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OSM Schools Progress in the 'KT' Postal Area

The blue circles on the map are schools from the official lists that haven't been matched to an OSM object. The red circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a school on the official list. The lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects. Dark green lines represent a match based on the ref:edubase (England & Wales), ref:seedcode (Scotland) and ref:deni (Northern Ireland) tags. Light green lines represent a match based on location in the absense of an OSM ref:* tag. Orange lines represnt a match based on location, with an incorrect ref:* tag. The location matches can match the wrong schools, particularly in inner-city areas where there are many schools in close proximity. To fix incorrect location matches, add the appropriate ref:* tag to the OSM amenity=school objects. For more information see below.

Schools not matched to an OSM Object

Note that only OSM ways and relations tagged with amenity=school or amenity=college are checked for possible matches. In most cases, any nodes tagged like this would be better converted to way polygons covering the whole of the school site. The matching process is simplistic, so an incorrect matching may result in a different nearby school being the one that is really missing. Also, it is not currently clear what licence the official Edubase / Scottish Government data can be re-used under. Until this is clarified, you should not use the data below directly to add schools to OSM. However, knowing that there is a school missing in a particular area, you may be able to add that school using other sources -- e.g. Bing, OS Street View, and by searching for the possible school's own website.

Official ID Postcode Official Name
148930 (E) KT24 5JP Aurora Poppyfield School
148324 (E) KT11 2AF Cobham Montessori School
143669 (E) KT12 2JP Heathside Walton-on-Thames
147600 (E) KT20 7HF Merrywood House Independent Special School
125447 (E) KT11 1HA Notre Dame Preparatory School
135407 (E) KT20 7PA Papillon House
149004 (E) KT18 7AA St Martins Church of England Infant School
147908 (E) KT3 6AU Tennis Avenue School
134902 (E) KT20 5RU The Children's Trust School
134108 (E) KT20 5RU The Surrey Teaching Centre
137060 (E) KT6 7EY Tolworth Girls' School and Sixth Form
132995 (E) KT16 0AU White Lodge Children's Centre

OSM Objects not matched to a school on the official lists

Entries here could be due to: Former schools that have now closed, more than one area being tagged for a single school, the official entry for a real school being matched incorrectly to a different OSM object, or institutions not included in the official lists being tagged as schools in OSM. Not all of these entries will be errors in the OSM data, so be careful before making any edits.

OSM Object OSM Name OSM Ref JRC
w250363945 +J
w379807731 +J
w678407065 +J
w942464206 +J
w856291166 +J
w246365631 +J
w161991432 +J
w1041483376 +J
w1027094430 +J
w1032050782 +J
w160330604 +J
w55880293 Athelstan House School +J
r3839384 Barnsbury Infants School +J
w942126846 Building Blocks +J
w440983781 Christ Church CofE Aided Infant School, Virginia Water 125175 +J
w136210946 Cranmere Primary School +J
w665534300 Danes Hilll School, Bevendean +J
w27161796 Denmead School +J
w241804211 Denmead School +J
w661010939 Explore Learning +J
w945821559 Grand Avenue Primary School +J
w423416090 Grand Avenue Primary School +J
w69594740 Guildford Children's Centre +J
w69884265 Guildford College +J
w847505327 Hillcroft College +J
w384968452 Kingston College +J
w240326427 Kingston Hill Children's Centre +J
w164945576 Lanesborough Pre-Prep School (Braganza) +J
w79635393 Lanesborough Preparatory School +J
r2030449 Manby Lodge Infant School +J
w32687839 Norbiton Children's Centre 22155 +J
w620061717 North West Surrey Short Stay School +J
w635717418 QEF Neuro Rehabilitation Services Brain Injury Centre 131967 +J
w284970378 Queen Elizabeth's Foundation for Disabled People +J
w57368585 Ripley Church of England Infant School +J
w249623202 Salesian School +J
w237286961 Sayes Court +J
w125091218 Sayes Court +J
w295433205 Send Church of England First School +J
w51452078 Surbiton High Junior Girls School +J
w51453545 Surbiton High School Assembly Rooms +J
w524518200 The Lawrence Weaver Institute +J
w251803166 The Manor School +J
w27634273 The Sycamore Centre Teaching Unit +J
w164946057 Tormead School Junior School +J
w478112317 Warren Park Children's Centre +J
w160198804 West Byfleet Junior & Infant Schools +J
w377122802 Woodstock House School +J

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Schools matched to an OSM object by location

Note that the matching is very simplistic, just taking the nearest unmatched OSM amenity=school or amenity=college way or relation within 1km of the postcode centroid of each official entry in turn. Where several school sites are in close proximity, they may be matched incorrectly.

Official ID Postcode Official Name OSM Object OSM Name MN MR MPC Offset JRC
102578 (E) KT2 6SE Alexandra Primary School w4770646 St Paul's C of E Junior School + + 52 m +J
124982 (E) KT21 2DF Barnett Wood Infant School w54327566 + 61 m +J
102694 (E) KT3 6JJ Blossom House School w320378371 Blossom Lower School & Upper House + + 71 m +J
147036 (E) KT20 7ST Bramley Hill School w40000666 Bramley School + + 136 m +J
130825 (E) KT13 8TT Brooklands College w152402112 Brooklands College - Weybridge Campus + + 159 m +J
102567 (E) KT2 7DD Coombe Hill Infant School w450506844 Rokeby Independent Preparatory School for Boys + + 408 m +J
102576 (E) KT2 7DD Coombe Hill Junior School w23108964 Coombe Hill Infant & Junior Schools + + 160 m +J
147678 (E) KT15 2NP Darley Dene Primary School w129377176 Darley Dene Infant School + + 10 m +J
131351 (E) KT2 6DZ Educare Small School w710515791 Kingston College Creative Industries Centre + 151 m +J
102568 (E) KT9 2JA Ellingham Primary School w766039642 St. Philip's School + + 81 m +J
124955 (E) KT17 1UZ Ewell Grove Primary and Nursery School w953692313 Ewell Castle School Nursery and Prep + + 94 m +J
148575 (E) KT22 7PW Fox Grove School w284843914 + 3 m +J
102580 (E) KT5 9HU Grand Avenue Primary and Nursery School w945821558 Grand Avenue Primary School + + 70 m +J
149115 (E) KT23 4JJ Great Bookham School w453363691 The Dawnay School 106 m +J
146127 (E) KT4 8AS Green Lane Primary and Nursery School w376223933 Green Lane Primary School + + 133 m +J
125056 (E) KT12 2EB Grovelands Primary School w495728657 + 51 m +J
147510 (E) KT10 0AQ Hinchley Wood Primary School w189670032 Hinchley Wood School and Sixth Form College + + 140 m +J
137855 (E) KT10 0AQ Hinchley Wood School w391094489 Hinchley Wood Primary School + 138 m +J
125405 (E) KT22 8ST Little Downsend Leatherhead w932661470 + 536 m +J
124966 (E) KT6 5JB Long Ditton Infant and Nursery School w61435504 Long Ditton Infant and Primary School + + 25 m +J
102562 (E) KT2 5QY Malden Oaks School and Tuition Service w1052944991 + 109 m +J
102577 (E) KT6 4AL Maple Infants' School w159064697 Surbiton High School Boys' Prep + + 450 m +J
125065 (E) KT16 9PT Meadowcroft Community Infant School w257170345 + 16 m +J
140876 (E) KT15 3RL New Haw Community Junior School w160330586 The Grange Infant Community School + + 83 m +J
135891 (E) KT12 4QY North East Surrey Secondary Short Stay School w23389892 + 961 m +J
146420 (E) KT16 0JT Ottershaw Christ Church Church of England Infant School w1026470040 + 496 m +J
146419 (E) KT16 0JY Ottershaw Christ Church Church of England Junior School w161851693 Ottershaw CofE junior and infant school + + 105 m +J
125480 (E) KT15 2QH Philip Southcote School w160566280 + 42 m +J
102612 (E) KT2 7PB Rokeby School w815028863 Unilever 4 Acres Campus + + 22 m +J
148882 (E) KT18 5PD Shawley Community Primary Academy w23388464 Shawley Community Primary School 116 m +J
102610 (E) KT6 6RL Shrewsbury House School w61374798 Shrewsbury House School + 40 m +J
125275 (E) KT22 7JP St Andrew's Catholic School w23401533 St Andrew's School 6th Form + + 28 m +J
125220 (E) KT17 1TX St Clement's Catholic Primary School w953692310 Ewell Grove Primary + + 453 m +J
102589 (E) KT1 2SG St John's C of E Primary School w24391696 Saint John's C of E Primary and Nursery School + + 50 m +J
149003 (E) KT18 7AD St Martins Church of England Junior School w20109613 + 30 m +J
125212 (E) KT7 0LP St Paul's Catholic Primary School, Thames Ditton w384977300 + 93 m +J
102591 (E) KT2 6AZ St Paul's CofE Primary School, Kingston Hill w240326416 Alexandra Infant School + 60 m +J
125211 (E) KT22 7JN St Peter's Catholic Primary School w235882905 + 36 m +J
142740 (E) KT9 2HR St Philip's School w766039641 Ellingham Primary School + + 144 m +J
145169 (E) KT8 2EJ The Beech House School w37180447 Hurst Park Primary School + + 892 m +J
125037 (E) KT15 3RL The Grange Community Infant School r2145686 New Haw Community Junior School + + 69 m +J
102617 (E) KT3 5DP The Study School w796324438 Interprime College London + + 604 m +J
125428 (E) KT11 3QQ The Yehudi Menuhin School w284623420 + 101 m +J
143902 (E) KT22 7NZ Therfield School w555511795 + 335 m +J
102575 (E) KT6 7SA Tolworth Infant and Nursery School w23088172 Tolworth Girls School + 908 m +J
102574 (E) KT6 7SA Tolworth Junior School w196360580 + 423 m +J
142416 (E) KT22 7NZ Wemms Education Centre w165336785 Therfield School + + 44 m +J
145797 (E) KT19 0UY West Ewell Primary School and Nursery w28016541 West Ewell Infant School + 59 m +J
125396 (E) KT12 1LE Westward School w58534964 + 36 m +J

Schools matched to an OSM object by reference number

Official ID Postcode Official Name OSM Object OSM Name MN MPC Offset
125421 (E) KT11 1BL ACS Cobham International School w381247010 ACS Cobham International School 159 m
125317 (E) KT20 6AJ Aberdour Preparatory School w383779777 Aberdour School 105 m
141294 (E) KT12 1HX Ashley Church of England Primary School w23401848 Ashley School 129 m
144387 (E) KT19 0PJ Auriol Junior School w435283898 Auriol Junior School 118 m
142687 (E) KT1 2QZ Bedelsford School w143606575 Bedelsford School 10 m
125058 (E) KT12 5NB Bell Farm Primary School w454696051 Bell Farm Primary School 20 m
137906 (E) KT19 9BH Blenheim High School w880919331 Blenheim High School 23 m
125055 (E) KT12 4HQ Burhill Primary School w383589946 Burhill Primary School 102 m
102565 (E) KT3 4LT Burlington Infant and Nursery School w452264272 Burlington Infant and Nursery School 48 m
102564 (E) KT3 4LT Burlington Junior School w452264192 Burlington Junior School 87 m
147671 (E) KT14 7AT Byfleet Primary School w199695326 Byfleet Primary School 85 m
102620 (E) KT2 7LN Canbury School w331346033 Canbury School 70 m
143364 (E) KT12 4QT Cardinal Newman Catholic Primary School w23391924 Cardinal Newman Roman Catholic Primary School 63 m
141764 (E) KT9 1JE Castle Hill Primary School w141309093 Castle Hill Primary School 154 m
125125 (E) KT8 2LX Chandlers Field Primary School w43084978 Chandlers Field Primary School 115 m
145481 (E) KT4 8SS Cheam Common Infants' Academy w24579760 Cheam Common Infants School + 64 m
142398 (E) KT4 8UT Cheam Common Junior Academy w24579738 Cheam Common Junior School + 183 m
144741 (E) KT15 2EP Chertsey High School w766781141 Chertsey High School 95 m
148407 (E) KT9 2JS Chessington School w664425148 Chessington School 36 m
125394 (E) KT20 5QZ Chinthurst School w40000492 Chinthurst School 39 m
102586 (E) KT5 8LJ Christ Church CofE Primary School w435283669 Christ Church CofE Primary School 119 m
102585 (E) KT3 3HN Christ Church New Malden CofE Primary School w32930164 Christ Church CofE New Malden Primary School Junior Site 39 m
102585 (E) KT3 3HN Christ Church New Malden CofE Primary School w452263972 Christ Church New Malden CofE Primary School 405 m
125349 (E) KT21 1ET City of London Freemen's School w26798325 City of London Freemen's School 104 m
125334 (E) KT10 9LY Claremont Fan Court School w330363746 Claremont Fan Court School 44 m
125108 (E) KT10 0NB Claygate Primary School w247022745 Claygate Primary School 105 m
136338 (E) KT13 9TS Cleves School w170351713 Cleve's School 147 m
138226 (E) KT11 1TF Cobham Free School r14431900 Cobham Free School 648 m
137859 (E) KT3 6NU Coombe Boys' School w491535003 Coombe Boys' School 88 m
137848 (E) KT3 3TU Coombe Girls' School w23015878 Coombe Girls School 38 m
102594 (E) KT3 3JU Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School w445977751 Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School 206 m
131125 (E) KT10 8BE Cranmere Primary School w136229069 Cranmere Primary School 177 m
125416 (E) KT24 6AT Cranmore w25962959 Cranmore School 145 m
143000 (E) KT4 7DD Cuddington Community Primary School w435283896 Cuddington Community Primary School 170 m
125389 (E) KT22 0JG Danes Hill School w207743868 Danes Hill School 189 m
138764 (E) KT19 9SE Danetree Primary School w28016598 Danetree Primary School 44 m
102982 (E) KT4 8PG Dorchester Primary School w24524820 Dorchester Primary School 34 m
125351 (E) KT22 8TJ Downsend School w23401532 Downsend School 122 m
142698 (E) KT6 6HL Dysart School w849933574 Dysart School 80 m
142998 (E) KT23 3PP Eastwick Infant School w453363854 Eastwick Infant School 143 m
142999 (E) KT23 3PP Eastwick Junior School w28385523 Eastwick Junior School 186 m
125332 (E) KT17 4JQ Epsom College w4981289 Epsom College 229 m
125127 (E) KT18 5RJ Epsom Downs Primary School and Children's Centre w39999985 Epsom Downs County Primary School and Children's Centre 18 m
124956 (E) KT19 8SD Epsom Primary and Nursery School w28894496 Epsom Primary and Nursery School 20 m
137595 (E) KT19 9JW Epsom and Ewell High School w899979166 Epsom and Ewell High School 141 m
141733 (E) KT10 9DU Esher Church School w453362842 Esher Church School 122 m
140650 (E) KT10 8AP Esher Church of England High School w60046837 Esher High School 338 m
145006 (E) KT7 0JB Esher Sixth Form College w160626447 Esher College 59 m
125380 (E) KT17 2AW Ewell Castle School w22768749 Ewell Castle School 81 m
125359 (E) KT11 1DR Feltonfleet w297444524 Feltonfleet 71 m
148798 (E) KT2 5PE Fern Hill Primary School w34795384 Fern Hill Primary School 5 m
124983 (E) KT22 9JU Fetcham Village Infant School w28332103 Fetcham Village Infant School 118 m
137003 (E) KT15 3HW Fullbrook School w248315274 Fullbrook School 29 m
125377 (E) KT24 6NS Glenesk School w453363757 Glenesk School 59 m
136534 (E) KT17 1NB Glyn School w4978335 Glyn School 51 m
133443 (E) KT8 9BS Hampton Court House w24804856 Hampton Court House 232 m
142314 (E) KT13 8UZ Heathside School w147481187 Heathside School 41 m
102609 (E) KT2 7NU Holy Cross Preparatory School w450506846 Holy Cross Preparatory School 98 m
143368 (E) KT15 1BP Holy Family Catholic Primary School w237304638 Holy Family Roman Catholic Primary School 29 m
136833 (E) KT24 5JR Howard of Effingham School w27179129 The Howard of Effingham 57 m
125038 (E) KT8 1QS Hurst Park Primary School w666487400 Hurst Park Primary School 158 m
139948 (E) KT15 1TE Jubilee High School w161991415 Jubilee High School 22 m
102579 (E) KT1 3AR King Athelstan Primary School w22747509 King Athelstan Primary School 32 m
102582 (E) KT3 3RZ King's Oak Primary School w32954340 King's Oak Primary School 117 m
102619 (E) KT2 6PY Kingston Grammar School w22498784 Kingston Grammar School 20 m
125329 (E) KT19 8LG Kingswood House School w828188280 Kingswood House School 85 m
124937 (E) KT20 7EA Kingswood Primary School w455558451 Kingswood Primary School 79 m
140667 (E) KT5 9QP Knollmead Primary School w221214984 Knollmead Primary School 28 m
138689 (E) KT2 5TT Latchmere School w48775192 Latchmere School 155 m
135009 (E) KT22 7BP Leatherhead Trinity School and Nursery w455558072 Leatherhead Trinity School and Children's Centre 114 m
137575 (E) KT6 6DG Lime Tree Primary School w691098394 Lime Tree Primary School + 58 m
144233 (E) KT4 7JW Linden Bridge School w33337177 Linden Bridge School 20 m
125432 (E) KT21 2RE Little Downsend Ashtead w455558122 Downsend School Pre-Prep Ashtead 96 m
125378 (E) KT17 3AB Little Downsend Epsom w660021056 Downsend Pre-Prep Epsom 32 m
125180 (E) KT7 0AD Long Ditton St Mary's CofE (Aided) Junior School w377147891 Long Ditton St Mary's School 141 m
102583 (E) KT9 2RN Lovelace Primary School w138801879 Lovelace Primary School 51 m
125137 (E) KT16 0AJ Lyne and Longcross CofE Aided Primary School w435696707 Lyne And Long Cross Church Of England Infant School 58 m
102581 (E) KT3 5PF Malden Manor Primary and Nursery School w27328347 Malden Manor Primary & Nursery School 173 m
102587 (E) KT4 7LW Malden Parochial CofE Primary School w435283731 Malden Parochial CofE Primary School 78 m
125075 (E) KT13 9DA Manby Lodge Infant School w453361918 Manby Lodge Infant School 12 m
125352 (E) KT23 4EN Manor House School w453363574 Manor House School 97 m
102615 (E) KT2 7PE Marymount International School w450506845 Marymount International School 63 m
145796 (E) KT17 2LW Meadow Primary School w851925306 Meadow Primary School 54 m
125478 (E) KT16 0LF Meath School w421858990 Meath School 34 m
125335 (E) KT10 9EG Milbourne Lodge School w453362473 Milbourne Lodge Senior School 122 m
102985 (E) KT17 2HQ Nonsuch Primary School w435284001 Nonsuch Primary School 104 m
130822 (E) KT17 3DS North East Surrey College of Technology w35597911 Nescot College 152 m
125375 (E) KT11 1HA Notre Dame School w87177590 Notre Dame 88 m
125019 (E) KT22 9ND Oakfield Junior School w28334010 Oakfield Junior School 142 m
124994 (E) KT13 9PZ Oatlands School w349334572 Oatlands School 105 m
125042 (E) KT15 1NY Ongar Place Primary School w161997877 Ongar Place 8 m
102595 (E) KT6 7DG Our Lady Immaculate Catholic Primary School w195941675 Our Lady Immaculate 50 m
102616 (E) KT2 7SH Park Hill School w223017675 Park Hill School and Nursery 7 m
125326 (E) KT11 3PX Parkside School w265949975 Parkside School 18 m
125052 (E) KT23 4PT Polesden Lacey Infant School w453363666 Polesden Lacey Infant School 72 m
139951 (E) KT16 9EW Pyrcroft Grange Primary School w254574079 Pyrcroft Grange Primary School 119 m
125321 (E) KT11 2ES Reeds School w453362289 Reed's School 227 m
137299 (E) KT3 5PE Richard Challoner School w435283758 Richard Challoner School 47 m
131072 (E) KT19 0JP Riverview CofE Primary and Nursery School VA w224837918 Riverview CofE Primary and Nursery School 62 m
137736 (E) KT18 7NQ Rosebery School w28609828 Rosebery School 14 m
125333 (E) KT10 0LX Rowan Preparatory School w453362299 Rowan Preparatory School 45 m
102668 (E) KT3 4ND Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School w376408232 Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School 3 m
143367 (E) KT16 9LU Salesian School, Chertsey w249623178 Salesian School 58 m
140860 (E) KT15 1NB Sayes Court School w125070138 Sayes Court School 91 m
125374 (E) KT10 9EA Shrewsbury House Pre Preparatory School w455560768 Shrewsbury House Pre-Preparatory School 139 m
125425 (E) KT16 9BN Sir William Perkins's School w249623140 Sir William Perkins 196 m
130448 (E) KT1 2AQ South Thames Colleges Group w23203685 Carshalton College(South Thames Colleges Group) 10486 m
130448 (E) KT1 2AQ South Thames Colleges Group w129098944 South Thames College Tooting Centre 9762 m
130448 (E) KT1 2AQ South Thames Colleges Group w204180588 South Thames College Wandsworth Campus 9670 m
130448 (E) KT1 2AQ South Thames Colleges Group w378178039 Merton College 7097 m
137917 (E) KT6 5AS Southborough High School w247220968 Southborough High School 11 m
133721 (E) KT19 8TF Southfield Park Primary School w377584912 Southfield Park Primary School 13 m
137856 (E) KT2 5TY St Agatha's Catholic Primary School w4770429 St Agatha's School 19 m
143366 (E) KT8 2PG St Alban's Catholic Primary School w381621133 St Alban's Catholic Primary School 152 m
143626 (E) KT11 2AX St Andrew's CofE Primary School w188116282 St Andrew's C of E Primary School 181 m
102588 (E) KT6 4AL St Andrew's and St Mark's CofE Junior School w157050641 St. Andrew's and St. Mark's Church of England Junior School 18 m
143365 (E) KT16 8ET St Anne's Catholic Primary School w257014189 St Anne's Catholic Primary School 44 m
143372 (E) KT13 8JD St Charles Borromeo Catholic Primary School, Weybridge w332533896 St Charles Borromeo RC Primary 42 m
125331 (E) KT18 5HE St Christopher's School Trust (Epsom) Ltd w455558267 St Christopher's School 74 m
125361 (E) KT15 2QS St George's College Weybridge w170246026 Saint George's College 24 m
125443 (E) KT13 8NL St George's Junior School w309796098 St George's Junior School Weybridge 231 m
125190 (E) KT21 1EA St Giles' CofE (Aided) Infant School w455558206 St Giles' CofE (Aided) Infant School 106 m
125163 (E) KT13 8PL St James CofE Primary School w223861414 St. James C of E Primary School 80 m
102911 (E) KT1 4HQ St John the Baptist Church of England Junior School w211556068 St John the Baptist CE Junior School 161 m
125353 (E) KT22 8SP St John's School w61417592 Saint John's 42 m
125205 (E) KT18 7RT St Joseph's Catholic Primary School w32660753 St Joseph's Catholic Primary School 109 m
102596 (E) KT1 2UP St Joseph's Catholic Primary School w27879755 St Joseph's Catholic Primary School 26 m
125179 (E) KT8 9DR St Lawrence CofE Aided Junior School, East Molesey w44357246 Saint Lawrence C of E School 188 m
141347 (E) KT24 5JP St Lawrence Primary School w453363653 St Lawrence Primary School 165 m
102604 (E) KT2 6EN St Luke's CofE Primary School w445976307 St Luke's CofE Primary School 111 m
102593 (E) KT9 2DH St Mary's CofE (Aided) Primary School w445978224 St Mary's CofE (Aided) Primary School 28 m
125150 (E) KT14 7NJ St Mary's CofE Controlled Primary School, Byfleet w199419160 St Mary's C of E Primary School 110 m
125178 (E) KT11 3NA St Matthew's CofE Aided Infant School, Cobham w453364002 St Matthew's Church of England Infant School 91 m
102592 (E) KT6 6LW St Matthew's CofE Primary School w256832716 St Matthew's Church of England Primary School 95 m
140028 (E) KT15 1TD St Paul's CofE Primary School w161991416 St Paul's C of E Primary School 14 m
102590 (E) KT9 1AJ St Paul's CofE Primary School w445978169 St Paul's CofE Primary School 104 m
125066 (E) KT19 8LU Stamford Green Primary School and Nursery w26848614 Stamford Green Primary School 106 m
125122 (E) KT16 8HT Stepgates Community School w254574056 Stepgates Community School 6 m
102611 (E) KT1 2JT Surbiton High School w159063829 Surbiton High School 41 m
125296 (E) KT20 5RR Tadworth Primary School w40000399 Tadworth Primary School 46 m
124968 (E) KT7 0NW Thames Ditton Infant School w455560538 Thames Ditton Infant School 122 m
124967 (E) KT7 0BS Thames Ditton Junior School w377271304 Thames Ditton Junior School 171 m
125360 (E) KT12 3JB The Danesfield Manor School w453362120 The Danesfield Manor School 56 m
125008 (E) KT21 1SH The Greville Primary School w20840882 The Greville Primary School 114 m
137678 (E) KT6 4TU The Hollyfield School and Sixth Form Centre w35392883 Hollyfield School 36 m
138459 (E) KT3 5AR The Holy Cross School w24620259 Holy Cross School 29 m
141862 (E) KT2 5PE The Kingston Academy w34795257 The Kingston Academy 70 m
145102 (E) KT14 6HS The Marist Catholic Primary School w242370765 The Marist Catholic Primary School 86 m
124959 (E) KT19 0QG The Mead Infant and Nursery School w435283979 The Mead Infant School 18 m
124964 (E) KT8 9HT The Orchard Infant School w455560565 The Orchard Infant School 64 m
137014 (E) KT24 6LX The Raleigh School w274291997 The Raleigh School 230 m
125143 (E) KT22 0LE The Royal Kent CofE Primary School w312145858 Royal Kent School 180 m
136615 (E) KT2 5PL The Tiffin Girls' School w30024364 The Tiffin Girls' School 41 m
146024 (E) KT18 6HP The Vale Primary School w26798434 The Vale Primary School 7 m
144503 (E) KT12 5EJ Three Rivers Academy w454696046 Three Rivers Academy 52 m
136910 (E) KT2 6RL Tiffin School w26567500 Tiffin School 63 m
143001 (E) KT17 3AS Wallace Fields Infant School and Nursery w659404902 Wallace Fields Infant School and Nursery 50 m
125298 (E) KT17 3BH Wallace Fields Junior School w659404901 Wallace Fields Junior School 277 m
125468 (E) KT12 5AB Walton Leigh School w453362102 Walton Leigh School 154 m
146682 (E) KT12 3LN Walton Oak Primary School w453361880 Walton Oak Primary School 56 m
124939 (E) KT20 7RR Walton-on-the-Hill Primary School w455559382 Walton-on-the-Hill Primary School 72 m
125026 (E) KT21 2PX West Ashtead Primary School w206088895 West Ashtead Primary School 21 m
125003 (E) KT14 6EF West Byfleet Infant School w420624620 West Byfleet Infant School 126 m
125081 (E) KT14 6EF West Byfleet Junior School w420624614 West Byfleet Junior School 164 m
144228 (E) KT22 7PW West Hill School w28475790 West Hill School 8 m
102618 (E) KT3 5AS Westbury House School w465221929 Westbury House School 68 m
125437 (E) KT7 0JN Weston Green Preparatory School w173998819 Weston Green School 39 m
125469 (E) KT22 8RY Woodlands School w455559762 Woodlands School 12 m

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