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OSM Schools Progress in the 'CV' Postal Area

The blue circles on the map are schools from the official lists that haven't been matched to an OSM object. The red circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a school on the official list. The lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects. Dark green lines represent a match based on the ref:edubase (England & Wales), ref:seedcode (Scotland) and ref:deni (Northern Ireland) tags. Light green lines represent a match based on location in the absense of an OSM ref:* tag. Orange lines represnt a match based on location, with an incorrect ref:* tag. The location matches can match the wrong schools, particularly in inner-city areas where there are many schools in close proximity. To fix incorrect location matches, add the appropriate ref:* tag to the OSM amenity=school objects. For more information see below.

Schools not matched to an OSM Object

Note that only OSM ways and relations tagged with amenity=school or amenity=college are checked for possible matches. In most cases, any nodes tagged like this would be better converted to way polygons covering the whole of the school site. The matching process is simplistic, so an incorrect matching may result in a different nearby school being the one that is really missing. Also, it is not currently clear what licence the official Edubase / Scottish Government data can be re-used under. Until this is clarified, you should not use the data below directly to add schools to OSM. However, knowing that there is a school missing in a particular area, you may be able to add that school using other sources -- e.g. Bing, OS Street View, and by searching for the possible school's own website.

Official ID Postcode Official Name
103754 (E) CV1 4AU BKHS Bablake Preparatory School
125603 (E) CV21 1LT Boughton Leigh Infant School
125598 (E) CV21 1LT Boughton Leigh Junior School
145470 (E) CV33 9QD Brickyard Barn Outdoor Learning Centre
140366 (E) CV3 2QD Ernesford Grange Community Academy
134970 (E) CV6 2HD Hospital Education Service
148398 (E) CV7 7JE Mill House School
125513 (E) CV10 0LS Nathaniel Newton Infant School
128078 (E) CV13 0JD Oakwood Community School
141936 (E) CV23 0PD Rugby Free Primary School
141104 (E) CV2 2TB Seva School
148732 (E) CV34 5JB The Emscote School
148828 (E) CV8 3HP The Haven School Wolston
147090 (E) CV37 8QR Tudor Grange Primary Academy Meon Vale
125780 (E) CV34 6PL Warwick Preparatory School
141855 (E) CV34 5DF Woodloes Primary School

OSM Objects not matched to a school on the official lists

Entries here could be due to: Former schools that have now closed, more than one area being tagged for a single school, the official entry for a real school being matched incorrectly to a different OSM object, or institutions not included in the official lists being tagged as schools in OSM. Not all of these entries will be errors in the OSM data, so be careful before making any edits.

OSM Object OSM Name OSM Ref JRC
w290396111 +J
w139865351 +J
w347175217 +J
w290396102 +J
w160658269 +J
w290396110 +J
w1026442218 +J
w290396108 +J
r7324296 +J
r3115834 +J
w749928361 Al Madinah School +J
w56202073 All Souls R.C. Primary School +J
w395183098 Ashby Road Schools +J
w201832138 Atherstone College +J
w390085082 Atherstone Early Years Centre +J
w346600380 Aylesford Primary School +J
w102564848 Babington Community College +J
w499504155 Barley Croft Primary School +J
w188462037 Bloxham All Saints School +J
w102542969 Buswell's Lodge Primary School +J
w160658244 Chenderit Secondary School +J
w458597591 Christ The King Catholic Primary School +J
w163118619 Christ The King RC Infant School +J
w239725271 Christopher Rawlins CE Primary School +J
w261883840 College of Policing +J
w71013355 Countesthorpe Leysland Community College +J
w456618553 Countesthorpe Leysland Community College +J
w390611901 Davenport Lodge +J
w138563437 Davenport Lodge School +J
w38237350 Daylesford Infant School 104043 +J
w391307901 Dormer House School 115803 +J
w677841043 Dorothy Goodman school +J
w401207894 Fire Service College +J
r2355334 Highclare School, Woodfield +J
w83698698 Kenilworth School Sixth Form +J
w489403417 King Henry VIII Preparatory School +J
w884318295 Latimer Primary School +J
w71181137 Manor Park Community School and Specialist Arts College +J
w161911607 Meadow Park School sports fields +J
w1060117200 Newbold and Tredington C of E Primary School +J
w1049584560 Northampton College +J
w372866755 Nova Training +J
r6006734 Oak Wood Schools +J
w837875789 Oxford and Cherwell Valley College +J
w837875788 Oxford and Cherwell Valley College +J
w234215246 Prison Service College Newbold Revel +J
w557148303 Rugby College +J
w58600027 Saint Martin's Independent School for Girls 104123 +J
w399496081 Sir Frank Whittle Studio School 141012 +J
r4791952 Solihull College & University Centre 146656 +J
w391197329 St James and Ebrington Church of England Primary School 115713 +J
w154774472 Stratford upon Avon College +J
w401032045 Summerfield Education Centre 133531 +J
w191957905 The Warriner School Farm +J
w445292772 Ward End Community College 135238 +J
w55106463 Warwickshire College Moreton Morrell Agricultural Campus +J
w659945691 Water Orton School +J
w465225261 Wathen Grange School 134614 +J
w658917159 Western Park School +J
w139548201 Woodfield School +J
w139548191 Woodlands Academy +J
w191379871 Wroxton College, Farleigh Dickenson University +J

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Schools matched to an OSM object by location

Note that the matching is very simplistic, just taking the nearest unmatched OSM amenity=school or amenity=college way or relation within 1km of the postcode centroid of each official entry in turn. Where several school sites are in close proximity, they may be matched incorrectly.

Official ID Postcode Official Name OSM Object OSM Name MN MR MPC Offset JRC
148051 (E) CV11 4PN ALP Nuneaton w465225934 Milverton House School 108 m +J
103724 (E) CV5 8ED All Souls' Catholic Primary School w100884254 + 101 m +J
141007 (E) CV47 8NA Arc School Napton w674871595 + 133 m +J
130893 (E) CV12 9RT Arden Forest Infant School w222274963 Weston In Arden School + + 101 m +J
139913 (E) CV7 8HB Arley Primary School w387190639 Gun Hill Infant School + + 88 m +J
148956 (E) CV10 9QA Camp Hill Primary School w155294977 Camp Hill Primary School 254 m +J
141992 (E) CV2 2AJ Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School w1102636881 Cardinal Wiseman School + 3 m +J
135569 (E) CV2 1FN Castle Wood Special School w163124270 Moat House & Castle Wood School Campus + + 77 m +J
125537 (E) CV11 5RB Chilvers Coton Community Infant School w155299276 Chilvers Coton Community School + + 137 m +J
130472 (E) CV1 5DG Coventry College w300377905 Social Care Development Centre + 724 m +J
134269 (E) CV2 5BD Coventry Extended Learning Centre w516054503 + 914 m +J
133071 (E) CV3 5EZ Coventry Speech and Language Service Co Manor Park Primary School w177662282 Copsewood Primary School Annex + + 817 m +J
134721 (E) CV1 2GY Coventry Youth Offending Service w220006675 Cheshunt School + + 481 m +J
140654 (E) CV11 5SS Discovery Academy w71181132 + 91 m +J
149270 (E) CV13 0QJ Dove Bank Primary School w366018091 Dove Bank Primary School 78 m +J
149303 (E) CV21 4EE English Martyrs Catholic Primary School w239064875 English Martyrs Catholic Primary School 189 m +J
137771 (E) CV11 6AA Etone College w419530889 + 85 m +J
125585 (E) CV7 9NS Exhall Junior School w230015425 + 62 m +J
125539 (E) CV10 9NZ Galley Common Infant School w155143374 Galley Common Infant School + + 414 m +J
149291 (E) CV33 9HR Harbury CofE Primary School w40292883 Harbury Church of England Primary School 127 m +J
143707 (E) CV23 1ED Houlton School w1014632698 Houlton School + + 140 m +J
149167 (E) CV35 0HS Kineton Church of England Primary School w248676085 + 122 m +J
142149 (E) CV23 8EA Leamington Hastings Church of England Academy w243915338 + 220 m +J
147078 (E) CV10 0FG Lower Farm Academy w1040888345 Lower Farm Academy + + 69 m +J
130894 (E) CV11 6JS Milby Primary School w155479918 + 200 m +J
133474 (E) CV2 1EQ Moat House Primary School w188771267 + 447 m +J
130896 (E) CV12 0HA Newdigate Primary and Nursery School w230015841 + 115 m +J
138915 (E) CV22 6AU Oakfield Primary Academy w663833633 + 125 m +J
134464 (E) CV9 1AE OneSchool Global UK w315665559 + 260 m +J
141823 (E) CV11 5TY Our Lady & St. Joseph Catholic Academy w155852183 Our Lady of the Angels Catholic Infant School + + 78 m +J
149308 (E) CV32 7LN Our Lady and St Teresa's Catholic Primary School w233831733 Our Lady & St Teresa's Catholic Primary School 125 m +J
125552 (E) CV8 2JJ Park Hill Junior School w83551594 Park Hill School + + 263 m +J
130875 (E) CV8 3FF Provost Williams CofE Primary School w56191481 + 107 m +J
144764 (E) CV22 5PE Quest Academy w30045074 St Marie's Catholic Infant School 710 m +J
141376 (E) CV3 2QD Riverbank School w154864738 Ernesford Grange Community Academy and Riverbank Academy + + 77 m +J
138914 (E) CV21 1EH Riverside Academy w156361395 Newbold Riverside Primary School + 77 m +J
142881 (E) CV22 5PE Rugby Free Secondary School w242240821 + 432 m +J
141281 (E) CV36 4BT Shipston-on-Stour Primary School w258919313 Shipston Primary + + 197 m +J
141938 (E) CV1 5GU Sidney Stringer Primary Academy w152508691 City College Coventry + + 87 m +J
131442 (E) CV1 5LS Southfields Primary School w138707121 CU Coventry + 496 m +J
141747 (E) CV10 0JX St Anne's Catholic Academy w155294981 + 138 m +J
149310 (E) CV8 2JY St Augustine's Catholic Primary School w83891453 St Augustine's Catholic Primary School 862 m +J
103652 (E) CV5 9JG St Christopher Primary School w139548200 St Christopher Primary School Grounds + + 148 m +J
140694 (E) CV12 9PF St James' CofE Academy w156363550 + 217 m +J
149315 (E) CV22 7AF St Marie's Catholic Primary School w30045809 St Marie's Catholic Primary School and Nursery 16 m +J
148079 (E) CV2 4BF Summit School w363048955 Southfields Primary School + + 172 m +J
125562 (E) CV32 7TE Telford Infant School w816916304 North Leamington School Campus + + 851 m +J
143105 (E) CV4 8JD The National Mathematics and Science College w881720274 WMG Academy for Young Engineers + 506 m +J
137488 (E) CV47 7RR The Priors School w215108127 + 86 m +J
148554 (E) CV7 9RA The Warwickshire Academy w256208213 Wheelwright Lane Primary School + + 211 m +J
148032 (E) CV31 2HB VLC w93775600 Trident Centre + + 927 m +J
130895 (E) CV10 0DR Weddington Primary School w155477874 + 208 m +J
130889 (E) CV11 4LU Wembrook Primary School w156362468 + 118 m +J
125510 (E) CV7 9HN Wheelwright Lane Primary School w256208207 The Warwickshire Academy + + 141 m +J
125545 (E) CV11 4SQ Whitestone Infant School w155857011 + 132 m +J

Schools matched to an OSM object by reference number

Official ID Postcode Official Name OSM Object OSM Name MN MPC Offset
125654 (E) CV11 5EL Abbey CofE Infant School w148974809 Abbey Church of England Infant & Nursery School l 85 m
125573 (E) CV21 4AP Abbots Farm Infant School w30084699 Abbots Farm Community Infant School 62 m
125580 (E) CV21 4AP Abbots Farm Junior School w30084700 Abbots Farm Junior School 85 m
141280 (E) CV36 5LA Acorns Primary School w111101924 Acorns Primary School 20 m
148603 (E) CV2 1PP Alderman's Green Primary School r8366520 Alderman's Green Primary School 192 m
103681 (E) CV3 1DP Aldermoor Farm Primary School w161594382 Aldermoor Farm Primary School 70 m
148319 (E) CV12 9HP All Saints Bedworth CofE Academy w150620368 All Saints Bedworth CofE Academy + 205 m
145392 (E) CV35 7QR All Saints Church of England Academy w150044991 All Saints CE Primary School 200 m
103702 (E) CV1 2AF All Saints Church of England Primary School w116132223 All Saints CoE Primary School 108 m
125653 (E) CV10 7AT All Saints CofE Primary School and Nursery, Nuneaton w155861817 All Saints CofE Primary School and Nursery 68 m
125666 (E) CV34 5LY All Saints' CofE Junior School w148638104 All Saints' CofE Junior School 103 m
103656 (E) CV5 9NG Allesley Hall Primary School w163118621 Allesley Hall Primary School 215 m
103662 (E) CV5 9FY Allesley Primary School w161585256 Allesley Primary School 79 m
125623 (E) CV37 7BZ Alveston CofE Primary School w28471803 Alveston C. of E. (Voluntary Controlled) Primary School 94 m
141008 (E) CV10 9ND Arc School Ansley w226589777 Arc School Ansley 25 m
125790 (E) CV7 8NU Arc School Old Arley w229558651 Arc School Old Arley 90 m
125774 (E) CV32 5TW Arnold Lodge School w447044524 Arnold Lodge School 1 m
137781 (E) CV7 9AH Ash Green School w150748918 Ash Green School and Arts College 197 m
136587 (E) CV22 5ET Ashlawn School w239563317 Ashlawn School 302 m
140125 (E) CV9 3EQ Austrey CofE Primary School w271451468 Austrey C of E Primary School 70 m
140354 (E) CV22 5HR Avon Park School w446139329 Avon Park School 73 m
137770 (E) CV34 6XR Aylesford School Warwick w162877350 Aylesford School and Sixth Form College 166 m
103751 (E) CV1 4AU Bablake School w153455517 Bablake School 25 m
103765 (E) CV3 4EA Baginton Fields School w161817159 Baginton Fields School 176 m
138536 (E) CV7 7FS Balsall Common Primary School w231306502 Balsall Common Primary School 89 m
141044 (E) CV23 8TR Barby Church of England Primary School w394723485 Barby Church of England Primary School 234 m
125729 (E) CV35 8EW Barford St Peter's CofE Primary School w218560681 Barford St Peter's Church of England (V.A) Primary School 104 m
140850 (E) CV13 0EP Barlestone Church of England Primary School w398316088 Barlestone Church of England Primary School 154 m
142339 (E) CV1 4BU Barr's Hill School and Community College w153455529 Barr's Hill Secondary School and Community College 47 m
125581 (E) CV22 6JS Bawnmore Community Infant School w363618180 Bawnmore Community Infant School 15 m
104093 (E) CV7 7BJ Berkswell Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School w169817253 Berkswell C of E Primary School 69 m
125682 (E) CV22 6LB Bilton CofE Junior School w362455190 Bilton Junior School 51 m
125773 (E) CV22 6QU Bilton Grange School w239586919 Bilton Grange School 118 m
125579 (E) CV22 7NH Bilton Infant School w363427677 Bilton Infant School 66 m
145575 (E) CV22 7JT Bilton School w242053883 Bilton School 409 m
130886 (E) CV3 2QU Binley Woods Primary School w234963813 Binley Woods Primary School 110 m
147345 (E) CV3 6BH Bishop Ullathorne Catholic School w163214959 Bishop Ullathorne Catholic School 422 m
144242 (E) CV47 2RN Bishops Itchington Primary School w399607445 Bishops Itchington Primary School 101 m
125657 (E) CV33 9RY Bishops Tachbrook CofE Primary School w302896361 Bishops Tachbrook C of E Primary School 120 m
125607 (E) CV37 9PB Bishopton Primary School w154749859 Bishopton Primary School 293 m
137272 (E) CV1 2BA Blue Coat Church of England School and Music College w154004262 Bluecoat CE Secondary School 219 m
130881 (E) CV7 8ET Bournebrook CofE Primary School w148643187 Bournebrook CofE Primary School 129 m
125563 (E) CV31 2JF Briar Hill Infant School r1547884 Briar Hill Infant School 116 m
125526 (E) CV37 7JP Bridgetown Primary School w28491081 Bridgetown Primary School 58 m
103672 (E) CV6 5DP Broad Heath Community Primary School w243446193 Broad Heath Community Primary School 45 m
145200 (E) CV22 6DY Brooke School w242538168 Brooke School 141 m
125565 (E) CV32 6NH Brookhurst Primary School w317092590 Brookhurst Primary School 177 m
125618 (E) CV23 0UP Brownsover Community Infant School w446139458 Brownsover Community Infant School 82 m
141244 (E) CV35 8TP Budbrooke Primary School w256244113 Budbrooke Primary School 86 m
145391 (E) CV8 1QB Burton Green Church of England Academy w378696174 Burton Green Church of England Academy 134 m
139292 (E) CV2 5BD Caludon Castle School w154525214 Caludon Castle Secondary School 372 m
137766 (E) CV31 1QH Campion School w109140880 Campion School and Community College 95 m
103667 (E) CV4 7PS Cannon Park Primary School w153416599 Cannon Park Primary School 45 m
147346 (E) CV6 2FR Cardinal Newman Catholic School w153471391 Cardinal Newman RC Secondary School 218 m
140127 (E) CV22 7GU Cawston Grange Primary School w242055941 Cawston Grange Primary School 92 m
148533 (E) CV4 8DW Charter Academy w101262198 Charter Academy 166 m
125591 (E) CV11 4SE Chetwynd Junior School w155857461 Chetwynd Junior School 218 m
147437 (E) CV6 2DJ Christ The King Catholic Primary School w163118620 Christ The King Catholic Primary School 121 m
125554 (E) CV31 1HZ Clapham Terrace Community Primary School and Nursery w405735493 Clapham Terrace Community Primary School and Nursery 61 m
125507 (E) CV35 8QA Claverdon Primary School w303552717 Claverdon Primary School 134 m
142245 (E) CV3 2PD Clifford Bridge Academy w227577963 Clifford Bridge Academy 144 m
125670 (E) CV23 0BT Clifton-upon-Dunsmore CofE Primary School w399741561 Clifton-upon-Dunsmore CofE Primary School 85 m
125551 (E) CV8 1DL Clinton Primary School w83891765 Clinton Primary School 92 m
119949 (E) CV13 6NH Congerstone Primary School w398316293 Congerstone Primary School 31 m
134533 (E) CV7 8AZ Corley Centre w163214960 Corley Centre 82 m
142195 (E) CV3 2QP Corpus Christi Catholic School w161594369 Corpus Christi RC Primary School 48 m
130867 (E) CV34 4NP Coten End Primary School w423198881 Coten End Primary School 137 m
138023 (E) CV6 2AJ Coundon Court w204667175 Coundon Court Secondary School 169 m
103680 (E) CV6 1FQ Coundon Primary School w161564859 Coundon Primary School 75 m
144064 (E) CV6 7JJ Courthouse Green Primary School w156738553 Courthouse Green Primary School 175 m
125772 (E) CV8 2FT Crackley Hall School w83893212 Crackley Hall School 288 m
125784 (E) CV22 7QH Crescent School w363619079 Crescent School & Nature Trails Day Nursery 137 m
125605 (E) CV10 8ER Croft Junior School w155421312 Croft Junior School 124 m
125660 (E) CV32 7JY Cubbington CofE Primary School w394180539 Cubbington C of E Primary School 92 m
120339 (E) CV13 0LE Dixie Grammar School w31901534 The Dixie Grammar School 90 m
125703 (E) CV22 6NE Dunchurch Boughton CofE (Voluntary Aided) Junior School w241936563 Dunchurch Broughton Church of England Junior School 154 m
125763 (E) CV22 6PA Dunchurch Infant School w399740421 Dunchurch Infant School 128 m
103641 (E) CV5 6FZ Earlsdon Primary School w189506215 Earlsdon Primary School 74 m
103665 (E) CV5 7EG Eastern Green Junior School w163118625 Eastern Green Junior School 74 m
125575 (E) CV21 3RY Eastlands Primary School w29288367 Eastlands Primary School 91 m
140958 (E) CV1 4FS Eden Girls' School Coventry w468844627 Eden Girls School 174 m
103642 (E) CV6 5GP Edgewick Community Primary School w154563337 Edgwick Community Primary School 61 m
125566 (E) CV34 5NH Emscote Infant School w417622012 Emscote Infant School 81 m
103658 (E) CV3 2HN Ernesford Grange Primary School w154864739 Ernesford Grange Primary School 136 m
125631 (E) CV37 7SP Ettington CofE Primary School w75306428 Ettington CE Primary School 106 m
125805 (E) CV34 5DF Evergreen School w445163922 Evergreen School 2670 m
125805 (E) CV34 5DF Evergreen School w1092081490 Evergreen School + 194 m
130898 (E) CV7 9FJ Exhall Cedars Infant School w65598023 Exhall Cedars Infant School & Nursery 151 m
125794 (E) CV7 9HP Exhall Grange Specialist School w256208205 Exhall Grange Specialist School 128 m
141939 (E) CV4 9WT Finham Park 2 w541605982 Finham Park 2 Secondary School 30 m
136963 (E) CV3 6EA Finham Park School w153694017 Finham Park School 425 m
142700 (E) CV3 6EJ Finham Primary School w153694018 Finham Primary School 119 m
146436 (E) CV6 6BB Foxford Community School w139863538 Foxford School and Community Arts College 96 m
103695 (E) CV2 4QQ Frederick Bird Primary School w152343633 Frederick Bird Primary School 189 m
137079 (E) CV11 4QP George Eliot Academy w155861816 George Eliot Academy 92 m
125595 (E) CV10 7LW Glendale Infant School w400023242 Glendale Infant School 75 m
142197 (E) CV6 7FN Good Shepherd Catholic School w162765466 Good Shepherd RC Primary School 163 m
130897 (E) CV12 0HP Goodyers End Primary School w150736153 Goodyers End Primary School 104 m
103643 (E) CV1 2SF Gosford Park Primary School w161594377 Gosford Park Primary School 39 m
135335 (E) CV2 2RH Grace Academy Coventry w154959153 Grace Academy 235 m
103664 (E) CV3 6NF Grange Farm Primary School w35582258 Grange Farm Primary School 106 m
103663 (E) CV6 6JN Grangehurst Primary School w153724132 Grangehurst Primary School 178 m
125635 (E) CV35 8BE Hampton Lucy CofE Primary School w216689190 Hampton Lucy Primary School 117 m
140371 (E) CV22 6EA Harris Church of England Academy w191588740 Harris Church of England Academy 69 m
138644 (E) CV10 0NA Hartshill Academy w155290739 Hartshill School 76 m
143535 (E) CV5 6LR Hearsall Community Academy w153668267 Hearsall Community Primary School 75 m
136909 (E) CV7 7FW Heart of England School w231306504 Heart of England School 139 m
144648 (E) CV34 7AP Heathcote Primary School w552852143 Heathcote Primary School 116 m
133476 (E) CV2 1HQ Henley Green Primary w163118616 Henley Green Primary School 129 m
137989 (E) CV22 7JQ Henry Hinde Infant School w194027555 Henry Hinde Infant School 74 m
140372 (E) CV22 7HN Henry Hinde Junior School w144590429 Henry Hinde Junior School 318 m
130474 (E) CV4 9SW Hereward College of Further Education w154342689 Hereward College 144 m
137767 (E) CV10 0BJ Higham Lane School w155477868 Higham Lane School 50 m
141468 (E) CV13 6AJ Higham-on-the-Hill Church of England Primary School w366020754 Higham On The Hill C of E Primary School 54 m
139681 (E) CV6 3BL Hill Farm Academy w161564920 Hill Farm Primary School 164 m
130887 (E) CV21 4PE Hillmorton Primary School w332133283 Hillmorton Primary School 77 m
103676 (E) CV6 6FR Holbrook Primary School w154355628 Holbrook Primary School 155 m
103639 (E) CV6 2AH Hollyfast Primary School w161585255 Hollyfast Primary School 95 m
103726 (E) CV6 2GU Holy Family Catholic Primary School w154355633 Holy Family RC Primary School 203 m
125681 (E) CV37 9QN Holy Trinity CofE Primary School w850137127 Holy Trinity C of E Primary School 62 m
134426 (E) CV3 5EH Howes Community Primary School w32236868 Howes Community Primary School 94 m
125515 (E) CV9 2HY Hurley Primary School w307503939 Hurley Primary School 83 m
125637 (E) CV36 4LJ Ilmington CofE Primary School w153186010 Ilmington CofE Primary School 65 m
103690 (E) CV1 4HB John Gulson Primary School w163118624 John Gulson Primary School 121 m
103698 (E) CV6 4JP John Shelton Community Primary School w154355635 John Shelton Community Primary School 78 m
103673 (E) CV6 3FS Joseph Cash Primary School w154385099 Joseph Cash Primary School 139 m
146697 (E) CV8 2DA Kenilworth School and Sixth Form w83551358 Kenilworth School and Sixth Form 74 m
143780 (E) CV6 2EH Keresley Grange Primary School w153471547 Keresley Grange Primary School 131 m
146199 (E) CV7 8JZ Keresley Newland Primary Academy w148834660 Keresley Newland Primary School 22 m
141079 (E) CV23 8XS Kilsby Church of England Primary School w360908858 Kilsby CE Primary School 66 m
147432 (E) CV35 0JX Kineton High School w152815603 Kineton High School 179 m
145174 (E) CV11 4BE King Edward VI College r6234273 King Edward VI College 41 m
137302 (E) CV37 6BE King Edward VI School w157327134 King Edward VI School 160 m
103750 (E) CV3 6AQ King Henry VIII School w848594982 King Henry VIII School 69 m
125788 (E) CV34 6YE King's High School w571687116 King's High School 27 m
139911 (E) CV6 1PJ Kingsbury Academy w161585262 Kingsbury Academy 208 m
145853 (E) CV31 3HB Kingsway Community Primary School w447052038 Kingsway Community Primary School 223 m
130910 (E) CV23 9NF Knightlow CofE Primary School w144871439 Knightlow School 145 m
141277 (E) CV21 3AG Lawrence Sheriff School w29248555 Lawrence Sheriff School 65 m
145214 (E) CV4 9RQ Leigh Church of England Academy w139548195 Leigh CE Primary School 228 m
125530 (E) CV33 9TW Lighthorne Heath Primary School w398337870 Lighthorne Heath Primary School 115 m
147642 (E) CV32 7AG Lillington Primary School w281815293 Lillington Primary School 133 m
133475 (E) CV4 9QT Limbrick Wood Primary School w139548192 Limbrick Wood Primary School 91 m
103647 (E) CV6 7FN Little Heath Primary School w162765480 Little Heath Primary School 161 m
146149 (E) CV47 9QP Long Itchington CofE Academy w243773801 Long Itchington CofE Academy 213 m
125570 (E) CV23 9AL Long Lawford Primary School w107378725 Long Lawford Primary School 75 m
103648 (E) CV6 7AT Longford Park Primary School w163124273 Longford Park Primary School 72 m
103753 (E) CV6 5JQ Lote Tree Primary School w453555536 Lote Tree Primary School 60 m
125639 (E) CV35 9JT Loxley CofE Community Primary School w398333223 Loxley CofE Community Primary School 58 m
142960 (E) CV2 3JS Lyng Hall School w162414181 Lyng Hall Secondary School and Specialist Sports College 116 m
103691 (E) CV3 5EZ Manor Park Primary School w32237916 Manor Park Primary School 65 m
148429 (E) CV3 4BD Meadow Park School w161594389 Meadow Park School 63 m
104087 (E) CV7 7LW Meriden Church of England Primary School w155813239 Meriden C of E Primary School 83 m
125512 (E) CV10 0SZ Michael Drayton Junior School w155284901 Michael Drayton Junior School 113 m
125761 (E) CV10 7BQ Middlemarch School w400026773 Middlemarch School 77 m
125610 (E) CV32 6ES Milverton Primary School w393212993 Milverton Primary School 70 m
125693 (E) CV35 9AN Moreton Morrell CofE Primary School w55112823 Moreton Morrell C of E School 67 m
103697 (E) CV6 1AB Moseley Primary School w205249090 Moseley Primary School 125 m
131239 (E) CV5 7BG Mount Nod Primary School w139548189 Mount Nod Primary School 100 m
136907 (E) CV34 6PJ Myton School w445163861 Myton School 148 m
130882 (E) CV36 4NZ Newbold and Tredington CofE Primary School w146629806 Newbold and Tredington CE (Voluntary Controlled) Primary School 128 m
125561 (E) CV34 6LD Newburgh Primary School w162875925 Newburgh Primary School 99 m
139936 (E) CV12 9EA Nicholas Chamberlaine School w55281897 Nicholas Chamberlaine Technology College 76 m
142202 (E) CV32 6RD North Leamington School w227027687 North Leamington School 839 m
130836 (E) CV11 6BH North Warwickshire and South Leicestershire College w155486618 North Warwickshire College 24 m
125576 (E) CV21 2SS Northlands Primary School w29285613 Northlands Primary School 31 m
136510 (E) CV35 7HZ Northleigh House School w205051492 Northleigh House 478 m
136158 (E) CV10 7PD Nuneaton Academy w155423402 The Nuneaton Academy 174 m
125500 (E) CV10 0PY Nursery Hill Primary School w155287180 Nursery Hill Primary School 147 m
139468 (E) CV11 4QH Oak Wood Primary School w400032344 Oak Wood Primary School 61 m
139469 (E) CV11 4QH Oak Wood Secondary School w400032345 Oak Wood Secondary School 97 m
103712 (E) CV4 9LB Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic Primary School w154030060 Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic Primary School 247 m
125721 (E) CV23 9PU Our Lady's Catholic Primary School, Princethorpe w235322782 Our Lady's RC Primary, Princethorpe 75 m
136061 (E) CV9 1EH Outwoods Primary School w61886123 Outwoods Primary School 116 m
130885 (E) CV22 5HS Paddox Primary School w446139180 Paddox Primary School 207 m
103666 (E) CV5 7LR Park Hill Primary School w186011560 Parkhill Primary School 109 m
140004 (E) CV10 8NL Park Lane Primary School w155421321 Park Lane Primary School 159 m
143779 (E) CV6 4GF Parkgate Primary School w151777338 Parkgate Primary School 111 m
103747 (E) CV3 1FQ Pattison College w189042526 Pattison College 81 m
147121 (E) CV2 2NB Pearl Hyde Community Primary School w154524324 Pearl Hyde Primary School 188 m
116715 (E) CV37 8XA Pebworth First School w83509275 Pebworth First School 172 m
103659 (E) CV2 2GF Potters Green Primary School w188755508 Potters Green Primary School 109 m
140248 (E) CV6 4GL President Kennedy School Academy w154333841 President Kennedy Secondary School and Community College 263 m
125787 (E) CV23 9PX Princethorpe College w446139501 Princethorpe College 170 m
125609 (E) CV8 1BA Priors Field Primary School w83891455 Priors Field Primary School 79 m
140419 (E) CV11 5LR Queen's Church of England Academy w155298147 Queens Church Of England Academy 109 m
125519 (E) CV37 8SA Quinton Primary School w74211201 Quinton Primary School 34 m
125616 (E) CV12 8AD Race Leys Infant School w400035533 Race Leys Infants School 49 m
138431 (E) CV12 8HG Race Leys Junior School w150634599 Race Leys Junior School 168 m
140198 (E) CV9 1LT Racemeadow Primary Academy w152325051 Racemeadow Primary Academy 69 m
140389 (E) CV6 1HD Radford Primary Academy w161564870 Radford Primary School 53 m
125665 (E) CV31 1TQ Radford Semele CofE Primary School w220512735 Radford Semele C of E Primary School 133 m
129050 (E) CV23 8SY Rainsbrook Secure Training Centre w399736896 Rainsbrook Secure Training Centre 80 m
103682 (E) CV2 5GQ Ravensdale Primary School w163124269 Ravensdale Primary School 89 m
146393 (E) CV2 5FU Richard Lee Primary School w163124271 Richard Lee Primary School 149 m
145393 (E) CV22 5PE Rokeby Primary School w165699235 Rokeby Primary School 124 m
136595 (E) CV22 7RE Rugby High School w362455191 Rugby High School 160 m
125777 (E) CV21 3AW Rugby School w363617437 Rugby School 411 m
142217 (E) CV2 2EF SS Peter and Paul Catholic Primary School w244159404 Saints Peter & Paul RC Primary School 131 m
142205 (E) CV2 4DW Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School w161594387 Sacred Heart RC Primary School 88 m
138290 (E) CV13 6BF Saint Martin's Catholic Voluntary Academy w366027679 Saint Martin's Catholic Academy 148 m
120158 (E) CV9 3QR Sheepy Magna Church of England Primary School w61880338 Sheepy Magna Church of England Primary School 117 m
103760 (E) CV6 1PR Sherbourne Fields School w175845890 Sherbourne Fields School 127 m
138767 (E) CV36 4DY Shipston High School w157326888 Shipston High School 178 m
125646 (E) CV37 9BL Shottery St Andrew's CofE Primary School w399529561 Shottery St Andrew's CofE Primary School 28 m
130951 (E) CV31 2AR Shrubland Street Community Primary School w447052124 Shrubland Street Community Primary School 43 m
136126 (E) CV1 5LY Sidney Stringer Academy w23220064 Sidney Stringer Academy 130 m
125521 (E) CV37 0JL Snitterfield Primary School w162350514 Snitterfield Primary School 98 m
143905 (E) CV47 0JW Southam College w154718434 Southam College 223 m
143906 (E) CV47 0QB Southam Primary School w240161187 Southam Primary School 51 m
146151 (E) CV47 1EE Southam St James CofE Academy w394186317 St James CE Primary School 52 m
103671 (E) CV3 2QX Sowe Valley Primary School w154865093 Sowe Valley Primary School 45 m
131241 (E) CV1 3BQ Spon Gate Primary School w153447179 Spon Gate Primary School 105 m
130877 (E) CV21 3NX St Andrew's Benn CofE (Voluntary Aided) Primary School w415337807 St Andrew's Benn CofE (Voluntary Aided) Primary School 28 m
103703 (E) CV5 7BX St Andrew's Church of England Infant School w164084772 St Andrews CE Infant School 38 m
103719 (E) CV3 3AD St Anne's Catholic Primary School w156403890 St Anne's RC Primary School 347 m
125716 (E) CV31 1NJ St Anthony's Catholic Primary School w393507741 St Anthony's Catholic Primary School 136 m
147343 (E) CV6 3BL St Augustine's Catholic Primary School w161564841 St Augustine's Catholic Primary School 298 m
139680 (E) CV3 2LP St Bartholomew's Church of England Academy w154866147 St Bartholomew's CE Primary School 102 m
141812 (E) CV9 1PS St Benedict's Catholic Primary Academy w61885417 St. Benedict's R.C. Primary School 128 m
147341 (E) CV6 5BX St Elizabeth's Catholic Primary School w154563348 St Elizabeth's RC Primary School 25 m
141817 (E) CV12 8JN St Francis Catholic Academy w150608303 St Francis Primary School 84 m
144071 (E) CV23 1AN St Gabriel's CofE Academy w652744160 St Gabriel's C of E Academy 79 m
142211 (E) CV2 5AT St Gregory's Catholic Primary School w192913718 St Gregory's RC Primary School 202 m
143633 (E) CV37 6UZ St Gregory's Catholic Primary School w154859602 Saint Gregory's Catholic Primary School 46 m
142212 (E) CV2 3NR St John Fisher Catholic Primary School w156738551 St John Fisher RC Primary School 91 m
147342 (E) CV5 7GX St John Vianney Catholic Primary School w139548184 St John Vianney Catholic Primary School 131 m
141298 (E) CV5 9HZ St John's Church of England Academy w139548194 St John's C of E Academy 227 m
130870 (E) CV8 1FS St John's Primary School w83891767 St John's Primary School 135 m
125719 (E) CV31 2LJ St Joseph's Catholic Primary School w109138749 St Joseph's Catholic Primary School 79 m
139383 (E) CV6 7ED St Laurences CofE Primary School w156265408 St Laurence's C of E Primary School 91 m
130884 (E) CV47 8LU St Lawrence CofE (Voluntary Aided) Primary School w190209679 St Lawrence CofE (Voluntary Aided) Primary School 81 m
144112 (E) CV13 6HE St Margaret's Church of England Primary School, Stoke Golding w64589088 St Margaret's Church of England Primary School 95 m
125717 (E) CV34 5BG St Mary Immaculate Catholic Primary School w38660957 St Mary Immaculate Catholic Primary School 47 m
133556 (E) CV1 5HG St Mary and St Benedict Catholic Primary School w23221751 St. Mary & St. Benedict RC Primary School 39 m
125708 (E) CV47 1PS St Mary's Catholic Primary School, Southam w394184352 St Mary's Catholic Primary School 47 m
130883 (E) CV22 7AU St Matthew's Bloxam CofE Primary School w364573390 St Matthew's Bloxam 184 m
142021 (E) CV12 9DA St Michael's Church of England Academy w150527181 St Michael's CE Primary School 211 m
125661 (E) CV8 2PE St Nicholas CofE Primary School w83891837 St Nicholas CofE Primary School 97 m
140878 (E) CV11 6HJ St Nicolas CofE Academy w465226262 St Nicolas CofE Academy 136 m
103711 (E) CV1 4AP St Osburg's Catholic Primary School w163124264 St Osburg's RC Primary School 91 m
142022 (E) CV22 7DJ St Oswald's CofE Academy w376458940 St Oswald's CofE Academy 43 m
142215 (E) CV2 1EQ St Patrick's Catholic Primary School w163124274 St Patrick's Catholic Primary School 136 m
125715 (E) CV31 3EU St Patrick's Catholic Primary School w679196063 St Patrick's Catholic Primary School 105 m
125701 (E) CV32 4JZ St Paul's CofE Primary School, Leamington Spa w684704926 St Paul's C of E Primary School 62 m
125656 (E) CV10 8NH St Paul's CofE Primary School, Nuneaton w320866302 St. Pauls C of E Primary School 137 m
125714 (E) CV32 5EL St Peter's Catholic Primary School w445164183 St Peter's Catholic Primary School 74 m
139098 (E) CV13 0NP St Peter's Church of England Primary Academy w31901527 St. Peter's Church of England Primary School 96 m
147344 (E) CV3 5DE St Thomas More Catholic Primary School w151171461 St. Thomas More RC Primary School 141 m
141836 (E) CV10 7EX St Thomas More Catholic School and Sixth Form College w155435506 St Thomas More School 59 m
125667 (E) CV31 2JF St. Margaret's CofE Junior School w477349595 Saint Margaret's School 102 m
143177 (E) CV6 5TY Stanton Bridge Primary School w154385125 Stanton Bridge Primary School 35 m
103686 (E) CV3 6PY Stivichall Primary School w91258018 Stivichall Primary School 47 m
147164 (E) CV10 8JH Stockingford Academy w155423398 Stockingford Academy 117 m
143497 (E) CV47 8JE Stockton Primary School w394494383 Stockton Primary School 54 m
103684 (E) CV2 4PR Stoke Heath Primary School w162765488 Stoke Heath Primary School 118 m
145179 (E) CV2 4JW Stoke Park School w161594379 Stoke Park Secondary School and Community College 128 m
103679 (E) CV2 4LF Stoke Primary School w161594374 Stoke Primary School 67 m
137235 (E) CV37 9HA Stratford Girls' Grammar School w292420357 Stratford Girls' Grammar School 95 m
125791 (E) CV37 6BG Stratford Preparatory School w158005210 Stratford Preparatory School 68 m
137236 (E) CV37 9DH Stratford Upon Avon School w292419866 Stratford Upon Avon High School 234 m
142581 (E) CV37 6HN Stratford-Upon-Avon Primary School w292419865 Stratford Upon Avon Primary School 54 m
139384 (E) CV3 3AE Stretton Church of England Academy w161594366 Stretton CE Primary School 116 m
130868 (E) CV31 1SA Sydenham Primary School w248084511 Sydenham Primary School 174 m
125556 (E) CV32 7HP Telford Junior School w393216428 Telford Junior School 182 m
103692 (E) CV4 9DA Templars Primary School w154019545 Templars Primary School 4 m
146691 (E) CV47 2UD Temple Herdewyke Primary School w398333777 Temple Herdewyke Primary School 101 m
125764 (E) CV21 1EH The Avon Valley School and Performing Arts College w156361394 The Avon Valley School and Performing Arts College 179 m
125689 (E) CV12 8RT The Canons C of E Primary School w65767164 The Canons C of E Primary School 78 m
125778 (E) CV37 7RL The Croft Preparatory School w244434808 The Croft Preparatory School 397 m
130379 (E) CV47 2XU The Dassett CofE Primary School w152814989 Dassett Church of England Primary School 115 m
148515 (E) CV35 7EX The Ferncumbe CofE Primary School w321064418 The Ferncumbe CofE Primary School 84 m
135453 (E) CV7 7HQ The Island Project School w243827620 The Island Project 206 m
125775 (E) CV32 5RD The Kingsley School r6640710 The Kingsley School 43 m
138108 (E) CV13 0JT The Market Bosworth School w31901529 The Market Bosworth School 141 m
139937 (E) CV9 1LZ The Queen Elizabeth Academy w61886121 Queen Elizabeth School and Sports College 197 m
130878 (E) CV23 0RA The Revel CofE (Aided) Primary School w194028626 The Revel CE Primary School 109 m
137225 (E) CV4 8DY The Westwood Academy w154349079 The Westwood Academy 78 m
125525 (E) CV37 6TE Thomas Jolyffe Primary School w399330672 Thomas Jolyffe Primary School 102 m
125550 (E) CV8 2DS Thorns Community Infant School w84013464 Thorns Community Infant School 139 m
103763 (E) CV3 4DE Tiverton School w161594373 Tiverton School 125 m
148362 (E) CV32 6NB Trinity Catholic School w316122168 Trinity Catholic School 4 m
120336 (E) CV9 3PQ Twycross House Pre-Preparatory School w398319870 Twycross House Pre-Preparatory School 108 m
120331 (E) CV9 3PL Twycross House School w398317937 Twycross House School 162 m
148512 (E) CV35 0SD Tysoe CofE Primary School w60543198 Tysoe Cof E (Voluntary Controlled) Primary School 44 m
137597 (E) CV10 8JX Values Academy w610451277 Values Academy Nuneaton 19 m
140961 (E) CV4 8DY WMG Academy for Young Engineers w881720272 WMG Academy for Young Engineers 172 m
142244 (E) CV2 2BA Walsgrave Church of England Academy w163124272 Walsgrave C of E Academy 173 m
125781 (E) CV34 6PP Warwick School w56893480 Warwick School 199 m
130835 (E) CV32 5JE Warwickshire College Group w64777183 Evesham College 35612 m
130835 (E) CV32 5JE Warwickshire College Group w92903701 Malvern Hills College 56098 m
130835 (E) CV32 5JE Warwickshire College Group w171571197 Pershore College part of Warwickshire College 40783 m
130835 (E) CV32 5JE Warwickshire College Group w445164033 Royal Leamington Spa College 82 m
145486 (E) CV37 6TQ Welcombe Hills School w399330673 Welcombe Hills School 183 m
125528 (E) CV37 8ER Welford-on-Avon Primary School w216217089 Welford-on-Avon Primary School 72 m
148513 (E) CV35 9QG Wellesbourne CofE Primary School r6004431 Wellesbourne C of E Primary School + 71 m
137209 (E) CV4 9PW West Coventry Academy w162414182 West Coventry Academy 136 m
125559 (E) CV34 4DD Westgate Primary School w162875477 Westgate Primary School 67 m
103655 (E) CV3 4DE Whitley Abbey Primary School w161594385 Whitley Abbey Primary School 237 m
103685 (E) CV6 2HG Whitmore Park Primary School w151775867 Whitmore Park Primary School 149 m
125560 (E) CV31 2EX Whitnash Primary School r1551527 Whitnash Primary School 111 m
142039 (E) CV2 2LH Whittle Academy w153864362 Whittle Academy 49 m
103674 (E) CV5 8AJ Whoberley Hall Primary School w153471437 Whoberley Hall Primary School 71 m
134745 (E) CV3 3DB Willenhall Community Primary School w154352219 Willenhall Community Primary School 101 m
125696 (E) CV37 9XD Wilmcote CofE (Voluntary Aided) Primary School w155190772 Wilmcote CofE (Voluntary Aided) Primary School 13 m
120172 (E) CV9 3NA Witherley Church of England Primary School w465224330 Witherley Church of England Primary School 67 m
125676 (E) CV8 3HH Wolston St Margaret's CofE Primary School w56189901 Wolston St Margaret's C of E Primary School 138 m
125760 (E) CV35 8JN Wolverton Primary School w398331855 Wolverton Primary School 87 m
140418 (E) CV9 2QL Wood End Primary School w220438770 Wood End Primary School 74 m
131574 (E) CV4 7AB Woodfield w255425372 Woodfield School 374 m
140153 (E) CV9 2BS Woodside CofE Primary School w61841753 Woodside C of E (controlled) Primary School 231 m
103696 (E) CV2 3AA Wyken Croft Primary School w244050687 Wyken Croft Primary School 143 m

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