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OSM Schools Progress in the 'E' Postal Area

The blue circles on the map are schools from the official lists that haven't been matched to an OSM object. The red circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a school on the official list. The lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects. Dark green lines represent a match based on the ref:edubase (England & Wales), ref:seedcode (Scotland) and ref:deni (Northern Ireland) tags. Light green lines represent a match based on location in the absense of an OSM ref:* tag. Orange lines represnt a match based on location, with an incorrect ref:* tag. The location matches can match the wrong schools, particularly in inner-city areas where there are many schools in close proximity. To fix incorrect location matches, add the appropriate ref:* tag to the OSM amenity=school objects. For more information see below.

Schools not matched to an OSM Object

Note that only OSM ways and relations tagged with amenity=school or amenity=college are checked for possible matches. In most cases, any nodes tagged like this would be better converted to way polygons covering the whole of the school site. The matching process is simplistic, so an incorrect matching may result in a different nearby school being the one that is really missing. Also, it is not currently clear what licence the official Edubase / Scottish Government data can be re-used under. Until this is clarified, you should not use the data below directly to add schools to OSM. However, knowing that there is a school missing in a particular area, you may be able to add that school using other sources -- e.g. Bing, OS Street View, and by searching for the possible school's own website.

Official ID Postcode Official Name
149084 (E) E14 9ZR Mulberry Wood Wharf Primary School
133249 (E) E15 1BX Stratford Circus
133131 (E) E13 9NB The Service for Deaf and Partially Hearing Children
149148 (E) E15 4PH UK Community College (UKCC)

OSM Objects not matched to a school on the official lists

Entries here could be due to: Former schools that have now closed, more than one area being tagged for a single school, the official entry for a real school being matched incorrectly to a different OSM object, or institutions not included in the official lists being tagged as schools in OSM. Not all of these entries will be errors in the OSM data, so be careful before making any edits.

OSM Object OSM Name OSM Ref JRC
w1096731526 +J
w24830971 Eveline Lowe Primary School +J
w668334145 The College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London - Enfield Centre +J
w62028981 West Lea School +J
w906697991 Windrush Primary School +J

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Schools matched to an OSM object by location

Note that the matching is very simplistic, just taking the nearest unmatched OSM amenity=school or amenity=college way or relation within 1km of the postcode centroid of each official entry in turn. Where several school sites are in close proximity, they may be matched incorrectly.

Official ID Postcode Official Name OSM Object OSM Name MN MR MPC Offset JRC
133289 (E) E1 0LB Bishop Challoner Boys' School w797977596 The Pier Head Preparatory Montessori School 586 m +J
100978 (E) E1 0LB Bishop Challoner Girls' School w100615393 Bishop Challoner Catholic Federation of Schools 122 m +J
149018 (E) E2 6DY Brick Lane School w795986887 The Complete Works Independent School + 817 m +J
100898 (E) E14 3NE Cubitt Town Primary School w193000826 Cubitt Town Junior & Infant School 143 m +J
149431 (E) E3 3DU Harris Science Academy East London w615172567 East London Science School 68 m +J
148972 (E) E12 6HB St Winefride's RC Primary School w455569685 St Winefride's RC Primary School 97 m +J

Schools matched to an OSM object by reference number

Official ID Postcode Official Name OSM Object OSM Name MN MPC Offset
130343 (E) E4 9DD Ainslie Wood Primary School w79025906 Ainslie Wood Primary School 93 m
133449 (E) E5 8BY Al-Falah Primary School w793513936 Al-Falah Primary School 248 m
133646 (E) E1 1JX Al-Mizan School w888436791 Al-Mizan School 3 m
102823 (E) E12 5HL Aldersbrook Primary School w24611384 Aldersbrook Primary School 147 m
102709 (E) E6 2BX Altmore Infant School w30694838 Altmore Infant School 49 m
130352 (E) E14 3RP Arnhem Wharf Primary School w209688895 Arnhem Wharf Primary School 12 m
102710 (E) E12 6AR Avenue Primary School w29150725 Avenue Primary School 96 m
134417 (E) E7 9HL Azhar Academy Girls School r12026865 Azhar Academy Girls School 899 m
100255 (E) E5 8DN Baden-Powell School w50668434 Baden-Powell Primary School 51 m
100937 (E) E2 0LB Bangabandhu Primary School w200018981 Bangabandhu Primary School 38 m
138690 (E) E10 6EJ Barclay Primary School r11006265 Barclay Primary School + 553 m
131057 (E) E17 8SB Barn Croft Primary School w82785019 Barn Croft Primary School 106 m
100989 (E) E3 4PX Beatrice Tate School w210386539 Beatrice Tate School 50 m
131342 (E) E5 9DH Beis Trana Girls' School w793265859 Beis Trana Girls' School 67 m
131697 (E) E10 6DB Belmont Park School w94339905 Belmont Park School 79 m
100890 (E) E1 4PZ Ben Jonson Primary School w154292893 Ben Jonson Primary School 1 m
100218 (E) E9 6HB Berger Primary School w50695380 Berger Primary School 32 m
141030 (E) E17 6HL Big Creative Academy w48369296 Big Creative Academy 66 m
141411 (E) E17 5QJ Big Creative Independent School w792504503 Big Creative Independent School 148 m
100939 (E) E1 2ND Bigland Green Primary School w455336642 Bigland Green Primary School 94 m
100915 (E) E1 0EH Blue Gate Fields Infants' School w816125293 Blue Gate Fields Infant School 15 m
100895 (E) E1 0EH Blue Gate Fields Junior School w24471188 Blue Gate Fields Junior School 54 m
144739 (E) E20 2AE Bobby Moore Academy r11017089 Bobby Moore Academy 303 m
100891 (E) E2 0NF Bonner Primary School r11025294 Bonner Primary School 700 m
100965 (E) E3 3QW Bow School w294265559 Bow School 61 m
136669 (E) E6 3SQ Brampton Manor Academy w117562250 Brampton Manor Academy 200 m
102711 (E) E6 3LB Brampton Primary School w442924229 Brampton Primary School 41 m
144527 (E) E16 2AW Britannia Village Primary School w452668296 Britannia Village Primary School 16 m
137328 (E) E4 8YJ Burnside Secondary PRU w792147755 Burnside Secondary PRU 64 m
138564 (E) E1 2LX Buttercup Primary School w798122285 Buttercup Primary School 97 m
103080 (E) E11 3NN Buxton School w224178088 Buxton School 150 m
144236 (E) E14 6DN Bygrove Primary School w50575729 Bygrove Primary School 46 m
102758 (E) E16 3ET Calverton Primary School w48735037 Calverton Primary School 49 m
142879 (E) E14 9GL Canary Wharf College 3 w797548061 Canary Wharf College - Crossharbour 24 m
137016 (E) E14 3BA Canary Wharf College, East Ferry w192328206 Canary Wharf College, East Ferry 7 m
141039 (E) E14 3EB Canary Wharf College, Glenworth w531738536 Canary Wharf College Glenworth 6 m
100893 (E) E1 7RQ Canon Barnett Primary School w203452650 Canon Barnett Primary School 74 m
100285 (E) E9 6LG Cardinal Pole Catholic School w230623555 Cardinal Pole Catholic School 17 m
102712 (E) E15 2JQ Carpenters Primary School w34214424 Carpenters Primary School 14 m
100894 (E) E14 7NG Cayley Primary School w452266857 Cayley Primary School 96 m
100975 (E) E3 2AE Central Foundation Girls' School r11028160 Central Foundation Girls' School 74 m
130995 (E) E6 3DW Central Park Primary School w24707434 Central Park Primary School 137 m
103052 (E) E17 4LN Chapel End Infant School and Early Years Centre w792147759 Chapel End Infant School and Early Years Centre 119 m
139259 (E) E17 4LS Chapel End Junior Academy w199167414 Chapel End Junior Academy 24 m
103032 (E) E4 8LA Chase Lane Primary School w792197777 Chase Lane School 66 m
103084 (E) E4 7EY Chingford CofE Primary School r10998524 Chingford C of E Primary School 139 m
138691 (E) E4 7LT Chingford Foundation School w22560777 Chingford Foundation School 49 m
100896 (E) E3 5QY Chisenhale Primary School w452266991 Chisenhale Primary School 46 m
100944 (E) E1 6PU Christ Church CofE School r11034600 Christ Church CofE School 125 m
133936 (E) E18 2RB Churchfields Infants' School w59603883 Churchfields Infants' School 137 m
133935 (E) E18 2RB Churchfields Junior School w59603884 Churchfields Junior School 249 m
137442 (E) E5 0RB Clapton Girls' Academy w84730462 Clapton Girls' Academy 77 m
143882 (E) E6 1QP Cleves Primary School w29216694 Cleves Primary School 148 m
102752 (E) E15 1JY Colegrave Primary School w230405645 Colegrave Primary School 11 m
100897 (E) E2 7RG Columbia Primary School w795695154 Columbia Primary School 64 m
100221 (E) E8 2LG Colvestone Primary School w378840182 Colvestone Primary School 93 m
139293 (E) E11 4AE Connaught School for Girls r11007510 Connaught School for Girls 80 m
103078 (E) E17 6PB Coppermill Primary School w48369308 Coppermill Primary School 146 m
140064 (E) E14 0PT Culloden Primary - A Paradigm Academy w50408569 Culloden Primary School 165 m
145113 (E) E13 8SJ Cumberland Community School w32151960 The Cumberland School 194 m
144142 (E) E13 0AG Curwen Primary School w29548612 Curwen Primary School 83 m
148681 (E) E14 8AQ Cyril Jackson Primary School r11047649 Cyril Jackson Primary School 103 m
131745 (E) E2 0HW Darul Hadis Latifiah w794809489 Darul Hadis Latifiah 15 m
139221 (E) E1 1EJ Date Palm Primary w798258524 Date Palm Primary School 467 m
100223 (E) E5 0EG Daubeney Primary School w116953200 Daubeney Primary School 60 m
143384 (E) E11 3DR Davies Lane Primary School r14742394 Davies Lane Primary School 109 m
103073 (E) E10 6NN Dawlish Primary School w24317101 Dawlish Primary School 75 m
102716 (E) E12 5QJ Dersingham Primary School w29152376 Dersingham Primary School 88 m
103044 (E) E15 2BS Downsell Primary School w25644465 Downsell Primary School 104 m
143883 (E) E16 2DP Drew Primary School w51782319 Drew Primary School 37 m
145088 (E) E7 9AW Earlham Primary School w144138526 Earlham Primary School 62 m
141095 (E) E3 3TA East London Arts & Music w797386306 East London Arts & Music 57 m
136052 (E) E15 4HT East London Independent School w464941082 East London Independent Special School 106 m
148224 (E) E16 4NP Eastlea Community School w34064923 Eastlea Community School 265 m
140957 (E) E17 5SD Eden Girls' School Waltham Forest w792504501 Eden Girls' School Waltham Forest 30 m
103053 (E) E17 8QR Edinburgh Primary School w346893098 Edinburgh Primary School 141 m
141139 (E) E15 1TT Education Links w270242456 Education Links 89 m
143275 (E) E6 6FE Eko Pathways w796938736 Eko Pathways 20 m
100908 (E) E2 6PP Elizabeth Selby Infants' School w409334179 Elizabeth Selby Infants' School 48 m
102759 (E) E6 5UP Ellen Wilkinson Primary School w41151620 Ellen Wilkinson Primary School 20 m
145362 (E) E7 8JY Elmhurst Primary School w27821924 Elmhurst Primary School 142 m
138258 (E) E17 3BN Emmanuel Community School w48407867 Emmanuel Community School 108 m
100962 (E) E1 8DJ English Martyrs Roman Catholic Primary School w52246914 English Martyrs Roman Catholic Primary School 65 m
102763 (E) E12 6QX Essex Primary School w30082454 Essex Primary School 117 m
135989 (E) E14 0FH Faraday School w705096267 Faraday School 5 m
143274 (E) E7 9BB Forest Gate Community School w25611561 Forest Gate Community School 76 m
103110 (E) E17 3PY Forest School r10999866 Forest School + 268 m
103094 (E) E17 4EY Frederick Bremer School w48435164 Frederick Bremer School 30 m
100225 (E) E9 5ND Gainsborough Primary School w364970389 Gainsborough Primary School 2 m
143276 (E) E15 3AF Gainsborough Primary School w34117804 Gainsborough Primary School 84 m
145368 (E) E6 6WG Gallions Primary School w442927673 Gallions Primary School 121 m
100980 (E) E2 9JG Gatehouse School w98107269 Gatehouse School 69 m
130303 (E) E8 3EN Gayhurst Community School w37228609 Gayhurst Primary School 31 m
100974 (E) E14 3DW George Green's School w192932025 George Green's School 53 m
145106 (E) E10 5DN George Mitchell School r11010409 George Mitchell School + 50 m
103075 (E) E11 4QN George Tomlinson Primary School w48436683 George Tomlinson Primary School 88 m
100902 (E) E2 0JH Globe Primary School w105306239 Globe Primary School 45 m
102721 (E) E7 0JW Godwin Junior School w48562644 Godwin Junior School 71 m
102723 (E) E13 0HE Grange Primary School w36805590 Grange Primary School 86 m
102789 (E) E7 8QT Grangewood Independent School w796540795 Grangewood Independent School 109 m
103054 (E) E17 6QW Greenleaf Primary School w108048213 Greenleaf Primary School 72 m
103074 (E) E11 1EU Gwyn Jones Primary School w291627807 Gwyn Jones Primary School 8 m
138801 (E) E15 1JW Hafs Academy w795614814 Haf's Academy 36 m
100277 (E) E2 8LS Haggerston School w84842545 Haggerston School 31 m
100903 (E) E2 0BP Hague Primary School w288563281 Hague Primary School 57 m
141750 (E) E8 2DJ Halley House School w795614815 Halley House School 118 m
100938 (E) E14 7SS Halley Primary School w154314798 Halley Primary School 98 m
145363 (E) E16 1LN Hallsville Primary School w26547666 Hallsville Primary School 90 m
103059 (E) E4 9PJ Handsworth Primary School w792197783 Handsworth Primary School 103 m
100904 (E) E14 3QP Harbinger Primary School w24965268 Harbinger Primary School 3 m
100256 (E) E5 9JG Harrington Hill Primary School w896492710 Harrington Hill Primary School 82 m
139703 (E) E20 1BD Harris Academy Chobham r10999945 Harris Academy Chobham 186 m
131737 (E) E1 1NT Harry Gosling Primary School w308558348 Harry Gosling Primary School 8 m
142708 (E) E6 1NT Hartley Primary School w30253554 Hartley Primary School 77 m
137677 (E) E4 7RT Hawkswood (Therapeutic) w792088602 Hawkswood Therapeutic School 208 m
135558 (E) E4 7RT Hawkswood Primary PRU w795614811 Hawkswood Primary PRU 209 m
103097 (E) E4 6ES Heathcote School & Science College w24798086 Heathcote School & Science College 83 m
103070 (E) E17 9JE Henry Maynard Primary School r11007207 Henry Maynard Primary School 73 m
100936 (E) E1W 2PT Hermitage Primary School w25536148 Hermitage Primary School 96 m
137558 (E) E4 9PJ Highams Park School w47975449 Highams Park School 73 m
136413 (E) E17 6ED Hillyfield Primary Academy r11000918 Hillyfield Primary Academy + 550 m
103106 (E) E17 3EA Holy Family Catholic School r11004279 Holy Family Catholic School + 216 m
100263 (E) E8 3DY Holy Trinity Church of England Primary School w397773985 Holy Trinity Church of England Primary School 184 m
143630 (E) E3 3LF Ian Mikardo School w51550273 Ian Mikardo School 39 m
100312 (E) E9 5RB Ickburgh School w29119562 Ickburgh School 129 m
131388 (E) E1 2ND Jamiatul Ummah School w454734998 Jamiatul Ummah School 23 m
145552 (E) E16 3LU Jasper City School w799070941 Jasper City School 5861 m
145552 (E) E16 3LU Jasper City School w869719680 Jasper City School 67 m
141255 (E) E15 4RZ John F Kennedy Special School r11043383 John F Kennedy Special School 2704 m
100906 (E) E1 4AX John Scurr Primary School w52119553 John Scurr Primary School 150 m
140197 (E) E4 9PP Joseph Clarke School w47975450 Joseph Clarke School 75 m
143277 (E) E13 8LF Kaizen Primary School w25872828 Kaizen Primary School 18 m
102725 (E) E16 1FZ Keir Hardie Primary School w26559499 Keir Hardie Primary School 69 m
103105 (E) E17 8DN Kelmscott School w94346929 Kelmscott School 18 m
144141 (E) E12 6NN Kensington Primary School w30084050 Kensington Primary School 70 m
132058 (E) E6 5JG Kingsford Community School w277162109 Kingsford Community School 115 m
100250 (E) E9 5PP Kingsmead Primary School w262266651 Kingsmead Primary School 51 m
100940 (E) E1 1JP Kobi Nazrul Primary School w394992377 Kobi Nazrul Primary School 42 m
145708 (E) E10 7LX Lammas School and Sixth Form w39445289 Lammas School and Sixth Form 29 m
140373 (E) E6 2PS Langdon Academy w48700380 Langdon Academy 218 m
100966 (E) E14 0RZ Langdon Park Community School w197294230 Langdon Park Community School 8 m
133574 (E) E14 6DZ Lansbury Lawrence Primary School w798026076 Lansbury Lawrence Primary School 144 m
132848 (E) E10 6QT Lantern of Knowledge Secondary School w793220522 Lantern of Knowledge Secondary School 34 m
102728 (E) E6 2DU Lathom Junior School w30253129 Lathom Junior School 58 m
100229 (E) E9 7JS Lauriston School w4239295 Lauriston School 86 m
100907 (E) E2 6LS Lawdale Junior School w773801046 Lawdale Junior School 18 m
148593 (E) E16 3LU Learningsure College w1049643517 Learningsure College 1504 m
137808 (E) E5 9NZ Leaways School w792887252 Leaways School 10 m
130457 (E) E10 6EQ Leyton Sixth Form College w289927563 Leyton Sixth Form College 35 m
103101 (E) E11 1JD Leytonstone School w292466955 Leytonstone School 169 m
138454 (E) E17 5NT Lime Academy Hornbeam w24420423 Lime Academy Hornbeam 142 m
141734 (E) E4 8ET Lime Academy Larkswood w455548937 Larkswood Primary School 179 m
148902 (E) E13 9AE Lister Community School w28584815 Lister Community School 248 m
102776 (E) E12 6JB Little Ilford School w29159469 Little Ilford School 181 m
138403 (E) E15 1AJ London Academy of Excellence w795214842 London Academy of Excellence 95 m
142903 (E) E16 2RD London Design and Engineering UTC w796425290 London Design and Engineering UTC 190 m
134810 (E) E1 1JX London East Academy w455336942 London East Academy 3 m
100889 (E) E1 4EE London East Alternative Provision w455337152 London East Alternative Provision 64 m
141133 (E) E1 1RD London Enterprise Academy w798122284 London Enterprise Academy 55 m
100230 (E) E8 3RL London Fields Primary School w76564832 London Fields Primary 78 m
132797 (E) E1 2HX London Islamic School w455337035 London Islamic School 37 m
147179 (E) E4 6LH Longshaw Primary Academy w294267952 Longshaw Primary School 78 m
145730 (E) E5 9AE Lubavitch Boys' Primary School w370896973 Lubavitch Junior Boys 77 m
100982 (E) E1 1HL Madani Secondary Girls' School w100623173 Madani Secondary Girls' School 37 m
134591 (E) E7 8NN Madaniyah Foundation w455195094 Madaniyah Foundation 63 m
134160 (E) E3 2AB Malmesbury Primary School w37207656 Malmesbury Primary School 69 m
100261 (E) E5 0BT Mandeville Primary School w25860384 Mandeville Primary School 46 m
100920 (E) E14 6QD Manorfield Primary School w51876153 Manorfield Primary School 72 m
100911 (E) E1 0QF Marion Richardson Primary School w305299182 Marion Richardson Primary School 92 m
100912 (E) E3 3LL Marner Primary School w51281671 Marner School 26 m
102730 (E) E15 1SL Maryland Primary School w28476626 Maryland Primary School 131 m
100913 (E) E14 6DU Mayflower Primary School w50584596 Mayflower Primary School 44 m
142713 (E) E11 4PZ Mayville Primary School w27070831 Mayville Primary School 118 m
133307 (E) E1 4AA Mazahirul Uloom London School w794809492 Mazahirul Uloom London School 59 m
100231 (E) E5 0SH Millfields Community School w44929728 Millfields Community School 38 m
103077 (E) E17 7EJ Mission Grove Primary School r11004278 Mission Grove Primary School + 310 m
145235 (E) E12 6TT Monega Primary School w29017857 Monega Primary School 76 m
100232 (E) E9 6LL Morningside Primary School w294267973 Morningside Primary School 18 m
100967 (E) E2 0PX Morpeth School w40493401 Morpeth School 1 m
134693 (E) E5 8JY Mossbourne Community Academy w373992956 Mossbourne Community Academy 41 m
142255 (E) E8 1AS Mossbourne Parkside Academy w6083578 Mossbourne Parkside Academy 21 m
140426 (E) E15 2GW Mossbourne Riverside Academy w655348340 Mossbourne Riverside Academy 206 m
140210 (E) E9 7HD Mossbourne Victoria Park Academy w265891042 Mossbourne Victoria Park Academy 131 m
100914 (E) E2 9HE Mowlem Primary School w251602706 Mowlem Primary School 53 m
137789 (E) E2 6NW Mulberry Academy Shoreditch w452264856 Mulberry Academy Shoreditch 42 m
143629 (E) E1 2JP Mulberry School for Girls w154315908 Mulberry School for Girls 83 m
144700 (E) E1 4SD Mulberry Stepney Green Mathematics and Computing College w51740961 Stepney Green Mathematics and Computing College 7 m
144756 (E) E3 2RU Mulberry UTC w288532817 Mulberry UTC 23 m
145364 (E) E6 2SE Nelson Primary School w449852776 Nelson Primary School 126 m
130418 (E) E14 0AF New City College r11019765 New City College 8170 m
145367 (E) E13 9NE New City Primary School w24707678 New City Primary School 63 m
134919 (E) E16 2LS New Directions w52516700 New Directions 108 m
130451 (E) E6 6ER Newham College of Further Education r11040160 Newham College of Further Education 1674 m
144511 (E) E6 2BB Newham Collegiate Sixth Form Centre, City of London Academy w796254918 Newham Collegiate Sixth Form Centre, City of London Academy 5 m
130452 (E) E13 8SG Newham Sixth Form College w32285161 Newham Sixth Form College 233 m
103048 (E) E10 6PJ Newport School r14758344 Newport School 170 m
100254 (E) E5 8NA Nightingale Primary School w513374160 Nightingale Primary School 61 m
102839 (E) E18 1PL Nightingale Primary School w26619470 Nightingale Primary School 118 m
133517 (E) E10 6QW Noor Ul Islam Primary School w679248278 Noor Ul Islam Primary School 75 m
143385 (E) E10 6JZ Norlington School and 6th Form w30843183 Norlington School and 6th Form 91 m
103112 (E) E4 7BA Normanhurst School w452689200 Normanhurst School 21 m
146915 (E) E6 5XG North Beckton Primary School w41742357 North Beckton Primary School 120 m
141576 (E) E5 8RN Northwold Primary School w30836799 Northwold Primary School 60 m
133932 (E) E18 1JU Oakdale Infants' School w792838779 Oakdale Infants' School 44 m
133931 (E) E18 1JX Oakdale Junior School w792838773 Oakdale Junior School 114 m
100972 (E) E2 6PR Oaklands School w5929592 Oaklands School 29 m
141082 (E) E16 2BB Oasis Academy Silvertown w51787168 Oasis Academy Silvertown 67 m
141082 (E) E16 2BB Oasis Academy Silvertown w791830038 Oasis Academy Silvertown 2444 m
102735 (E) E7 9BY Odessa Infant School w793824335 Odessa Infant School 93 m
147312 (E) E5 9JZ Ohr Emes w793265851 Ohr Emes 1017 m
140096 (E) E3 5LD Old Ford Primary - A Paradigm Academy w452689933 Old Ford Primary - A Paradigm Academy 85 m
100892 (E) E3 3BT Old Palace Primary School w394988407 Old Palace Primary School 164 m
100916 (E) E3 5DN Olga Primary School w37238083 Olga Primary School 1 m
100234 (E) E9 7BB Orchard Primary School w99847218 Orchard Primary School 13 m
100934 (E) E1 5AD Osmani Primary School w455336974 Osmani Primary School 0 m
135193 (E) E17 3EA Our Lady and St George's Catholic Primary School r11004280 Our Lady and St George's Catholic Primary and Nursery School 454 m
139423 (E) E14 0DE Our Lady and St Joseph Catholic Primary School w50258659 Our Lady and St Joseph Catholic Primary School 43 m
147337 (E) E11 2TA Our Lady of Lourdes RC Primary School w48360635 Our Lady of Lourdes RC Primary School 59 m
102736 (E) E15 4AE Park Primary School w144342996 Park Primary School 81 m
103081 (E) E4 6RE Parkside Primary School w25355718 Parkside Primary School 100 m
147609 (E) E3 2QD Phoenix Autism Trust w795614816 Phoenix Autism Trust 469 m
100987 (E) E3 2AD Phoenix School w37181150 Phoenix School 68 m
132812 (E) E13 9DQ Plaistow Primary School w455335317 Plaistow Primary School 21 m
102782 (E) E6 1DG Plashet School w30084543 Plashet School 66 m
142632 (E) E13 0JW Portway Primary School w28674744 Portway Primary School 151 m
100235 (E) E8 4ET Queensbridge Primary School w84842517 Queensbridge Primary School 103 m
134627 (E) E7 9NB Quwwat Ul Islam Girls' School w796594029 Quwwat Ul Islam Girls' School 90 m
100236 (E) E2 8JG Randal Cremer Primary School w254824639 Randal Cremer Primary School 13 m
144139 (E) E15 3DN Ranelagh Primary School w455571394 Ranelagh Primary School 58 m
144140 (E) E16 4BD Ravenscroft Primary School w31874456 Ravenscroft Primary School 89 m
100303 (E) E14 9XP River House Montessori School w797703654 River House Montessori School 9 m
139723 (E) E10 7BZ Riverley Primary School w452267225 Riverley Primary School 63 m
136362 (E) E17 5HU Roger Ascham Primary School w48371918 Roger Ascham Primary School 55 m
148901 (E) E16 4DD Rokeby School w34118271 Rokeby School 38 m
102740 (E) E6 3SQ Roman Road Primary School w40325260 Roman Road Primary School 125 m
145087 (E) E16 3PB Rosetta Primary School w25906590 Rosetta Primary School 26 m
145410 (E) E16 3HS Royal Docks Academy w25906265 Royal Docks Academy 45 m
143668 (E) E16 2ZA Royal Wharf Primary School w797016812 Royal Wharf Primary School 11 m
130302 (E) E5 0LE Rushmore Primary School w43996029 Rushmore Primary School 89 m
147180 (E) E4 8YJ Salisbury Manor Primary School w453646672 Salisbury Manor Primary School 73 m
102742 (E) E12 6TH Salisbury Primary School w31356476 Salisbury Primary School 92 m
130381 (E) E7 8ED Sandringham Primary School w144358412 Sandringham Primary School 46 m
142644 (E) E15 4LP Sarah Bonnell School w144147798 Sarah Bonnell School 95 m
138196 (E) E15 4RZ School 21 w48659750 School 21 166 m
148623 (E) E15 2QS School 360 w936710039 School 360 55 m
145365 (E) E16 3HD Scott Wilkie Primary School w48735034 Scott Wilkie Primary School 227 m
100240 (E) E2 8QH Sebright School w158406736 Sebright Primary School 74 m
142726 (E) E13 0ES Selwyn Primary School w48654218 Selwyn Primary School 13 m
143383 (E) E4 9NE Selwyn Primary School w47975433 Selwyn Primary School 84 m
100931 (E) E14 8LY Seven Mills Primary School w266650737 Seven Mills Primary School 39 m
100241 (E) E8 2EA Shacklewell Primary School w84820244 Shacklewell Primary School 110 m
145627 (E) E7 8PF Shaftesbury Primary School w796540797 Shaftesbury Primary School 67 m
141296 (E) E12 5PB Sheringham Primary School w31314467 Sheringham Primary School 3 m
130458 (E) E17 5AA Sir George Monoux College w23095582 Sir George Monoux College 21 m
132789 (E) E12 5PY Sir John Heron Primary School w31314694 Sir John Heron Primary School 42 m
137682 (E) E14 7PQ Sir William Burrough Primary School w197447090 Sir William Burroughs School 50 m
102871 (E) E18 2EA Snaresbrook Prep School w248925138 Snaresbrook Preparatory School 6 m
102832 (E) E18 2EN Snaresbrook Primary School w46184284 Snaresbrook Primary School 87 m
138276 (E) E1 4PW Solebay Primary - A Paradigm Academy w798071537 Solebay Primary Academy 6 m
138859 (E) E4 8SG South Chingford Foundation School w47975407 South Chingford Foundation School 189 m
103072 (E) E17 8PW South Grove Primary School w48387672 South Grove Primary School 110 m
138262 (E) E14 9UB South Quay College w797703655 South Quay College 37 m
102755 (E) E13 9JH Southern Road Primary School w28585847 Southern Road Primary School 43 m
100242 (E) E5 9NL Southwold Primary School w113422061 Southwold Primary School 16 m
100949 (E) E3 3ER St Agnes RC Primary School w51233444 St Agnes RC Primary School 4 m
102786 (E) E7 8HU St Angela's Ursuline School w95895867 St Angela's Ursuline School 118 m
100950 (E) E1 5AW St Anne's and Guardian Angels Catholic Primary School w52199263 St Anne's Catholic Primary School 146 m
148025 (E) E7 9PN St Antony's Catholic Primary School w27821741 St Antony's Catholic Primary School 51 m
102787 (E) E7 9QD St Bonaventure's RC School w117557254 St Bonaventure's Catholic School 79 m
100951 (E) E14 3RS St Edmund's Catholic School w452689763 St Edmund's Catholic School 171 m
147335 (E) E13 9AX St Edward's Catholic Primary School w29216568 St. Edward's Catholic Primary School 76 m
133288 (E) E2 9JY St Elizabeth Catholic Primary School w78393319 St Elizabeth Catholic Primary School 1 m
147336 (E) E15 1HD St Francis' Catholic Primary School w144158268 St Francis' Catholic Primary School 78 m
141925 (E) E13 8DW St Helen's Catholic Primary School w455570065 St Helen's Catholic Primary School 57 m
102764 (E) E7 9DA St James' CofE Junior School w28458278 St James' Church Of England Junior School 139 m
141927 (E) E16 3DT St Joachim's Catholic Primary School w25906340 St Joachim's Catholic Primary School 47 m
132137 (E) E9 6DX St John and St James CofE Primary School w88838515 St John and St James CoE Primary School 74 m
100270 (E) E9 7JF St John of Jerusalem Church of England Primary School w99847216 St John of Jerusalem Church of England Primary School 83 m
100953 (E) E2 9LR St John's Church of England Primary School r5927765 St John's Church of England Primary School 52 m
103090 (E) E10 7BL St Joseph's Catholic Infant School w679216821 St Joseph's Catholic Infant School 78 m
103086 (E) E10 5DX St Joseph's Catholic Junior School w452267140 St Joseph's Catholic Junior School 66 m
100954 (E) E14 3EB St Luke's Church of England Primary School w193603532 St Luke's Church of England Primary School 81 m
102766 (E) E16 1JB St Luke's Primary School w48752525 St Luke's Primary School 23 m
131936 (E) E1 0BD St Mary and St Michael Primary School w820175336 St Mary and St Michael Primary School 17 m
103085 (E) E4 7BJ St Mary's Catholic Primary School w336853456 St Mary's Catholic Primary School 153 m
144238 (E) E17 9HJ St Mary's CofE Primary School w217398096 St Mary's C of E Primary School 31 m
102773 (E) E6 6EE St Michael's Catholic Primary School w449852417 St Michael's Catholic Primary School 48 m
103088 (E) E17 7DP St Patrick's Catholic Primary School w378039946 St Patrick's Catholic Primary School 79 m
100958 (E) E3 4LA St Paul with St Luke CofE Primary School w226224737 St Paul with St Luke CofE Primary School 56 m
143379 (E) E3 4FT St Paul's Way Trust School r11048206 St Paul's Way Trust School 66 m
100959 (E) E1 8HY St Paul's Whitechapel Church of England Primary School w26014161 St Paul's Whitechapel Church of England Primary School 0 m
100960 (E) E1W 3QT St Peter's London Docks CofE Primary School w208702069 St Peter's London Docks Primary School 185 m
100961 (E) E14 6BB St Saviour's Church of England Primary School w332918631 St Saviour's Primary School 21 m
144239 (E) E17 8ER St Saviour's Church of England Primary School w48387675 St Saviour's Church of England Primary School 126 m
100274 (E) E5 8BS St Scholastica's Catholic Primary School w537012982 St Scholastica's Roman Catholic Primary School 173 m
102748 (E) E6 1AS St Stephen's Primary School w29292139 St Stephen's Primary School 77 m
133669 (E) E9 5SR St. Dominic's Catholic Primary School w51574416 St Dominics Catholic Primary School 157 m
100269 (E) E8 4PB St. Paul's With St. Michael's CofE Primary School w389421039 St. Paul's With St. Michael's CofE Primary School 47 m
102746 (E) E16 4NH Star Primary School w34039963 Star Primary School 90 m
144235 (E) E14 7AD Stebon Primary School w50823532 Stebon Primary School 50 m
131023 (E) E14 7LL Stephen Hawking School w191828447 Stephen Hawking Primary School 48 m
100977 (E) E1 0RH Stepney All Saints Church of England Secondary School w154202550 Sir John Cass Foundation and Redcoat C of E Secondary School 1 m
100946 (E) E14 7TF Stepney Greencoat Church of England Primary School w50810360 Stepney Greencoat Church of England Primary School 47 m
100917 (E) E1 3BW Stepney Park Primary School w154294305 Stepney Park Primary School 83 m
100923 (E) E1 5RE Stewart Headlam Primary School w228069871 Stewart Headlam School 0 m
103079 (E) E17 6JY Stoneydown Park School r11003514 Stoneydown Park School + 29 m
100307 (E) E5 8NP Stormont House School w373415831 Stormont House School 87 m
102729 (E) E15 3BA Stratford Manor Primary School & Nursery w48647826 Stratford Manor Primary School 167 m
136978 (E) E7 9PR Stratford School Academy r13490013 Stratford School Academy + 285 m
100973 (E) E1 5DJ Swanlea School w25684553 Swanlea Secondary School 16 m
139724 (E) E17 8HA Sybourn Primary School w685604860 Sybourn Primary School 53 m
100294 (E) E5 9SN Talmud Torah Machzikei Hadass School w793265849 Talmud Torah Machzikei Hadass School 38 m
143103 (E) E5 8PH The Boxing Academy AP Free School w794725055 The Boxing Academy AP Free School 1606 m
131609 (E) E2 8BA The Bridge Academy w799164834 The Bridge Academy 14 m
133608 (E) E5 8BP The Brooke House Sixth Form College w736342048 BSix Sixth Form College 20 m
135835 (E) E9 6EA The City Academy, Hackney w38083627 The City Academy, Hackney 58 m
144699 (E) E3 4BU The Clara Grant Primary School w50825769 The Clara Grant Primary School 40 m
139601 (E) E1 7SA The Complete Works w1086001629 The Complete Works 7 m
103082 (E) E11 3JH The Jenny Hammond Primary School w464940972 The Jenny Hammond Primary School 115 m
139814 (E) E9 6EJ The Olive School Hackney w840593960 The Olive School 73 m
131062 (E) E8 2EY The Petchey Academy w50668372 The Petchey Academy 134 m
100284 (E) E9 6NR The Urswick School - A Church of England Secondary School w99847225 The Urswick School 26 m
103061 (E) E17 5ET The Winns Primary School w126301957 The Winns Primary School 195 m
139016 (E) E17 3JX The Woodside Primary Academy r11007205 Woodside Primary Academy 164 m
100930 (E) E1 5AR Thomas Buxton Primary School w37875094 Thomas Buxton Primary School 73 m
140405 (E) E17 8LG Thomas Gamuel Primary School w94346917 Thomas Gamuel Primary School 17 m
103060 (E) E17 4DP Thorpe Hall Primary School w48435358 Thorpe Hall Primary School 109 m
143881 (E) E13 8SA Tollgate Primary School w32151962 Tollgate Primary School 65 m
102708 (E) E13 9NB Tunmarsh School w796938730 Tunmarsh School 7 m
142267 (E) E13 0RJ Upton Cross Primary School w330203312 Upton Cross Primary School 134 m
145366 (E) E6 6AD Vicarage Primary School w442931499 Vicarage Primary School 197 m
100926 (E) E2 7NQ Virginia Primary School w394992380 Virginia Primary School 94 m
130456 (E) E17 4JB Waltham Forest College w5179389 Waltham Forest College 28 m
132727 (E) E17 5DP Walthamstow Academy w23209419 Walthamstow Academy 125 m
134579 (E) E17 5DA Walthamstow Montessori School r11000919 Walthamstow Montessori School + 223 m
141748 (E) E17 5DP Walthamstow Primary Academy w792147757 Walthamstow Primary Academy 121 m
103103 (E) E17 9RZ Walthamstow School for Girls w23089370 Walthamstow School for Girls 19 m
102841 (E) E11 2SS Wanstead Church School w261829407 Wanstead Church School 74 m
102851 (E) E11 2JZ Wanstead High School w24611507 Wanstead High School 93 m
138202 (E) E1 2DA Wapping High School w192355123 Wapping High School 52 m
147653 (E) E8 4DL Waterside Academy w50843730 Hackney New School 21 m
100927 (E) E3 4NE Wellington Primary School w394988408 Wellington Primary School 41 m
102765 (E) E15 3QG West Ham Church Primary School w144350978 West Ham Church Primary School 90 m
140795 (E) E17 4AZ Whitefield Schools w410094251 Whitefield Schools 106 m
103036 (E) E4 6ES Whitehall Primary School w25557513 Whitehall Primary School 119 m
139317 (E) E17 5QX Whittingham Primary Academy w23167442 Whittington Primary Academy 108 m
102745 (E) E7 8NL William Davies Primary School w29001217 William Davies Primary School 141 m
100943 (E) E2 6ET William Davis Primary School w230789283 William Davis Primary School 49 m
138364 (E) E10 7BH Willow Brook Primary School Academy w452267167 Willow Brook Primary School Academy 138 m
103100 (E) E17 6ND Willowfield School w378266075 Willowfield School 147 m
102751 (E) E6 5NA Winsor Primary School w442923540 Winsor Primary School 183 m
102722 (E) E7 0NJ Woodgrange Infant School w48562669 Woodgrange Infant School 59 m
100928 (E) E14 0EW Woolmore Primary School w448737237 Woolmore Primary School 44 m
136364 (E) E4 7PH Yardley Primary School w23124966 Yardley Primary School 19 m
134577 (E) E7 8AB Zakariya Primary School w795614813 Zakariya Primary School 85 m

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