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OSM Schools Progress in the 'CF' Postal Area

The blue circles on the map are schools from the official lists that haven't been matched to an OSM object. The red circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a school on the official list. The lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects. Dark green lines represent a match based on the ref:edubase (England & Wales), ref:seedcode (Scotland) and ref:deni (Northern Ireland) tags. Light green lines represent a match based on location in the absense of an OSM ref:* tag. Orange lines represnt a match based on location, with an incorrect ref:* tag. The location matches can match the wrong schools, particularly in inner-city areas where there are many schools in close proximity. To fix incorrect location matches, add the appropriate ref:* tag to the OSM amenity=school objects. For more information see below.

Schools not matched to an OSM Object

Note that only OSM ways and relations tagged with amenity=school or amenity=college are checked for possible matches. In most cases, any nodes tagged like this would be better converted to way polygons covering the whole of the school site. The matching process is simplistic, so an incorrect matching may result in a different nearby school being the one that is really missing. Also, it is not currently clear what licence the official Edubase / Scottish Government data can be re-used under. Until this is clarified, you should not use the data below directly to add schools to OSM. However, knowing that there is a school missing in a particular area, you may be able to add that school using other sources -- e.g. Bing, OS Street View, and by searching for the possible school's own website.

Official ID Postcode Official Name
402426 (E) CF24 5ET ACT Schools
401024 (E) CF39 8RS Abercerdin Primary School
402451 (E) CF64 4AS Awen Project
401026 (E) CF32 8TB Betws Primary School
402379 (E) CF14 5DX Cardiff Montessori School and Nursery
401060 (E) CF33 4LW Corneli Primary School
402022 (E) CF15 9NB Craig Y Parc School
402318 (E) CF5 4FR Ely Presbyterian Church School
402258 (E) CF35 6EB Genus Education
400035 (E) CF1 7DW Grangetown Nursery School
401321 (E) CF83 2RP Hendre Junior School
401370 (E) CF83 2RL Hendredenny Park Primary School
402034 (E) CF39 8UH Hendreforgan Community Primary School
402375 (E) CF83 8BY Mynydd Haf School
401600 (E) CF5 3SG Pentrebane Primary School
401243 (E) CF72 8DU Penygawsi Primary School
400039 (E) CF24 2TG Tremorfa Nursery School
402220 (E) CF14 7EF Ty Coryton
402275 (E) CF62 3AS Y Daith
401915 (E) CF32 9NA Ysgol Bryn Castell
402230 (E) CF23 7EH Ysgol Gynradd Gymraeg Pen-Y-Groes
402348 (E) CF64 2TP Ysgol Y Deri

OSM Objects not matched to a school on the official lists

Entries here could be due to: Former schools that have now closed, more than one area being tagged for a single school, the official entry for a real school being matched incorrectly to a different OSM object, or institutions not included in the official lists being tagged as schools in OSM. Not all of these entries will be errors in the OSM data, so be careful before making any edits.

OSM Object OSM Name OSM Ref JRC
w164652121 +J
w965411380 +J
w175043589 +J
w281385156 +J
w42266576 +J
w779517548 +J
w171200300 Bridgend College +J
w99201211 Clun Primary +J
w277068982 Coleg Gwent - Ebbw Vale Campus +J
w596775323 Coleg Gwent Crosskeys Campus +J
w797700395 Coleg Pen-y-Bont +J
w990084022 Coleg y Cymoedd Aberdare Campus +J
w566360226 Coleg y Cymoedd Nantgarw Campus +J
w1009069853 Coleg y Cymoedd Rhondda Campus +J
w462566578 Coleg y Cymoedd Ystrad Mynach Campus +J
w405146098 Cwmaman Infants School +J
w1028968967 Dowlais Primary School Nursery +J
w50350026 Eagleswell Primary School +J
w703938450 Ebbw Vale Learning Community - Primary Campus +J
w109446950 Glantaf Community Infant School +J
w240196865 Greek Language School +J
w367485187 Greenfields Nursery +J
w96021564 Howell's Nursery and Junior School +J
w96021572 Howell's Sixth Form College +J
w101512018 Maesteg College +J
w41109037 Pentrepoeth Primary School +J
w402874135 Penygraig Infants School +J
w402873111 Penygraig Junior School +J
w401732942 Pontilanfraith Comprehensive School +J
w404106379 Porth Infants School +J
w404106973 Porth Junior School +J
w516838950 Risca Leisure Centre & Community Comprehensive School +J
w107325743 Saint Peter's Church in Wales Primary School +J
w777256662 South Point Primary School +J
w108226566 South Wales Baptist College +J
w1040627075 St Illtyd Primary School +J
w404201304 St Illtyds R.C.Primary School 401296 +J
w404203399 St Mary's R.C. Primary School 401297 +J
w402872630 Tonypandy Primary School +J
w401083346 Tŷ Gwyn Education Centre +J
w452281294 Victoria Primary School 401421 +J
w26294956 Whitchurch High School (Lower) +J
w909652496 Wycliffe Independent Christian Lower School +J
w457755643 Ysgol Bryn Castell +J
w251859836 Ysgol GG Cwm Garw +J
w705049630 Ysgol Gynradd Brynmenyn Primary School +J
w835323221 Ysgol Tŷ Coch - Buarth y Capel +J
w58965152 Ysgol Uwchradd Cwm-carn +J
w402895452 Ysgol yr Eos Primary School 402073 +J

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Schools matched to an OSM object by location

Note that the matching is very simplistic, just taking the nearest unmatched OSM amenity=school or amenity=college way or relation within 1km of the postcode centroid of each official entry in turn. Where several school sites are in close proximity, they may be matched incorrectly.

Official ID Postcode Official Name OSM Object OSM Name MN MR MPC Offset JRC
402236 (E) CF44 8LU Aberdare Park Primary w97310784 Comin Infants School + + 150 m +J
401138 (E) CF44 0SF Abernant Primary School w403814422 Abernant Primary School + + 91 m +J
402463 (E) CF47 9AN Blessed Carlo Acutis Catholic School r13508259 Bishop Hedley High School 67 m +J
401145 (E) CF41 7QE Bodringallt Primary School w403638795 Bodringallt Primary School + + 159 m +J
401078 (E) CF32 9TH Bryncethin Primary School w102078985 Bryncethin Primary School + + 17 m +J
401794 (E) CF31 3ER Brynteg Comprehensive School w102161477 Ysgol Brynteg + + 177 m +J
402340 (E) CF24 3AG Cardiff Muslim Academy w102342498 Cardiff & Vale College - The Parade + + 61 m +J
401232 (E) CF37 3BD Cefn Primary School w407702040 Cefn Primary School + 59 m +J
401141 (E) CF37 4EN Cilfynydd Primary School w407706975 Cilfynydd Primary School + 118 m +J
401302 (E) CF83 3LD Coed-Y-Brain Primary School w281386413 + 89 m +J
401144 (E) CF37 4LE Coedpenmaen County Primary School w108987213 Coedpenmain Primary School + 97 m +J
400012 (E) CF64 2JU Cogan Nursery School w1046380544 + 98 m +J
401801 (E) CF71 7EN Cowbridge Comprehensive School w839920830 Cowbridge Comprehensive School + 110 m +J
401373 (E) CF83 4FF Cwmaber Infant School w246668798 + 52 m +J
401305 (E) CF83 4BH Cwmaber Junior School w251156189 Cwmaber Junior School + + 69 m +J
402418 (E) CF44 6LA Cwmaman Primary w990527331 Cwmaman Primary School + + 110 m +J
402115 (E) CF40 2BQ Cwmclydach Primary w402899736 Cwmclydach Primary School + + 122 m +J
401150 (E) CF39 8AS Cwmlai Primary School w104324549 Cwmlai Primary School + + 121 m +J
401313 (E) CF82 7HP Derwendeg Primary School w404257993 Derwendeg Primary School + + 14 m +J
401872 (E) CF3 1XZ Eastern High w979692412 Eastern High School + + 65 m +J
401814 (E) CF43 4AR Ferndale Community School w404102612 Ferndale Community School + + 91 m +J
401164 (E) CF15 7PR Ffynnon Taf Primary School w104640154 Ffynnon Taf Primary School + 13 m +J
401318 (E) CF81 9LL Fochriw Primary School w404204139 Fochriw Primary School + + 165 m +J
401173 (E) CF41 7PX Gelli Primary School w403688824 Gelli Primary School + + 7 m +J
401319 (E) CF81 8LB Gilfach Fargoed Primary School w404254204 Gilfach Fargoed Primary School + + 80 m +J
401384 (E) CF82 8FF Glyn-Gaer CP School w404256850 Glyn-Gaer CP School + + 70 m +J
401349 (E) CF82 8EU Greenhill Primary School w404257197 Greenhill Primary School + + 188 m +J
402057 (E) CF38 1EU Gwauncelyn Primary w51202365 Gwauncelyn Primary + 69 m +J
401176 (E) CF37 2NL Hafod Primary School w404110751 Hafod Primary School + 75 m +J
401323 (E) CF82 7JU Hengoed Primary School w401118839 Hengoed Primary School + 52 m +J
401217 (E) CF37 5DB Heol-Y-Celyn Primary School w292873004 Heol-Y-Celyn Primary School + 94 m +J
401838 (E) CF81 8XL Heolddu Comprehensive School w401018822 Heolddu Comprehensive School + 24 m +J
401196 (E) CF44 9NF Hirwaun Primary School w403802217 Hirwaun Primary School + + 139 m +J
401839 (E) CF81 8LJ Lewis School Pengam w404255735 Lewis School Pengam + + 53 m +J
401098 (E) CF35 5DR Llangan C.P. School w1009085867 Llangan Primary School + 362 m +J
401187 (E) CF72 9LQ Llanhari Primary School w409603302 Llanhari Primary School + + 89 m +J
401172 (E) CF38 1DB Llanilltud Faerdref Primary w51201320 + 158 m +J
401174 (E) CF72 8EL Llantrisant Primary w401115747 Llantrisant Primary + 138 m +J
401200 (E) CF44 0YA Llwydcoed Primary w403807251 Llwydcoed Primary School + + 112 m +J
401184 (E) CF40 2HL Llwynypia Primary School w402898215 Llwynypia Primary School + + 62 m +J
401367 (E) CF83 8NA Machen Primary School w116536593 Machen Primary School + 24 m +J
401363 (E) CF82 7PU Maesycwmmer Primary School w37810696 Maesycwmmer Primary School + + 124 m +J
401536 (E) CF3 2UW Marshfield Primary School w44193610 Marshfield School + + 36 m +J
401134 (E) CF44 6AJ Oaklands Primary School w405144675 Oaklands Primary School + + 100 m +J
401192 (E) CF42 6LY Parc Primary School w403798436 Parc Primary School + + 49 m +J
402039 (E) CF81 8PN Park Primary School Bargoed w404253926 Park Primary School Bargoed + + 108 m +J
401133 (E) CF44 9JW Penderyn Primary School w403802027 Penderyn Community Primary School + 18 m +J
401206 (E) CF45 3UW Pengeulan Primary School w97668796 Pengevlan Primary School + + 44 m +J
401262 (E) CF42 5SD Penpych Community Primary School w129989345 Pen Pych Community Primary School + + 25 m +J
402058 (E) CF45 3YD Penrhiwceibr Primary w404213481 Penrhiwceibr Primary School + + 37 m +J
402035 (E) CF42 5AF Penyrenglyn Primary School w403799546 Penyrenglyn Primary School + + 302 m +J
402036 (E) CF44 9DR Penywaun Primary School w127996259 Penywaun Primary School + + 121 m +J
401207 (E) CF40 2SZ Pontrhondda Primary School w403638531 Pontrhondda Primary School + + 57 m +J
401191 (E) CF72 9EG Pontyclun Primary School w404262735 Pontyclun Primary School + + 69 m +J
401209 (E) CF43 3LY Pontygwaith Primary School w404105443 Pontygwaith Primary School + + 103 m +J
401807 (E) CF37 4SF Pontypridd High School w407706397 Pontypridd High School + + 90 m +J
401957 (E) CF32 9NZ Portfolio PRU w760190137 Ogmore Comprehensive + + 76 m +J
401123 (E) CF32 0TB St Brides C.I.W. Primary School w408689793 St. Brides Church in Wales Primary School + + 168 m +J
401265 (E) CF40 1BJ St Gabriel & Raphael R.C.P. School w402872781 St Gabriel & Raphael R.C.P. School + + 37 m +J
402091 (E) CF81 8RN St Gwladys Bargoed School w404253354 St Gwladys Bargoed School + + 88 m +J
401081 (E) CF32 9AB St Robert's Catholic Primary School w881912526 Dan Y Lan Primary School + + 40 m +J
401961 (E) CF40 1HL Tai Educational Centre w104418392 + 52 m +J
401334 (E) CF82 8AU Tiryberth Primary School w404258143 Tiryberth Primary School + + 67 m +J
401223 (E) CF41 7LS Ton Infants School w403689082 Ton Infants School + + 45 m +J
401218 (E) CF41 7EL Ton Pentre Junior School w403689185 Ton Pentre Junior School + + 55 m +J
402421 (E) CF39 8HG Tonyrefail Community School w104324481 Tonyrefail Community School + + 114 m +J
401252 (E) CF72 8AA Tonysguboriau Primary School w179074309 Tonysguboriau County Primary School + + 159 m +J
401201 (E) CF37 4RD Trallwng Infants School w109072294 Trallwng County Infants School + 25 m +J
401230 (E) CF40 2QW Trealaw Primary School w402872959 Trealaw Primary School + + 70 m +J
401241 (E) CF39 8PS Tref-Y-Rhyg Primary School w401679618 Tonyrefail Primary School 638 m +J
401813 (E) CF42 6UL Treorchy Comprehensive School w203886856 Treorchy Comprehensive School + + 29 m +J
401235 (E) CF42 6SA Treorchy Primary School w403690047 Treorchy Primary School + 120 m +J
401211 (E) CF37 3EF Trerobart Primary School w407701647 Trerobart Primary School + + 83 m +J
402434 (E) CF47 9AF Ty Dysgu w404198492 St Aloysius Primary School 712 m +J
401240 (E) CF43 3HH Tylorstown Primary School w260256446 Tylorstown Primary School + 124 m +J
402005 (E) CF83 8PU Wyclif Independent Christian School w909652498 Wycliffe Independent Christian Upper School + 27 m +J
401111 (E) CF71 7BN Y Bontfaen Primary w839946736 Y Bont Faen School + + 137 m +J
401254 (E) CF72 8TL YGGG Llantrisant w166249194 Ysgol Gynradd Gymraeg Gymuned Llantrisant + 37 m +J
402308 (E) CF45 4YT Ynysboeth Community Primary w404213363 Ynysboeth Community Primary + + 185 m +J
402114 (E) CF39 0HU Ynyshir Primary School w404106277 Ynyshir Primary School + + 67 m +J
402076 (E) CF81 9FN Ysgol Bro Sannan w401103160 Ysgol Gymraeg Bro Sannan + 45 m +J
401246 (E) CF39 9TL Ysgol G. G. Llwyncelyn w404107377 Ysgol G. G. Llwyncelyn + + 112 m +J
401255 (E) CF41 7RX Ysgol G.G. Bodringallt w403638794 Ysgol G.G. Bodringallt + + 158 m +J
401260 (E) CF41 7NW Ysgol G.G. Bronllwyn w403689004 Ysgol Gynradd Gymraeg Bronllwyn + + 77 m +J
401256 (E) CF38 2AA Ysgol G.G. Castellau w401021616 Ysgol Gynradd Gymraeg Castellau + 117 m +J
401247 (E) CF42 6ED Ysgol G.G. Ynyswen w403799060 Ysgol G.G. Ynyswen + + 196 m +J
402447 (E) CF38 1DX Ysgol Garth Olwg w51201670 Ysgol Gymraeg Garth Olwg + 43 m +J
402254 (E) CF14 2QQ Ysgol Glan Ceubal w96021574 Saint Michael's College + 915 m +J
401822 (E) CF44 9ES Ysgol Gyfun Rhydywaun w403806094 Ysgol Gyfun Rhydywaun + 97 m +J
401259 (E) CF45 4TH Ysgol Gymraeg Abercynon w407707661 Ysgol Gymraeg Abercynon + + 293 m +J
401351 (E) CF81 8JG Ysgol Gymraeg Gilfach Fargoed w404254113 Ysgol Gymraeg Gilfach Fargoed + + 67 m +J
401075 (E) CF32 8TD Ysgol Gynradd Gymraeg Calon Y Cymoedd w116697579 + 102 m +J
401379 (E) CF83 1WH Ysgol Gynradd Gymraeg Y Castell w115969392 Ysgol Gymraeg Y Castell + 19 m +J
401921 (E) CF41 7SZ Ysgol Hen Felin w403638533 Ysgol Hen Felin + + 15 m +J
401343 (E) CF83 4AB Ysgol Ifor Bach w246668805 Ysgol Ifor Bach + + 3 m +J
401115 (E) CF71 7ER Ysgol Iolo Morganwg w839946737 Ysgol Iolo Morganwg + + 121 m +J
402420 (E) CF40 1HQ Ysgol Nantgwyn w402873707 Tonypandy Community College + + 48 m +J
402228 (E) CF82 6AP Ysgol Penalltau w404257673 + 9 m +J

Schools matched to an OSM object by reference number

Official ID Postcode Official Name OSM Object OSM Name MN MPC Offset
402040 (E) CF81 9DD Aberbargoed Primary School w404253734 Aberbargoed Primary School 52 m
401269 (E) CF48 1SZ Abercanaid Community School w401242791 Abercanaid Community School 36 m
402276 (E) CF45 4SU Abercynon Community Primary School w97668769 Abercynon Community Primary School 85 m
402344 (E) CF44 7RP Aberdare Community School w791865866 Aberdare Community School 55 m
401267 (E) CF44 7HF Aberdare Town C.I.W. Primary School w401083417 Aberdare Town C.I.W. Primary School 48 m
401559 (E) CF24 0JF Adamsdown Primary School w31134282 Adamsdown Primary School 91 m
401825 (E) CF48 4ED Afon Taf High School w404203718 Afon Taf High School 269 m
401069 (E) CF33 4PA Afon-Y-Felin Primary School w404260339 Ysgol Gynradd Afon-y-Felin 74 m
401137 (E) CF40 2UU Alaw Primary School w402897940 Alaw Primary School 89 m
401560 (E) CF24 3RR Albany Primary School w44404240 Albany Primary School 70 m
401084 (E) CF64 1BX Albert C.P. School w402232519 Albert C.P. School 46 m
401132 (E) CF62 7FG All Saints C.I.W. Primary School w439038382 All Saints C.I.W. Primary School 128 m
401659 (E) CF23 9LF All Saints C.I.W. Primary School w259243781 All Saints' Church in Wales Primary School 105 m
401561 (E) CF14 3QE Allensbank Primary School w439035295 Allensbank Primary School 56 m
401797 (E) CF31 2DN Archbishop McGrath Catholic High School w479737676 Archbishop McGrath Catholic High School 165 m
401083 (E) CF31 2JS Archdeacon John Lewis w494438494 Archdeacon John Lewis 557 m
402333 (E) CF61 1WF Atlantic College w33267568 United World College of the Atlantic 192 m
401562 (E) CF24 2SJ Baden Powell Primary School w439038566 Baden Powell Primary School 47 m
401085 (E) CF62 5UZ Barry Island Primary w100875750 Barry Island Primary school 140 m
401290 (E) CF46 6RE Bedlinog Community Primary School w404209204 Bedlinog Community Primary School 366 m
401842 (E) CF83 8BJ Bedwas High School w134113137 Bedwas High School 127 m
401369 (E) CF83 8EE Bedwas Infant School w195607440 Bedwas Infants School 144 m
401364 (E) CF83 8EB Bedwas Junior School w266666454 Bedwas Junior School 79 m
142458 (E) CF64 5SE Beechwood College w439036079 Beechwood College 1241 m
401563 (E) CF14 1RR Birchgrove Primary School w108314629 Birchgrove Primary School 45 m
401663 (E) CF3 0AY Bishop Childs C.I.W. Primary School w27028151 Bishop Childs C.I.W. Primary School 34 m
401027 (E) CF32 8BA Blaengarw Primary School w834290138 Blaengarw Primary School 50 m
401146 (E) CF44 6YP Blaengwawr Primary School w474740357 Blaengwawr Primary School 183 m
402210 (E) CF31 2EZ Brackla Primary School w401059057 Brackla Primary School 29 m
401615 (E) CF23 7ES Bryn Celyn Primary School w439035130 Bryn Celyn Primary School 138 m
401620 (E) CF15 8RD Bryn Deri Primary School w435525846 Bryn Deri Primary School 92 m
401593 (E) CF3 4HF Bryn Hafod Primary School w31143027 Bryn Hafod Primary School 99 m
401966 (E) CF14 3HS Bryn Y Deryn School and Student Support Unit w247596636 Bryn Y Deryn School 182 m
401806 (E) CF38 2AE Bryncelynnog Comprehensive School w435527317 Bryncelynnog Comprehensive School 178 m
401028 (E) CF32 9EL Brynmenyn Primary School w518111970 Brynmenyn Primary School 861 m
401142 (E) CF72 9QJ Brynnau Primary School w1009087273 Brynnau Primary School 87 m
401790 (E) CF31 4QR Bryntirion Comprehensive School w102211303 Bryntirion Comprehensive School 59 m
401029 (E) CF31 4DD Bryntirion Infants School w102308239 Bryntirion Infants School 84 m
400013 (E) CF64 2ET Bute Cottage Nursery School w275638696 Bute Cottage Nursery School 21 m
402033 (E) CF63 2JS Cadoxton Community Primary w439035642 Cadoxton Community Primary 268 m
401272 (E) CF47 8HA Caedraw Primary School w1008993721 Caedraw Primary School 16 m
401149 (E) CF45 4BH Caegarw Primary School w401670177 Caegarw Primary School 31 m
402234 (E) CF34 0PA Caerau Primary School w813954402 Caerau Primary School 26 m
401879 (E) CF5 3JR Cantonian High School w27591996 Cantonian High School 290 m
401153 (E) CF44 6AD Capcoch Primary School w435452823 Capcoch Primary School 75 m
401158 (E) CF44 7PB Caradog Primary School w403817244 Caradog Primary School 62 m
402050 (E) CF24 3AB Cardiff Academy w92974759 Cardiff Academy 117 m
401874 (E) CF23 6WG Cardiff High School w26295297 Cardiff High School 13 m
402125 (E) CF24 4JL Cardiff Muslim Primary School w453800011 Cardiff Muslim Primary School 108 m
402394 (E) CF24 0AA Cardiff Sixth Form College w89098701 Cardiff Sixth Form College 37 m
402289 (E) CF14 2FL Cardiff Steiner School w247653173 Cardiff Steiner School 82 m
402391 (E) CF5 5XP Cardiff West Community High School w22813823 Cardiff West Community High School 46 m
401823 (E) CF37 5DP Cardinal Newman R.C. Comprehensive School w435526718 Cardinal Newman R.C. Comprehensive School 288 m
401883 (E) CF14 3XG Cathays High School w30901778 Cathays High School 49 m
401031 (E) CF32 0AW Cefn Cribwr Primary School w404259630 Cefn Cribwr Primary School 139 m
401066 (E) CF31 4PL Cefn Glas Infant School w494438492 Cefn Glas Infant School 79 m
401655 (E) CF14 5AS Christ The King R.C. Primary School w435525116 Christ The King R.C. Primary School 75 m
401598 (E) CF14 5DW Coed Glas Primary School w26295206 Coed Glas Primary School 162 m
401147 (E) CF37 2DB Coedylan Primary School w435526883 Coedylan Primary School 46 m
401088 (E) CF64 2JS Cogan Primary School w439036472 Cogan Primary School 42 m
401032 (E) CF35 6DH Coity Primary School w1011678026 Coity Primary School 139 m
401089 (E) CF62 9XH Colcot Primary School w99800276 Colcot Primary School 142 m
402261 (E) CF32 9EL Coleg Cymunedol Y Dderwen w705049633 Coleg Cymunedol Y Dderwen 376 m
401891 (E) CF23 6XL Corpus Christi Catholic High School w439035252 Corpus Christi Catholic High School 84 m
401612 (E) CF14 7DS Coryton Primary School w435525804 Coryton Primary School 177 m
401039 (E) CF35 5HN Coychurch (Llangrallo) Primary School w494441303 Coychurch (Llangrallo) Primary School 49 m
401220 (E) CF37 3BP Craig-Yr-Hesg Primary School w401083345 Craig-Yr-Hesg Primary School 144 m
401635 (E) CF15 9NN Creigiau Primary School w439039698 Creigiau Primary School 225 m
401059 (E) CF35 5LY Croesty Primary School w403285141 Croesty Primary School 132 m
401371 (E) CF83 3PD Cwm Glas Infant School w435525325 Cwm Glas Infant School 65 m
401341 (E) CF83 2PG Cwm Ifor Primary School w435526002 Cwm Ifor Primary School 99 m
401268 (E) CF44 0AT Cwmbach C.I.W. Primary School w405144205 Cwmbach C.I.W. Primary School 101 m
402307 (E) CF44 0HS Cwmbach Community Primary w405144056 Cwmbach Community Primary School 130 m
401179 (E) CF44 8UA Cwmdar County Primary School w403810064 Cwmdar County Primary School 21 m
401033 (E) CF34 9LD Cwmfelin Primary School w814276180 Cwmfelin Primary School 60 m
401380 (E) CF83 1SN Cwrt Rawlin Primary School w404269680 Cwrt Rawlin Primary School 114 m
401827 (E) CF47 0LS Cyfarthfa High School w181307644 Cyfarthfa High School 48 m
401270 (E) CF47 8RE Cyfarthfa Park Primary School w404198311 Cyfarthfa Park Primary School 6 m
402384 (E) CF39 9EY Cymmer Primary School w404110043 Cymmer Primary School 112 m
401789 (E) CF33 6NP Cynffig Comprehensive School w342958315 Cynffig Comprehensive School 120 m
402212 (E) CF5 2SN Danescourt Primary School w102658349 Danescourt Primary School 37 m
401168 (E) CF43 4LE Darran Park Primary School w404103686 Darran Park Primary School 94 m
401185 (E) CF45 3LT Darrenlas Primary School w435532607 Darrenlas Primary School 97 m
401309 (E) CF81 9HZ Deri Primary School w402250849 Deri Primary School 65 m
402352 (E) CF64 4JU Dinas Powys Primary School w178136087 Dinas Powys Primary School - Junior Site 405 m
402352 (E) CF64 4JU Dinas Powys Primary School w178283504 Dinas Powys Primary School - Infant Site 183 m
401152 (E) CF72 9RP Dolau Primary w1009086399 80 m
402227 (E) CF48 3HB Dowlais Primary School r13508182 Dowlais Primary School 198 m
402074 (E) CF46 5NE Edwardsville Primary School w404213016 Edwardsville Primary School 48 m
402110 (E) CF5 4SX Ely And Caerau Children's Centre w59699019 Ely And Caerau Children's Centre 320 m
401109 (E) CF64 3PD Evenlode C.P. School w439036491 Evenlode C.P. School 127 m
401091 (E) CF64 2RT Fairfield Primary School w439036483 Fairfield Primary School 90 m
401565 (E) CF5 3ED Fairwater Primary School w92863558 Fairwater Primary School 168 m
401034 (E) CF32 8HW Ffaldau Primary School w251860572 Ffaldau Primary School 19 m
401877 (E) CF11 8XB Fitzalan High School w821443976 Fitzalan High School 98 m
401566 (E) CF14 2QQ Gabalfa Primary School w26663116 Gabalfa Primary School 41 m
401036 (E) CF34 0ND Garth Primary School w713949273 Garth Primary School 53 m
401274 (E) CF47 9TJ Gellifaelog Primary School w245794560 Gellifaelog Primary School 47 m
401638 (E) CF14 3JL Gladstone Primary w439035339 Gladstone Primary School 60 m
401092 (E) CF62 8NA Gladstone Primary School w439038151 Gladstone Primary School 268 m
401639 (E) CF3 5NJ Glan-Yr-Afon Primary w402645550 Glan-Yr-Afon Primary 120 m
401231 (E) CF45 3DW Glenboi Primary School w435532053 Glenboi Primary School 106 m
402273 (E) CF23 7DW Glyncoed Primary School w27950674 Glyncoed Primary School 37 m
402259 (E) CF47 9PB Goetre Primary School w404198493 Goetre Primary School 189 m
401368 (E) CF83 8WW Graig-Y-Rhacca Primary and Nursery Community School w195608730 Graig-y-rhacca Primary School 56 m
402054 (E) CF11 7XS Grange Town Primary w105530245 Grangetown Primary School 13 m
401923 (E) CF48 4BJ Greenfield Special School w401242593 Greenfield Special School 104 m
401929 (E) CF14 6UJ Greenhill Special School w26214494 Greenhill School 118 m
401583 (E) CF3 3JG Greenway Primary School w446365627 Greenway Primary School 36 m
401278 (E) CF47 9AF Gwaunfarren Primary School w404202868 Gwaunfarren Primary School 15 m
402038 (E) CF38 2DH Gwaunmeisgyn Primary School w401051262 Gwaunmiskin School 64 m
401122 (E) CF5 6AN Gwenfo C.I.W. Primary w99683584 Gwenfô Church in Wales Primary School 206 m
401808 (E) CF37 5AL Hawthorn High School w435526396 Hawthorn High School 203 m
402193 (E) CF14 2LR Hawthorn Primary School w247650641 Hawthorn Primary School 30 m
401165 (E) CF37 5AL Hawthorn Primary School w435526514 Hawthorn Primary School 66 m
402003 (E) CF64 1YY Headlands School w1009092322 Headlands School 71 m
401322 (E) CF83 2RP Hendre Infants School w452400018 Hendre Infants School 143 m
401279 (E) CF48 1SB Heolgerrig Community School w404196647 Heolgerrig Community School 83 m
402078 (E) CF5 4XD Herbert Thompson Primary w408694303 Herbert Thompson Primary School 32 m
401914 (E) CF31 3HT Heronsbridge School w171225416 Heronsbridge School 56 m
401093 (E) CF62 8HT High Street Primary School w101108680 High Street Primary School 40 m
401094 (E) CF63 4TF Holton Primary School w99835641 Holton Primary School 33 m
401657 (E) CF5 3SN Holy Family R.C. Primary School w446366549 Holy Family R.C. Primary School 106 m
402357 (E) CF23 9NB Howardian Primary School w788264195 Howardian Primary School 59 m
402018 (E) CF5 2YD Howell's School r14148036 Howell's School 39 m
402194 (E) CF5 4PD Hywel Dda Primary School w22870664 Hywel Dda Primary School 149 m
401095 (E) CF63 1DG Jenner Park Primary w439039493 Jenner Park Primary 57 m
402016 (E) CF24 3XL Kings Monkton School w108226577 Kings Monkton School 15 m
401575 (E) CF11 6HT Kitchener Primary School w86251050 Kitchener Primary School 47 m
401599 (E) CF23 6HB Lakeside Primary School w124083572 Lakeside Primary School 127 m
401576 (E) CF5 1JY Lansdowne Primary School w22837817 Lansdowne Primary School 44 m
401840 (E) CF82 7WW Lewis Girls' Comprehensive School w435525717 Lewis Girls' Comprehensive School 111 m
402225 (E) CF31 1QB Litchard Primary w494441304 Litchard Primary School 112 m
401324 (E) CF46 6NF Llancaeach Junior School w435526197 Llancaeach Junior School 77 m
401654 (E) CF5 2HT Llandaff City C.I.W. Primary School w439035614 Llandaff City C.I.W. Primary School 79 m
401110 (E) CF64 2QD Llandough Primary w830070426 Llandough Primary School 158 m
401607 (E) CF23 9JN Llanedeyrn Primary School w258701445 Llanedeyrn Primary School 47 m
401325 (E) CF46 6HL Llanfabon Infants School w435526118 Llanfabon Infants School 292 m
401097 (E) CF71 7LT Llanfair C.P. School w831871667 Llanfair Primary School 603 m
401061 (E) CF31 4JT Llangewydd Junior School w102225790 Llangewydd Junior School 115 m
401040 (E) CF34 9TE Llangynwyd Primary School w718819282 Llangynwyd Primary School 123 m
401183 (E) CF72 9PW Llanharan Primary School w435532626 Llanharan Primary School 32 m
401605 (E) CF14 6SS Llanishen Fach Primary School w26214130 Llanishen Fach Primary School 71 m
401881 (E) CF14 5YL Llanishen High School w26295197 Llanishen High School 58 m
401128 (E) CF71 7SZ Llansannor C.I.W. Primary School w439039555 Llansannor C.I.W. Primary School 1030 m
401798 (E) CF61 1TQ Llantwit Major School w638603710 Llantwit Major School 192 m
401222 (E) CF38 2BE Llwyncrwn Primary School w435527193 Llwyncrwn Primary School 212 m
401619 (E) CF14 0TB Llysfaen Primary School w26295815 Llysfaen Primary School 126 m
402250 (E) CF43 4TW Maerdy Community Primary School w402506300 Maerdy Community Primary School 172 m
401077 (E) CF31 5EG Maes yr Haul Primary School w468778976 Maes yr Haul Primary School 55 m
401177 (E) CF37 1EQ Maes-Y-Coed Primary School w435528173 Maes-Y-Coed Primary School 41 m
401919 (E) CF44 8RE Maesgwyn Special School w403809763 Maesgwyn Special School 22 m
401791 (E) CF34 0LQ Maesteg School w102052174 Maesteg School 50 m
401239 (E) CF38 2NS Maesybryn Primary School w435526311 Maesybryn Primary School 91 m
402272 (E) CF23 5BU Marlborough Primary w909175478 Marlborough Primary School 149 m
401888 (E) CF5 5QZ Mary Immaculate R.C. High School w439039508 Mary Immaculate R.C. High School 616 m
401935 (E) CF14 2QQ Meadowbank Special School w442754396 Meadowbank Special School 114 m
401633 (E) CF3 0JZ Meadowlane Primary School w446365873 Meadowlane Primary School 121 m
401558 (E) CF5 5AL Millbank Primary School w22835751 Millbank Primary School 49 m
401261 (E) CF45 3BG Miskin Primary School w402236707 Miskin Primary School 60 m
401579 (E) CF24 2LJ Moorland Primary School w439038407 Moorland Primary School 71 m
401602 (E) CF10 5BS Mount Stuart Primary w94428939 Mount Stuart Primary School 79 m
401809 (E) CF45 4DG Mountain Ash Comprehensive School w143173968 Mountain Ash Comprehensive School 30 m
402367 (E) CF33 6ET Mynydd Cynffig Primary School w342289617 Mynydd Cynffig Primary School 264 m
402367 (E) CF33 6ET Mynydd Cynffig Primary School w833603724 Mynydd Cynffig Primary School 70 m
401327 (E) CF83 4GY Nant Y Parc Primary School w435526064 Nant Y Parc Primary School 191 m
401043 (E) CF34 0ET Nantyffyllon Primary School w833941037 Nantyffyllon Primary School 41 m
401044 (E) CF32 7PL Nantymoel Primary School w102021648 Nantymoel Primary School 33 m
401045 (E) CF36 5BL Newton Primary School w833251607 Newton Primary School 101 m
401609 (E) CF11 8TF Ninian Park Primary School w86217308 Ninian Park Primary School 122 m
401046 (E) CF36 3ED Nottage Primary School w69945625 Ysgol Gynradd Notais 88 m
401114 (E) CF62 9DU Oakfield Primary School w958973709 Oakfield Primary School 53 m
401622 (E) CF3 0AA Oakfield Primary School w446365790 Oakfield Primary School 118 m
402056 (E) CF32 7AJ Ogmore Vale Primary w404258929 Ogmore Vale Primary School 281 m
402209 (E) CF31 3ED Oldcastle Primary School w266538286 Oldcastle Primary School 80 m
401263 (E) CF45 3UA Our Lady's R.C. Primary School w97666532 Our Lady's R.C. Primary School 58 m
401099 (E) CF63 2XL Palmerston Primary School w439035698 Palmerston Primary School 15 m
401276 (E) CF48 2AD Pantysgallog Primary School w398400435 Pantysgallog Primary School 29 m
401180 (E) CF37 1BE Parclewis Primary School w435526845 Parclewis Primary School 166 m
401920 (E) CF44 8HN Park Lane Special School w403813932 Park Lane Special School 175 m
401595 (E) CF3 5TP Pen-Y-Bryn Primary School w410347547 Pen-Y-Bryn Primary School 118 m
401826 (E) CF47 9BY Pen-Y-Dre High School w398401753 Pen-Y-Dre High School 156 m
402255 (E) CF5 5QN Pencaerau Primary school w22823437 Pencaerau Primary School 168 m
401793 (E) CF35 5LZ Pencoed Comprehensive School w469770783 Pencoed Comprehensive School 57 m
402208 (E) CF35 6RH Pencoed Primary School w835073937 Pencoed Primary School 129 m
402423 (E) CF62 9YQ Pencoedtre High School w99683583 Pencoedtre High School 60 m
401126 (E) CF71 7UJ Pendoylan C.I.W. Primary School w119429639 Pendoylan C.I.W. Primary 796 m
402037 (E) CF43 3PL Penrhys Primary School w404103828 Penrhys Primary School 17 m
401630 (E) CF15 9QL Pentyrch Primary School w439039999 Pentyrch Primary School 96 m
401052 (E) CF31 1TD Penybont Primary School w494438485 Penybont Primary School 74 m
401079 (E) CF31 4LX Penyfai C.I.W. Primary w852795928 Pen Y Fai Church in Wales Primary School 91 m
401216 (E) CF45 3RJ Perthcelyn Community Primary School w435530918 Perthcelyn Community Primary School 103 m
401216 (E) CF45 3RJ Perthcelyn Community Primary School w453798381 Perthcelyn Community Primary School 117 m
401591 (E) CF5 3NP Peter Lea Primary School w439037962 Peter Lea Primary School 136 m
401121 (E) CF5 6LP Peterston Super Ely C.I.W. Primary w127378382 Peterston-super-Ely CIW Primary 74 m
401053 (E) CF33 6AB Pil Primary School w404260276 Pil Primary School 99 m
401054 (E) CF34 9UN Plasnewydd Primary School w833941038 Plasnewydd Primary School 43 m
402089 (E) CF83 3FT Plasyfelin Primary w115974533 Plas-y-Felin Primary School 169 m
402354 (E) CF23 8LL Pontprennau Primary School w923003155 Pontprennau Primary School 82 m
402419 (E) CF39 0BS Porth Community School w402901625 Porth Community School 41 m
401795 (E) CF36 3ES Porthcawl Comprehensive School w55887055 Porthcawl Comprehensive School 129 m
401063 (E) CF36 5EY Porthcawl Primary School w39678688 Porthcawl Primary School 67 m
401580 (E) CF5 1RB Radnor Primary School w105136748 Radnor Primary School 89 m
401884 (E) CF15 8XG Radyr Comprehensive School w176164175 Radyr Comprehensive School 59 m
401617 (E) CF15 8DF Radyr Primary School w435525795 Radyr Primary School 87 m
402238 (E) CF14 3PR Red Rose School w925254924 Red Rose School 39 m
401193 (E) CF44 9YY Rhigos Primary School w402501559 Rhigos Primary School 72 m
401606 (E) CF14 6HL Rhiwbeina Primary School w304514763 Rhiwbeina Primary School 80 m
401100 (E) CF62 3DS Rhws Primary School w165032467 Rhws Primary School 100 m
401326 (E) CF83 3DF Rhydri Primary School w452400241 Rhydri Primary School 11 m
401581 (E) CF14 0NX Rhydypenau Primary School w439034968 Rhydypenau Primary School 142 m
401932 (E) CF5 5AQ Riverbank Special School w22829636 Riverbank Special School 186 m
401582 (E) CF24 4BB Roath Park Primary School w439035520 Roath Park Primary School 47 m
402221 (E) CF62 6LF Romilly Community Primary School w830835721 Romilly Primary School 142 m
402219 (E) CF3 3HD Rumney Primary School w10648174 Rumney Primary School 77 m
402205 (E) CF11 9DZ Severn Primary School w95033546 Severn Primary School 58 m
401096 (E) CF62 3FD South Point Primary School w439038730 Llancarfan C.P. School 3960 m
401608 (E) CF23 9LS Springwood Primary School w255388922 Springwood Primary School 182 m
401641 (E) CF24 2TG St Albans RC Primary School w435533869 St Albans RC Primary School 41 m
401127 (E) CF64 4HB St Andrews Major C.I.W. Primary School w439036001 St Andrews Major C.I.W. Primary School 237 m
401107 (E) CF62 4PG St Athan Primary School w402503293 St Athan Primary School 137 m
401661 (E) CF23 7JB St Bernadette's R.C. Primary School w439035188 St Bernadette's R.C. Primary School 149 m
401649 (E) CF3 5NX St Cadoc's Primary School w402645553 St Cadoc's Primary School 45 m
401834 (E) CF83 2RP St Cenydd School w372258070 St Cenydd Community School 302 m
401999 (E) CF36 5NR St Clare's School w42266572 St Clare's School 98 m
401642 (E) CF10 4AB St Cuthbert's R.C. Primary School w92028175 St Cuthbert's R.C. Primary School 38 m
401805 (E) CF64 2XP St Cyres Comprehensive School w91300799 St Cyres Comprehensive School 54 m
401662 (E) CF23 7ED St David's C.I.W. Primary School w27951055 St David's C.I.W. Primary School 44 m
401129 (E) CF71 7NL St David's C.I.W. Primary School w831871668 St David's Church in Wales Primary School 154 m
402285 (E) CF23 5QD St David's Catholic College w406046813 St David's Catholic College 54 m
401660 (E) CF5 4SZ St Fagans C.I.W. Primary School w439039106 St Fagans C.I.W. Primary School 70 m
402079 (E) CF5 4JL St Francis V.A. Primary School w439037208 St Francis V.A. Primary School 123 m
402079 (E) CF5 4JL St Francis V.A. Primary School w439037274 St Francis V.A. Primary School 59 m
401385 (E) CF83 1QH St Helen's Catholic Primary School w325207350 St Helens Roman Catholic Primary School 64 m
402395 (E) CF63 4EH St Helen's Catholic Primary School w100719209 St Helen's Catholic Primary School 126 m
402395 (E) CF63 4EH St Helen's Catholic Primary School w439039089 St Helen's Catholic Primary School 418 m
401108 (E) CF61 1ST St Illtyd Primary School w44049169 St Illtyd Primary School 123 m
401887 (E) CF3 1XQ St Illtyds R.C. High School w10226572 Saint Illtyds Roman Catholic High School 67 m
402090 (E) CF83 3GT St James Primary w325207044 St James Primary School 63 m
401824 (E) CF44 8BW St John Baptist C.I.W. High School w128998207 St John Baptist C.I.W. High School 118 m
401656 (E) CF3 1TA St John Lloyd R.C. Primary School w10226360 St John Lloyd R.C. Primary School 119 m
402013 (E) CF3 5YX St Johns College w446365675 St Johns College 12 m
401645 (E) CF14 3BL St Joseph's R.C. Primary School w347255189 St Joseph's R.C. Primary School 198 m
401130 (E) CF64 2TQ St Joseph's R.C. Primary School w439036272 St Joseph's R.C. Primary School 194 m
401266 (E) CF44 7PP St Margaret's R.C. Primary School w403817409 St Margaret's R.C. Primary School 56 m
401837 (E) CF83 1UW St Martin's School w136758533 St Martins School 25 m
401658 (E) CF10 5HB St Mary The Virgin C.I.W. Primary School w103388032 St Mary The Virgin C.I.W. Primary School 42 m
401082 (E) CF31 4JW St Mary's Catholic Primary School w467940450 St Mary's Catholic Primary School 85 m
401080 (E) CF34 9AY St Mary's & St Patrick's Catholic Primary School w833941039 St Mary's & St Patrick's Catholic Primary School 39 m
401646 (E) CF11 9EF St Mary's R.C. Primary School w98939027 St Mary's R.C. Primary School 44 m
401640 (E) CF3 5TP St Mellons C.I.W. Primary School w923073541 St Mellons Church In Wales Primary School 86 m
401264 (E) CF37 1SP St Michael's R.C. Primary School w435526791 St Michael's R.C. Primary School 84 m
401651 (E) CF14 3JL St Monica's C.I.W. Primary School w839134532 St. Monica's Church in Wales Primary School 98 m
401120 (E) CF5 6SG St Nicholas C.I.W. Primary w439038927 St Nicholas C.I.W. Primary 196 m
401647 (E) CF11 6NA St Patrick's R.C. Primary School w439037059 St Patrick's R.C. Primary School 4 m
401652 (E) CF11 7EU St Paul's C.I.W. Primary School w439037150 St Paul's C.I.W. Primary School 50 m
401648 (E) CF24 3SP St Peter's R.C. Primary School w102354509 St Peter's R.C. Primary School 33 m
401664 (E) CF23 9NX St Phillip Evans R.C. Primary School w254192680 St Philip Evans Catholic Primary School 30 m
401803 (E) CF63 1BL St Richard Gwyn R.C. High School w439035644 St Richard Gwyn R.C. High School 242 m
401890 (E) CF23 9PD St Teilo's C.I.W. High School w453799304 St Teilo's C.I.W. High School 266 m
401586 (E) CF24 1DW Stacey Primary School w439038002 Stacey Primary School 62 m
401804 (E) CF64 2XL Stanwell School w91239365 Stanwell School 40 m
401103 (E) CF64 5SU Sully Primary School w439036203 Sully Primary School 106 m
401889 (E) CF5 2NR The Bishop Of Llandaff C.I.W. High School w175944286 Bishop of Llandaff Church in Wales High School 147 m
402015 (E) CF5 2YH The Cathedral School w96021565 The Cathedral School 67 m
401930 (E) CF14 5UX The Court Special School w453798146 The Court Special School 19 m
401934 (E) CF23 7XG The Hollies Special School w439035148 The Hollies Special School 11 m
401631 (E) CF14 9UD Thornhill Primary School w122236784 Thornhill Primary School 1011 m
401587 (E) CF14 4HG Ton-Yr-Ywen Primary School w26295047 Ton-Yr-Ywen Primary School 206 m
401071 (E) CF32 9BE Tondu Primary School w517310837 Tondu Primary School 87 m
401618 (E) CF15 7LF Tongwynlais Primary School w401021615 Tongwynlais Community Primary School 129 m
401653 (E) CF24 0JT Tredegarville C.I.W. Primary School w102354511 Tredegarville C.I.W. Primary School 27 m
401208 (E) CF37 2RH Trehopcyn Primary School w435528808 Trehopcyn Primary School 133 m
401564 (E) CF5 5DY Trelai Primary School w22813965 Trelai Primary School 237 m
401055 (E) CF32 0LF Trelales Primary School w488312422 Trelales Primary School 134 m
401291 (E) CF46 6AH Trelewis Primary School w435526297 Trelewis Primary School 106 m
402226 (E) CF31 2NL Tremains Primary w401678779 Tremains Primary School 52 m
401924 (E) CF82 7XW Trinity Fields School & Resource Centre w435525383 Trinity Fields School & Resource Centre 10 m
402134 (E) CF48 4JQ Troedyrhiw Primary School w404203587 Troedyrhiw Primary School 91 m
402253 (E) CF3 1SX Trowbridge Primary School w401085564 Trowbridge Primary School 111 m
402044 (E) CF83 1UT Twyn Primary School w115954488 Twyn Primary School 39 m
402055 (E) CF47 0LW Twynrodyn Community School w181307638 Twynyrodyn Community School 33 m
401960 (E) CF44 8EX Ty Gwyn Education Centres w1008991585 Ty Gwyn Education Centres 124 m
401933 (E) CF5 5AQ Ty Gwyn Special School w909123598 Ty Gwyn Special School 273 m
402043 (E) CF83 8BR Tyn - y - Wern Primary w134113136 Tyn-y-Wern Primary School 162 m
401058 (E) CF32 8PN Tynyrheol Primary School w401119085 Tynyrheol Primary School 194 m
402373 (E) CF11 6NJ Ummul Mumineen Academy w105646951 Ummul Mumineen Academy 45 m
401104 (E) CF64 2UZ Victoria Primary School w439036648 Victoria Primary School 88 m
401067 (E) CF36 3SN West Park Primary School w55600600 Ysgol Gynradd Parc Gorllewin 203 m
402002 (E) CF64 2AJ Westbourne Schools w223606864 Westbourne School 125 m
401880 (E) CF14 2XJ Whitchurch High School w26625792 Whitchurch High School (Upper) 104 m
402310 (E) CF14 1NL Whitchurch Primary School w26294977 Whitchurch Primary School 114 m
402422 (E) CF62 8ZJ Whitmore High School w830403063 Whitmore High School 74 m
401124 (E) CF71 7QE Wick Marcross C.I.W. Primary School w831871669 Wick and Marcross Church in Wales Primary School 80 m
401237 (E) CF40 1AG Williamstown Primary School w402494331 Williamstown Primary School 18 m
401629 (E) CF3 0ST Willowbrook Primary School w446365962 Willowbrook Primary School 53 m
401876 (E) CF24 2YE Willows High School w92782274 Willows High School 24 m
402201 (E) CF5 4HX Windsor Clive Primary School w22870737 Windsor Clive Primary School 99 m
401931 (E) CF5 5AQ Woodlands High School w22813981 Woodlands High School 322 m
401616 (E) CF15 9HJ Y G G Gwaelod y Garth w164454395 Ysgol Grynradd Gwaelod-y-Garth 355 m
401818 (E) CF72 8YQ Y Pant Comprehensive School w439039713 Y Pant Comprehensive School 198 m
401257 (E) CF43 4LG Y.G.G. Llyn-y-Forwyn w404103097 Y.G.G. Llyn-y-Forwyn 52 m
401215 (E) CF37 4ND Y.G.G. Pont Sion Norton w453798279 Y.G.G. Pont Sion Norton 63 m
401056 (E) CF34 9YE YGG Cynwyd Sant w833941040 Ysgol Cynwyd Sant 38 m
401287 (E) CF48 4QQ Ynysowen Community Primary School w401677341 Ynysowen Community Primary School 163 m
401636 (E) CF11 8BR Ysgol Gymraeg Pwll Coch w90045258 Ysgol Gymraeg Pwll Coch 257 m
401626 (E) CF3 4AB Ysgol Bro Eirwg w38574903 Ysgol Bro Eirwg 174 m
401226 (E) CF44 8RT Ysgol G.G. Aberdar w128998208 Ysgol G.G. Aberdar 235 m
401350 (E) CF83 3HG Ysgol G.G. Caerffili w116443482 Campws y Gwyndy: Ysgol Gyfun Cwm Rhymni 148 m
401258 (E) CF37 1HQ Ysgol G.G. Evan James w402239230 Ysgol G.G. Evan James 97 m
401242 (E) CF39 8LE Ysgol G.G. Tonyrefail w435527522 Ysgol G.G. Tonyrefail 93 m
402096 (E) CF24 5EB Ysgol Glan Morfa w909264647 Ysgol Glan Morfa 161 m
401819 (E) CF39 9HA Ysgol Gyfun Cymer Rhondda w404107499 Ysgol Gyfun Cymer Rhondda 281 m
402295 (E) CF23 9DT Ysgol Gyfun Gymraeg Bro Edern w149038192 Ysgol Gyfun Gymraeg Bro Edern 101 m
401885 (E) CF14 2JL Ysgol Gyfun Gymraeg Glantaf w26216962 Ysgol Gyfun Gymraeg Glantaf 209 m
402198 (E) CF34 9RW Ysgol Gyfun Gymraeg Llangynwyd w718819303 Ysgol Gyfun Gymraeg Llangynwyd 341 m
401886 (E) CF5 3PZ Ysgol Gyfun Gymraeg Plasmawr w439037977 Ysgol Gyfun Gymraeg Plasmawr 196 m
401374 (E) CF82 7XQ Ysgol Gymraeg Bro Allta w435525740 Ysgol Gymraeg Bro Allta 2 m
402362 (E) CF62 8YU Ysgol Gymraeg Bro Morgannwg w173139753 Ysgol Gymraeg Bro Morgannwg 122 m
401064 (E) CF31 2LN Ysgol Gymraeg Bro Ogwr w494438488 Ysgol Gymraeg Bro Ogwr 20 m
401625 (E) CF5 3SG Ysgol Gymraeg Coed-Y-Gof w446367099 Ysgol Gymraeg Coed-Y-Gof 137 m
402264 (E) CF61 1TQ Ysgol Gymraeg Dewi Sant w638603725 Ysgol Gymraeg Dewi Sant 210 m
401623 (E) CF14 1AP Ysgol Gymraeg Melin Gruffydd w317813414 Ysgol Gymraeg Melin Gruffydd 35 m
402138 (E) CF5 5QZ Ysgol Gymraeg Nant Caerau w22823533 Ysgol Gymraeg Nant Caerau 345 m
401628 (E) CF11 8DG Ysgol Gymraeg Treganna w451944710 Ysgol Gymraeg Treganna 144 m
401295 (E) CF48 1LG Ysgol Gynradd Coed y Dderwen w404197850 Ysgol Gynradd Coed y Dderwen 27 m
401117 (E) CF62 9DU Ysgol Gynradd Gwaun Y Nant w958973708 Ysgol Gynradd Gwaun Y Nant 125 m
402387 (E) CF10 5UY Ysgol Gynradd Gymraeg Hamadryad w895344483 Ysgol Gynradd Gymraeg Hamadryad 89 m
401293 (E) CF48 4NT Ysgol Gynradd Gymraeg Rhyd-Y-Grug w404211735 Ysgol Gynradd Gymraeg Rhyd-Y-Grug 128 m
401289 (E) CF47 0HU Ysgol Gynradd Gymraeg Santes Tudful w181307641 Ysgol Gynradd Gymraeg Santes Tudful 296 m
401816 (E) CF72 9XE Ysgol Llanhari w439039637 Ysgol Llanhari 93 m
401634 (E) CF14 3BR Ysgol Mynydd Bychan w101292265 Ysgol Mynydd Bychan 94 m
401112 (E) CF64 2QN Ysgol Pen Y Garth w91582359 Ysgol Pen y Garth 44 m
402137 (E) CF3 1RQ Ysgol Pen Y Pil w446365699 Ysgol Pen Y Pil 61 m
401632 (E) CF5 2QA Ysgol Pencae w92811977 Ysgol Pencae 58 m
401113 (E) CF62 8HT Ysgol Sant Baruc w101108669 Ysgol Sant Baruc 103 m
401116 (E) CF62 8HQ Ysgol Sant Curig w439038099 Ysgol Sant Curig 157 m
401922 (E) CF38 1PG Ysgol Ty Coch w435526370 Ysgol Ty Coch 80 m
401637 (E) CF23 9LD Ysgol Y Berllan Deg w258701451 Ysogl Y Berllan Deg 38 m
401073 (E) CF33 4LW Ysgol Y Ferch O'r Sger w404262061 Ysgol Y Ferch O'r Sger 106 m
402364 (E) CF61 1TQ Ysgol y Ddraig w638603727 Ysgol y Ddraig 139 m
401292 (E) CF48 2LR Ysgol-Y-Graig Primary School w404198020 Ysgol-Y-Graig Primary School 16 m
401624 (E) CF14 5BL Ysgol-Y-Wern w304006630 Ysgol-Y-Wern 270 m
402117 (E) CF82 7AQ Ystrad Mynach Primary w435525789 Ystrad Mynach Primary School 100 m

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