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OSM Schools Progress in the 'DN' Postal Area

The blue circles on the map are schools from the official lists that haven't been matched to an OSM object. The red circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a school on the official list. The lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects. Dark green lines represent a match based on the ref:edubase (England & Wales), ref:seedcode (Scotland) and ref:deni (Northern Ireland) tags. Light green lines represent a match based on location in the absense of an OSM ref:* tag. Orange lines represnt a match based on location, with an incorrect ref:* tag. The location matches can match the wrong schools, particularly in inner-city areas where there are many schools in close proximity. To fix incorrect location matches, add the appropriate ref:* tag to the OSM amenity=school objects. For more information see below.

Schools not matched to an OSM Object

Note that only OSM ways and relations tagged with amenity=school or amenity=college are checked for possible matches. In most cases, any nodes tagged like this would be better converted to way polygons covering the whole of the school site. The matching process is simplistic, so an incorrect matching may result in a different nearby school being the one that is really missing. Also, it is not currently clear what licence the official Edubase / Scottish Government data can be re-used under. Until this is clarified, you should not use the data below directly to add schools to OSM. However, knowing that there is a school missing in a particular area, you may be able to add that school using other sources -- e.g. Bing, OS Street View, and by searching for the possible school's own website.

Official ID Postcode Official Name
131832 (E) DN15 0BJ AALPS College
145462 (E) DN17 3PS Act Fast NL Ltd
142136 (E) DN21 1PB Aegir - A Specialist Academy
146370 (E) DN4 8ND Astrea Academy Woodfields
142828 (E) DN37 7AW Best Futures
117729 (E) DN20 0JW Broughton Primary School
131869 (E) DN2 6AY Communication Specialist College - Doncaster
141485 (E) DN16 2PZ Coritani Academy
117934 (E) DN15 6AS Crosby Primary School
142130 (E) DN15 6TA Engineering UTC Northern Lincolnshire
149152 (E) DN7 5GH Field Gate School
148028 (E) DN15 9TP Flourish With Us
145080 (E) DN4 6SL Hatchell Wood Primary Academy
143527 (E) DN11 9HH Hesley Holdings Limited
133180 (E) DN2 5LT Hospital Teaching Service
140801 (E) DN36 4HS Humberston Cloverfields Academy
147462 (E) DN32 7AP Learning4Life-GY
131913 (E) DN32 9RU Linkage College
147134 (E) DN6 9DG Norton Infant School
136675 (E) DN11 0BZ Rossington All Saints Academy
117956 (E) DN33 2DH Scartho Infants' School and Nursery
136975 (E) DN35 0DN Signhills Academy
120579 (E) DN36 5UZ The North Cotes Church of England Primary School
144366 (E) DN37 9PH The Orchard Independent Special School
142921 (E) DN6 7FE The Ridge Employability College
143884 (E) DN35 7SU William Barcroft Junior School

OSM Objects not matched to a school on the official lists

Entries here could be due to: Former schools that have now closed, more than one area being tagged for a single school, the official entry for a real school being matched incorrectly to a different OSM object, or institutions not included in the official lists being tagged as schools in OSM. Not all of these entries will be errors in the OSM data, so be careful before making any edits.

OSM Object OSM Name OSM Ref JRC
w149166610 +J
w29089412 +J
w23598063 +J
w621213942 +J
w698223336 +J
w39001479 +J
w698223337 +J
w294250436 +J
w402917176 +J
w23126991 +J
w294250407 +J
w294250427 +J
w23174017 +J
w742722517 +J
w371307059 +J
w293557955 Adult Learning Centre +J
w536418269 Al Karam Secondary School +J
w438252963 Brocklesby Park Primary School +J
w35479866 Brumby Adult Community Learning Centre +J
r14507803 Cambridge Park Academy +J
w581856419 Cottingham Worklink Learning Resource Centre +J
w398065454 Cusworth Centre +J
w301823974 Dearne Valley College +J
w400841375 Doncaster Road Junior School +J
w25114962 Endeavour Learning and Skills Centre +J
w294250431 Focus School +J
w400524519 Fullerton House School 106817 +J
w256984032 Goodwin Community College +J
w146392467 Goole College +J
w404546915 Grimsby Institute (Nunsthorpe Campus) +J
w201779592 Grimsby Institute (Westward Ho Campus) +J
w101241601 Hayfield Lane Primary School +J
w941113489 Hayfield School +J
w304502382 Hillside Academy 142934 +J
w453803579 Horton House School 133640 +J
w148110349 Hull College School of Art and Design +J
w601125276 Kisimul School +J
w267912302 Lincolnshire Montessori School +J
w410377545 Louth Academy +J
w35067785 Maltby Hall Infant School +J
r569781 Maltby Hall Infant School +J
w328078423 Mattersey Hall Christian College & Graduate School +J
w845612021 New College Arts Center +J
w408841425 North Cotes C of E Primary School +J
w29005115 North Nottinghamshire College +J
w113942821 Northern Academy of Performing Arts +J
w315296329 Northern Racing College +J
w192492551 Outwood Academy Danum - Leger Way +J
w152834087 Ranby House Preparatory School +J
w327182295 Ranby Learning Centre +J
w114956069 Saint James Preparatory School +J
r547056 Saint Mary's Catholic Primary School +J
w398065460 Saltersgate Junior School +J
w200836262 Selby College 130592 +J
w327171150 St Giles Special School +J
w1017866037 St Swithun's C of E Foundational School +J
w510312601 University Centre Doncaster +J
w187367968 Wakefield South East Training & Enterprise Centre +J
w453360209 Wilsic Hall School 106814 +J

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Schools matched to an OSM object by location

Note that the matching is very simplistic, just taking the nearest unmatched OSM amenity=school or amenity=college way or relation within 1km of the postcode centroid of each official entry in turn. Where several school sites are in close proximity, they may be matched incorrectly.

Official ID Postcode Official Name OSM Object OSM Name MN MR MPC Offset JRC
145596 (E) DN14 8NZ Airmyn Park Primary School w312457044 Airmyn Park Primary School + + 93 m +J
137066 (E) DN7 6JH Ash Hill Academy w306674657 Travis St Lawrence CE Primary School + + 953 m +J
144950 (E) DN1 3QP Atlas Academy w400308499 Stirling Primary School + + 68 m +J
147864 (E) DN3 2EW Bader Special Academy w984036327 Bader Academy + 49 m +J
139649 (E) DN35 9NF Beacon Academy w103879681 St Joseph's Catholic Primary and Nursery Voluntary Academy + 91 m +J
117781 (E) DN15 8AH Berkeley Primary School w399140384 Berkeley Infant School + 106 m +J
146919 (E) DN8 5PQ Brooke Primary Academy w305483717 Thorne Brooke Primary School + + 116 m +J
148309 (E) DN14 9NR Carlton Primary School w201030736 The Holy Family Catholic High School + 287 m +J
106722 (E) DN5 7SD Copley Junior School w304494522 Sprotbrough Copley Junior School + 148 m +J
147582 (E) DN7 6JH Coppice School w209512202 Coppice School + + 275 m +J
130587 (E) DN1 2RF DN Colleges Group w1112535949 Doncaster College + + 206 m +J
147838 (E) DN1 3BF Doncaster UTC w60917462 Doncaster College + + 951 m +J
118043 (E) DN17 4PG Eastoft Church of England Primary School w395686475 St Bartholomews C of E Primary School + + 86 m +J
144347 (E) DN12 1BN Edlington Victoria Academy w400355042 Victoria Primary School + 31 m +J
145023 (E) DN21 2NS Good Apple Independent w507088408 Gainsborough College + + 43 m +J
144656 (E) DN8 5LB Green Top w394933166 Thorne Green Top Primary School + 89 m +J
141536 (E) DN11 8JT Harworth CofE Academy w330527425 + 107 m +J
106746 (E) DN9 3NB Hayfield Lane Primary School w101241610 Hayfield Lane Primary School + + 53 m +J
120497 (E) DN36 5DR Holton-le-Clay Junior School w408845923 Holton Le Clay Junior School + 258 m +J
148167 (E) DN14 9NS Holy Family Catholic High School, A Voluntary Academy w201030743 Carlton-in-Snaith Community Primary School + 69 m +J
149260 (E) DN14 7SL Howden Junior School w394864169 Howden Junior School 81 m +J
135502 (E) DN4 9HT Maple Medical PRU w400345888 Mallard Primary School + + 284 m +J
146948 (E) DN8 4SB Marshland Primary Academy w305482071 Thorne Moorends Marshland Primary School + + 122 m +J
139059 (E) DN17 1HA Melior Community Academy w35393722 Melior Community College (North Site) + + 201 m +J
148181 (E) DN4 8QN More Than Ed Independent School w305959834 Astrea Academy Woodfields + 763 m +J
142464 (E) DN12 3LZ Morley Place Academy w400524518 Morley Place Junior School + + 137 m +J
140816 (E) DN4 5JW North Bridge Enterprise College w26141162 Hall Cross Academy - Lower School + 940 m +J
147829 (E) DN6 7EF North Ridge Community School w396627810 Adwick Park Junior School + + 440 m +J
147130 (E) DN6 9DG Norton Junior School w305230804 Norton J&I School + + 107 m +J
134589 (E) DN17 1BS OneSchool Global UK Ridgeway Campus w26518751 North Lindsey College + + 206 m +J
149350 (E) DN2 5JG Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Primary School w399291725 Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Primary School 84 m +J
146583 (E) DN6 8PU Owston Park Primary Academy w305144334 Owston Park Primary Academy + + 136 m +J
117756 (E) DN17 1HE Priory Lane Community School w138501592 Priory Lane Junior School + + 141 m +J
137117 (E) DN22 7NJ Retford Oaks Academy w327171153 + 230 m +J
140585 (E) DN5 7SB Richmond Hill Primary Academy w300526244 Richmond Hill Primary School + + 86 m +J
118148 (E) DN14 5JS Riverside Special School w146511949 + 118 m +J
138014 (E) DN35 9DL Saint Joseph's Catholic Primary Voluntary Academy w103879686 Beacon Academy + 136 m +J
106703 (E) DN5 8NQ Scawsby Saltersgate Infant School w398065452 + 182 m +J
106706 (E) DN5 8NQ Scawsby Saltersgate Junior School w398065434 Saltersgate Infant School + + 127 m +J
118016 (E) DN15 6HP Scunthorpe CofE Primary School w35479961 + 64 m +J
145153 (E) DN15 8DT Skills Centre PLUS w148369178 Berkeley Junior School + 612 m +J
117752 (E) DN18 6HU South Ferriby Primary School w397896699 South Ferriby Primary School + 249 m +J
135065 (E) DN17 2TX South Park Enterprise College (11-19) w101091852 Melior Community College ( South Site ) + + 715 m +J
146998 (E) DN6 0AQ Spa Academy Askern w305265098 Askern Spa Junior School + + 114 m +J
133213 (E) DN32 7DZ Special Educational Needs Support Service (Senss) w114653997 Grimsby Learning Centre + + 937 m +J
142268 (E) DN33 3HG Springfield Primary Academy w408867540 + 93 m +J
148974 (E) DN12 4AQ St Alban's Catholic Primary and Nursery School w304500697 St Alban's Catholic Primary and Nursery School 47 m +J
122955 (E) DN22 7NJ St Giles School w127190189 Retford Oaks + + 230 m +J
118037 (E) DN9 1AY St Martin's CofE Primary School w362221506 + 69 m +J
138704 (E) DN9 3EQ St Oswald's CofE Academy w315163571 + 52 m +J
149348 (E) DN4 5EP St Peter's Catholic Primary School w26830594 St Peter's Catholic Primary School 30 m +J
122802 (E) DN10 4QT St Peter's CofE Primary and Nursery School w330543479 + 165 m +J
141141 (E) DN4 6AH St Wilfrid's Academy, Doncaster w26123450 Cantley Sycamore Primary School + + 58 m +J
142158 (E) DN22 7BP St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School, a Voluntary Academy w42770465 Retford Post 16 + + 571 m +J
106718 (E) DN7 5BG Stainforth Kirton Lane Primary School w395393133 Stainforth Kirkstone Lane Primary School + + 625 m +J
122808 (E) DN22 9HQ Sturton CofE Primary School w324952909 Sturton le Steeple C of E (Aided) Primary School + + 104 m +J
122809 (E) DN22 8PP Sutton-Cum-Lound CofE School w327248007 + 84 m +J
130585 (E) DN34 5BQ TEC Partnership w114956065 Grimsby Institute of Further and Higher Education + + 70 m +J
137759 (E) DN17 4HU The Axholme Academy w362476140 + 263 m +J
140991 (E) DN40 1JS The Canon Peter Hall CofE Primary School w404267257 + 33 m +J
120492 (E) DN21 1TE The Gainsborough Charles Baines Community Primary School w269810505 + 170 m +J
138640 (E) DN21 2LN The Gainsborough Parish Church Primary School w401616414 Parish Church Primary School + 42 m +J
140626 (E) DN16 3AW The Grange Primary School w151087882 + 37 m +J
106666 (E) DN5 7SB The Levett School w1090298993 The Levett School + + 62 m +J
137453 (E) DN20 8AR The Vale Academy w338031356 The Vale Academy + 418 m +J
137760 (E) DN37 0NU Waltham Leas Primary Academy w408611192 Waltham Lane Primary Academy + + 107 m +J
147373 (E) DN8 4LH West Road Primary Academy w305482067 Thorne Moorends West Road Primary School + + 112 m +J
139361 (E) DN21 1TJ White's Wood Academy w269847181 White's Wood Academy (junior) + 98 m +J
140625 (E) DN17 2NF Willoughby Road Primary Academy w100893876 Riddings Infant & Junior School + + 31 m +J
118020 (E) DN15 9QF Winterton Church of England Infants' School w183268342 Winterton CE Infant School + 105 m +J

Schools matched to an OSM object by reference number

Official ID Postcode Official Name OSM Object OSM Name MN MPC Offset
106670 (E) DN6 7LW Adwick Primary School w396627806 Adwick Primary School 73 m
117725 (E) DN15 9JG Alkborough Primary School w212691909 Alkborough Primary School 106 m
117726 (E) DN17 3BN Althorpe and Keadby Primary School w362292198 Althorpe and Keadby Primary School 254 m
106676 (E) DN5 0TE Arksey Primary School w398949762 Arksey Primary School 135 m
138314 (E) DN3 2DA Armthorpe Academy w184718086 Armthorpe Academy 116 m
138705 (E) DN3 2DG Armthorpe Shaw Wood Academy w305992886 Shaw Wood Primary School 157 m
146706 (E) DN6 0PZ Askern Littlemoor Infant Academy w305249923 Askern Littlemoor Infant School 123 m
146672 (E) DN6 0NE Askern Moss Road Infant Academy w318658816 Askern Moss Road Infant School 79 m
137335 (E) DN9 3JN Auckley School w306840666 Auckley Junior and Infant School 133 m
143962 (E) DN4 0LL Balby Central Primary Academy w304497249 Balby Central Primary Academy 191 m
117824 (E) DN14 7HQ Barmby-on-the-Marsh Primary School w378624135 Barmby Marsh Primary School 196 m
106694 (E) DN5 7EZ Barnburgh Primary School w300543438 Barnburgh Primary School 116 m
138163 (E) DN3 1BG Barnby Dun Primary Academy w396031048 Barnby Dun Primary Academy 107 m
118006 (E) DN18 5HB Barton St Peter's CofE Primary School w233434370 St Peter's School 121 m
106737 (E) DN10 6PU Bawtry Mayflower Primary School w400408166 Bawtry Mayflower Primary School 178 m
118109 (E) DN18 6AE Baysgarth School w233434371 Baysgarth School 251 m
122615 (E) DN10 4QN Beckingham Primary School w400634400 Beckingham Primary School 50 m
118007 (E) DN9 1LR Belton All Saints CofE Primary School w368346184 Belton All Saints Church of England Primary School 153 m
138063 (E) DN21 1DB Benjamin Adlard Primary School w372115930 Benjamin Adlard Community Primary School 92 m
144076 (E) DN5 0AA Bentley High Street Primary School w306085483 Bentley High Street Primary School 423 m
106751 (E) DN5 0NU Bentley New Village Primary School w306086886 Bentley New Village Primary School 162 m
144412 (E) DN4 7DT Bessacarr Primary w225619567 Bessacar Primary School 93 m
120619 (E) DN21 3JX Blyton Cum Laughton Church of England School w401121964 Blyton cum Laughton Church of England Primary School 59 m
117941 (E) DN14 6TL Boothferry Primary School w39685741 Boothferry Primary School 138 m
117780 (E) DN16 3PB Bottesford Infant School w100599249 Bottesford Infant School 181 m
117727 (E) DN16 3PB Bottesford Junior School w100599245 Bottesford Junior School 236 m
117812 (E) DN18 5EE Bowmandale Primary School w233437188 Bowmandale Primary School + 135 m
144526 (E) DN22 7EU Bracken Lane Primary Academy w39330278 Bracken Lane Primary School 162 m
106767 (E) DN3 3NB Branton St Wilfrid's Church of England Primary School w306842889 St Wilfreds CofE Primary School 92 m
117728 (E) DN20 8AR Brigg Primary School w338031354 Brigg Primary School 275 m
138467 (E) DN35 9HU Bursar Primary Academy w103879689 Bursar Primary Academy 186 m
117730 (E) DN15 9HB Burton-upon-Stather Primary School w395696614 Burton-upon-Stather Primary School 179 m
117747 (E) DN16 1NA Bushfield Road Infant School w171432954 Bushfield Road Infants School 103 m
137363 (E) DN34 5EB Cambridge Park Academy w225931170 The Cambridge Park Academy 202 m
138116 (E) DN6 9AS Campsmount Academy w305136267 Campsmount Academy 13 m
145771 (E) DN3 2PP Canon Popham CofE Primary Academy w398936915 Canon Popham C of E Primary School 83 m
148408 (E) DN6 8DR Carcroft Primary School w395363444 Carcroft Primary School 133 m
122732 (E) DN22 6SW Carr Hill Primary and Nursery School w18657580 Carr Hill Primary and Nursery School 147 m
140353 (E) DN4 8GA Carr Lodge Academy w305960326 Carr Lodge Academy + 77 m
144483 (E) DN12 3DB Castle Academy w304500787 Castle Academy 140 m
140329 (E) DN21 1EH Castle Wood Academy w372120233 Castle Wood Academy 238 m
117967 (E) DN18 5AW Castledyke Primary School w403767086 Castledyke Primary School 87 m
122628 (E) DN22 9JZ Clarborough Primary School w46973790 Clarborough Primary School 64 m
136192 (E) DN35 9NX Cleethorpes Academy w204111890 Cleethorpes Academy 54 m
137765 (E) DN12 3LR Conisbrough Ivanhoe Primary Academy w304501733 Conisbrough Ivanhoe J&I School 176 m
117907 (E) DN40 2DY Coomb Briggs Primary School w404267245 Coomb Briggs Primary School + 93 m
120568 (E) DN21 5QS Corringham CofE VC Primary School w401527511 Corringham C. E. Primary School 207 m
118025 (E) DN14 9DG Cowick Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School w379360911 Cowick Church of England Primary School 76 m
138008 (E) DN7 6JP Crookesbroom Primary Academy w396245675 Crookesbroom Primary School 48 m
139035 (E) DN17 4ET Crowle Primary Academy w395695948 Crowle Primary Academy 66 m
135942 (E) DN12 3JY De Warenne Academy w400524548 De Warenne Academy 124 m
135247 (E) DN20 8EF Demeter House w446374288 Demeter House 151 m
143514 (E) DN12 4HZ Denaby Main Primary Academy w304498926 Denaby Main Primary School 89 m
137472 (E) DN5 9DD Don Valley Academy w300524073 Don Valley Academy 179 m
106818 (E) DN2 6AY Doncaster School for the Deaf w400302265 Doncaster School for the Deaf 134 m
138907 (E) DN7 4HX Dunsville Primary School w396250281 Dunsville Primary School 93 m
117736 (E) DN40 3PJ East Halton Primary School w403765715 East Halton Primary School 152 m
137811 (E) DN37 0RX East Ravendale CofE Primary School Academy w404272256 East Ravendale C of E Primary School 80 m
139981 (E) DN40 1LD Eastfield Primary Academy w404268155 Eastfield Primary School 58 m
117841 (E) DN14 7QE Eastrington Primary School w319551762 Eastrington Primary School 70 m
142933 (E) DN3 2LS Edenthorpe Hall Primary Academy w398936966 Edenthorpe Hall Primary School 74 m
138857 (E) DN32 9HL Edward Heneage Primary Academy w424214885 Edward Heneage Primary Academy 93 m
122640 (E) DN22 8AQ Elkesley Primary and Nursery School w400362489 Elkesley Primary and Nursery School 85 m
141773 (E) DN35 7HT Elliston Primary Academy w446373747 Elliston Primary Academy 2 m
117768 (E) DN17 2TD Enderby Road Infant School w101091695 Enderby Road Infant School 130 m
142269 (E) DN36 4RB Enfield Academy of New Waltham w408850172 Enfield Academy of New Waltham + 107 m
138712 (E) DN9 1DL Epworth Primary Academy w368167210 Epworth Primary Academy + 120 m
122641 (E) DN10 5BJ Everton Primary School w324319485 Everton Primary School 69 m
141631 (E) DN33 3AE Fairfield Academy w408867533 Fairfield Academy + 168 m
120625 (E) DN21 5EP Frances Olive Anderson Church of England (Aided) Primary School w401514244 Frances Olive Anderson Church of England Primary School 149 m
130586 (E) DN34 5BY Franklin College w201779005 Franklin College 157 m
118097 (E) DN16 3NG Frederick Gough School w100598113 Frederick Gough School 174 m
117748 (E) DN16 1ST Frodingham Infant School w26637943 Frodingham Infant School 60 m
122801 (E) DN22 0PE Gamston CofE (Aided) Primary School w38366447 Gamston CofE (Aided) Primary School 28 m
145929 (E) DN14 6AN Goole Academy w55114811 Goole High School 46 m
117737 (E) DN19 7JR Goxhill Primary School w233004052 Goxhill Primary School 129 m
137482 (E) DN11 0QY Grange Lane Infant Academy w400528160 Grange Lane Infant Academy + 8 m
131231 (E) DN34 5TA Grange Primary School w225931169 Grange Primary School 60 m
131231 (E) DN34 5TA Grange Primary School r14507819 Grange Primary School 29 m
120571 (E) DN38 6AU Grasby All Saints Church of England Primary School w403738547 All Saints C of E Primary School 192 m
142841 (E) DN37 9EN Great Coates Primary School w404467984 Great Coates Primary School 30 m
118010 (E) DN17 3LT Gunness and Burringham Church of England Primary School w397896524 Gunness and Burringham C of E Primary School 250 m
137842 (E) DN1 2HY Hall Cross Academy w225620646 Hall Cross Academy - Upper School and Sixth Form 19 m
122556 (E) DN22 7QH Hallcroft Infant and Nursery School w38197936 Hallcroft Infant School 45 m
120733 (E) DN21 2JB Handel House Preparatory School w269851319 Handel House Preparatory School 67 m
138007 (E) DN7 6NH Hatfield Woodhouse Primary School w306703921 Hatfield Woodhouse Primary School 132 m
135294 (E) DN32 8JH Havelock Academy w207593463 Havelock Academy 189 m
147797 (E) DN4 6LQ Hawthorn Primary School w400395907 Hawthorn Primary 102 m
118011 (E) DN9 2JQ Haxey CofE Primary School w400530698 Haxey C of E Primary School 262 m
136277 (E) DN41 7QD Healing Academy w214712599 Healing School Academy 190 m
141302 (E) DN41 7RS Healing Primary Academy w214712719 Healing Primary School 74 m
147515 (E) DN2 6HQ Heatherwood School w192492940 Heatherwood School 245 m
120491 (E) DN21 5XS Hemswell Cliff Primary School w403564817 Hemswell Cliff Primary School 178 m
121403 (E) DN14 0QQ Hensall Community Primary School w260225483 Hensall Primary School 58 m
143194 (E) DN4 0HH Hexthorpe Primary School w304497247 Hexthorpe Primary Academy 192 m
138085 (E) DN20 9PN Hibaldstow Academy w402787898 Hibaldstow Primary School 75 m
138083 (E) DN6 7JB Highfields Primary Academy w396627814 Highfields Primary Academy 165 m
106812 (E) DN9 3GG Hill House School w101176949 Hill House School 6 m
144077 (E) DN12 1PL Hill Top Academy w400355060 Hill Top Academy 115 m
117811 (E) DN16 3SL Holme Valley Primary School w158084017 Holme Valley Primary School 162 m
120453 (E) DN36 5AQ Holton Le Clay Infant School w408845924 Holton Le Clay Infants School 165 m
141056 (E) DN7 5BL Holy Family Catholic Primary School w306656648 Holy Family Catholic Primary School 159 m
145595 (E) DN14 5NW Hook Church of England Primary School w38988394 Hook CE VC Primary School 220 m
144536 (E) DN5 7BT Hooton Pagnell All Saints Church of England Primary School w300623844 Hooton Pagnell All Saints Church of England Primary School + 55 m
118121 (E) DN14 7SL Howden Church of England Infant School w394864165 Howden Church of England Infant School 74 m
146129 (E) DN14 7AL Howden School w53754354 Howden School 112 m
137200 (E) DN36 4TF Humberston Academy w68993197 Humberston Academy + 22 m
137394 (E) DN36 4HS Humberston Park School w68993198 Humberston Park School + 145 m
137899 (E) DN3 2JY Hungerhill School w305993399 Hungerhill School 173 m
137832 (E) DN21 4NN Huntcliff School w295297726 Huntcliff School 136 m
145079 (E) DN2 6EW Intake Primary Academy w32874421 Intake Primary School 75 m
118005 (E) DN19 7AP John Harrison C of E Primary School w403752794 John Harrison C of E Primary School 89 m
130588 (E) DN17 1DS John Leggott Sixth Form College w138504935 John Leggott Sixth Form College 89 m
137464 (E) DN37 9EH John Whitgift Academy w404467987 John Whitgift Academy 206 m
141793 (E) DN41 8EF Keelby Primary Academy w404263319 Keelby Primary School 85 m
146006 (E) DN14 0NY Kellington Primary School w394850666 Kellington Primary School 96 m
117743 (E) DN40 3HX Killingholme Primary School w403766115 Killingholme Primary School 108 m
143876 (E) DN2 4PY Kingfisher Primary Academy w399291709 Kingfisher Primary School 88 m
117936 (E) DN14 5HQ Kingsway Primary School w319620262 Kingsway School 166 m
138922 (E) DN3 1JT Kirk Sandall Infant School w398936920 Kirk Sandall Infant School 82 m
141684 (E) DN3 1JG Kirk Sandall Junior School w398936959 Kirk Sandall Junior School 86 m
131341 (E) DN5 9TF Kirkby Avenue Primary School w398954373 Kirkby Avenue Primary School 193 m
118014 (E) DN39 6YP Kirmington CofE Primary School w403752402 Kirmington C of E Primary School 174 m
117739 (E) DN21 4EH Kirton Lindsey Primary School w295296410 Kirton Lindsey Primary School 119 m
140581 (E) DN34 5QN Laceby Acres Primary Academy w404271109 Laceby Acres Primary School 172 m
147553 (E) DN4 5ES Lakeside Primary Academy w320592156 Lakeside Primary Academy 199 m
137986 (E) DN22 0AD Leverton Church of England Academy w400625272 Leverton C of E Academy 46 m
117771 (E) DN17 2PB Leys Farm Junior School w100893902 Leys Farm Junior School 85 m
133700 (E) DN16 2ED Lincoln Gardens Primary School w35392698 Lincoln Gardens Primary School 200 m
137611 (E) DN32 0DF Lisle Marsden Church of England Primary Academy w408870106 Lisle Marsden Church of England Primary Academy + 147 m
142969 (E) DN31 2QX Littlecoates Primary Academy w404473175 Littlecoates Primary School 41 m
133637 (E) DN7 5AB Long Toft Primary School w306689398 Long Toft Primary School 98 m
117740 (E) DN17 4QP Luddington & Garthorpe Primary w362361754 Luddington & Garthorpe Primary School 164 m
138890 (E) DN31 2ES Macaulay Primary Academy w114595909 Macaulay Primary Academy + 82 m
134235 (E) DN4 9HU Mallard Primary School w439206152 Mallard Primary School 286 m
120461 (E) DN36 5SX Marshchapel Infant School w408837192 Marshchapel Primary School 194 m
117937 (E) DN14 5UE Marshlands Primary School w116615661 Marshlands Primary School 136 m
122655 (E) DN10 5ED Mattersey Primary School w328060286 Mattersey Church of England Primary School 119 m
139332 (E) DN21 2PD Mercer's Wood Academy w401616410 Mercer's Wood Academy 101 m
117741 (E) DN17 3TN Messingham Primary School w401119319 Messingham Primary School 94 m
137996 (E) DN35 9PY Middlethorpe Primary Academy w446371807 Middlethorpe Primary Academy 252 m
122656 (E) DN10 6EB Misson Primary School w400528550 Misson Primary School 73 m
122657 (E) DN10 4EH Misterton Primary and Nursery School w324477421 Misterton Primary School 134 m
120464 (E) DN21 3AH Morton Trentside Primary School w264786002 Morton Trentside Primary School 118 m
144714 (E) DN9 3HG New College Doncaster w527007012 New College Doncaster 160 m
118023 (E) DN19 7RN New Holland Church of England and Methodist Primary School w403754329 New Holland Cof E & Methodist Primary School 27 m
137761 (E) DN36 4NH New Waltham Academy w408850165 New Waltham Academy 6 m
139868 (E) DN36 5PL North Thoresby Primary Academy w298203053 North Thoresby Primary School 91 m
122772 (E) DN22 9DH North Wheatley Church of England Primary School w401609083 North Wheatley C of E Primary School 149 m
134867 (E) DN16 3JF Oakfield Primary School w143571515 Oakfield Primary School 88 m
139024 (E) DN15 7RW Oasis Academy Henderson Avenue w143571514 Oasis Academy Henderson Avenue 128 m
135176 (E) DN40 1JU Oasis Academy Immingham w404267251 Oasis Academy Immingham 268 m
138237 (E) DN33 1AW Oasis Academy Nunsthorpe w404546891 Oasis Academy Nunsthorpe 44 m
139025 (E) DN17 1SS Oasis Academy Parkwood w35487054 Oasis Academy Parkwood 91 m
135209 (E) DN32 0AZ Oasis Academy Wintringham w185664525 Oasis Academy Wintringham 34 m
139472 (E) DN32 8EN Old Clee Primary Academy w446373261 Old Clee Primary Academy 156 m
134315 (E) DN18 6DA Options Barton w403767100 Options Barton 500 m
122933 (E) DN22 0DJ Orchard School w325448068 Orchard School + 181 m
134028 (E) DN22 7SL Ordsall Primary School w292571120 Ordsall Primary School + 97 m
137196 (E) DN34 5AH Ormiston Maritime Academy w201779593 Ormiston Maritime Academy 103 m
138846 (E) DN31 1TU Ormiston South Parade Academy w446373856 Ormiston South Parade Academy 92 m
106770 (E) DN5 0RP Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Primary School w398951967 Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Primary School 81 m
144469 (E) DN3 2DB Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Voluntary Academy w399079977 Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Primary School 151 m
135963 (E) DN6 7SF Outwood Academy Adwick w383774572 Outwood Academy Adwick 164 m
139277 (E) DN16 1NT Outwood Academy Brumby w26518791 Outwood Academy Brumby 136 m
143938 (E) DN2 5QD Outwood Academy Danum w158923780 Outwood Academy Danum 101 m
137004 (E) DN15 8LJ Outwood Academy Foxhills w320719990 Outwood Academy Foxhills 199 m
146267 (E) DN16 2HY Outwood Junior Academy Brumby w26518778 Outwood Junior Academy Brumby 20 m
148388 (E) DN6 7RG Outwood Primary Academy Woodlands w396627822 Outwood Primary Academy Woodlands 96 m
106728 (E) DN2 4JP Park Primary School w399291741 Park Primary School 115 m
117935 (E) DN14 6RQ Parkside Primary School w146399071 Parkside Primary School 205 m
144346 (E) DN12 3LR Pennine View School w304501731 Pennine View School 98 m
137455 (E) DN11 0PQ Pheasant Bank Academy w315319481 Rossington Pheasant Bank Junior School 642 m
141101 (E) DN32 7NQ Phoenix Park Academy w551933154 Phoenix Park Academy 2468 m
141101 (E) DN32 7NQ Phoenix Park Academy w1101971461 Phoenix Park Academy 2460 m
144148 (E) DN40 2HP Pilgrim Academy w404267240 Pilgrim Academy 155 m
147576 (E) DN2 6JL Plover Primary School w32789411 Plover Primary School 84 m
118044 (E) DN14 0DZ Pollington-Balne Church of England Primary School w57383859 Pollington - Balne CoE Primary School 70 m
117733 (E) DN35 7SY Queen Mary Avenue Infant School w446373373 Queen Mary Avenue Infant School 12 m
122671 (E) DN22 0JB Rampton Primary School w297182078 Rampton Primary School 2 m
122749 (E) DN22 8HZ Ranby CofE Primary School w327181052 Ranby C of E Primary School + 128 m
143797 (E) DN22 8LH Ranskill Primary School w38006053 Ranskill Primary School 118 m
117893 (E) DN14 8NH Rawcliffe Bridge Primary School w307321145 Rawcliffe Bridge Primary School 260 m
117892 (E) DN14 8RG Rawcliffe Primary School w379564147 Rawcliffe Primary School 104 m
117939 (E) DN14 8HG Reedness Primary School w38876513 Reedness Primary School 248 m
139952 (E) DN35 7LJ Reynolds Primary Academy w403773935 Reynolds Primary Academy 82 m
137603 (E) DN5 7UB Ridgewood School w398989863 Ridgewood School 338 m
144348 (E) DN5 8RL Rosedale Primary School w300524075 Rosedale Primary School 317 m
144345 (E) DN11 0EZ Rossington St Michael's CofE Primary School w323716905 St Michael's C of E Primary School 208 m
106698 (E) DN11 0NQ Rossington Tornedale Infant School w400528151 Tornedale Infant School 273 m
137629 (E) DN12 3JY Rowena Academy w400524510 Rowena Academy 98 m
138017 (E) DN15 8BU Saint Augustine Webster Catholic Voluntary Academy w148369174 Saint Augustine Webster Catholic Voluntary Academy 104 m
139009 (E) DN32 7JX Saint Mary's Catholic Voluntary Academy w424214882 Saint Mary's Catholic Primary Academy 16 m
146463 (E) DN2 5LS Sandringham Primary School w32788503 Sandringham Primary School 77 m
137787 (E) DN33 2DH Scartho Junior Academy w408868713 Scartho Junior Academy 129 m
138086 (E) DN20 9AN Scawby Academy w402786772 Scawby Academy 271 m
148777 (E) DN5 9ED Scawthorpe Castle Hills Primary Academy w300524072 Scawthorpe Castle Hills Primary Academy 250 m
106747 (E) DN5 9EW Scawthorpe Sunnyfields Primary School w398065438 Sunnyfields Primary School 107 m
120473 (E) DN21 3RY Scotter Primary School w401121538 Scotter Primary School 155 m
137141 (E) DN11 8EF Serlby Park Academy w330567981 Serlby Park Academy 225 m
141585 (E) DN33 1NU Sevenhills Academy w404546883 Sevenhills Academy 74 m
147620 (E) DN7 4AU Sheep Dip Lane Academy w396247282 Sheep Dip Lane Primary School 197 m
138062 (E) DN35 0DN Signhills Infant Academy w204587827 Signhills 19 m
118112 (E) DN20 8AA Sir John Nelthorpe School w403749885 Sir John Nelthorpe School 178 m
144364 (E) DN12 1HH Sir Thomas Wharton Academy w304511510 Sir Thomas Wharton Academy 113 m
117894 (E) DN14 9RD Snaith Primary School w144588389 Snaith Primary School 44 m
137742 (E) DN9 1BY South Axholme Academy w400530238 South Axholme Academy 232 m
144410 (E) DN3 3BN Southfield Primary w399079106 Southfield Primary School 142 m
106707 (E) DN5 7RN Sprotbrough Orchard Infant School w400298314 Sprotbrough Orchard Infant School 107 m
118004 (E) DN38 6JD St Barnabas CofE Primary School, Barnetby w403735870 St Barnabas C of E Primary School 74 m
138018 (E) DN16 2TF St Bede's Catholic Voluntary Academy w151091510 St Bede's Catholic Voluntary Academy 216 m
138016 (E) DN16 2LW St Bernadette's Catholic Voluntary Academy w35392602 St Bernadette's Catholic Primary School 139 m
106762 (E) DN4 0JN St Francis Xavier Catholic Primary School w400375100 St Francis Xavier Catholic Primary School 53 m
131490 (E) DN21 1YN St George's Church of England Community Primary School, Gainsborough w453360047 St George's Church of England Community Primary School, Gainsborough 38 m
118146 (E) DN16 1NB St Hugh's Special School w35479624 St Hughs School 80 m
118124 (E) DN34 4SY St James' School w114956066 Saint James School 58 m
106769 (E) DN6 7QN St Joseph and St Teresa's Catholic Primary School w396627812 St Joseph & St Teresa's Catholic Primary School 183 m
148164 (E) DN14 6HQ St Joseph's Catholic Primary School w190624410 St Joseph's Roman Catholic Primary School 62 m
140340 (E) DN11 0NB St Joseph's School, a Catholic Voluntary Academy w400528162 St Joseph's Catholic Primary School 145 m
118147 (E) DN16 1BN St Luke's Primary School w35479830 St Luke's Primary School 138 m
118125 (E) DN34 5AA St Martin's Preparatory School w114956057 Saint Martin's Preparatory School 4 m
106773 (E) DN12 1DL St Mary's Catholic Primary School, Edlington w304507337 St Mary's Catholic Primary School, Edlington 84 m
138015 (E) DN20 8BB St Mary's Catholic Primary Voluntary Academy (Brigg) w338031355 St Marys Catholic Primary School 119 m
138827 (E) DN17 4HL St Norbert's Catholic Voluntary Academy w362554618 St Norberts RC School 95 m
122816 (E) DN11 8EF St Patrick's Catholic Primary School w453816415 St Patrick's Catholic Primary School 9 m
136058 (E) DN16 3FX St Peter and St Paul CofE Primary School w449852955 St Peter and St Paul CofE Primary School 122 m
143281 (E) DN35 8LW St Peter's CofE Primary School w103879683 St Peter's CofE Primary School 13 m
145447 (E) DN22 6LD St Swithun's Church of England Primary Academy w51909390 St Swithun's C of E Primary School 61 m
118017 (E) DN41 8AP Stallingborough CofE Primary School w404263797 Stallingborough C of E Primary School 83 m
118015 (E) DN37 7AX Stanford Junior and Infant School w404269378 Stanford Junior and Infant School 55 m
135547 (E) DN5 7UB Stone Hill School w300524163 Stone Hill School 403 m
138866 (E) DN32 7BE Strand Primary Academy w446373121 Strand Primary Academy 37 m
117942 (E) DN14 8BX Swinefleet Primary School w394855868 Swinefleet Primary School 70 m
106816 (E) DN4 8PT Sycamore Hall Preparatory School w400345927 Sycamore Hall Preparatory School 42 m
120482 (E) DN36 5NG Tetney Primary School w408843735 Tetney Primary School 64 m
138076 (E) DN22 7PY The Elizabethan Academy w15238822 Elizabethan High School 284 m
145954 (E) DN21 1PB The Gainsborough Academy w264834514 The Gainsborough Academy 106 m
138330 (E) DN21 1SW The Gainsborough Hillcrest Early Years Academy w269847180 The Gainsborough Hillcrest Early Years Academy 78 m
136672 (E) DN9 3HG The Hayfield School w101241615 The Hayfield School 128 m
131934 (E) DN11 9HH The Hesley Village College w464716909 The Hesley Village College 5 m
118012 (E) DN36 4HZ The Humberston CofE Primary School w408628438 Humberston C of E Primary School 160 m
144912 (E) DN21 5AG The Marton Academy w401513682 Marton Primary School 52 m
140865 (E) DN3 3QF The McAuley Catholic High School w305982272 McAuley Catholic High School 52 m
120655 (E) DN21 2ST The Queen Elizabeth's High School, Gainsborough w264800603 The Queen Elizabeth's High School 103 m
140866 (E) DN14 9LB The Snaith School w144460063 The Snaith School 95 m
135674 (E) DN15 7DF The St Lawrence Academy w143620836 St Lawrence Academy 60 m
106750 (E) DN8 4BY Thorne King Edward Primary School w305482782 Thorne King Edward Primary School 128 m
144555 (E) DN22 7AQ Thrumpton Primary Academy w51908840 Thrumpton Primary Academy 91 m
138468 (E) DN35 8UL Thrunscoe Primary and Nursery Academy w204123613 Thrunscoe Primary School 25 m
106725 (E) DN11 9JA Tickhill Estfeld Primary School w243744105 Tickhill Estfeld School 112 m
106777 (E) DN11 9LZ Tickhill St Mary's Church of England Primary and Nursery School w400361481 St Mary's C. E. Aided Primary and Nursery School 176 m
106677 (E) DN5 0QR Toll Bar Primary School w306094235 Toll Bar Primary School 112 m
106731 (E) DN1 2JS Town Field Primary School w400308466 Town Field Primary School 13 m
144411 (E) DN3 3DB Tranmoor Primary w399079124 Tranmoor Primary School 131 m
106766 (E) DN7 6QE Travis St Lawrence CofE Primary School w439204959 Travis St Lawrence CofE Primary School 156 m
135007 (E) DN8 5BY Trinity Academy w28508499 Trinity Academy School 278 m
140343 (E) DN39 6TB Ulceby St Nicholas Church of England Primary School w403752130 St Nicholas Church of England Primary School 137 m
120485 (E) DN21 4SX Waddingham Primary School w402928449 Waddingham Primary School 106 m
106715 (E) DN11 9AP Wadworth Primary School w305545780 Wadworth Primary School 142 m
122680 (E) DN10 4LL Walkeringham Primary School w400634403 Walkeringham Primary School 331 m
136268 (E) DN36 4RZ Waltham Toll Bar Academy w115606645 Tollbar Academy 226 m
106756 (E) DN4 9RG Warmsworth Primary School w400359993 Warmsworth Primary School 213 m
142168 (E) DN21 1PU Warren Wood - A Specialist Academy w372115929 Warren Wood Specialist Academy 901 m
145933 (E) DN4 0UB Waverley Academy w400345906 Waverley Primary School 105 m
138279 (E) DN32 7PF Weelsby Academy w446373181 Weelsby Academy 106 m
141289 (E) DN32 9JD Welholme Academy w424214897 Welholme Academy 124 m
118018 (E) DN17 3LB West Butterwick C of E Primary School w402784218 West Butterwick C of E Primary School 61 m
131216 (E) DN17 1PN Westcliffe Primary School w101091761 Westcliffe Primary School 117 m
117926 (E) DN34 5RS Western Primary School w404546936 Western Primary School 81 m
138713 (E) DN9 2DR Westwoodside Church of England Academy w400530694 Westwoodside C of E Primary School 143 m
121423 (E) DN14 0WE Whitley and Eggborough Community Primary School w239541209 Whitley & Eggborough Community Primary School 28 m
120487 (E) DN21 5RT Willoughton Primary School w401582856 Willoughton Primary School 48 m
145935 (E) DN4 7EZ Willow Primary School w25344271 Willow Primary School 100 m
139420 (E) DN37 9AT Willows Academy w404468631 Willows Academy 37 m
117753 (E) DN15 9NL Winteringham Primary School w395698157 Winteringham Primary School 97 m
138831 (E) DN15 9QD Winterton Community Academy w256329539 Winterton Comprehensive School 113 m
117787 (E) DN15 9QG Winterton Junior School w183269161 Winterton Junior School 173 m
143451 (E) DN4 8LA Woodfield Primary School w400345914 Woodfield Primary School 75 m
146762 (E) DN33 1RJ Woodlands Academy w404546885 Woodlands Academy 80 m
118038 (E) DN39 6SG Wootton St Andrew's CofE Primary School w403751105 St Andrew's C of E Primary School 63 m
138520 (E) DN20 0NA Worlaby Academy w399328341 Worlaby Academy 67 m
148307 (E) DN20 8RY Wrawby St Mary's CofE Primary School w403120551 St Mary's CofE Primary School 118 m
118022 (E) DN9 2BN Wroot Travis Charity Church of England Primary School w400372538 Wroot Travis Charity Church of England Primary School 88 m
138975 (E) DN37 9QZ Wybers Wood Academy w404273603 Wybers Wood Primary School 154 m
143916 (E) DN4 5NG XP East w400308472 XP East 225 m
140964 (E) DN4 5NG XP School w536747014 XP School 112 m
138542 (E) DN34 4JU Yarborough Academy w404546937 Yarborough Academy 407 m

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