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OSM Schools Progress in the 'GU' Postal Area

The blue circles on the map are schools from the official lists that haven't been matched to an OSM object. The red circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a school on the official list. The lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects. Dark green lines represent a match based on the ref:edubase (England & Wales), ref:seedcode (Scotland) and ref:deni (Northern Ireland) tags. Light green lines represent a match based on location in the absense of an OSM ref:* tag. Orange lines represnt a match based on location, with an incorrect ref:* tag. The location matches can match the wrong schools, particularly in inner-city areas where there are many schools in close proximity. To fix incorrect location matches, add the appropriate ref:* tag to the OSM amenity=school objects. For more information see below.

Schools not matched to an OSM Object

Note that only OSM ways and relations tagged with amenity=school or amenity=college are checked for possible matches. In most cases, any nodes tagged like this would be better converted to way polygons covering the whole of the school site. The matching process is simplistic, so an incorrect matching may result in a different nearby school being the one that is really missing. Also, it is not currently clear what licence the official Edubase / Scottish Government data can be re-used under. Until this is clarified, you should not use the data below directly to add schools to OSM. However, knowing that there is a school missing in a particular area, you may be able to add that school using other sources -- e.g. Bing, OS Street View, and by searching for the possible school's own website.

Official ID Postcode Official Name
116360 (E) GU34 4EL Andrews' Endowed Church of England Primary School
146338 (E) GU5 0HF Arun Court School
147615 (E) GU34 5NA Compass Community School Hampshire
125436 (E) GU24 0JN Knowl Hill School
116330 (E) GU30 7QE Liphook Church of England Controlled Junior School
134562 (E) GU26 6SJ Oneschool Global Uk Hindhead Campus
145479 (E) GU35 9LU The Green Room School Kingsley
140594 (E) GU21 8UU The Hermitage School
134870 (E) GU2 6RS The Hope Service

OSM Objects not matched to a school on the official lists

Entries here could be due to: Former schools that have now closed, more than one area being tagged for a single school, the official entry for a real school being matched incorrectly to a different OSM object, or institutions not included in the official lists being tagged as schools in OSM. Not all of these entries will be errors in the OSM data, so be careful before making any edits.

OSM Object OSM Name OSM Ref
w690564393 Alder Grove Primary School
w170132652 Alderwood Junior School
w169717855 Alderwood Senior School
w330639539 Alton College
w438458933 Army School of Physical Training
w61089111 Art Department
w210929778 Bracknell & Wokingham College - Church Road Centre
w24259328 Bristow Infant School
w183275784 Camberley Adult Education Centre
w5025364 Chichester College, Brinsbury Campus
w170304645 Churcher's College Junior School
w313763214 Cranleigh Preparatory School
w11159365 Farnham College
w781286732 George Abbot School
w24259307 Gordon's School
w61095762 Guildford Adult Learning Centre
w69594740 Guildford Children's Centre
w69884265 Guildford College
w139400948 Hankey Morant
w392621046 Holly Spring Junior 109806
w440984294 Hurst Lodge School 110150
w452864663 Jamia Ahmadiyya
w164945576 Lanesborough Pre-Prep School (Braganza)
w139400921 Lee Bradbury
w700957356 Lord Mayor Teloar College
r2030449 Manby Lodge Infant School
w47391053 Merrist Wood
w24166022 Merrist Wood College
w620061717 North West Surrey Short Stay School
r4183571 Onslow Infant School
w124772907 Ramshill Sixth Form Centre
w57368585 Ripley Church of England Infant School
w249623202 Salesian School
w125091218 Sayes Court
w237286961 Sayes Court
w295433205 Send Church of England First School
w151571859 South Farnham Infant School
r1802962 St. Anne's Catholic Primary School
w417411201 Thakeham Primary Schoool
r1015954 The Coombes C of E
w163595179 The Grey House School
w251803166 The Manor School
w492345072 The Royal Junior School
w164946057 Tormead School Junior School
w160198804 West Byfleet Junior & Infant Schools
w452777203 Wispers School

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Schools matched to an OSM object by location

Note that the matching is very simplistic, just taking the nearest unmatched OSM amenity=school or amenity=college way or relation within 1km of the postcode centroid of each official entry in turn. Where several school sites are in close proximity, they may be matched incorrectly.

Official ID Postcode Official Name OSM Object OSM Name MN MR MPC Offset
116234 (E) GU12 4RZ Alderwood School w169717404 Alderwood Infant School + 62 m
125315 (E) GU9 9HF All Hallows Catholic School w152364006 All Hallows Catholic School + + 175 m
116358 (E) GU51 5AJ All Saints Church of England Aided Junior School w169687508 All Saints Church of England Junior School + 40 m
115850 (E) GU34 1DH Alton Infant School w170186820 Alton Infant School + 73 m
116537 (E) GU34 2NG Alton School w170303938 Alton Convent School + 68 m
137535 (E) GU34 2BZ Amery Hill School w99291308 Amery Hill School + 2 m
115851 (E) GU34 2DR Anstey Junior School w170186821 Anstey Junior School + 104 m
125271 (E) GU12 6QH Ash Manor School w27817334 Ash Manor School + + 90 m
124996 (E) GU19 5BP Bagshot Infant School w24259312 Bagshot Infant School + + 56 m
125392 (E) GU10 1PB Barfield School w191195003 Barfield IAPS Preparatory School + 119 m
140540 (E) GU22 0BB Barnsbury Primary School and Nursery w289197430 Barnsbury Primary School + + 63 m
124978 (E) GU26 6NR Beacon Hill Community Primary School w190896101 Beacon Hill Primary School + 88 m
140508 (E) GU21 3RG Beaufort Primary School w285990612 Beaufort Primary School + + 69 m
115865 (E) GU35 0JB Bordon Infant School w659064546 Oakmoor School + + 199 m
146002 (E) GU35 0JB Bordon Junior School w143425427 Bordon Infant and Junior schools 52 m
140057 (E) GU1 2TD Boxgrove Primary School w725368224 Boxgrove Primary School + + 171 m
139479 (E) GU21 5QE Broadmere Primary Academy w255101532 Broadmere Primary Academy + 26 m
142084 (E) GU24 0HF Brookwood Primary School w312448309 Brookwood Primary School + + 101 m
125009 (E) GU1 2SG Bushy Hill Junior School w22991323 Bushy Hill Junior School + 62 m
116436 (E) GU51 5JA Calthorpe Park School w169686485 Calthorpe Park School + 140 m
141147 (E) GU15 1EJ Carwarden House Community School w492338749 Carwarden House Community School + + 163 m
125340 (E) GU7 2DX Charterhouse w23059797 Charterhouse School + 522 m
132802 (E) GU14 8LH Cherrywood Community Primary School w82041928 Cherrywood Community Primary School + 97 m
125167 (E) GU4 8NP Chilworth CofE (Aided) Infant School w26486709 Chilworth First School + + 75 m
142490 (E) GU1 1JY Christ's College, Guildford w74171477 Christ's College Guildford + 193 m
115976 (E) GU52 8BW Church Crookham Junior School r5613867 Church Crookham Junior School + 92 m
116579 (E) GU31 4AS Churcher's College w107801821 Churcher's College + 65 m
109828 (E) GU47 0QF College Town Primary School w233173434 College Town Primary School + + 112 m
136828 (E) GU15 4AE Collingwood College w24259319 Collingwood College + + 205 m
140256 (E) GU19 5JY Connaught Junior School w24259313 Connaught Junior School + + 105 m
140349 (E) GU15 4DR Cordwalles Junior School w24259318 Cordwalles Junior School + + 40 m
116412 (E) GU52 7RY Court Moor School w82261307 Court Moor School + 43 m
116141 (E) GU14 9DP Cove Infant School w169727843 Cove Infant School + 103 m
116140 (E) GU14 9SA Cove Junior School w170148682 Cove Junior School + 122 m
116446 (E) GU14 9RN Cove School w169727846 Cove School + 120 m
125429 (E) GU24 8TE Coworth-Flexlands School w24259304 Cowarth Flexlands School + + 74 m
135885 (E) GU46 6LB Cranford Park Primary w169689353 Cranford Park Church of England Primary School + 75 m
145702 (E) GU15 2AJ Crawley Ridge Infant School w24259321 Crawley Ridge Infant School + + 104 m
145703 (E) GU15 2AJ Crawley Ridge Junior School w24259322 Crawley Ridge Junior School + + 146 m
116403 (E) GU52 6PU Crookham Church of England Aided Infant School w169700759 Crookham C of E Aided Infant School + 57 m
142345 (E) GU16 6LZ Cross Farm Infant School w492338810 Cross Farm Infant School + + 75 m
125336 (E) GU6 7NS Duke of Kent School w4881366 Duke of Kent School + 193 m
132801 (E) GU51 1DP Elvetham Heath Primary School w169702004 Elvetham Heath Primary School + 44 m
130689 (E) GU14 6SB Farnborough College of Technology w59461575 Farnborough College of Technology + + 167 m
144899 (E) GU14 8HW Farnborough Grange Nursery & Infant Community School w169729339 Farnborough Grange Nursery and Infant Community School + 123 m
116517 (E) GU14 8AT Farnborough Hill w196961357 Farnborough Hill School + + 96 m
147128 (E) GU14 9FX Fernhill Primary School w169730635 Fernhill Primary School + 16 m
116447 (E) GU14 9BY Fernhill School w169730639 Fernhill School & Language College + 36 m
141266 (E) GU27 3EA Fernhurst Primary School w234777130 Fernhurst Primary School + 203 m
116003 (E) GU52 7LQ Fleet Infant School w82284899 Fleet Infant School + + 24 m
125152 (E) GU16 6ND Frimley CofE Junior School w492338815 Frimley CofE School + + 47 m
116442 (E) GU46 6AG Frogmore Community College w169702741 Frogmore Community College + 207 m
115981 (E) GU17 0NY Frogmore Infant School w169709716 Frogmore Junior School + 131 m
139944 (E) GU17 0NY Frogmore Junior School w169709717 Frogmore Infant School + 60 m
136906 (E) GU1 1XX George Abbot School w22991378 + 31 m
145004 (E) GU7 1RS Godalming College w23059832 Godalming College + + 48 m
137850 (E) GU21 6NL Goldsworth Primary School w57838944 Goldsworth Primary School + + 165 m
139151 (E) GU24 9PT Gordon's School w24259308 Gordon's School + + 123 m
125831 (E) GU28 0NJ Graffham CofE Infant School w291681114 Graffham Infant School + 21 m
116147 (E) GU14 8TA Grange Community Junior School w169730839 Grange Community Junior School + 139 m
115898 (E) GU33 6HA Greatham Primary School w170263628 Greatham Primary School + 112 m
125399 (E) GU22 8HY Greenfield School w255463043 International School of London in Surrey + 76 m
139193 (E) GU2 4LU Guildford County School w127563670 Guildford County School + 67 m
143373 (E) GU2 8YD Guildford Grove Primary School w60237069 Guildford Grove Primary School + 12 m
125342 (E) GU1 1SJ Guildford High School w261282443 Guildford High School + 30 m
116157 (E) GU14 9ES Guillemont Junior School w169731825 Guillemont Junior School + 43 m
146975 (E) GU9 0LR Hale School w190121491 Hale Academy 84 m
125407 (E) GU19 5HZ Hall Grove School w24259311 Hall Grove School + + 81 m
142426 (E) GU18 5TS Hammond School w24259314 Hammond Community Junior School + + 98 m
126017 (E) GU31 5QT Harting CofE Primary School w234572042 Harting C of E Primary School + 21 m
115913 (E) GU17 9BH Hawley Primary School w169710843 Hawley Primary School + 45 m
125017 (E) GU15 1AY Heather Ridge Infant School w24259337 Heather Ridge Infant School + + 19 m
116002 (E) GU52 7TH Heatherside Infant School w82261300 Heatherside Infants School + + 55 m
116010 (E) GU52 7TH Heatherside Junior School w82261301 Heatherside Junior School + + 17 m
131559 (E) GU14 8BX Henry Tyndale School w83016369 Henry Tyndale School + 121 m
115940 (E) GU31 4BP Herne Junior School w107801819 Herne Junior School + 150 m
142009 (E) GU22 0NH Hoe Valley School r3839384 Barnsbury Infants School + + 626 m
143809 (E) GU12 5PX Holly Lodge Primary School w24259344 Holly Lodge School + + 164 m
145700 (E) GU24 9JQ Holy Trinity CofE Primary School w24259306 + 234 m
125201 (E) GU21 4TA Horsell CofE Aided Junior School w269071383 Horsell C of E (Aided) Junior School + 110 m
131976 (E) GU6 8TB Jigsaw CABAS School w331853396 The Jigsaw School + + 338 m
125112 (E) GU22 9EQ Kingfield Primary School w24633793 Kingsfield Primary School and Nursery + + 99 m
141200 (E) GU2 8DU Kings College Guildford w60318916 Kings College + 78 m
132268 (E) GU15 2PQ Kings International College w24259329 Kings International College for Business & Arts + + 150 m
125000 (E) GU21 2QH Knaphill School w146343673 Knaphill School + 49 m
125343 (E) GU1 2EL Lanesborough School w79635393 Lanesborough Preparatory School + 159 m
142433 (E) GU18 5RD Lightwater Village School w24259315 Lightwater Village School + + 76 m
116056 (E) GU30 7QE Liphook Infant School w104538272 Liphook Infant and Junior schools + 151 m
143989 (E) GU15 4EX Lorraine Infant School w24259320 Lorraine School + + 110 m
116150 (E) GU14 9DX Manor Infant School w80410054 Manor Infant School + 103 m
116146 (E) GU14 9DX Manor Junior School w80410081 Manor Junior School + 169 m
116143 (E) GU11 2HR Marlborough Infant School w170132352 Marlborough Infant School + 61 m
146917 (E) GU21 5DW Maybury Primary School w287945875 Maybury Primary School & Nursery + + 93 m
116300 (E) GU34 5LG Medstead Church of England Primary School w170265864 Medstead Church of England Primary School + 280 m
125160 (E) GU4 7EA Merrow CofE Controlled Infant School w23656656 Merrow C of E Infant School + 136 m
125049 (E) GU7 1EF Moss Lane School w403694903 Moss Lane Infants School + + 54 m
142356 (E) GU16 6JB Mytchett Primary School w492338807 Mytchett Primary School + + 82 m
109883 (E) GU47 8NQ New Scotland Hill Primary School w229104390 New Scotland Hill Primary School and Nursery + 67 m
116080 (E) GU46 6EY Newlands Primary School w169713650 Newlands Primary School + 216 m
116145 (E) GU14 8AJ North Farnborough Infant School w59188633 North Farnborough Infant School + 39 m
135894 (E) GU21 6NT North West Surrey Short Stay School w187966048 Greenfield School + 733 m
146025 (E) GU2 9ZA Northmead Junior School w68433106 Northmead Junior School + 34 m
116154 (E) GU14 9TT Parsonage Farm Nursery and Infant School w170134691 Parsonage Farm Nursery and Infant School + 68 m
115936 (E) GU32 3HX Petersfield Infant School w170266344 Petersfield Infant School + 81 m
125990 (E) GU28 0EE Petworth Cof E Primary School w331779197 Petworth Primary School + 60 m
136755 (E) GU1 3PT Pewley Down Infant School w759423795 Pewley Down Infant School + 57 m
143995 (E) GU15 4AW Pine Ridge Infant School w24259316 Pine Ridge Infant School + + 132 m
116158 (E) GU14 9LE Pinewood Infant School w170135798 Pinewood Infant School + 80 m
146023 (E) GU24 0JN Pirbright Village Primary School w148594889 Pirbright Village Primary School + + 113 m
141533 (E) GU1 1DR Pond Meadow School w69979786 Pond Meadow School + 55 m
116059 (E) GU46 6AG Potley Hill Primary School w169702740 Potley Hill Primary School + 154 m
125028 (E) GU15 1DA Prior Heath Infant School w24259323 Prior Heath Infant School + + 109 m
141446 (E) GU2 7SD Queen Eleanor's Church of England School w127563803 Queen Eleanor's C of E Junior School + 90 m
141592 (E) GU16 9RE Ravenscote Junior School w772518640 Ravenscote Community Junior School + + 132 m
137019 (E) GU8 5BZ Rodborough w301055359 Rodborough Technology College + 56 m
116337 (E) GU10 4BW Rowledge Church of England Controlled Primary School w170268744 Rowledge CE Primary School + 66 m
125424 (E) GU1 3BB Royal Grammar School w164946509 Royal Grammar School + + 28 m
125344 (E) GU2 8BP Rydes Hill Preparatory School w62314478 Rydes Hill Preparatory School and Nursery + 70 m
116267 (E) GU34 2BY Saint Lawrence Church of England Primary School w154873256 St Lawrence CofE Primary School + 23 m
116543 (E) GU14 6PA Salesian College w81113551 Salesian College + 63 m
116640 (E) GU14 8SN Samuel Cody Specialist Sports College w80347880 Samuel Cody Specialist Sports College + 118 m
142366 (E) GU16 9YF Sandringham Infant & Nursery School w24259340 Sandringham School + + 152 m
126110 (E) GU28 0NB Seaford College w291681471 Seaford College + 120 m
116399 (E) GU34 3JA Selborne Church of England Primary School w170269139 Selborne Church Of England Primary School + 223 m
146022 (E) GU4 8BY Shalford Infant School w158908078 Shalford Infant and Nursery School + + 51 m
145279 (E) GU15 2QB South Camberley Primary and Nursery School w24259326 Watchetts Junior School + + 89 m
116144 (E) GU14 6JU South Farnborough Infant School w170144361 South Farnborough Infant School + 49 m
116155 (E) GU14 6PL South Farnborough Junior School w170144554 South Farnborough Junior School + 92 m
136888 (E) GU9 8DY South Farnham School w151630995 South Farnham School + 140 m
116246 (E) GU14 0NE Southwood Infant School w170144734 Southwood Infant School + 6 m
144330 (E) GU9 7PW St Andrew's Church of England Infant School w151696366 St Andrews Infant School + + 64 m
125073 (E) GU25 4DS St Ann's Heath Junior School w255599744 + 121 m
143374 (E) GU16 8PY St Augustine's Catholic Primary School w492338783 St Augustine's Catholic School + + 160 m
116391 (E) GU14 8LS St Bernadette's Catholic Primary School w170145114 St Bernadette's Catholic Primary School + 87 m
146573 (E) GU6 7AQ St Cuthbert Mayne Catholic Primary School w151726880 St Cuthbert Mayne Catholic Primary School + 57 m
145384 (E) GU8 4DX St Dominic's School w254604759 St Dominic's School + + 10 m
125238 (E) GU22 7AX St Dunstan's Catholic Primary School, Woking w191297381 St Dunstan's Catholic Primary School + + 96 m
125216 (E) GU7 1PF St Edmund's Catholic Primary School w401205753 + 96 m
125341 (E) GU7 1RZ St Hilary's School w401690804 St Hilarys + 54 m
143370 (E) GU21 8TU St Hugh of Lincoln Catholic Primary School w158322789 St Hugh of Lincoln RC Primary School + 73 m
143369 (E) GU22 9AL St John the Baptist Catholic Comprehensive School, Woking w158323723 St John the Baptist Catholic School + 179 m
140339 (E) GU21 2AS St John's Primary School w158321178 St John's Primary School + 24 m
131112 (E) GU2 8YH St Joseph's Catholic Primary School w62314480 St Joseph's Catholic Primary School + 14 m
125168 (E) GU24 8AB St Lawrence CofE (Aided) Primary School w24149408 Chobham St Lawrence School + + 25 m
146781 (E) GU7 2LD St Mark and All Saints Church of England Primary w23889174 St Mark's C of E Primary School + + 65 m
116389 (E) GU14 6DU St Mark's Church of England Aided Primary School w170145409 St. Mark’s Church of England Primary School + 27 m
116351 (E) GU34 5RE St Mary's Bentworth Church of England Primary School w170301538 St Mary's Bentworth C of E Primary School + 60 m
116352 (E) GU33 6BN St Matthew's Church of England Aided Primary School w170301708 St Matthew's CofE Primary School + 455 m
116518 (E) GU52 0RF St Nicholas' School w178702778 St Nicholas' School + 225 m
116390 (E) GU14 7BW St Patrick's Catholic Primary School w492338802 + 136 m
147430 (E) GU1 2TN St Peter's Catholic School w453364118 St Peter's Catholic School 58 m
116388 (E) GU14 7AP St Peter's Church of England Aided Junior School w68714520 St. Peter's CofE School + 90 m
147431 (E) GU1 2SX St Thomas of Canterbury Catholic Primary School w729378712 St Thomas of Canterbury Catholic Primary School + + 110 m
125854 (E) GU29 0NY Stedham Primary School w336131481 Stedham Primary School + 133 m
146259 (E) GU2 9ZT Stoughton Infant School w59292266 Stoughton Infant School & Nursery Class + + 75 m
140509 (E) GU21 3AX Sythwood Primary School w57838704 Sythwood County Primary School + + 53 m
116044 (E) GU51 4EB Tavistock Infant School w169687507 Tavistock Infant School + 4 m
146255 (E) GU9 8DY The Abbey School w151630991 The Abbey School + 70 m
142284 (E) GU21 5RF The Bishop David Brown School w255101534 Bishop David Brown School + 138 m
142380 (E) GU16 8PG The Grove Primary School w24259330 The Grove Primary School + + 390 m
139920 (E) GU35 8PQ The Holme Church of England Primary School w170263971 The Holme Church Of England Controlled Primary School + 91 m
140084 (E) GU21 4QQ The Horsell Village School w153270915 Horsell Village School + + 60 m
125047 (E) GU21 2SX The Knaphill Lower School w34424392 Knaphill Lower School + 76 m
140090 (E) GU21 8WT The Oaktree School w158321468 The Oaktree School & Hermitage Junior School + + 51 m
145057 (E) GU14 8JX The Sixth Form College Farnborough w196958967 The Sixth Form College, Farnborough + + 143 m
116448 (E) GU14 6BH The Wavell School w492338856 The Wavell School + + 83 m
125314 (E) GU21 8TL The Winston Churchill School A Specialist Sports College w158322453 The Winston Churchill School + 118 m
125079 (E) GU4 8NB Tillingbourne Junior School w26486697 Tillingbourne Middle School + + 105 m
140117 (E) GU16 8PY Tomlinscote School w492338779 Tomlinscote School + + 27 m
125345 (E) GU1 2JD Tormead School w79635388 Tormead School + 65 m
116142 (E) GU14 0BW Tower Hill Primary School w170147678 Tower Hill Primary School + 90 m
132980 (E) GU34 4GL Treloar College w144883447 Andrew's Endowed Church of England Primary School + + 79 m
124952 (E) GU25 4HD Trumps Green Infant School w255599793 Trumps Green Infant School + + 43 m
116020 (E) GU52 8LL Tweseldown Infant School w492430143 Tweseldown Infant School + + 122 m
109847 (E) GU47 9BP Uplands Primary School and Nursery w309795829 Uplands Primary Scool + + 95 m
125140 (E) GU24 8TB Valley End CofE Infant School w24259305 Valley End C of E School + + 397 m
116054 (E) GU52 7LG Velmead Junior School w82259285 Velmead Junior School + + 21 m
143627 (E) GU10 2AE Waverley Abbey CofE Junior School w526551496 + 105 m
138139 (E) GU11 1QJ Wellington Community Primary School w492343546 Wellington Community Primary school + + 65 m
145542 (E) GU22 9PR Westfield Primary School w164435212 Westfield Primary School + 38 m
124923 (E) GU2 8AA Wey Valley College w60319081 Pond Meadow School + + 782 m
136531 (E) GU9 8UG Weydon School w511140023 Weydon School + + 136 m
145701 (E) GU20 6PB Windlesham Village Infant School w24259310 Windlesham Village Infant School + + 105 m
138766 (E) GU24 8NE Wishmore Cross Academy w23692827 Wishmore Cross School + + 107 m
145007 (E) GU22 9DL Woking College w158324226 Woking College + 104 m
139993 (E) GU21 4TJ Woking High School w269162193 Woking High School + + 67 m
125025 (E) GU3 3NL Worplesdon Primary School w314136376 Worplesdon Primary School + + 115 m
116553 (E) GU46 7UQ Yateley Manor School r10066749 Yateley Manor School + 114 m

Schools matched to an OSM object by reference number

Official ID Postcode Official Name OSM Object OSM Name MN MPC Offset
125368 (E) GU8 6AS Aldro School w291188562 Aldro School 144 m
125198 (E) GU10 2DA All Saints CofE Aided Infant School w440996005 All Saints CofE Aided Infant School 103 m
125346 (E) GU26 6BL Amesbury School w492345073 Amesbury 119 m
125116 (E) GU12 6LX Ash Grange Primary School w440986481 Ash Grange Primary School 250 m
125051 (E) GU9 9LE Badshot Lea Village Infant School w440991940 Badshot Lea Village Infant School 55 m
125366 (E) GU8 5NY Barrow Hills School r6565501 Barrow Hills School 95 m
116527 (E) GU32 2DG Bedales School w170302233 Bedales Schools 126 m
116279 (E) GU10 5JP Bentley Church of England Primary School w170187151 Bentley Primary School 85 m
116271 (E) GU34 4NX Binsted Church of England Primary School w170187345 Binsted CE Primary School 109 m
125153 (E) GU24 9DF Bisley CofE Primary School w24259309 Bisley Primary School + 102 m
136643 (E) GU30 7NY Bohunt School w90455249 Bohunt School 239 m
125243 (E) GU5 0HX Bramley CofE Aided Infant School and Nursery w453766529 Bramley CofE Aided Infant School 38 m
125249 (E) GU7 3BW Broadwater School w23884967 Broadwater School 126 m
115869 (E) GU31 5RX Buriton Primary School r4144684 Buriton Primary School 118 m
125299 (E) GU4 7LZ Burpham Foundation Primary School w453363156 Burpham Foundation Primary School 89 m
125186 (E) GU7 1XA Busbridge CofE Aided Junior School w440992744 Busbridge CofE Aided Junior School 139 m
125099 (E) GU7 1PJ Busbridge Infant School w440992618 Busbridge Infant School 130 m
125821 (E) GU27 3RN Camelsdale Primary School w136501757 Camelsdale Primary School 120 m
116281 (E) GU34 1SG Chawton Church of England Primary School w442104213 Chawton Church of England Primary School 4 m
125175 (E) GU25 4PX Christ Church CofE Aided Infant School, Virginia Water w440983781 Christ Church CofE Aided Infant School, Virginia Water 124 m
125199 (E) GU4 7ST Clandon CofE Aided Primary School w684217859 Clandon C of E Infant School 79 m
126118 (E) GU29 9BG Conifers School w234765965 Conifers School 91 m
135566 (E) GU6 7AN Cranleigh Church of England Primary School w114555653 Cranleigh C of E Primary School (Upper School) 170 m
135566 (E) GU6 7AN Cranleigh Church of England Primary School w151726894 Cranleigh C of E Primary School (Lower School) 159 m
125323 (E) GU6 8QQ Cranleigh School w314916357 Cranleigh School 219 m
115878 (E) GU10 5QG Crondall Primary School w169700587 Crondall Primary School 103 m
116575 (E) GU31 5RN Ditcham Park School w170305612 Ditcham Park School 57 m
125980 (E) GU28 0LB Duncton CofE Junior School w670905177 Duncton C of E Junior School 253 m
110133 (E) GU47 8PH Eagle House School w440990285 Eagle House School 85 m
126003 (E) GU29 9AG Easebourne CofE Primary School w273385081 Easebourne C.E. Primary School 61 m
116284 (E) GU32 1NR East Meon Church of England Controlled Primary School w90454752 East Meon Primary School 96 m
125337 (E) GU10 3AH Edgeborough School w440995892 Edgeborough School 70 m
138720 (E) GU34 4EQ Eggar's School w99341208 Eggar's School 151 m
125181 (E) GU6 7PX Ewhurst CofE Aided Infant School w435299015 Ewhurst C of E Aided Infants School 52 m
125145 (E) GU7 3LT Farncombe Church of England Infant School w440992512 Farncombe Church of England Infant School 53 m
144520 (E) GU9 9BN Farnham Heath End r9107642 Farnham Heath End School 223 m
125048 (E) GU9 0DB Folly Hill Infant School w440991880 Folly Hill Infant School 40 m
116288 (E) GU34 5AS Four Marks Church of England Primary School w170261735 Four Marks Church of England Primary School 115 m
125477 (E) GU22 0AN Freemantles School w682096996 Freemantles School 52 m
125338 (E) GU10 4EA Frensham Heights School r6565536 Frensham Heights School 71 m
116289 (E) GU32 1EG Froxfield Church of England Primary and Pre-School w170262384 Froxfield CofE Primary School 80 m
125259 (E) GU6 7AN Glebelands School w151591207 Glebelands 309 m
125044 (E) GU7 3HW Godalming Junior School w440992550 Godalming Junior School 51 m
125452 (E) GU5 0AH Gosden House School w453766262 Gosden House School 41 m
145383 (E) GU5 0LH Grafham Grange School r6066321 Grafham Grange School 119 m
116290 (E) GU26 6LR Grayshott Church of England Controlled Primary School w188227025 Grayshott CE Primary School 94 m
125245 (E) GU27 2DR Grayswood Church of England (Aided) Primary School w440994339 Grayswood Church of England (Aided) Primary School 188 m
125400 (E) GU21 4EE Halstead Preparatory School w198797066 Halstead Preparatory School + 86 m
116555 (E) GU17 9HU HawleyHurst School w440990431 Hawley Place School 47 m
141667 (E) GU9 8QH Highfield South Farnham School w440995638 Highfield South Farnham School 104 m
126151 (E) GU30 7LQ Highfield and Brookham Schools w440994526 Highfield and Brookham Schools 243 m
125397 (E) GU22 8JE Hoe Bridge School w453363374 Hoe Bridge School 184 m
125832 (E) GU30 7LY Hollycombe Primary School w170009000 Hollycombe Primary School 159 m
131068 (E) GU35 0HA Hollywater School w440991111 Hollywater School 110 m
125288 (E) GU1 3QF Holy Trinity, Guildford, CofE Aided Junior School w801719722 Holy Trinity School 186 m
125365 (E) GU8 5SG King Edward's School Witley w676324975 King Edward's School 249 m
142415 (E) GU16 8LL Lakeside Primary School w492338786 Lakeside Primary School + 136 m
115924 (E) GU32 3PJ Langrish Primary School w90454918 Langrish Primary School 90 m
116021 (E) GU33 7LQ Liss Infant School w170265569 Liss Infant School 68 m
115925 (E) GU33 7LQ Liss Junior School w170265573 Liss Junior School 165 m
125393 (E) GU5 0NQ Longacre School w453766668 Longacre School 99 m
143625 (E) GU7 3TB Loseley Fields Primary School w440992374 Loseley Fields Primary School 162 m
125370 (E) GU15 3NE Lyndhurst School w440985679 Lyndhurst School 117 m
125988 (E) GU29 9JX Midhurst CofE Primary School w281458676 Midhurst CofE Primary School 156 m
135760 (E) GU29 9DT Midhurst Rother College w549889772 Midhurst Rother College 94 m
125014 (E) GU8 5JA Milford School w440993471 Milford School 78 m
125403 (E) GU10 3AP More House School w440995606 More House School 190 m
139890 (E) GU22 8HA New Monument Primary Academy w453363014 New Monument School 38 m
125846 (E) GU28 9JA Northchapel Community Primary School w440994467 Northchapel Community Primary School 108 m
140182 (E) GU35 0ER Oakmoor School w170265981 Mill Chase Academy 9 m
125067 (E) GU2 7DD Onslow Infant School w440986113 Onslow Infant School 24 m
109870 (E) GU47 0TA Owlsmoor Primary School w440990312 Owlsmoor Primary School 172 m
125293 (E) GU6 7HB Park Mead Primary w66529711 Park Mead Primary School 117 m
116233 (E) GU11 3SL Park Primary School w170133294 Park Primary School 86 m
140203 (E) GU5 9ST Peaslake Free School r6453683 Peaslake School 70 m
125474 (E) GU16 6TA Portesbery School w440985423 Portesbery School 41 m
145278 (E) GU9 7BB Potters Gate CofE Primary School w440995785 Potters Gate CofE Primary School 43 m
125322 (E) GU7 2RH Prior's Field School w440993786 Prior's Field School 130 m
125195 (E) GU3 1AS Puttenham CofE Infant School w440986798 Puttenham CofE Infant School 137 m
140929 (E) GU22 8SP Pyrford Church of England Primary School w453362860 Pyrford Church of England Aided Primary School 164 m
125989 (E) GU33 7JH Rake CofE Primary School w440994367 Rake CofE Primary School 133 m
125391 (E) GU23 6NE Ripley Court School w453364074 Ripley Court School 173 m
125991 (E) GU31 5HH Rogate CofE Primary School w658117917 Rogate CE Primary School 70 m
115836 (E) GU11 3JG Rowhill School w492343535 Rowhill School 49 m
141197 (E) GU1 4DT Sandfield Primary School w440986916 Sandfield Primary School 27 m
110068 (E) GU47 0SD Sandhurst School w440990128 Sandhurst School 182 m
125218 (E) GU23 7BS Send CofE Primary School w453363303 St Bede's CofE Aided Junior School 292 m
125029 (E) GU12 6SX Shawfield Primary School w440986408 Shawfield Primary School 107 m
115946 (E) GU32 2AS Sheet Primary School w170270490 Sheet Primary School 63 m
125246 (E) GU5 9HB Shere CofE Aided Infant School w453364062 Shere CofE Aided Infant School 36 m
124980 (E) GU27 1JZ Shottermill Infant School w136441280 Shottermill Infants School 19 m
124979 (E) GU27 1JF Shottermill Junior School w136441279 Shottermill Junior School 107 m
125367 (E) GU21 4QW St Andrew's Woking School Trust r3604611 St Andrew's School Woking 76 m
125242 (E) GU27 1BP St Bartholomew's CofE Aided Primary School w59213829 St Bartholomew's CofE Aided Primary School 113 m
125320 (E) GU5 0DF St Catherine's School w39378464 St. Catherines 38 m
125347 (E) GU26 6BH St Edmund's School w440993593 St Edmund's School 175 m
125382 (E) GU27 2ES St Ives School w190960317 St Ives School 225 m
125176 (E) GU8 6DH St James CofE Aided Primary School w301051728 St James CofE Primary School 173 m
125184 (E) GU10 2JE St John's CofE Aided Infant School w356861455 St John's C of E Infant School 2 m
137422 (E) GU11 3DD St Joseph's Catholic Primary School w170186385 St Joseph's Catholic Primary School 133 m
125456 (E) GU6 7DH St Joseph's Specialist Trust w453766737 St Joseph's Specialist School and College 501 m
140026 (E) GU8 4UF St Mary's Church of England Primary School w435300368 St Mary's Church of England Primary School 142 m
125183 (E) GU10 3DS St Mary's CofE Aided Infant School, Frensham w440995038 St Mary's CofE Aided Infant School, Frensham 70 m
125149 (E) GU8 6AE St Mary's CofE Voluntary Controlled Infant School w440993728 St Mary's CofE Voluntary Controlled Infant School 128 m
116332 (E) GU11 3PU St Michael's Church of England Controlled Infant School w170146616 St. Michael's Infant School 179 m
116333 (E) GU11 3SS St Michael's Church of England Controlled Junior School w170146624 St. Michael's Junior School 31 m
109973 (E) GU47 8HN St Michael's Church of England Primary School, Sandhurst w440990098 St Michael's Church of England Primary School, Sandhurst 11 m
125189 (E) GU2 4YD St Nicolas CofE Aided Infant School w440986323 St Nicolas CofE Aided Infant School 13 m
125148 (E) GU10 1EF St Paul's CofE Infant School, Tongham w440985555 St Paul's CofE Infant School and Surestart Children's Centre, Tongham 188 m
125182 (E) GU9 8TF St Peter's CofE Primary School w440995725 St Peter's CofE Primary School 85 m
147429 (E) GU9 8BQ St Polycarp's Catholic Primary School w151778929 St Polycarp's Catholic Primary School 88 m
116319 (E) GU32 2DE Steep Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School w170301851 Steep Church of England VC Primary School 74 m
134833 (E) GU26 6SU Stepping Stones School Hindhead w440993938 Stepping Stones School Hindhead 1 m
116151 (E) GU11 1RG Talavera Infant School w170147535 Talavera Infant School 76 m
116149 (E) GU11 1RG Talavera Junior School w170147534 Talavera Junior School 36 m
116025 (E) GU34 1PW The Butts Primary School w170188069 The Butts Primary School 79 m
140690 (E) GU11 4AA The Cambridge Primary School w674073447 The Cambridge Primary School 41 m
125200 (E) GU8 5PB The Chandler CofE Aided Junior School w440993453 The Chandler CofE Aided Junior School 102 m
125461 (E) GU22 7AT The Park School w453363146 The Park School 103 m
136903 (E) GU32 3LU The Petersfield School r4002587 The Petersfield School 48 m
141843 (E) GU9 8HB The Ridgeway School w151571974 The Ridgeway Community School 100 m
125348 (E) GU27 1HQ The Royal School w492345111 The Royal School 120 m
116636 (E) GU34 4GL Treloar School w144883477 Treloar College 86 m
135419 (E) GU7 1UW Unsted Park School w440992987 Unsted Park School 108 m
125156 (E) GU12 6LT Walsh CofE Junior School w440986024 Walsh CofE Junior School 133 m
125135 (E) GU12 6LT Walsh Memorial CofE Controlled Infant School w440985930 Walsh Memorial CofE Controlled Infant School 14 m
116322 (E) GU32 1LF West Meon Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School r3714355 West Meon Primary School + 8 m
115994 (E) GU46 6NN Westfields Infant School w440991810 Westfields Infant School 217 m
115984 (E) GU46 6NN Westfields Junior School w440991758 Westfields Junior School 217 m
125466 (E) GU5 0BJ Wey House School w453766018 Wey House School 105 m
139070 (E) GU1 1QJ Weyfield Academy w440985785 Weyfield Academy 126 m
116018 (E) GU35 0ET Weyford Nursery and Primary School w170303253 Weyford Nursery & Primary School 102 m
125077 (E) GU9 9ER William Cobbett Primary School r10032761 William Cobbett Primary School 102 m
125159 (E) GU8 5PN Witley CofE Controlled Infant School w440993351 Witley CofE Controlled Infant School 19 m
125202 (E) GU5 0RT Wonersh and Shamley Green CofE Aided Primary School w404672310 Wonersh and Shamley Green CofE Aided Primary School 78 m
125004 (E) GU3 3DA Wood Street Infant School w77012122 Wood Street Infant School 130 m
125364 (E) GU20 6PF Woodcote House School w440984203 Woodcote House School 121 m
116250 (E) GU35 9QX Woodlea Primary School w170303404 Woodlea Primary School 302 m
137314 (E) GU27 1QB Woolmer Hill School w151888097 Woolmer Hill School 109 m
115985 (E) GU34 2JA Wootey Infant School w170303680 Wootey Infant School 12 m
116037 (E) GU34 2JA Wootey Junior School w170303681 Wootey Junior School 57 m
145543 (E) GU3 2HS Wyke Primary School w440986543 Wyke Primary School 35 m
116433 (E) GU46 6NW Yateley School w440991608 Yateley School 23 m

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