 4LG Herstmonceux Church of England Primary School w22767691 Herstmonceux C of E Primary School + + 65 m
114687 (E) BN41 2FU Hill Park School w235378692 + 118 m
114678 (E) BN1 7LA Homewood College w122111550 Alternative Centre for Education + 43 m
114607 (E) BN3 7BN Hove Park School and Sixth Form Centre w92729593 Hove Park School & 6th Form Centre + 88 m
126136 (E) BN6 9JS Hurstpierpoint College r4669423 Hurstpierpoint College + 228 m
114530 (E) BN7 3NR Iford and Kingston Church of England Primary School w112344272 + 61 m
139409 (E) BN3 8BN King's School w92728404 West Blatchington Junior School + + 157 m
143046 (E) BN1 4SB Kings Brighton w97044690 + 243 m
135930 (E) BN6 9HT LVS Hassocks w53841838 LVS Hassocks + + 267 m
126108 (E) BN15 0RW Lancing College w168362398 Lancing College + 186 m
114626 (E) BN3 6LU Lancing College Preparatory School At Hove w112015901 Lancing College Preparatory School (Mowden) + 71 m
126114 (E) BN14 8HU Lancing College Preparatory School at Worthing w92725575 Lancing College Preparatory School at Worthing + + 92 m
146231 (E) BN23 7EA Langney Primary Academy w303915028 Langney School + 20 m
128922 (E) BN27 1NP Lansdowne Children's Centre w757893269 Hailsham Community College Primary Academy + + 810 m
114634 (E) BN7 1XS Lewes Old Grammar School w499506677 Lewes Old Grammar School + + 11 m
114581 (E) BN2 7FR Longhill High School w25772335 Longhill High School + 94 m
125927 (E) BN17 7JZ Lyminster Primary School w252132109 Lyminster Primary School + + 12 m
125960 (E) BN11 2DG Lyndhurst Infant School w171224247 Lyndhurst First School + + 118 m
114475 (E) BN10 8BZ Meridian Community Primary School and Nursery w26334173 Meridian Community Primary School + + 156 m
125841 (E) BN15 0PT North Lancing Primary School w92725943 North Lancing Primary School + + 130 m
114645 (E) BN7 3EY Northease Manor School w54615267 Northease Manor School + + 124 m
144954 (E) BN20 8XN Ocklynge Junior School w65149876 Ocklynge Junior School + + 5 m
142381 (E) BN12 6EN Orchards Junior School w167914858 Field Place Infant School + 45 m
144659 (E) BN22 9QJ Parkland Infant School w821625187 Parkland Infant School + 62 m
114443 (E) BN41 2PA Peter Gladwin Primary School w235378688 + 184 m
145016 (E) BN27 2PH Phoenix Academy w399366248 Marshlands School + 79 m
130667 (E) BN7 3AE Plumpton College w54291751 Plumpton College + + 233 m
114435 (E) BN26 6PT Polegate Primary School w399365741 Polegate County Primary + + 24 m
114598 (E) BN7 2XN Priory School w95460287 Priory School + + 37 m
138474 (E) BN21 2XR Ratton School w23261552 Ratton School + 33 m
114415 (E) BN8 5LL Ringmer Primary and Nursery School w34597867 Ringmer Primary School + + 83 m
140089 (E) BN17 6EW River Beach Primary School w92721094 River Beach Primary School + + 109 m
114616 (E) BN2 5RQ Roedean School w226699636 Roedean School + 215 m
114486 (E) BN2 6RH Rudyard Kipling Primary School & Nursery w34339160 Rudyard Kipling Primary School + + 206 m
139478 (E) BN16 3PW Rustington Community Primary School w92721980 Rustington Community Primary School + 63 m
114479 (E) BN2 8HB Saltdean Primary School w304442127 Saltdean Primary School + 171 m
138473 (E) BN25 4LX Seaford Head School w448835443 Seaford Head Upper School + + 25 m
144662 (E) BN23 8ED Shinewater Primary School w294033481 Shinewater Primary School + + 136 m
125885 (E) BN43 5RH Shoreham Beach Primary School w235742349 Shoreham Beach Primary School + 66 m
126112 (E) BN43 6YW Shoreham College w235862589 Shoreham College + 29 m
126121 (E) BN15 0AZ Sompting Abbotts School w168319220 Sompting Abbotts Preparatory School + 272 m
114510 (E) BN7 1JP Southover CofE Primary School w560066665 Southover School + 68 m
114534 (E) BN22 7PP St Andrew's Church of England Infants School w252216975 St Andrew's C.E. Infant School + 45 m
114556 (E) BN3 3YT St Andrew's CofE (Aided) Primary School w122102379 St Andrew's School + 50 m
126094 (E) BN14 8BG St Andrew's CofE High School for Boys w92725576 St Andrews CE High School for Boys + + 144 m
143035 (E) BN23 7BL St Catherine's College r5999156 St Catherine's College + 134 m
114639 (E) BN3 4AD St Christopher's School w122748881 St Christopher's School + 76 m
114540 (E) BN2 0AH St John the Baptist Catholic Primary School w96994607 St John Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School + + 43 m
126027 (E) BN14 0TR St John the Baptist CofE Primary School w361021850 Findon St John The Baptist Primary School + + 111 m
147712 (E) BN20 7XS St John's Meads Church of England Primary School w440997044 St John's Meads Church of England Primary School 88 m
139879 (E) BN6 9UY St Lawrence CofE Primary School w54111768 St. Lawrence Church of England Primary School + + 291 m
114539 (E) BN2 3LJ St Martin's CofE Primary School w122103254 St Martins Church of England Primary School + + 49 m
114570 (E) BN41 1LB St Mary's Catholic Primary School w235962631 St Mary's Catholic Primary School + 223 m
126024 (E) BN17 5QU St Mary's CofE Primary School w92720750 St. Mary's Primary School + + 316 m
114560 (E) BN41 2LA St Nicolas' CofE Primary School w92727318 St Nicholas CE Junior School + 132 m
114568 (E) BN7 1SR St Pancras Catholic Primary School w446108130 St Pancras Catholic Primary School + + 43 m
114543 (E) BN1 3LP St Paul's CofE Primary School and Nursery w165275677 St Paul's CE Primary School + 63 m
126041 (E) BN43 6PJ St Peter's Catholic Primary School, Shoreham-by-Sea w122111812 St. Peter's RC Primary School + + 114 m
126036 (E) BN18 9BA St Philip's Catholic Primary School, Arundel w93099356 St Philips School + + 10 m
125996 (E) BN44 3RQ Steyning CofE Primary School w265859144 Steyning CofE Primary School + 271 m
126092 (E) BN44 3RX Steyning Grammar School w265859102 Steyning Grammar School + 240 m
114484 (E) BN24 5EF Stone Cross School w122753192 Stone Cross School + + 33 m
131518 (E) BN16 3SW Summerlea Community Primary School w92721987 Summerlea Community Primary School + 174 m
125914 (E) BN43 5WH Swiss Gardens Primary School w122112083 The Meads + + 92 m
126081 (E) BN16 4HH The Angmering School w92722485 The Angmering School + 94 m
114673 (E) BN1 8TB The Dharma Primary School w149997703 Dharma School + + 169 m
141348 (E) BN15 9NZ The Globe Primary Academy w29997509 The Globe + + 107 m
131381 (E) BN23 5SW The Haven Voluntary Aided CofE/Methodist Primary School w294796611 The Haven Church of England and Methodist Primary School + + 14 m
135745 (E) BN17 6FE The Littlehampton Academy w125487976 The Littlehampton Academy + + 150 m
136947 (E) BN3 3ER The Montessori Place w188141676 Brighton & Hove High School Junior School + 479 m
135744 (E) BN15 9QZ The Sir Robert Woodard Academy w168314448 Sir Robert Woodward Academy + + 36 m
125955 (E) BN14 7PR Thomas A Becket Junior School w92725569 Thomas A Becket Junior School + + 104 m
114458 (E) BN23 6NL Tollgate Community Junior School w294220904 Tollgate Junior School + 57 m
125865 (E) BN14 0DB Vale School, Worthing w360416094 Vale First and Middle School + + 76 m
130668 (E) BN1 6WQ Varndean College w53853191 Varndean College + + 26 m
114579 (E) BN1 6NP Varndean School w53853194 Varndean School + 85 m
114405 (E) BN7 1PU Wallands Community Primary School w494862661 Wallands School + + 121 m
114425 (E) BN3 8BN West Blatchington Primary and Nursery School w92728409 West Blatchington Infant School + + 104 m
114428 (E) BN3 5JA West Hove Infant School w119246459 West Hove Junior School + + 85 m
126016 (E) BN12 4HD West Park CofE Primary (Controlled) School w335368391 West Park C.E. School + + 95 m
114466 (E) BN23 7SL West Rise Community Infant School w399365365 The South Downs Community Special School - East Site + + 822 m
114467 (E) BN23 7SL West Rise Junior School w44173134 West Rise School + + 29 m
114406 (E) BN7 1JB Western Road Community Primary School w499506678 Lewes Old Grammar School + + 316 m
140794 (E) BN17 7JL White Meadows Primary Academy w390308011 White Meadows Primary School + + 95 m
114592 (E) BN20 9QX Willingdon Community School w137379052 Willingdon Community School + + 192 m
114422 (E) BN20 9RJ Willingdon Primary School w137379048 Willingdon Primary School + 102 m
114480 (E) BN2 6BB Woodingdean Primary School w158435268 Woodingdean Primary School + 69 m
139109 (E) BN14 7AR Worthing High School w92725577 Worthing High School + + 34 m
126001 (E) BN18 0DU Yapton CE Primary School w163363875 Yapton Primary School + 193 m

Schools matched to an OSM object by reference number

Official ID Postcode Official Name OSM Object OSM Name MN MPC Offset
126014 (E) BN6 9DH Albourne CofE Primary School w454322060 Albourne CofE Primary School 30 m
125970 (E) BN18 9NB Amberley CofE Primary School w209974459 Amberley CE First School 69 m
126020 (E) BN44 3AY Ashurst CofE Primary School w453763836 Ashurst CofE Primary School 220 m
114382 (E) BN1 6NE Balfour Primary School w53853196 Balfour Primary School 94 m
114488 (E) BN8 5DN Barcombe Church of England Primary School w455543202 Barcombe Church of England Primary School 112 m
114412 (E) BN41 1XS Benfield Primary School w455540943 Benfield Primary School 172 m
100986 (E) BN25 2JB Bowden House School w54500317 Bowden House School 286 m
125968 (E) BN14 8QB Bramber Primary School w453763416 Bramber Primary School 149 m
143120 (E) BN9 9UT Breakwater Academy w455546565 Breakwater Academy 62 m
133348 (E) BN1 6FB Brighton and Hove Montessori School w389851361 Brighton & Hove Montessori School 48 m
114446 (E) BN3 1RP Brunswick Primary School w455544246 Brunswick Primary School 271 m
134791 (E) BN43 5UD Buckingham Park Primary School w455539916 Buckingham Park Primary School 236 m
131669 (E) BN23 8EJ Causeway School w294033477 Causeway School 478 m
114495 (E) BN8 4DB Chailey St Peter's Church of England Primary School w447263117 St Peter's Church of England Primary School 92 m
126096 (E) BN12 5AF Chatsmore Catholic High School r6453661 Chatsmore Catholic High School 134 m
114391 (E) BN8 6HN Chiddingly Primary School w455542320 Chiddingly Primary School 112 m
114426 (E) BN25 3ST Chyngton School w440996908 Chyngton School 120 m
139677 (E) BN2 5FL City Academy Whitehawk w389919458 City Academy Whitehawk 154 m
125977 (E) BN13 3UU Clapham and Patching CofE Primary School w215036367 Clapham and Patching CE Primary School + 228 m
114365 (E) BN2 4BP Coombe Road Primary School w242208141 Coombe Road Primary School 52 m
126170 (E) BN17 6HY Cornfield School, Littlehampton w683873462 Cornfield School + 162 m
114434 (E) BN25 3BA Cradle Hill Community Primary School w54500314 Cradle Hill Community Primary School 104 m
142146 (E) BN25 4BA Cuckmere House School w440996924 Cuckmere House School 15 m
114641 (E) BN3 4ED Deepdene School w237098276 Deepdene School 131 m
114433 (E) BN9 0QJ Denton Community Primary School and Nursery w455546678 Denton Community Primary School and Nursery 61 m
114367 (E) BN1 6JA Downs Infant School w391601281 Downs Infant School 184 m
114366 (E) BN1 6ED Downs Junior School w122111348 Downs Junior School 64 m
114680 (E) BN2 6BB Downs View Special School w455545108 Downs View Special School 239 m
145925 (E) BN14 8GD Downsbrook Primary School w453763271 Downsbrook Primary School 22 m
140713 (E) BN13 1JX Durrington High School w92723385 Durrington High School 110 m
114501 (E) BN8 6EQ East Hoathly CofE Primary School w455543211 East Hoathly CofE Primary School 81 m
130665 (E) BN21 2UF East Sussex College Group w249238649 Sussex Coast College Hastings 22814 m
114650 (E) BN21 4JY Eastbourne College w446325026 Eastbourne College 104 m
139674 (E) BN42 4NF Eastbrook Primary Academy r6737853 Eastbrook Primary Academy 152 m
114477 (E) BN2 3ES Elm Grove Primary School w455544703 Elm Grove Primary School 126 m
125863 (E) BN11 5LQ Elm Grove Primary School, Worthing w454324509 Elm Grove Primary School, Worthing 54 m
126051 (E) BN12 6LA English Martyrs Catholic Primary School, Worthing w454324276 English Martyrs Catholic Primary School, Worthing 118 m
125982 (E) BN12 5DU Ferring C of E Primary School r6453690 Ferring CofE Primary School 157 m
114525 (E) BN8 6LF Firle Church of England Primary School w455542432 Firle Church of England Primary School 33 m
139796 (E) BN20 8AB Gildredge House w446325099 Gildredge House 137 m
125913 (E) BN42 4GB Glebe Primary School w677477972 Glebe Primary School 125 m
126045 (E) BN12 4RN Goring-By-Sea CofE (Aided) Primary School w435299709 Goring Church of England (Aided) Primary School 87 m
114619 (E) BN2 0LS Hamilton Lodge School and College for Deaf Children w455544679 Hamilton Lodge School and College for Deaf Children 39 m
114395 (E) BN24 5AY Hankham Primary School w455544980 Hankham Primary School 81 m
143119 (E) BN27 1ND Hawkes Farm Academy w424317081 Hawkes Farm Academy 31 m
125950 (E) BN13 3EZ Hawthorns Primary School, Durrington r6453698 Hawthorns Primary School 69 m
126034 (E) BN11 4BB Heene CofE Primary School w453763042 Heene CofE Primary School 15 m
126169 (E) BN43 6TN Herons Dale School w455541470 Herons Dale School 284 m
114368 (E) BN1 7GF Hertford Infant and Nursery School w391605317 Hertford Infant and Nursery School 152 m
114383 (E) BN1 7FP Hertford Junior School w122111499 Hertford Junior School 118 m
141906 (E) BN43 6TN Holmbush Primary Academy w455541952 Holmbush Primary Academy 239 m
114404 (E) BN8 6AH Laughton Community Primary School w455543134 Laughton Community Primary School 80 m
114369 (E) BN1 1AL Middle Street Primary School w390209219 Middle Street Primary School 97 m
114430 (E) BN41 2WN Mile Oak Primary School w455542026 Mile Oak Primary School 216 m
114460 (E) BN21 1SN Motcombe Infants' School w446305195 Motcombe Infants' School 120 m
132028 (E) BN2 4PA Moulsecoomb Primary School w455543565 Moulsecoomb Primary School 89 m
114528 (E) BN8 4NB Newick Church of England Primary School w447262585 Newick Church of England Primary School 179 m
138391 (E) BN22 0SS Oakwood Primary Academy w455546829 Oakwood Primary Academy 88 m
114544 (E) BN2 7HA Our Lady of Lourdes RC School w455545252 Our Lady of Lourdes RC School 113 m
126115 (E) BN11 4BL Our Lady of Sion School w453763129 Our Lady of Sion School 52 m
126115 (E) BN11 4BL Our Lady of Sion School w454322653 Our Lady of Sion School 126 m
114660 (E) BN7 3NF Owlswick School w455544054 Owlswick School 180 m
126159 (E) BN12 6JP Palatine Primary School w454324070 Palatine Primary School 69 m
114408 (E) BN27 3QP Park Mead Primary School w455542333 Park Mead Primary School 52 m
144660 (E) BN22 9QJ Parkland Junior School w455544764 Parkland Junior School 119 m
114461 (E) BN20 8NX Pashley Down Infant School w440997610 Pashley Down Infant School 42 m
114608 (E) BN1 8PB Patcham High School w149888527 Patcham High School 28 m
114373 (E) BN1 8WW Patcham Infant School w150335186 Patcham Infant School 34 m
114372 (E) BN1 8TA Patcham Junior School w150177598 Patcham Junior School 110 m
144661 (E) BN10 8RB Peacehaven Community School w455546475 Peacehaven Community School 126 m
138426 (E) BN10 7QY Peacehaven Heights Primary School w455546469 Peacehaven Heights Primary School 78 m
114519 (E) BN24 5LP Pevensey and Westham CofE Primary School w455544960 Pevensey and Westham CofE Primary School 139 m
137063 (E) BN41 2WS Portslade Aldridge Community Academy w455543455 Portslade Aldridge Community Academy 105 m
114478 (E) BN2 0BN Queen's Park Primary School w389917608 Queen's Park Primary School 44 m
114651 (E) BN20 7TE Roedean Moira House w452678387 Moira House Girls' School 42 m
114459 (E) BN22 8PD Roselands Infants' School w455546923 Roselands Infants' School 37 m
114419 (E) BN25 2JF Seaford Primary School w188564541 Seaford Primary School 28 m
143387 (E) BN15 8DL Seaside Primary School w454323637 Seaside Primary School 119 m
135962 (E) BN43 6YT Shoreham Academy w455540479 Shoreham Academy 59 m
125994 (E) BN18 0QU Slindon CofE Primary School w453990657 Slindon CofE Primary School 134 m
126119 (E) BN18 0RH Slindon College w158737493 Slindon College 55 m
134896 (E) BN15 0BU Sompting Village Primary School w454322785 Sompting Village Primary School 82 m
114509 (E) BN7 2HS South Malling CofE Primary and Nursery School w455543080 South Malling CofE Primary and Nursery School 118 m
125967 (E) BN14 8BQ Springfield Infant School and Nursery w453763311 Springfield Infant School 237 m
114652 (E) BN20 7RP St Andrew's Prep w446324955 St Andrew's Prep 114 m
114538 (E) BN1 4GP St Bartholomew's CofE Primary School w106362944 St Bartholomew's CofE Primary School 86 m
114546 (E) BN1 6UT St Bernadette's Catholic Primary School w455543527 St Bernadette's Catholic Primary School 21 m
126040 (E) BN17 6HL St Catherine's Catholic Primary School, Littlehampton w453766976 St Catherine's Catholic Primary School, Littlehampton 89 m
114542 (E) BN1 7BF St Joseph's Catholic Primary School w455543052 St Joseph's Catholic Primary School 81 m
114374 (E) BN2 9ZF St Luke's Primary School w177840051 St Luke's Primary School 94 m
126018 (E) BN16 4LP St Margaret's CofE Primary School r6453693 St Margaret's CofE Primary School 72 m
114537 (E) BN2 7HB St Margaret's CofE Primary School, Rottingdean w455546169 St Margaret's CofE Primary School, Rottingdean 126 m
114545 (E) BN2 5EA St Mark's CofE Primary School w455544641 St Mark's CofE Primary School 13 m
114541 (E) BN1 3EF St Mary Magdalen Catholic Primary School w455544550 St Mary Magdalen Catholic Primary School 44 m
144401 (E) BN11 4BD St Mary's Catholic Primary School w454325089 St Mary's Catholic Primary School 60 m
126049 (E) BN43 6PE St Nicolas & St Mary CofE(Aided) Primary School w455540408 St Nicolas & St Mary CofE(Aided) Primary School 140 m
126028 (E) BN5 9PU St Peter's CofE Primary School w56302510 St Peter's Church of England Primary School 34 m
114411 (E) BN41 1LS St Peter's Community Primary School w455544113 St Peter's Community Primary School 35 m
114577 (E) BN22 8XT St Thomas A Becket Catholic Primary School w455546835 St Thomas A Becket Catholic Primary School 61 m
126035 (E) BN16 4JR St Wilfrids Catholic Primary School r6453692 St Wilfrids Catholic Primary School 63 m
132016 (E) BN2 0AF St. John's College (Brighton) w455544675 St John's School and College 43 m
114469 (E) BN22 8UA Stafford Junior School w455539450 Stafford Junior School 104 m
114377 (E) BN1 5PS Stanford Infant School w391611262 Stanford Infant School 50 m
114376 (E) BN1 5PR Stanford Junior School w391610559 Stanford Junior School 51 m
114420 (E) BN10 7DE Telscombe Cliffs Community Primary School w455546417 Telscombe Cliffs Community Primary School 69 m
114661 (E) BN2 5RA The Brighton Waldorf School w219049856 Brighton Steiner School 440 m
138475 (E) BN21 1UE The Cavendish School w464717457 The Cavendish School 62 m
136106 (E) BN22 9RQ The Eastbourne Academy w455544744 The Eastbourne Academy 144 m
143386 (E) BN13 3QH The Laurels Primary School, Worthing r6453696 The Laurels Primary School, Worthing 152 m
142744 (E) BN22 0BQ The Lindfield School w455546730 The Lindfield School 60 m
131356 (E) BN3 5HD The Lioncare School w455544161 The Lioncare School 31 m
142745 (E) BN20 8NU The South Downs School w440997354 The South Downs Community Special School West Site 60 m
126124 (E) BN44 3TF The Towers Convent School w454321760 The Towers Convent School 356 m
125954 (E) BN13 1JB Thomas A Becket Infant School w454324592 Thomas A Becket Infant School 82 m
125857 (E) BN44 3HY Upper Beeding Primary School w435298584 Upper Beeding Primary School 190 m
125997 (E) BN18 0PH Walberton and Binsted CofE Primary School w165493490 Walberton and Binsted Church of England Primary School + 107 m
114380 (E) BN1 5GN Westdene Primary School w391613987 Westdene Primary School 62 m
145015 (E) BN27 2FB White House Academy w455542359 White House Academy 45 m
125861 (E) BN14 8LH Whytemead Primary School w454324414 Whytemead Primary School 95 m
114618 (E) BN1 5AA Windlesham School Trust Limited w455544349 Windlesham School Trust Limited 111 m

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