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OSM Schools Progress in the 'CA' Postal Area

The blue circles on the map are schools from the official lists that haven't been matched to an OSM object. The red circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a school on the official list. The lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects. Dark green lines represent a match based on the ref:edubase (England & Wales), ref:seedcode (Scotland) and ref:deni (Northern Ireland) tags. Light green lines represent a match based on location in the absense of an OSM ref:* tag. Orange lines represnt a match based on location, with an incorrect ref:* tag. The location matches can match the wrong schools, particularly in inner-city areas where there are many schools in close proximity. To fix incorrect location matches, add the appropriate ref:* tag to the OSM amenity=school objects. For more information see below.

Schools not matched to an OSM Object

Note that only OSM ways and relations tagged with amenity=school or amenity=college are checked for possible matches. In most cases, any nodes tagged like this would be better converted to way polygons covering the whole of the school site. The matching process is simplistic, so an incorrect matching may result in a different nearby school being the one that is really missing. Also, it is not currently clear what licence the official Edubase / Scottish Government data can be re-used under. Until this is clarified, you should not use the data below directly to add schools to OSM. However, knowing that there is a school missing in a particular area, you may be able to add that school using other sources -- e.g. Bing, OS Street View, and by searching for the possible school's own website.

Official ID Postcode Official Name
140600 (E) CA14 4JW Energy Coast UTC
112216 (E) CA1 3QA Inglewood Junior School
112169 (E) CA28 9PQ Kells Infant School
112229 (E) CA3 0DU Kingmoor Junior School
112230 (E) CA3 0ES Kingmoor Nursery and Infant School
112226 (E) CA2 6DX Newlaithes Infant School
131177 (E) CA1 3SN Pennine Way Primary School
112235 (E) CA7 4DR Silloth Primary School
112348 (E) CA22 2BD St Bridget's Catholic Primary School

OSM Objects not matched to a school on the official lists

Entries here could be due to: Former schools that have now closed, more than one area being tagged for a single school, the official entry for a real school being matched incorrectly to a different OSM object, or institutions not included in the official lists being tagged as schools in OSM. Not all of these entries will be errors in the OSM data, so be careful before making any edits.

OSM Object OSM Name OSM Ref JRC
w294011503 +J
w331032474 +J
w654209391 Dumfries & Galloway College - Dumfries Campus +J
w398234799 Haltwhistle Middle Academy 146373 +J
w402479243 Maben House 5980445 +J
w403373698 Mouswald School 5938120 +J
w327781492 Newton Rigg College +J
w118979244 Queen Elizabeth Grammar School Sixth Form Centre +J
w381769299 St Bees School Memorial field +J

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Schools matched to an OSM object by location

Note that the matching is very simplistic, just taking the nearest unmatched OSM amenity=school or amenity=college way or relation within 1km of the postcode centroid of each official entry in turn. Where several school sites are in close proximity, they may be matched incorrectly.

Official ID Postcode Official Name OSM Object OSM Name MN MR MPC Offset JRC
112101 (E) CA9 3QU Alston Primary School w236061613 Alston Primary School + + 352 m +J
112453 (E) CA3 9PB Austin Friars w195088818 Austin Friars St Monica's School + 121 m +J
112156 (E) CA26 3PF Frizington Community Primary School w331076693 + 13 m +J
112402 (E) CA8 9HR Hayton CofE Primary School w342028560 + 126 m +J
130632 (E) CA14 4JN Lakes College - West Cumbria w32567072 Lakes College + + 13 m +J
112464 (E) CA28 8UG Mayfield School w317658939 Mayfield School + + 311 m +J
143536 (E) CA14 1BD Northside Primary School w330354689 + 33 m +J
131443 (E) CA22 2HH Orgill Primary School w320682660 + 118 m +J
112138 (E) CA7 2PY Oughterside Primary School w185135007 + 206 m +J
149245 (E) CA15 8HN Our Lady and St Patrick's Catholic Primary School, Maryport w453797244 Our Lady and St Patrick's, Catholic Primary 79 m +J
112120 (E) CA11 9PA Plumpton School w335719890 + 516 m +J
135555 (E) CA1 1EJ Progress Schools - Carlisle w223338483 Carlisle College + + 259 m +J
135620 (E) CA2 6LB Richard Rose Morton Academy w317938715 + 7 m +J
112127 (E) CA7 3BQ Richmond Hill School w324485965 Richmond Hill Primary School + 68 m +J
112242 (E) CA2 5LA Robert Ferguson Primary School w333575026 Robert Ferguson Primary School + 89 m +J
112403 (E) CA4 8AT Scotby CofE Primary School w334843632 + 104 m +J
136285 (E) CA14 1NP Seaton Academy w330920093 + 112 m +J
112277 (E) CA14 1HA Seaton St. Paul's CofE Junior School w330920102 + 90 m +J
112377 (E) CA7 4DD Solway Community School w329102704 + 253 m +J
148700 (E) CA1 2UE St Cuthberts Catholic Primary School, Carlisle w318494964 + 188 m +J
112355 (E) CA28 8AJ St Gregory and St Patrick's Catholic Infant School w330048461 + 52 m +J
149246 (E) CA14 3PD St Gregory's Catholic Primary School, Workington w330344976 + 98 m +J
134789 (E) CA12 4HZ St Herbert's CofE (VA) Primary and Nursery School w335764047 + 114 m +J
112350 (E) CA26 3PX St Joseph's Catholic Primary School w331076701 + 39 m +J
148701 (E) CA2 4JD St Margaret Mary Catholic Primary School, Carlisle w333593020 + 77 m +J
112353 (E) CA28 9PG St Mary's Catholic Primary School w329900892 + 74 m +J
112308 (E) CA7 3NT St Matthew's CofE School w325426493 + 9 m +J
112332 (E) CA7 2HN St Michael's CofE Primary School w324499784 + 42 m +J
132835 (E) CA25 5DG St Patrick's Catholic Primary School w331371596 + 21 m +J
112307 (E) CA11 0ET Stainton CofE Primary School w331527554 + 127 m +J
147396 (E) CA22 2SJ Thornhill Primary School w320691527 + 78 m +J
112123 (E) CA5 6PN Thursby Primary School w339510051 + 240 m +J
112243 (E) CA2 4JT Upperby Primary School w318391206 + 6 m +J
134214 (E) CA28 8DA Valley Primary School and Nursery w330030910 + 80 m +J
112144 (E) CA14 3XB Victoria Infant and Nursery School w330357168 + 65 m +J
112145 (E) CA14 2RE Victoria Junior School w45336974 + 11 m +J
112256 (E) CA8 2BB Walton & Lees Hill CofE School w176762811 Lees Hill CofE School + 152 m +J
112404 (E) CA4 8RE Warwick Bridge Primary School w334823533 + 72 m +J
112096 (E) CA14 4PJ West Cumbria Learning Centre w1024201360 West Cumbria Learning Centre + 9 m +J
112309 (E) CA7 0JR Wiggonby CofE School w323816019 + 200 m +J
141499 (E) CA14 4EB Workington Academy w56034941 Workington Academy + 40 m +J
147397 (E) CA4 0RL Wreay Church of England Primary School w337197124 + 204 m +J

Schools matched to an OSM object by reference number

Official ID Postcode Official Name OSM Object OSM Name MN MPC Offset
112272 (E) CA13 9BH All Saints' CofE School w331518567 All Saints Church of England Primary School 67 m
112100 (E) CA15 6QG Allonby Primary School w435521752 Allonby Primary School 122 m
137251 (E) CA16 6XU Appleby Grammar School w195986271 Appleby Grammar School 131 m
112408 (E) CA16 6TX Appleby Primary School w313906346 Appleby Primary School 77 m
147395 (E) CA26 3XA Arlecdon Primary School w331072676 Arlecdon Primary School 48 m
112102 (E) CA4 9PW Armathwaite School w444653522 Armathwaite School 158 m
112267 (E) CA16 6EX Asby Endowed School w339555273 Asby Endowed School 90 m
112146 (E) CA14 3JG Ashfield Infant & Nursery School w294322180 Ashfield Infant & Nursery School 20 m
112147 (E) CA14 4ES Ashfield Junior School w330338186 Ashfield Junior School 118 m
145326 (E) CA12 4QH Bassenthwaite Primary School w328721801 Bassenthwaite Primary School 242 m
112375 (E) CA7 3EZ Beacon Hill Community School w185132495 Beacon Hill Community School 48 m
112423 (E) CA11 8EN Beaconside CofE Primary School w118975731 Beaconside CE Primary School 123 m
112345 (E) CA21 2YD Beckermet CofE School w320997646 Beckermet CofE School 64 m
134739 (E) CA14 5PX Beckstone Primary School w339743576 Beckstone Primary School 53 m
112228 (E) CA2 7PT Belle Vue Primary School w331044745 Belle Vue Primary School 15 m
112103 (E) CA6 6PF Bewcastle School w218949761 Bewcastle School 99 m
112300 (E) CA6 4ES Blackford CofE Primary School w220734357 Blackford CofE Primary School 99 m
112104 (E) CA7 3RL Blennerhasset School w324503404 Blennerhasset Primary School 81 m
112176 (E) CA16 6AW Bolton Primary School w195985079 Bolton Primary School 96 m
112245 (E) CA7 8PA Boltons CofE School w372158469 Boltons Church Of England School 225 m
112155 (E) CA22 2LT Bookwell Primary School w320687049 Bookwell Primary School 77 m
112333 (E) CA12 5XG Borrowdale CofE Primary School w444653266 Borrowdale C of E Primary School 42 m
112414 (E) CA7 5AF Bowness-on-Solway Primary School w225332690 Bowness on Solway Primary School 242 m
142106 (E) CA12 5TD Braithwaite CofE Primary School w319586576 Braithwaite CofE Primary School 71 m
112405 (E) CA8 1BZ Brampton Primary School w295382797 Brampton Primary School 74 m
112167 (E) CA28 6EG Bransty Primary School w330049886 Bransty Primary School 16 m
112270 (E) CA13 0PG Bridekirk Dovenby CofE Primary School w291324038 Bridekirk and Dovenby School 24 m
112231 (E) CA1 2JB Brook Street Primary School w444653090 Brook Street Primary School 57 m
112177 (E) CA17 4EW Brough Community Primary School w399142807 Brough Community Primary School 172 m
112129 (E) CA15 7RZ Broughton Moor Primary School w802388460 Broughton Moor Primary School 130 m
137513 (E) CA13 0YT Broughton Primary School w329279492 Broughton Primary School 156 m
112117 (E) CA11 7LX Brunswick School w118978142 Brunswick School 14 m
112106 (E) CA5 6AP Burgh by Sands School w195086292 Burgh by Sands School 187 m
147114 (E) CA2 7BE Caldew Lea School w435520896 Caldew Lea School 18 m
137254 (E) CA5 7NN Caldew School w180723054 Caldew School 87 m
112301 (E) CA11 9QT Calthwaite CofE School w343441873 Calthwaite C of E Primary School 191 m
137653 (E) CA8 9LU Castle Carrock School w193682054 Castle Carrock School 92 m
112178 (E) CA10 2EG Clifton Primary School w444653442 Clifton Primary School 82 m
142306 (E) CA13 9HF Cockermouth School w291322021 Cockermouth School 159 m
112315 (E) CA10 3JJ Crosby Ravensworth CofE School w342982904 Crosby Ravensworth Primary School 121 m
138896 (E) CA6 4QN Crosby-on-Eden CofE School w338817827 Crosby On Eden School 217 m
112273 (E) CA15 6RX Crosscanonby St John's CofE School w327217872 Crosscanonby St John's C of E School 64 m
112302 (E) CA10 1QL Culgaith CofE School w338340967 Culgaith C of E School 198 m
143723 (E) CA14 4SS Cumbria Academy for Autism w659151647 Cumbria Academy for Autism 19 m
112107 (E) CA2 6BD Cummersdale School w331032473 Cummersdale School 42 m
112108 (E) CA4 8DU Cumwhinton School w334836925 Cumwhinton Primary School 4 m
146756 (E) CA14 4TH Dean CofE School w330925421 Dean C of E School 61 m
137602 (E) CA15 7HR Dearham Primary School w329132295 Dearham Primary School 115 m
112239 (E) CA14 1WA Derwent Vale Primary and Nursery School w134688590 Derwent Vale Primary School 3 m
133264 (E) CA14 5TE Distington Community School w435521367 Distington Community School 77 m
136784 (E) CA13 0QY Eaglesfield Paddle CofE Primary Academy w401559063 Eaglesfield Paddle CE Primary Academy 772 m
148870 (E) CA15 7NE Ellenborough Academy w435521578 Ellenborough Academy 87 m
112293 (E) CA23 3AR Ennerdale and Kinniside CofE Primary School w331071643 Ennerdale and Kinniside Primary School 55 m
112136 (E) CA15 8HN Ewanrigg Junior School w453797203 Ewanrigg Junior School 141 m
142196 (E) CA13 0DX Fairfield Primary School w331499525 Fairfield Primary School 29 m
112238 (E) CA7 8HF Fellview Primary School w328592616 Fellview Primary School 41 m
112420 (E) CA6 6AY Fir Ends Primary School w197645569 Fir Ends Primary School 46 m
146423 (E) CA15 8PJ Flimby Primary School w318380876 Flimby Primary School 79 m
112095 (E) CA2 4JE Gillford Centre w318390085 Gillford Centre 126 m
138159 (E) CA8 7AA Gilsland CofE Primary School w260790096 Gilsland CofE Primary School 57 m
112294 (E) CA20 1AZ Gosforth CofE Primary School w435522022 Gosforth CofE School 124 m
112132 (E) CA15 8BT Grasslot Infant School w318369297 Grasslot Infant School 61 m
137860 (E) CA4 8NE Great Corby Primary School w189809670 Great Corby School & Nursery 58 m
112110 (E) CA5 6NA Great Orton Primary School w435520748 Great Orton Primary School 464 m
122284 (E) CA8 7HB Greenhead Church of England Primary School w310644938 Greenhead Church of England Primary School 4 m
112111 (E) CA11 0TP Greystoke Primary School w327967050 Greystoke Primary School 22 m
112417 (E) CA8 2NJ Hallbankgate Village School w217814056 Hallbankgate Village School 104 m
147597 (E) CA28 8QZ Hensingham Primary School w330048492 Hensingham Primary School 153 m
112248 (E) CA4 0HU High Hesket CofE School w203952342 High Hesket CofE School 82 m
112249 (E) CA7 4RU Holm Cultram Abbey CofE School w323769452 Holm Cultram C of E Primary School 68 m
112112 (E) CA15 6QZ Holme St Cuthbert School w326518870 Holme St Cuthbert School 73 m
112250 (E) CA3 0PA Houghton CofE School w333095580 Houghton School 73 m
112459 (E) CA11 8UA Hunter Hall School w332654630 Hunter Hall School 56 m
112217 (E) CA1 3LX Inglewood Infant School w318486877 Inglewood Infants School 141 m
112251 (E) CA7 1DS Ireby CofE School w223571637 Ireby CofE School 134 m
112113 (E) CA6 4NJ Irthington Village School w338811593 Irthington Village School 216 m
112303 (E) CA4 0PA Ivegill CofE School w337564406 Ivegill School 581 m
146250 (E) CA3 0BU James Rennie School w317925683 James Rennie School 16 m
112175 (E) CA28 6UX Jericho Primary School w330049451 Jericho Primary School 22 m
136902 (E) CA12 5QB Keswick School w309588209 Keswick School 237 m
135410 (E) CA8 2AB Kirby Moor School w295383639 Kirby Moor School 511 m
112252 (E) CA5 6HX Kirkbampton CofE School w323804433 Kirkbampton C.E. Primary School 80 m
112114 (E) CA7 5JR Kirkbride Primary School w163833899 Kirkbride Primary School 156 m
137107 (E) CA17 4HA Kirkby Stephen Grammar School w223184380 Kirkby Stephen Grammar School Sports College 242 m
112180 (E) CA17 4AE Kirkby Stephen Primary School w399298951 Kirkby Stephen Primary School 49 m
112181 (E) CA10 1UU Kirkby Thore School w338466663 Kirkby Thore Primary School 55 m
148336 (E) CA26 3XU Kirkland Church of England Academy w435521526 Kirkland Church of England Academy 9 m
112253 (E) CA10 1EN Kirkoswald CofE School w338297401 Kirkoswald C of E Primary School 159 m
112254 (E) CA8 2HL Lanercost CofE Primary School w343458563 Lanercost CofE Primary School 153 m
112255 (E) CA10 1ND Langwathby CofE Primary School w231945768 Langwathby CofE Primary School 62 m
141711 (E) CA10 1BL Lazonby C of E Primary School w338314045 Lazonby C of E Primary School 64 m
112442 (E) CA5 7BX Lime House School w338944760 Lime House School 630 m
112182 (E) CA16 6BT Long Marton School w339517175 Long Marton Primary School 23 m
143116 (E) CA6 5UG Longtown Primary School w334508999 Longtown Primary School 61 m
143781 (E) CA13 9UL Lorton School w435521197 Lorton School 80 m
112158 (E) CA28 6QS Lowca Community School w334463219 Lowca Community School 351 m
112342 (E) CA10 2HT Lowther Endowed School w331999495 Lowther Endowed School 70 m
112274 (E) CA15 6JN Maryport CofE Primary School w293868620 Maryport Church of England Primary School 88 m
112183 (E) CA10 1TN Milburn School w338338569 Milburn Primary School 117 m
112170 (E) CA28 9DT Monkwray Junior School w435840832 Monkwray Junior School 60 m
132170 (E) CA25 5LW Montreal CofE Primary School w331371604 Montreal C Of E Primary School 109 m
112161 (E) CA24 3JW Moor Row Community Primary School w452398869 Moor Row Community Primary School 32 m
112162 (E) CA28 8UX Moresby Primary School w986396511 Moresby School 70 m
112324 (E) CA10 3AT Morland Area CofE Primary School w211324683 Morland Area CofE Primary School 35 m
112116 (E) CA9 3LS Nenthead Primary School w194559214 Nenthead Primary School 91 m
112382 (E) CA15 6NT Netherhall School w293868177 Netherhall School + 342 m
112137 (E) CA15 7LT Netherton Infant School w444653775 Netherton Infant School 7 m
112224 (E) CA2 6DX Newlaithes Junior School w331036586 Newlaithes Junior School 118 m
148137 (E) CA2 7LW Newtown Primary School w435520779 Newtown Primary School 54 m
112219 (E) CA1 2BQ Norman Street Primary School w42436859 Norman Street Primary School 0 m
112118 (E) CA11 8NU North Lakes School w208262519 North Lakes School 73 m
112419 (E) CA10 3RG Orton CofE School w444651808 Orton C of E Primary School 223 m
112326 (E) CA11 0NL Patterdale CofE Primary School w260343922 Patterdale Church of England Primary School 36 m
112119 (E) CA11 0QU Penruddock Primary School w328532689 Penruddock Primary School 143 m
112220 (E) CA1 3BX Petteril Bank School w318393773 Petteril Bank School 47 m
112275 (E) CA7 2DQ Plumbland CofE School w435521239 Plumbland CofE School 62 m
136732 (E) CA11 7EG Queen Elizabeth Grammar School Penrith w118979243 Queen Elizabeth Grammar School Penrith 27 m
112257 (E) CA5 7DD Raughton Head CofE School & Nursery w180722287 Raughton Head CofE School 65 m
135621 (E) CA1 1LY Richard Rose Central Academy w384587410 Richard Rose Central Academy 51 m
112258 (E) CA6 4AA Rockcliffe CofE School w167127855 Rockcliffe CofE Primary School 255 m
112306 (E) CA7 8AU Rosley CofE School w126134683 Rosley C of E School 68 m
112378 (E) CA9 3QU Samuel King's School w194560611 Samuel King's School 45 m
112163 (E) CA20 1LZ Seascale Primary School w331094169 Seascale School 129 m
112259 (E) CA6 6JA Shankhill CofE Primary School w211911707 Shankhill CofE Primary School 70 m
112328 (E) CA10 3NL Shap Endowed CofE Primary School w286924516 Shap Endowed CofE Primary School 161 m
112121 (E) CA11 9SE Skelton School w328563654 Skelton School 106 m
112369 (E) CA2 7DS St Bede's Catholic Primary School w435520883 St Bede's Catholic Primary School 80 m
145292 (E) CA27 0DS St Bees School w312317576 St Bees School 145 m
112164 (E) CA27 0AA St Bees Village Primary School w312147398 St Bees Village Primary School 82 m
112349 (E) CA19 1TW St Bega's CofE Primary School w719302900 St Bega's C of E Primary School 13 m
112354 (E) CA28 7TE St Begh's Catholic Junior School w333036087 St Begh's Catholic Junior School 110 m
112398 (E) CA28 8UG St Benedict's Catholic High School w317659029 St Benedicts Catholic School 158 m
112271 (E) CA13 0TU St Bridget's CofE School w255541970 St Bridgets C of E Primary School 11 m
112296 (E) CA28 6NY St Bridget's CofE School w435840583 St Bridget's CofE School 108 m
112305 (E) CA11 9EL St Catherine's Catholic Primary School w118978287 St Catherine's Catholic Primary School 1 m
112310 (E) CA7 9HZ St Cuthbert's Catholic Primary School w286867851 St Cuthbert's Catholic Primary School 9 m
112297 (E) CA28 7PZ St James' CofE Infant and Nursery School w330335640 St James' C of E Infant and Nursery School 76 m
112298 (E) CA28 7HG St James' CofE Junior School w333034663 St James' C of E Junior School 20 m
112399 (E) CA2 4NL St John Henry Newman Catholic School w865128372 St John Henry Newman Catholic School 306 m
148703 (E) CA14 3EE St Josephs Catholic High School, Workington w294320343 St Joseph's Catholic High School 63 m
112338 (E) CA14 5LN St Mary's Catholic Primary School w435840709 St Mary's Catholic Primary School 20 m
112246 (E) CA5 7LN St Michael's CofE Primary School w850041787 St. Michael's Primary School 28 m
112143 (E) CA14 2UY St Michael's Nursery and Infant School w330352208 St Michaels Nursery and Infants School 45 m
112340 (E) CA14 2DW St Patrick's Catholic Primary School w330359959 St Patrick's Catholic Primary School 71 m
141623 (E) CA3 9DW Stanwix School w444653188 Stanwix School 0 m
112122 (E) CA5 7AT Stoneraise School w444652671 Stoneraise School 513 m
145137 (E) CA10 3XB Tebay Primary School w342996232 Tebay Primary School 15 m
112266 (E) CA10 1RZ Temple Sowerby CofE Primary School w973287617 Temple Sowerby C of E Primary School 42 m
133727 (E) CA2 4HG The Bishop Harvey Goodwin School (Church of England Voluntary Aided) w318388930 Bishop Harvey Goodwin School 98 m
112397 (E) CA7 9PX The Nelson Thomlinson School w163834388 The Nelson Thomlinson School 70 m
146634 (E) CA28 8TY The Whitehaven Academy w317658933 The Whitehaven Academy 99 m
112125 (E) CA7 9PG Thomlinson Junior School w286870090 Thomlinson Junior School 80 m
148607 (E) CA12 4RX Threlkeld CofE Primary School w416428341 Threlkeld C of E Primary School 83 m
137369 (E) CA1 1JB Trinity School w223338843 Trinity School 241 m
112393 (E) CA11 8NG Ullswater Community College w119789182 Ullswater Community College 63 m
112372 (E) CA16 6NX Warcop CofE Primary School w223183232 Warcop CofE Primary School 328 m
135632 (E) CA22 2DQ West Lakes Academy w320640714 West Lakes Academy 55 m
133390 (E) CA14 5BD Westfield Nursery and Primary School w330342597 Westfield Nursery and Primary School 42 m
112126 (E) CA7 9JR Wigton Infant School w286870103 Wigton Infant School 112 m
137252 (E) CA8 1AR William Howard School w176763833 William Howard School 81 m
145138 (E) CA10 2LA Yanwath Primary School w343413736 Yanwath Primary School 569 m
141995 (E) CA2 7SD Yewdale School w333287365 Yewdale Primary School 131 m

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