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OSM Schools Progress in the 'CH' Postal Area

The blue circles on the map are schools from the official lists that haven't been matched to an OSM object. The red circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a school on the official list. The lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects. Dark green lines represent a match based on the ref:edubase (England & Wales), ref:seedcode (Scotland) and ref:deni (Northern Ireland) tags. Light green lines represent a match based on location in the absense of an OSM ref:* tag. Orange lines represnt a match based on location, with an incorrect ref:* tag. The location matches can match the wrong schools, particularly in inner-city areas where there are many schools in close proximity. To fix incorrect location matches, add the appropriate ref:* tag to the OSM amenity=school objects. For more information see below.

Schools not matched to an OSM Object

Note that only OSM ways and relations tagged with amenity=school or amenity=college are checked for possible matches. In most cases, any nodes tagged like this would be better converted to way polygons covering the whole of the school site. The matching process is simplistic, so an incorrect matching may result in a different nearby school being the one that is really missing. Also, it is not currently clear what licence the official Edubase / Scottish Government data can be re-used under. Until this is clarified, you should not use the data below directly to add schools to OSM. However, knowing that there is a school missing in a particular area, you may be able to add that school using other sources -- e.g. Bing, OS Street View, and by searching for the possible school's own website.

Official ID Postcode Official Name
134766 (E) CH2 1BQ Ancora House School
111517 (E) CH66 2NA Archers Brook SEMH Residential School
111451 (E) CH65 7AQ Ellesmere Port Catholic High School
105131 (E) CH49 5LF Foxfield School
400322 (E) CH6 5NF Gwynedd C.P. School
131587 (E) CH43 9HG Hillside Primary School
401706 (E) CH5 1SE John Summers High School
402199 (E) CH8 9DX Options Kinsale
105056 (E) CH49 4NS Overchurch Junior School
105090 (E) CH49 5LE St Michael and All Angels Catholic Primary School
146779 (E) CH1 1QP The Grosvenor Park Church of England Academy
402332 (E) CH7 4AE The Haven
137476 (E) CH63 3AQ Wirral Grammar School for Boys
105139 (E) CH41 0EZ Wirral Hospitals' School
400325 (E) CH8 9JQ Ysgol Gymraeg Mornant
400374 (E) CH7 4LN Ysgol Parc Y Llan
400386 (E) CH8 9AN Ysgol Y Llan, Whitford V.P.
402439 (E) CH7 4NS Ysgol Y Rhos
131792 (E) CH3 7JA iMap Centre

OSM Objects not matched to a school on the official lists

Entries here could be due to: Former schools that have now closed, more than one area being tagged for a single school, the official entry for a real school being matched incorrectly to a different OSM object, or institutions not included in the official lists being tagged as schools in OSM. Not all of these entries will be errors in the OSM data, so be careful before making any edits.

OSM Object OSM Name OSM Ref
w313718395 Abbey Gate College (Junior School)
w338347821 Abbey Gate Prep School 111466
w23795555 Abbotts Lane Infant School
w392874586 Bank View High School
w54756254 Burwardsley Adult Education Centre
w391778865 Coleg Cambria Llysfasi
w31988753 Cowley International College
w375261513 Dangerpoint Education Activity Centre
w174770122 Elevator Music
w84830236 Everton Early Childhood Centre
w525695474 Harthill Cookery School
w27090542 Knowsley Community College
w316401652 Knowsley Community College (Main Campus)
w321560057 Little Sutton Church of England Primary School
w26037352 Liverpool College (Senior and Nursery)
w394601378 Llanfynydd County Primary School
w4576180 Northop College
w338044307 Perth y Terfyn CP School
w26154370 Plantation Primary School
w396607246 Redcourt - St Anselm's 105125
w290769261 Rhes-y-cae Primary School
w25863684 Riverside College
w487174549 Sandfield Natural Play Centre
w400652793 The Kingsway Academy 141131
w397843578 The Lyndale School 105136
w357869551 The Queen's School (Lower School)
w295541282 University of Liverpool Leahurst Veterinary School
w722350628 West Bank School Playing Field
w284294558 Ysgol Cymraeg Mornant Picton
w393586398 Ysgol Maes Edwin
w358934598 Ysgol Rhewl Primary School
w399704924 Ysgol Y Foel County Primary School
w159172059 Ysgol Y Llan Va Primary School Whitford

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Schools matched to an OSM object by location

Note that the matching is very simplistic, just taking the nearest unmatched OSM amenity=school or amenity=college way or relation within 1km of the postcode centroid of each official entry in turn. Where several school sites are in close proximity, they may be matched incorrectly.

Official ID Postcode Official Name OSM Object OSM Name MN MR MPC Offset
144742 (E) CH4 7AE Chester International School w45845843 Greenbank College + + 959 m
400364 (E) CH7 3EG Drury C.P. School w40252467 Drury Primary School + + 229 m
111351 (E) CH65 6TQ Ellesmere Port Christ Church CofE Primary School w216696472 Christ Church, Church of England Primary School + + 75 m
146742 (E) CH65 6EA Ellesmere Port Church of England College w326443782 University Church of England Academy 108 m
400324 (E) CH8 7JW Greenfield C.P. School w249195149 Ysgol Maesglas + + 151 m
402329 (E) CH5 3PY Hawarden Village Voluntary Aided C.I.W. Primary w393442292 Hawarden Village Voluntary Aided CIW Primary + + 88 m
105079 (E) CH60 4SA Heswall St Peter's CofE Primary School w77487109 Saint Peters CE Primary School + + 155 m
111510 (E) CH65 7AQ Hinderton School w41457712 Hinderton School + + 161 m
401702 (E) CH8 7AW Holywell High School w338043721 Ysgol y Fron + 677 m
105025 (E) CH61 4UR Irby Primary School w313690317 Irby Primary School + + 148 m
105121 (E) CH47 0LL Kingsmead School w47371289 Kingsmead School + 78 m
145075 (E) CH66 4PP Little Sutton C of E Primary School w150922239 Berwick Road Day Nursery + + 43 m
400329 (E) CH8 8NF Lixwm C.P. School w337839051 Lixwm Cp School + + 248 m
111235 (E) CH66 4SZ Meadow Community Primary School w327390268 Meadow County Primary School + + 146 m
400316 (E) CH6 6BB Merllyn C.P. School w353598455 Merllyn School + + 131 m
141621 (E) CH2 1HB Mill View Primary School w73259620 Mill View Primary School + + 162 m
401700 (E) CH7 1EP Mold Alun School w393592520 Alun School + + 29 m
400348 (E) CH7 3JA Mountain Lane C.P. School w23753246 Mountain Lane County Primary School + + 135 m
400375 (E) CH7 5RD Nannerch Primary School w394442293 Nannerch Primary School + + 95 m
400377 (E) CH7 4EW Nercwys CIW Voluntary Aided Primary School w393879164 Nercwys Va + + 720 m
138318 (E) CH64 9NH Neston High School w275449870 Neston High School + + 184 m
110987 (E) CH64 9RE Neston Primary School w325420942 Neston Primary School + + 55 m
110976 (E) CH2 2LA Newton Primary School w4965267 Newton Primary School + 102 m
400333 (E) CH7 6HS Northop Hall C.P. School w337831289 Northop Hall CP School + 275 m
111230 (E) CH3 5LB Oldfield Primary School w46045317 Oldfield Primary School + + 154 m
135246 (E) CH65 7AQ Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic Primary School w326713976 Ellesmere Port Catholic High School + + 152 m
111290 (E) CH4 7HS Overleigh St Mary's CofE Primary School r1653842 West Cheshire College + 215 m
144541 (E) CH66 3RL Parklands Community Primary School w326562135 Parklands Community Primary School + + 189 m
400368 (E) CH5 3RQ Penarlag C.P. School w393442293 Penarlag County Primary School + + 146 m
147468 (E) CH41 5AT Progress Schools - Hamilton Square w256356604 Wirral Metropolitan College + 465 m
144856 (E) CH41 4EA Progress Schools - Wirral w232799483 Cole Street Primary School + + 286 m
143817 (E) CH4 7AE Queen's Park High School w23772225 Queens Park High School + 149 m
400346 (E) CH5 1SE Queens Ferry C.P. School w320864006 John Summers High School, Queensferry Community Primary School + + 31 m
400356 (E) CH4 0BN Saltney Ferry C.P. School w392933576 Saltney Ferry CP School + + 122 m
400334 (E) CH4 8LN Saltney Wood Memorial C.P. School w26146765 Saltney Wood Memorial School + + 328 m
400344 (E) CH5 2EH Sandycroft C.P. School w218241969 Sandycroft County Primary School + + 135 m
135736 (E) CH1 6EP Saughall All Saints Church of England Primary School w375769368 Saughall All Saints School + + 190 m
400335 (E) CH5 2HH Sealand C.P. School w393405940 Sealand Community Primary School + + 90 m
136780 (E) CH43 1UQ St Anselm's College w166064319 St. Anselm's College + 41 m
400382 (E) CH4 8SG St Anthony's R.C. Primary School w47435293 Saint Anthonys Primary School + + 125 m
140896 (E) CH65 5EW St Bernard's Roman Catholic Primary School w151063437 Saint Bernards Roman Catholic Aided Primary School + + 74 m
401703 (E) CH4 0AE St David's High School w392832971 St. David's High School + 114 m
400381 (E) CH7 1LH St David's R.C. School w393625481 St David's Catholic Primary School + + 91 m
400387 (E) CH5 1NG St Ethelwold's Primary School w393207612 St. Ethelwolds Primary + + 175 m
400388 (E) CH4 0EN St Johns the Baptist V.A. Primary School w392935026 St John The Baptist Va School + + 208 m
105068 (E) CH49 6LL St Joseph's Catholic Primary School Upton w274176939 St Joseph's Catholic Primary School + + 131 m
139377 (E) CH2 3NG St Martin's Academy Chester w584366515 + 382 m
111357 (E) CH66 1NN St Mary of the Angels Catholic Primary School w339363572 Saint Mary of the Angels Catholic Primary School + + 75 m
400379 (E) CH6 5JZ St Mary's R.C. Primary School w393565943 St. Richard Gwyn Catholic High School + + 182 m
130929 (E) CH1 6LG St Oswald's CofE Aided Primary School w393020799 St Oswald's CofE Aided Primary School + 458 m
401710 (E) CH6 5JZ St Richard Gwyn Roman Catholic High School w393493916 St Mary's RC Primary School + + 96 m
135505 (E) CH66 2BD St Saviour's Catholic Primary and Nursery School w327208682 Saint Saviours Primary School + + 105 m
111313 (E) CH64 9RW St Winefride's Catholic Primary School w275434071 St Winifred's RC Primary School + + 51 m
400380 (E) CH8 7NJ St Winefrides R.C. School w327784557 Ysgol Gwenffrwd + 105 m
105138 (E) CH61 5UE Stanley School w324800423 Pensby Park Primary School + + 826 m
111103 (E) CH66 4NW Sutton Green Primary School w150702722 Sutton Green County Primary School + + 215 m
400337 (E) CH7 6ED Sychdyn C.P. School w394540415 Sychdyn County Primary + + 88 m
134897 (E) CH1 5EZ The Arches Community Primary School w393046532 The Arches Community Primary School + 225 m
138450 (E) CH65 7EP The Bridge Short Stay School w41457708 Mansfield Primary School + + 119 m
139343 (E) CH4 7HS The Catholic High School, Chester A Specialist Science College w45845468 Overleigh St Mary's Primary School + 143 m
111485 (E) CH4 7QL The King's School w37832782 The King's School Chester + 66 m
134249 (E) CH65 9EX The Oaks Community Primary School w151063424 The Oaks Community Primary School + + 211 m
136895 (E) CH45 4RJ The Oldershaw Academy w424927347 The Oldershaw Academy + 55 m
111486 (E) CH1 2NN The Queen's School w357868000 The Queen's School (Senior School) + 52 m
111429 (E) CH66 2NU The Whitby High School w328159058 Whitby High School + + 23 m
105051 (E) CH61 7UG Thingwall Primary School w199385408 Thingwall Primary School + + 118 m
105015 (E) CH63 1JJ Thornton Hough Primary School w42267352 Thornton Hough Primary School + + 46 m
105078 (E) CH61 0HH Thurstaston Dawpool CofE Primary School w318813142 Dawpool Primary School + + 36 m
111100 (E) CH2 1QJ Upton Westlea Primary School w308193481 Westlea Primary School + + 168 m
111422 (E) CH2 1NN Upton-by-Chester High School w130918591 Upton-by-Chester High School + 249 m
400383 (E) CH5 1AR Ven. Edward Morgan R.C. Primary School w393200692 Venerable Edward Morgan Rc + + 259 m
400363 (E) CH5 4NE Wepre C.P. School w393450700 Wepre Primary School + + 182 m
105137 (E) CH48 5DH West Kirby Residential School w37904075 West Kirby Residential School + + 18 m
400317 (E) CH7 2JT Westwood Community Primary School w23794044 Westwood County Primary School + + 115 m
111087 (E) CH65 6RJ Whitby Heath Primary School w151063469 Whitby Heath County Primary School + + 70 m
111245 (E) CH64 2TN Willaston CofE Primary School w321385297 Willaston Church of England Primary School + + 160 m
137171 (E) CH63 3AF Wirral Grammar School for Girls w253591977 + 43 m
144562 (E) CH65 5AT Wolverham Primary and Nursery School w151063460 Wolverham Community Primary and Nursery School + + 108 m
135019 (E) CH64 4BT Woodfall Primary School w273674314 Woodfall Primary School + + 201 m
135136 (E) CH66 2JT Woodlands Primary School w328159061 Woodlands Primary School + + 172 m
400340 (E) CH8 8NU Ysgol Bro Carmel w276888588 Ysgol Bro Carmel + + 158 m
402028 (E) CH7 4TB Ysgol Bro Fammau w318702199 Ysgol Bro Famau + + 16 m
400347 (E) CH7 1EW Ysgol Bryn Coch C.P. w393593663 Ysgol Bryn Coch + + 137 m
400321 (E) CH8 9JA Ysgol Bryn Garth w318657692 Bryn Garth Primary School + + 117 m
400351 (E) CH7 1SU Ysgol Bryn Gwalia C.P. w4389239 Ysgol Bryn Gwalia + + 137 m
400339 (E) CH8 9NU Ysgol Bryn Pennant C.P. w394592481 Bryn Pennant Cp + + 164 m
402298 (E) CH5 4QL Ysgol Cae'r Nant w393461489 Ysgol Cae'r Nant + + 82 m
400389 (E) CH4 9AJ Ysgol Derwen w393198564 Ysgol Derwen + + 323 m
400367 (E) CH7 4RQ Ysgol Derwenfa w394391109 Ysgol Derwenfa + + 89 m
400315 (E) CH6 6LW Ysgol Glan Aber C.P. w393588728 Ysgol Glan Aber + + 39 m
400331 (E) CH7 1PS Ysgol Glanrafon w132152846 Ysgol Glanrafon + + 143 m
400359 (E) CH8 7NJ Ysgol Gwenffrwd w327784564 St Winefride's Catholic Primary School + 43 m
400373 (E) CH6 5DU Ysgol Gymraeg Croes Atti w393483376 Ysgol Gymraeg Croes Atti + + 60 m
400338 (E) CH8 9BZ Ysgol Gynradd Trelogan w147935840 Trelogan Primary + + 141 m
401705 (E) CH7 1JB Ysgol Maes Garmon w394378504 Ysgol Maes Garmon + + 102 m
402232 (E) CH6 5QL Ysgol Maes Hyfryd w393585137 Ysgol Maes Hyfryd + + 132 m
402389 (E) CH8 7EN Ysgol Maes-Y-Felin w327784563 Holywell High School + + 74 m
402270 (E) CH7 6SJ Ysgol Mynydd Isa w23754229 Ysgol Mynydd Isa + + 152 m
400369 (E) CH7 6AU Ysgol Owen Jones C.P. w358689528 Owen Jones Cp + + 131 m
402231 (E) CH6 5NF Ysgol Pen Coch w393579691 Gwynedd County Primary School, Ysgol Pen Coch + + 156 m
402330 (E) CH4 0LQ Ysgol Penyffordd w23794641 Penyffordd Junior School + + 236 m
400341 (E) CH7 6PJ Ysgol Rhos Helyg w394541652 Rhos Helyg School + + 531 m
400342 (E) CH7 4LN Ysgol Terrig w394389647 Ysgol Terrig, Ysgol Parc Y Llan + + 141 m
402343 (E) CH5 1HX Ysgol Ty Ffynnon w393204756 Ysgol Ty Ffynnon + + 79 m
400349 (E) CH7 5NW Ysgol Y Foel w394441531 Ysgol Y Foel, Cilcain + + 12 m
400358 (E) CH7 5DP Ysgol Y Waun w290359676 Y Waun + + 155 m
400378 (E) CH7 5AD Ysgol Yr Esgob w160330585 Ysgol Yr Esgob C In W + + 479 m

Schools matched to an OSM object by reference number

Official ID Postcode Official Name OSM Object OSM Name MN MPC Offset
111484 (E) CH3 6EN Abbey Gate College w45823904 Abbey Gate College 240 m
147489 (E) CH2 1LJ Acresfield Primary School w361870045 Acresfield Primary School 134 m
401709 (E) CH7 6RY Argoed High School w195204743 Argoed High School 459 m
111109 (E) CH3 8AB Ashton Hayes Primary School w662703079 Ashton Hayes Primary School 173 m
105122 (E) CH48 2HE Avalon School w37878485 Avalon School 98 m
105030 (E) CH60 1XW Barnston Primary School w398245339 Barnston Primary School 49 m
111270 (E) CH3 7HW Barrow CofE Primary School w61920513 Barrow Cof E Primary School + 752 m
104988 (E) CH42 6RT Bedford Drive Primary School w399108717 Bedford Drive Primary School 65 m
110984 (E) CH4 7QS Belgrave Primary School w46852007 Belgrave Primary School 167 m
105060 (E) CH41 0DQ Bidston Avenue Primary School w440834213 Bidston Avenue Primary School 98 m
131281 (E) CH43 7XG Bidston Village CofE (Controlled) Primary School w400643992 Bidston Village Church of England Primary School 138 m
105064 (E) CH41 2UJ Birkenhead Christ Church CofE Primary School w399734970 Christ Church CE Primary School 51 m
135877 (E) CH43 1TY Birkenhead High School Academy w444650755 Birkenhead High School Academy 10 m
136411 (E) CH43 4UY Birkenhead Park School w399733777 The Birkenhead Park School 101 m
105123 (E) CH43 2JD Birkenhead School w444650677 Birkenhead School 120 m
144829 (E) CH43 8SQ Birkenhead Sixth Form College w232662680 Birkenhead Sixth Form College 150 m
111312 (E) CH64 5SE Bishop Wilson Church of England Primary School w320885047 Bishop Wilson Church of England Primary School 21 m
105027 (E) CH48 6DR Black Horse Hill Infant School w396788234 Black Horse Hill Infant School 95 m
105032 (E) CH48 6DR Black Horse Hill Junior School w396789192 Black Horse Hill Junior School 112 m
111396 (E) CH1 5JH Blacon High School, A Specialist Sports College w392943749 Blacon High School Specialist Sports College 157 m
141614 (E) CH3 5RW Boughton Heath Academy w338355510 Boughton Heath Academy 91 m
105021 (E) CH63 2HN Brackenwood Infant School w399099372 Brackenwood Infant School 179 m
105013 (E) CH63 2HH Brackenwood Junior School w398410282 Brackenwood Junior School 100 m
105028 (E) CH49 1SE Brookdale Primary School w396966598 Brookdale Primary School 184 m
105018 (E) CH63 0EH Brookhurst Primary School w398027168 Brookhurst Primary School 83 m
131956 (E) CH66 2EE Brookside Primary School w150702714 Brookside Primary School 47 m
402269 (E) CH4 0QQ Broughton Primary School w393009308 Broughton Primary School 84 m
400343 (E) CH5 4SN Bryn Deva C.P. School w393465882 Ysgol Bryn Deva 162 m
400350 (E) CH8 8AD Brynford C.P. School w338109135 Brynford County Primary School 599 m
400362 (E) CH7 2NP Buckley Southdown C.P. w23794173 Southdown Primary School 144 m
139144 (E) CH48 8GG Calday Grange Grammar School w41081005 Calday Grange Grammar School 65 m
111084 (E) CH65 4AQ Cambridge Road Community Primary and Nursery School w442257786 Cambridge Road Community Primary and Nursery School 71 m
111271 (E) CH1 6HE Capenhurst CofE Primary School w444649127 Capenhurst CofE Primary School 341 m
105002 (E) CH46 1RN Castleway Primary School w400654154 Castleway Primary School 60 m
105048 (E) CH41 3JY Cathcart Street Primary School w399728567 Cathcart Street Primary School 5 m
111209 (E) CH3 5EG Cherry Grove Primary School w338355505 Cherry Grove Primary School 81 m
136806 (E) CH1 4HG Chester Blue Coat Church of England Primary School w442259448 Chester Blue Coat Church of England Primary School 98 m
144529 (E) CH66 1QY Childer Thornton Primary School w397839579 Childer Thornton Primary School 104 m
105081 (E) CH62 6AE Christ The King Catholic Primary School w398030832 Christ the King Catholic Primary School + 157 m
136645 (E) CH3 7AD Christleton High School w362424632 Christleton High School 94 m
111149 (E) CH3 7AY Christleton Primary School w362424638 Christleton Primary School 167 m
143505 (E) CH62 5EF Church Drive Primary School w399102692 Church Drive Primary School 133 m
105129 (E) CH46 9PA Clare Mount Specialist Sports College w444651624 Clare Mount Specialist Sports College 192 m
145076 (E) CH3 9ER Clutton Church of England Primary School w313589232 Clutton Church of England Primary School 51 m
146315 (E) CH63 2PS Co-op Academy Bebington w154236641 Co-op Academy Bebington 75 m
144632 (E) CH41 0AB Co-op Academy Portland w401291856 The Co-op Academy Portland 113 m
146740 (E) CH62 2BP Co-op Academy Woodslee w442254527 Co-op Academy Woodslee 112 m
401708 (E) CH5 4BH Connah's Quay High School w393448936 Connah's Quay High School 191 m
400366 (E) CH6 5ET Cornist Park C.P. School w393485095 Cornist Park C.P. School 69 m
111494 (E) CH3 5UX Dee Banks School w392866380 Dee Banks School 128 m
111218 (E) CH1 5NF Dee Point Primary School w392935772 Dee Point Primary School 76 m
104991 (E) CH42 9JX Devonshire Park Primary School w400497694 Devonshire Park Primary School 76 m
111272 (E) CH4 9NG Dodleston CofE Primary School w390099478 Dodleston CofE Primary School 233 m
111511 (E) CH2 1HD Dorin Park School & Specialist SEN College w444649705 Dorin Park School & Specialist SEN College 139 m
105001 (E) CH46 8TA Eastway Primary School w444651483 Eastway Primary School 95 m
111349 (E) CH4 9HD Eccleston CofE Primary School w46126946 Eccleston CofE Primary School 97 m
143502 (E) CH44 8AF Egremont Primary School w440833411 Egremont Primary School 59 m
401701 (E) CH7 3HQ Elfed High School w23794289 Elfed High School 60 m
105132 (E) CH45 0LH Elleray Park School w419770687 Elleray Park School 99 m
111225 (E) CH2 4LT Elton Primary School w397691440 Elton Primary School and Nursery 112 m
400320 (E) CH5 3AU Ewloe Green C.P. School w393409637 Ewloe Green County Primary School 250 m
111107 (E) CH3 6QP Farndon Primary School w393035421 Farndon Primary School 205 m
105039 (E) CH49 8HB Fender Primary School w400038088 Fender Primary School 77 m
111470 (E) CH2 2HJ Firs School w442259469 Firs School 122 m
401707 (E) CH6 5LL Flint High School w393565942 Flint High School 12 m
401941 (E) CH7 6ND Flintshire Portfolio PRU's w394614479 Flintshire Portfolio PRU's + 44 m
105034 (E) CH60 8PZ Gayton Primary School w398248232 Gayton Primary School 35 m
105134 (E) CH49 8HE Gilbrook School w444651309 Gilbrook School 96 m
400355 (E) CH5 4XA Golftyn C.P. School w393483375 Golftyn C.P. School 97 m
105022 (E) CH49 3NX Greasby Infant School w396964138 Greasby Infant School 103 m
105026 (E) CH49 3AR Greasby Junior School w396960529 Greasby Junior School 136 m
143501 (E) CH47 7AP Great Meols Primary School w396772685 Great Meols Primary School 102 m
131791 (E) CH2 4BE Greater Grace School of Christian Education w393029545 Greater Grace School of Christian Education Church Lane 67 m
105004 (E) CH45 8LZ Greenleas Primary School w401072398 Greenleas Primary School 122 m
105011 (E) CH62 5BA Grove Street Primary School w399104814 Grove Street Primary School 30 m
111273 (E) CH3 7ES Guilden Sutton CofE Primary School w31350324 Guilden Sutton Primary School + 96 m
400345 (E) CH7 4DT Gwernymynydd C.P. School w393877478 Gwernymynydd C.P. School 55 m
401699 (E) CH5 3DJ Hawarden High School w393413019 Hawarden High School 421 m
105128 (E) CH49 4LN Hayfield School w444651336 Hayfield School 118 m
105038 (E) CH60 7SD Heswall Primary School w398251553 Heswall Primary School 104 m
130324 (E) CH62 8AG Heygarth Primary School w397844923 Heygarth Primary School 189 m
105009 (E) CH63 8QE Higher Bebington Junior School w401851763 Higher Bebington Junior School 47 m
131421 (E) CH1 5LD Highfield Community Primary School w392945438 Highfield Community Primary School 157 m
138355 (E) CH48 6EQ Hilbre High School w396790655 Hilbre High School 272 m
105087 (E) CH41 7DU Holy Cross Catholic Primary School w401291323 Holy Cross Catholic Primary School 60 m
136124 (E) CH46 2RP Holy Spirit Catholic and Church of England Primary School w401063694 Holy Spirit Primary School 18 m
134248 (E) CH2 3HB Hoole Church of England Primary School w338347822 Hoole Church of England Primary School 34 m
105063 (E) CH47 3BH Hoylake Holy Trinity CofE Primary School w396776064 Hoylake Holy Trinity CofE Primary School 112 m
111093 (E) CH3 6EA Huntington Community Primary School w393014960 Huntington Community Primary School 1312 m
111286 (E) CH3 9BH Huxley CofE Primary School w392848117 Huxley CE Primary School 224 m
110983 (E) CH1 5JG J H Godwin Primary School w392944031 J H Godwin Primary School 132 m
105130 (E) CH41 8BA Kilgarth School w444650923 Kilgarth School 166 m
104997 (E) CH44 9EF Kingsway Primary School w401278270 Kingsway Primary School 2 m
131350 (E) CH4 8HX Lache Primary School w440832792 Lache Primary School 171 m
105084 (E) CH61 5YD Ladymount Catholic Primary School w401854225 Ladymount Catholic Primary School 63 m
105055 (E) CH46 1RU Leasowe Primary School w400649963 Leasowe Primary School 74 m
105005 (E) CH46 7UQ Lingham Primary School w444651442 Lingham Primary School 55 m
104994 (E) CH45 7NQ Liscard Primary School w440833929 Liscard Primary School 140 m
105041 (E) CH43 7ZU Manor Primary School w400032922 Manor Primary School 300 m
105133 (E) CH49 5LA Meadowside School w396968164 Meadowside School 2 m
105017 (E) CH62 7HN Mendell Primary School w398032198 Mendell Primary School 128 m
105042 (E) CH42 0PH Mersey Park Primary School w290563474 Mersey Park Primary School 21 m
111082 (E) CH2 4EF Mickle Trafford Village School w338804058 Mickle Trafford Village School 103 m
136056 (E) CH62 9EB Millfields Church of England (Controlled) Primary School w397842164 Millfields CE Primary School 115 m
146530 (E) CH46 0PB Moreton Christ Church CofE Primary School w444651382 Moreton Christ Church CofE Primary School 66 m
104993 (E) CH45 5HU Mount Primary School w392868268 Mount Primary School 67 m
104992 (E) CH45 1LH New Brighton Primary School w392866656 New Brighton Primary School 80 m
105140 (E) CH46 9QQ Orrets Meadow School w453796612 Orrets Meadow School 115 m
105086 (E) CH41 8DU Our Lady and St Edward's Catholic Primary School w401293173 Our Lady and St Edward's Catholic Primary School 257 m
140458 (E) CH49 1RE Our Lady of Pity Catholic Primary School w396962014 Our Lady of Pity Roman Catholic Primary School 238 m
105043 (E) CH49 4NS Overchurch Infant School w439654463 Overchurch Infant School 93 m
105066 (E) CH43 2HT Oxton St Saviour's CofE Aided Primary School w400504053 Oxton St Saviour's CE (Aided) Primary School 149 m
104999 (E) CH44 5RN Park Primary School w154615687 Park Primary School 173 m
111126 (E) CH64 6SW Parkgate Primary School w295618758 Parkgate Primary School 93 m
105101 (E) CH61 6XN Pensby High School w41829326 Pensby High School 82 m
135497 (E) CH61 5UE Pensby Primary School w453794975 Pensby Primary School 208 m
143503 (E) CH63 9LY Poulton Lancelyn Primary School w399098060 Poulton Lancelyn Primary School 303 m
137130 (E) CH42 6RR Prenton High School for Girls w154955137 Prenton High School for Girls 184 m
105118 (E) CH43 5SY Prenton Preparatory School w444650827 Prenton Preparatory School 49 m
103598 (E) CH43 0RQ Prenton Primary School w396612528 Prenton Primary School 140 m
105020 (E) CH62 6BD Raeburn Primary School w398028526 Raeburn Primary School 114 m
105097 (E) CH43 9EB Ridgeway High School w396611401 Ridgeway High School 63 m
130270 (E) CH66 1LE Rivacre Valley Primary School w398403661 Rivacre Valley Primary School 80 m
104996 (E) CH44 6QW Riverside Primary School w444648597 Riverside Primary School 68 m
105045 (E) CH42 2BL Rock Ferry Primary School w400494747 Rock Ferry Primary School 43 m
111112 (E) CH66 1HF Rossmore School w442257551 Rossmore School 58 m
105074 (E) CH46 8UG Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School w444651501 Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School 155 m
111350 (E) CH3 6EG Saighton C of E Primary School & Pre-School w392857891 Saighton Church of England Primary School 126 m
105003 (E) CH46 9PS Sandbrook Primary School w453796411 Sandbrook Primary School 78 m
105000 (E) CH44 9AR Somerville Primary School w401279320 Somerville Primary School 116 m
105107 (E) CH62 8EH South Wirral High School w398025360 South Wirral High School 175 m
105071 (E) CH45 9LT Ss Peter and Paul Catholic Primary School w401284156 Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Primary School 97 m
105072 (E) CH44 5XB St Alban's Catholic Primary School w440833901 St Alban's Catholic Primary School 37 m
105077 (E) CH63 7NL St Andrew's CofE Aided Primary School w440832953 St Andrew's CofE Aided Primary School 91 m
105088 (E) CH42 4NE St Anne's Catholic Primary School w399105941 St Anne's Catholic Primary School 103 m
111311 (E) CH4 8HX St Clare's Catholic Primary School w440832872 St Clare's Catholic Primary School 139 m
104995 (E) CH45 3NF St George's Primary School w401080731 St George's Primary School 60 m
139031 (E) CH63 7LF St John Plessington Catholic College w440833176 St John Plessington Catholic College 114 m
105082 (E) CH63 7LH St John's Catholic Infant School w440833004 St John's Catholic Infant School 96 m
105080 (E) CH63 7LH St John's Catholic Junior School w440832930 St John's Catholic Junior School 115 m
146088 (E) CH43 5UT St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Birkenhead w400498839 St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Birkenhead 184 m
105073 (E) CH44 7ED St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Wallasey w440833287 St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Wallasey 121 m
143554 (E) CH45 3LN St Mary's Catholic College, A Voluntary Academy w401076050 St Mary's Catholic College 148 m
105070 (E) CH43 7TE St Paul's Catholic Primary School w400031147 St Paul's Roman Catholic Primary School 26 m
105069 (E) CH43 9QR St Peter's Catholic Primary School w400034950 St Peter's Catholic Primary School 29 m
111388 (E) CH1 5UU St Theresa's Catholic Primary School w393050318 St Theresa's Catholic Primary School 134 m
105091 (E) CH41 2TD St Werburgh's Catholic Primary School w444651046 St Werburgh's Catholic Primary School 74 m
111384 (E) CH2 3AD St Werburgh's and St Columba's Catholic Primary School w397341353 St Werburgh's and St Columba's Catholic Primary School 206 m
143504 (E) CH63 3HW Stanton Road Primary School w398407523 Stanton Road Primary School 115 m
111110 (E) CH3 8LS Tarvin Primary School w338662785 Tarvin Primary School 110 m
111108 (E) CH3 9AH Tattenhall Park Primary School w392852523 Tattenhall Park Primary School 1703 m
134866 (E) CH65 7ED The Acorns Primary and Nursery School w442257034 The Acorns Primary and Nursery School 180 m
136543 (E) CH3 5XF The Bishops' Blue Coat Church of England High School w26996495 The Bishops' Blue Coat Church of England High School 195 m
111482 (E) CH2 4ES The Hammond w394470738 Hammond School 153 m
105103 (E) CH45 8PJ The Mosslands School w401282634 The Mosslands School 60 m
127715 (E) CH43 7QT The Observatory School w400647974 The Observatory School 274 m
105085 (E) CH41 4HS The Priory Parish CofE Primary School w399729471 The Priory Parish Church of England Primary School 38 m
143391 (E) CH63 8LD Town Lane Infant School w401849564 Town Lane Infant School 34 m
140931 (E) CH43 2LH Townfield Primary School w396609755 Townfield Primary School 552 m
137929 (E) CH49 6LJ Upton Hall School FCJ w444651325 Upton Hall School FCJ 99 m
145074 (E) CH2 1ED Upton Heath CofE Primary School w130918983 Upton Heath CofE Primary School 202 m
111106 (E) CH3 7QT Waverton Community Primary School w329720110 Waverton Primary School 154 m
137815 (E) CH44 3HS Weatherhead High School w401281705 Weatherhead High School 48 m
105050 (E) CH42 5PF Well Lane Primary School w399109670 Well Lane Primary School 114 m
137243 (E) CH48 5DP West Kirby Grammar School w396780762 West Kirby Grammar School 36 m
105023 (E) CH48 5EQ West Kirby Primary School w396777532 West Kirby Primary School 103 m
105062 (E) CH48 3JT West Kirby St Bridget's CofE Primary School w37834409 St Bridget's CofE Primary School 83 m
111086 (E) CH65 2ED Westminster Community Primary School w396067221 Westminster Community Primary School 78 m
111085 (E) CH65 8DH William Stockton Community Primary School w326345665 William Stockton Primary School 257 m
130493 (E) CH41 4NT Wirral Metropolitan College w440834417 Wirral Metropolitan College 15 m
105067 (E) CH49 7LS Woodchurch CofE Primary School w396978635 Woodchurch CE Primary School 55 m
138853 (E) CH49 7NG Woodchurch High School w442253722 Woodchurch High School 135 m
105047 (E) CH42 9LJ Woodchurch Road Primary School w400501289 Woodchurch Road Primary School 107 m
104990 (E) CH41 2SY Woodlands Primary School w399736225 Woodlands Community Primary School 55 m

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