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OSM Schools Progress in the 'MK' Postal Area

The blue circles on the map are schools from the official lists that haven't been matched to an OSM object. The red circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a school on the official list. The lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects. Dark green lines represent a match based on the ref:edubase (England & Wales), ref:seedcode (Scotland) and ref:deni (Northern Ireland) tags. Light green lines represent a match based on location in the absense of an OSM ref:* tag. Orange lines represnt a match based on location, with an incorrect ref:* tag. The location matches can match the wrong schools, particularly in inner-city areas where there are many schools in close proximity. To fix incorrect location matches, add the appropriate ref:* tag to the OSM amenity=school objects. For more information see below.

Schools not matched to an OSM Object

Note that only OSM ways and relations tagged with amenity=school or amenity=college are checked for possible matches. In most cases, any nodes tagged like this would be better converted to way polygons covering the whole of the school site. The matching process is simplistic, so an incorrect matching may result in a different nearby school being the one that is really missing. Also, it is not currently clear what licence the official Edubase / Scottish Government data can be re-used under. Until this is clarified, you should not use the data below directly to add schools to OSM. However, knowing that there is a school missing in a particular area, you may be able to add that school using other sources -- e.g. Bing, OS Street View, and by searching for the possible school's own website.

Official ID Postcode Official Name
148551 (E) MK1 1LG Baytul Ilm Secondary School
135990 (E) MK44 2PT Cambian Walnut Tree Lodge School
144807 (E) MK42 9HE E-Spired Centre of Excellence
135987 (E) MK45 4HS Esland Bedford School
148420 (E) MK2 3HU KWS Milton Keynes
136122 (E) MK41 9TJ KWS School
140207 (E) MK18 7RR Lace Hill Academy
147224 (E) MK9 3GN SMK Gateway - Alternative Provision
144595 (E) MK42 6BA Wixams Academy
143926 (E) MK42 6BA Wixams Tree Primary School

OSM Objects not matched to a school on the official lists

Entries here could be due to: Former schools that have now closed, more than one area being tagged for a single school, the official entry for a real school being matched incorrectly to a different OSM object, or institutions not included in the official lists being tagged as schools in OSM. Not all of these entries will be errors in the OSM data, so be careful before making any edits.

OSM Object OSM Name OSM Ref
w4314600 Abbey Middle School
w505298047 Barnfield College
w3102499 Bedford Greenacre Independent School
w25819181 Bedford Greenacre Independent School
w70799871 Bedford Preparatory School
w389506239 Bedfordshire University College
w57688363 Biddenham Upper School Playing Fields
w828861303 Bosworth Independant College
w828861305 Bosworth Independant College
w610010853 Cotton End Forest School
w82626084 Cranfield Lower School
w401555050 Emberton School 110226
w560940987 Engineering and Construction Skills Centre
w566389991 Fernwood School
w588179825 Filgrave School and Filgrave Nursery
w488495187 Forest End Lower School
w921257167 Forest End Lower School
w86060306 Great Barford Lower School
w505280111 Greenleas School
w558629907 Hitchin Yeshiva
w4316106 Hockey
w184558519 Kempston Rural Lower School
w242611014 Northampton College
r7084055 Ousedale School Olney Campus
w34852686 Putnoe Lower School
w596988773 Railway Nursery School
w505570025 Richmond Hill School East
w442792386 Roundwood Primary School (Tingewick)
w115355999 Saint Gregory's Middle School
w505569851 Sceptre School/Focus School Dunstable Campus
w133017987 St James and St John CE Primary School, Akeley
w505569941 St Josephs' Catholic Junior School
w724686213 St Mary's Wavendon C of E Primary
w397834323 St Peter's Independent School 122143
w505569954 Sundon Park Junior School
w1025283859 TBA
w4317178 The Bedford Sixth Form
w505296832 The Chiltern School
w101223275 The Walnuts School
w1070626115 Walton Prepatory and Pre-Prep school
w87098420 Willington Lower School
w365347967 Wootton Lower School Extension
w320306924 Wootton Park School Pavilion and Acorns Wrap Around Care

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Schools matched to an OSM object by location

Note that the matching is very simplistic, just taking the nearest unmatched OSM amenity=school or amenity=college way or relation within 1km of the postcode centroid of each official entry in turn. Where several school sites are in close proximity, they may be matched incorrectly.

Official ID Postcode Official Name OSM Object OSM Name MN MR MPC Offset JRC
122138 (E) MK19 6DA Akeley Wood Junior School w113599259 Akeley Wood School + 33 m +J
147380 (E) MK8 8NA Ashbrook School w35163460 Ashbrook First School + 39 m +J
140252 (E) MK6 5DE Bridge Academy w104007030 Bridge Academy Central + 266 m +J
109611 (E) MK43 8NR Bromham CofE Primary School w37927952 Bromham Church of England Lower School + 133 m +J
110399 (E) MK16 0DT Cedars Primary School w46536774 Cedars School + 18 m +J
109446 (E) MK45 3AG Cotton End Forest School w85907622 Cotton End Lower School + 86 m +J
110222 (E) MK17 0JR Drayton Parslow Village School w113244314 + 28 m +J
143766 (E) MK11 4BA Fairfields Primary School w515166304 Fairfields Junior School + 60 m +J
143770 (E) MK44 3HZ Great Barford Church of England Primary Academy w86060295 Alban Academy + 83 m +J
137290 (E) MK45 5ES Greenfield CofE VC Lower School w84152155 Greenfield Academy + 54 m +J
110231 (E) MK19 7AN Haversham Village School w45202341 Haversham School + 150 m +J
109615 (E) MK44 3NL John Donne Church of England Primary School w86039951 John Donne Lower School + 96 m +J
109590 (E) MK44 2HH Kymbrook Primary School w247684387 Kymbrook Lower School + 49 m +J
136471 (E) MK43 7RE Lincroft Academy w243086501 Lincroft Middle School + 135 m +J
132787 (E) MK5 7XX Long Meadow School w39115050 Long Meadow School + 58 m +J
110438 (E) MK18 1QA Maids Moreton Church of England School w100500582 + 109 m +J
147183 (E) MK43 0NE Marston Moreteyne VC School w79433512 Church End Lower School + 83 m +J
131670 (E) MK4 1EZ Merebrook Infant School w34697830 Merebrook First School + 49 m +J
134310 (E) MK2 2HP Milton Keynes Primary Pupil Referral Unit w875174738 The Saplings Children's Centre & Knowles Nursery School + + 511 m +J
109473 (E) MK44 3RD Moggerhanger Primary School w85957381 Moggerhanger Lower School + 84 m +J
110444 (E) MK17 0RT Mursley Church of England School w110580055 + 29 m +J
131718 (E) MK16 8PS Portfields Primary School w100174930 Portfields Combined School + 82 m +J
148334 (E) MK44 2RW Ravensden CofE Primary Academy w86760284 Ravensden Lower School + 91 m +J
136559 (E) MK45 2NU Redborne Upper School and Community College w83398391 Redborne Upper School and Community College + 58 m +J
109603 (E) MK41 0LU Renhold VC Primary School w86175412 Renhold Lower School + 221 m +J
110228 (E) MK18 4HY Roundwood Primary School w19837760 Roundwood Primary School Junior Site + + 142 m +J
146269 (E) MK44 3DR Roxton Church of England Academy w86160373 Roxton VA Church of England Lower School + 81 m +J
136470 (E) MK44 1JL Sharnbrook Academy w88083228 Sharnbrook Upper School + 411 m +J
139510 (E) MK44 1PF Sharnbrook Primary w88076060 John Gibbard Lower School + 98 m +J
109442 (E) MK44 3TH Sheerhatch Primary School w243082119 Cople Lower School + 178 m +J
136730 (E) MK5 7ZT Shenley Brook End School w527319173 Oxley Park Academy @ Shenley Wood + 878 m +J
109614 (E) MK40 4BD St James' Church of England VA Primary School w37564666 St James Lower School + 114 m +J
139547 (E) MK40 4HN St Joseph's and St Gregory's Catholic Primary School w120050510 St Josephs Lower School + 31 m +J
110483 (E) MK12 6AY St Mary Magdalene Catholic Primary School w41958746 St Mary Magdalene RC Primary School + 47 m +J
110248 (E) MK18 2PA Steeple Claydon School and Pre-School w112589172 + 140 m +J
109429 (E) MK17 8SR Swallowfield Lower School w104059911 Swallowfield Lower School + 87 m +J
109527 (E) MK45 1AJ Templefield Lower School w154323657 Woodland Middle School + 360 m +J
109468 (E) MK43 0SB Thomas Johnson Lower School w82659862 Thomas Johnson School + 159 m +J
137061 (E) MK8 8LH Two Mile Ash School w35163459 Two Mile Ash Middle School + 135 m +J
110437 (E) MK18 4EU Twyford C of E School w205368871 Twyford C of E First School + + 107 m +J
148193 (E) MK2 3QF Water Hall Primary School w105901361 Water Hall Primary School + 193 m +J
131397 (E) MK7 7HL Wavendon Gate School w46480553 Wavendon Gate Combined School + 316 m +J
109666 (E) MK40 4HW Westfield Primary School w99370545 Westfield Middle School + 45 m +J
109492 (E) MK45 3BX Wilstead Primary School w85826418 Wilstead Lower School + 66 m +J
110368 (E) MK14 6BB Wood End Infant & Pre-School w42828984 Wood End First School + 200 m +J
136560 (E) MK45 1NP Woodland Middle School Academy w154323658 Templefield Lower School + 91 m +J

Schools matched to an OSM object by reference number

Official ID Postcode Official Name OSM Object OSM Name MN MPC Offset
110401 (E) MK3 6PS Abbeys Primary School w101417181 Abbeys Primary School 94 m
110536 (E) MK18 5AE Akeley Wood Senior School w442097016 Akeley Wood Senior School 66 m
137249 (E) MK45 2QR Alameda Middle School w83397648 Alameda Middle School 90 m
136829 (E) MK45 4JZ Arnold Academy w84344590 Arnold Academy 112 m
109428 (E) MK17 8JT Aspley Guise Village School w405821465 Aspley Guise Lower School 126 m
109464 (E) MK42 7ER Balliol Primary School w4320836 Balliol Lower School & Nursery Unit 165 m
110327 (E) MK3 7NA Barleyhurst Park Primary w101223287 Barleyhurst Park Primary 37 m
136085 (E) MK42 9TR Bedford Academy w95276430 Bedford Academy 66 m
130597 (E) MK42 9AH Bedford College w4319878 Bedford College 49 m
130597 (E) MK42 9AH Bedford College w199779546 Tresham College 42149 m
130597 (E) MK42 9AH Bedford College w317238933 Tresham College - Wellingborough Campus 24371 m
130597 (E) MK42 9AH Bedford College w539616435 Tresham College of Further and Higher Education 32909 m
138228 (E) MK42 9AD Bedford Free School w114470053 Bedford Free School 37 m
109727 (E) MK42 0BX Bedford Girls' School w23659760 Bedford Girls' School 51 m
109717 (E) MK40 2DL Bedford Greenacre Independent School w4321880 Bedford Greenacre Independent School 18 m
109728 (E) MK41 7NT Bedford Modern School w4321646 Bedford Modern School 54 m
109461 (E) MK42 8QH Bedford Road Primary School w7938236 Bedford Road Lower School 74 m
109718 (E) MK40 2TU Bedford School r14122432 Bedford School 111 m
109690 (E) MK40 4AZ Biddenham International School and Sports College w23442147 Biddenham International School & Sports College 228 m
110481 (E) MK2 3BT Bishop Parker Catholic School w45144977 Bishop Parker Roman Catholic School 27 m
137939 (E) MK18 7HX Bourton Meadow Academy w100376683 The Bourton Meadow Academy 52 m
134423 (E) MK17 9JT Bow Brickhill CofE VA Primary School w405826232 Bow Brickhill CofE VA Primary School 94 m
110369 (E) MK13 9AZ Bradwell Village School w334027323 Bradwell Village School 93 m
109503 (E) MK41 7AA Brickhill Primary School w4371655 Brickhill Primary School 98 m
109483 (E) MK43 9NN Broadmead Lower School w243082118 Broadmead Lower School 73 m
135271 (E) MK10 7EU Brooklands Farm Primary School w183990232 Brooklands Farm Primary School 79 m
135271 (E) MK10 7EU Brooklands Farm Primary School w464523830 Brooklands Farm Primary School 903 m
132210 (E) MK14 6JZ Brooksward School w45235161 Brooksward School 62 m
134072 (E) MK10 9LS Broughton Fields Primary School w42891580 Broughton Fields Primary School 74 m
136153 (E) MK10 9AA Broughton Manor Preparatory School w883136563 Broughton Manor Preparatory School 554 m
110329 (E) MK18 1TT Buckingham Primary School w100499070 Buckingham Primary School 106 m
110484 (E) MK18 1AT Buckingham School w446147841 Buckingham School 27 m
110256 (E) MK12 5JG Bushfield School w42877368 Bushfield School 65 m
142322 (E) MK3 7EB Cambian Bletchley Park School w446703028 Cambian Bletchley Park School 34 m
109462 (E) MK42 8NW Camestone School w95333178 Camestone Lower School 110 m
109610 (E) MK43 7JR Carlton CofE Primary School w87207511 Carlton Lower School 107 m
110394 (E) MK5 7DF Caroline Haslett Primary School w154936023 Caroline Haslett Primary School 65 m
109435 (E) MK40 3EP Castle Newnham School w4320929 Castle Newnham School 92 m
109661 (E) MK41 9DT Castle Newnham School w3103301 Newnham Middle School 62 m
110213 (E) MK19 7EW Castlethorpe First School w405829302 Castlethorpe First School 107 m
144528 (E) MK42 9DR Cauldwell School w23488224 Cauldwell School 138 m
138440 (E) MK6 3AZ Charles Warren Academy w44062302 Charles Warren Academy 30 m
143265 (E) MK3 5EN Chestnuts Primary School w44285601 Chestnuts Primary School 123 m
147269 (E) MK8 0PZ Christ the Sower Ecumenical Primary School w38904823 Christ the Sower Ecumenical Primary School 50 m
110404 (E) MK3 7PD Cold Harbour Church of England School w101269592 Cold Harbour C of E Combined School 40 m
121811 (E) MK19 7JH Cosgrove Village Primary School w391741514 Cosgrove Village Primary School 109 m
137853 (E) MK43 0DR Cranfield Church of England Academy w139239899 Cranfield Church of England Academy 2 m
138067 (E) MK42 7PS Daubeney Academy w23441654 Daubeney Academy 30 m
121813 (E) MK19 6HJ Deanshanger Primary School w109631221 Deanshanger Primary School 86 m
136468 (E) MK5 6EX Denbigh School w35163676 Denbigh School 90 m
110372 (E) MK14 7NA Downs Barn School w34756681 Downs Barn School 33 m
130254 (E) MK2 3HJ Drayton Park School w45315498 Drayton Park School 99 m
143643 (E) MK18 2LS East Claydon Church of England School w405837834 East Claydon Church of England School 188 m
109433 (E) MK41 7NH Edith Cavell Primary School w4313794 Edith Cavell Primary School 7 m
143421 (E) MK19 6HN Elizabeth Woodville School w108817678 The Elizabeth Woodville School (North Campus) 11726 m
143421 (E) MK19 6HN Elizabeth Woodville School w109633034 The Elizabeth Woodville School (South Campus) 190 m
144039 (E) MK42 9GP Elstow School w95235567 Elstow School 1125 m
131190 (E) MK4 2JR Emerson Valley School w36867256 Emerson Valley School 47 m
137555 (E) MK17 9DU Eversholt Lower School w270286940 Eversholt Lower School 138 m
110355 (E) MK6 5AX Falconhurst School w34744590 Falconhurst School 101 m
147753 (E) MK18 4AR Finmere Church of England Primary School w114434512 Finmere Church of England Primary School 64 m
109452 (E) MK45 1LU Flitwick Lower School w405819609 Flitwick Lower School 2 m
137904 (E) MK17 8NP Fulbrook Middle School w104060943 Fulbrook Middle School 308 m
110585 (E) MK18 3BL Furze Down School w33173556 Furze Down School 277 m
140368 (E) MK18 1AP George Grenville Academy w173576803 George Grenville Academy 74 m
110375 (E) MK14 7DU Germander Park School w46580082 Germander Park School 26 m
110381 (E) MK14 5PY Giffard Park Primary School w42942997 Giffard Park Primary School 138 m
134073 (E) MK4 3GB Giles Brook Primary School w209845961 Giles Brook Primary School 44 m
110400 (E) MK5 6BX Glastonbury Thorn School w405842538 Glastonbury Thorn School 124 m
136552 (E) MK41 9BX Goldington Academy w3087473 Goldington Academy 171 m
139523 (E) MK41 0DP Goldington Green Academy w23615612 Goldington Green Academy 82 m
139374 (E) MK42 8AU Grange Academy w4319774 Grange Academy 165 m
140075 (E) MK45 4HY Gravenhurst Academy w84161746 Gravenhurst Academy 102 m
135996 (E) MK40 4GG Great Denham Primary School w669852679 Great Denham Primary School 13 m
145032 (E) MK17 0RG Great Horwood Church of England School w442095943 Great Horwood Church of England Combined School 84 m
110366 (E) MK14 5BL Great Linford Primary School w45200169 Great Linford Primary School 78 m
144746 (E) MK40 4TJ Great Ouse Primary Academy w670731842 Great Ouse Primary Academy 102 m
110395 (E) MK16 0NH Green Park School w46528514 Green Park School 55 m
110345 (E) MK12 6AT Greenleys First School w41958641 Greenleys First School 8 m
110367 (E) MK12 5DE Greenleys Junior School w42855733 Greenleys Junior School 53 m
139320 (E) MK42 7AB Greys Education Centre w23441827 Greys Education Centre 116 m
110230 (E) MK19 7BL Hanslope Primary School w108384151 Hanslope Primary School 130 m
143084 (E) MK43 7DB Harrold Primary Academy w446137921 Harrold Primary Academy 191 m
109456 (E) MK45 3PR Haynes Lower School w83724321 Haynes Lower School 121 m
109506 (E) MK41 9AT Hazeldene School w3087670 Hazeldene Lower School 53 m
110382 (E) MK13 7QL Heelands School w44041487 Heelands School 39 m
139449 (E) MK7 7BW Heronsgate School w155795280 Heronsgate School 94 m
146462 (E) MK7 7PG Heronshaw School w155795278 Heronshaw School 16 m
110419 (E) MK17 9AS High Ash Church of England Primary School w106807452 High Ash C of E Primary School 204 m
147381 (E) MK8 9AB Holmwood School w39018781 Holmwood School 56 m
148229 (E) MK3 5HP Holne Chase Primary School w46615527 Holne Chase Primary School 45 m
138844 (E) MK43 0JA Holywell School w23487274 Holywell School 111 m
109458 (E) MK45 3LL Houghton Conquest Lower School w82663552 Houghton Conquest Lower School 76 m
132786 (E) MK4 2SH Howe Park School w265616295 Howe Park School 33 m
109460 (E) MK43 0UZ Husborne Crawley Lower School w113625092 Husborne Crawley Lower School 179 m
145043 (E) MK6 2LB Jubilee Wood Primary School w484350703 Jubilee Wood Primary School 125 m
142387 (E) MK42 7EB Kempston Challenger Academy w4321889 Kempston Challenger Academy 1263 m
142387 (E) MK42 7EB Kempston Challenger Academy w23488086 Kempston Challenger Academy 248 m
109463 (E) MK42 7FJ Kempston Rural Primary School w300898248 Kempston Rural Primary School 155 m
145063 (E) MK7 6BZ Kents Hill Park all-through school w527368001 Kents Hill Park Secondary School 164 m
145063 (E) MK7 6BZ Kents Hill Park all-through school w531776996 Kents Hill Park Primary School 366 m
141271 (E) MK7 6HD Kents Hill School w158237043 Kents Hill School 99 m
139798 (E) MK43 9LY Kimberley 16 - 19 Stem College w401565869 Kimberley College 179 m
109502 (E) MK42 0HH King's Oak Primary School w23502114 King's Oak Primary School 152 m
109507 (E) MK45 1EY Kingsmoor Lower School w405819610 Kingsmoor Lower School 127 m
144357 (E) MK2 2HB Knowles Primary School w38910891 Knowles School 93 m
135374 (E) MK42 6BH Lakeview School w243098365 Lakeview Primary School 112 m
147112 (E) MK6 4HA Langland Community School w160485133 Langland Community School 58 m
110242 (E) MK46 4HA Lavendon School w401553607 Lavendon School 128 m
109432 (E) MK41 7LG Livingstone Primary School w144945458 Livingstone Primary School 151 m
145736 (E) MK3 6EW Lord Grey Academy w101422527 Lord Grey School 223 m
131348 (E) MK5 8FA Loughton Manor First School w35163674 Loughton Manor First School 3 m
139861 (E) MK5 8DN Loughton School w35163675 Loughton School 103 m
139160 (E) MK41 8PX Mark Rutherford School w26096618 Mark Rutherford Upper School & Community College 152 m
145861 (E) MK43 9NH Marston Vale Middle School w81837018 Marston Vale Middle School 101 m
109472 (E) MK45 2AU Maulden Lower School w83477497 Maulden Lower School 94 m
140734 (E) MK10 9EN Middleton Primary School w44108680 Middleton Primary School 50 m
109613 (E) MK44 1RF Milton Ernest CofE Primary School w243082121 Milton Ernest CofE Primary School 196 m
130609 (E) MK6 5LP Milton Keynes College w45194829 Milton Keynes College 44 m
110565 (E) MK3 7EG Milton Keynes Preparatory School w105024200 MK Preparatory School 16 m
144137 (E) MK10 9LA Monkston Primary School w44107857 Monkston Primary School 81 m
147154 (E) MK6 4ND Moorland Primary School w446141353 Moorland Primary School 26 m
144424 (E) MK13 0BQ New Bradwell Primary School w125350275 New Bradwell School 95 m
139057 (E) MK6 5EA New Chapter Primary School w34726442 New Chapter Primary School 95 m
110405 (E) MK43 8AL Newton Blossomville Church of England School r2220663 Newton Blossomville Church of England School 28 m
135270 (E) MK3 5GG Newton Leys Primary School w498039251 Newton Leys Primary School 136 m
110440 (E) MK17 0BZ Newton Longville Church of England Primary School w113245532 Newton Longville C of E School 90 m
110406 (E) MK16 9LL North Crawley CofE School w82683813 North Crawley CofE School 35 m
110412 (E) MK18 3PE North Marston Church of England School w405837835 North Marston Church of England School 37 m
136454 (E) MK10 9JQ Oakgrove School w44108718 Oakgrove School 159 m
136454 (E) MK10 9JQ Oakgrove School w381576644 Oakgrove School Primary and Nursery 542 m
128768 (E) MK5 6AJ Oakhill Secure Training Centre w35959587 Oakhill Secure Training Centre 31 m
143561 (E) MK43 7RE Oakley Primary Academy w23344184 Oakley Lower School 161 m
146009 (E) MK19 6AZ Old Stratford Primary School w103004465 Old Stratford Primary School 164 m
110240 (E) MK6 2NH Oldbrook First School w34853339 Oldbrook First School 56 m
136792 (E) MK46 5AD Olney Infant Academy w96151137 Olney Infant Academy 111 m
143263 (E) MK46 5DZ Olney Middle School w96238636 Olney Middle School 63 m
138605 (E) MK6 3HW Orchard Academy w34547280 Orchard Academy 103 m
133596 (E) MK45 4RB Orchard School & Nursery w84334389 Orchard School & Nursery 780 m
137052 (E) MK16 0BJ Ousedale School w85454716 Ousedale School 156 m
136853 (E) MK4 4TA Oxley Park Academy w44171526 Oxley Park Academy 78 m
145216 (E) MK18 2AP Padbury Church of England School w112521186 Padbury CofE School 214 m
110330 (E) MK13 7BQ Pepper Hill School w446143921 Pepper Hill School 17 m
109715 (E) MK41 7QZ Pilgrims Pre-Preparatory School w3102487 Pilgrims Pre-Preparatory School 49 m
109451 (E) MK43 7JD Pinchmill Primary School w88060677 Pinchmill Lower School 12 m
109720 (E) MK40 2BU Polam School w89231139 Polam School 218 m
110380 (E) MK13 9EZ Priory Common School w334027312 Priory Common School 26 m
109436 (E) MK40 1JD Priory Primary School w120053146 Priory Lower School 32 m
135272 (E) MK4 3GE Priory Rise School w231432685 Priory Rise School 44 m
137291 (E) MK45 5HN Pulloxhill Lower School w84155394 Pulloxhill Lower School 74 m
139519 (E) MK41 0DH Putnoe Primary School w3087456 Putnoe Primary School 132 m
136660 (E) MK40 4HA Queen's Park Academy w115354118 Queens Park Academy 213 m
147803 (E) MK45 4NS Ramsey Manor Lower School w84344594 Ramsey Manor Lower School 93 m
138933 (E) MK3 6EW Rickley Park Primary School w118036636 Rickley Park Primary School 94 m
109742 (E) MK42 7EB Ridgeway School w23441706 Ridgeway School 109 m
109476 (E) MK43 0TS Ridgmont Lower School w107967484 Ridgmont Lower School 158 m
109624 (E) MK44 1DR Riseley CofE Primary School w86862758 Riseley Primary School 202 m
110580 (E) MK3 7AW Romans Field School w101223257 Romans Field School 106 m
137344 (E) MK18 1AX Royal Latin School w446148252 Royal Latin School 52 m
109495 (E) MK45 2TD Russell Lower School w83345197 Russell Lower School 109 m
110252 (E) MK11 1BT Russell Street School w46507515 Russell Street School 35 m
109512 (E) MK41 7JA Scott Primary School w115356737 Scott Primary School 316 m
144545 (E) MK42 9LZ Shackleton Primary School w3079361 Shackleton Primary School 125 m
109471 (E) MK43 0LS Shelton Lower School w81843341 Shelton Lower School 82 m
138715 (E) MK6 3NP Shepherdswell Academy w46581180 Shepherdswell Academy 29 m
110407 (E) MK16 9NF Sherington Church of England School w223262710 Sherington CofE First School 86 m
144546 (E) MK42 0GS Shortstown Primary School w243241666 Shortstown Primary School 30 m
109605 (E) MK45 4GP Silsoe CofE VC Lower School w623569186 Silsoe Lower School 161 m
138439 (E) MK2 3HQ Sir Herbert Leon Academy w45315494 Sir Herbert Leon Academy 125 m
139663 (E) MK18 3GH Sir Thomas Fremantle School w540703770 Sir Thomas Fremantle School 14 m
110587 (E) MK12 5NJ Slated Row School w42877380 Slated Row School 56 m
110363 (E) MK14 7AR Southwood School w46580048 Southwood School 139 m
145219 (E) MK42 7LJ Springfield Primary School w23441655 Springfield Primary School 12 m
110443 (E) MK14 5AX St Andrew's CofE Infant School w465226701 St Andrew's CofE Infant School 82 m
134318 (E) MK10 9PH St Bernadette's Catholic Primary School w35034783 St. Bernadettes Catholic Primary School 50 m
110410 (E) MK18 5JE St James and St John CofE Primary School w114413950 St James & St John Church of England Primary School 111 m
139515 (E) MK41 9DQ St John Rigby Catholic Primary School w3103302 St John Rigby Catholic Primary School 79 m
137469 (E) MK42 8AA St John's School w243123144 St John's School 52 m
147891 (E) MK11 1EF St Mary and St Giles Church of England School w41869080 St Mary and St Giles Church of England School (South Site) 932 m
147891 (E) MK11 1EF St Mary and St Giles Church of England School w46507517 St Mary and St Giles Church of England School (North Site) 128 m
109617 (E) MK45 4BE St Mary's VA CofE Lower School w185080913 St Marys C of E Lower School 164 m
110439 (E) MK17 7AA St Mary's Wavendon CofE Primary w405827894 St Mary's Wavendon CofE Primary 1904 m
110482 (E) MK14 6HB St Monica's Catholic Primary School w45235155 St. Monica's Catholic Primary School 251 m
110517 (E) MK6 5EN St Paul's Catholic School w45194822 Saint Pauls Roman Catholic School 131 m
110476 (E) MK3 5DT St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School w44285590 St Thomas Aquinas Catholic School 101 m
139517 (E) MK41 7UL St Thomas More Catholic School w92241520 St Thomas More Catholic School 189 m
110365 (E) MK13 7BE Stanton School w106164307 Stanton School 69 m
148835 (E) MK14 6BN Stantonbury School w42829988 Stantonbury School 245 m
138253 (E) MK14 6AX Stephenson Academy w42828981 Stephenson Academy 201 m
110408 (E) MK16 8NP Stoke Goldington Church of England School w446138296 Stoke Goldington Church of England First School 134 m
110548 (E) MK18 5EH Stowe School w26617678 Stowe School 62 m
110385 (E) MK13 8PG Summerfield School w44140664 Summerfield School 60 m
110451 (E) MK17 0SW Swanbourne Church of England VA School w442096072 Swanbourne Church of England VA School 150 m
110551 (E) MK17 0HZ Swanbourne House School w110753836 Swanbourne House School 42 m
137756 (E) MK45 2QR The Firs Lower School w83397619 Firs Lower School 107 m
110571 (E) MK5 8HD The Grove Independent School w38893768 The Grove Independent School 9 m
136844 (E) MK8 0PT The Hazeley Academy w44218159 The Hazeley Academy 172 m
139522 (E) MK41 9AT The Hills Academy w113824882 The Hills Academy 30 m
135665 (E) MK6 5LA The Milton Keynes Academy w34728256 Milton Keynes Academy 168 m
136275 (E) MK2 3AH The Premier Academy w45144914 The Premier Academy 136 m
110532 (E) MK12 5BT The Radcliffe School w42855736 The Radcliffe School 88 m
110592 (E) MK6 4HG The Redway School w160485138 Redway School 144 m
110584 (E) MK8 0PU The Walnuts School w623432520 The Walnuts School 17 m
110567 (E) MK14 6DP The Webber Independent School w42829951 The Webber Independent School 27 m
110379 (E) MK6 2LP The Willows School and Early Years Centre w446141531 The Willows School and Early Years Centre 75 m
110253 (E) MK18 2DF Thornborough Infant School w405830055 Thornborough Infant School 89 m
110549 (E) MK17 0HJ Thornton College w405830232 Thornton College 23 m
109486 (E) MK44 2DB Thurleigh Primary School w86927463 Thurleigh Primary School 48 m
135107 (E) MK16 9DH Tickford Park Primary School w26436730 Tickford Park Primary School 128 m
109489 (E) MK43 8DY Turvey Primary School w90238801 Turvey Lower School 92 m
139990 (E) MK41 6EG Ursula Taylor Church of England School w107973262 Ursula Taylor Lower School 124 m
136842 (E) MK7 7WH Walton High w155794947 Walton High 148 m
136842 (E) MK7 7WH Walton High w512580752 Walton High Brooklands Campus 3208 m
147860 (E) MK8 1EP Watling Academy w240410787 Watling Academy 70 m
147994 (E) MK45 5JH Westoning Lower School w84217553 Westoning Lower School 72 m
110415 (E) MK17 0LS Whaddon CofE School w109897119 Whaddon Church of England First School 118 m
110575 (E) MK3 6EW White Spire School w101422534 White Spire School 65 m
142907 (E) MK8 1AG Whitehouse Primary School w445463685 Whitehouse Primary School 43 m
109627 (E) MK44 2PB Wilden CofE VA Primary School w86764191 Wilden V.A. Lower School 178 m
110388 (E) MK15 9HN Willen Primary School w42827991 Willen Primary School 46 m
110449 (E) MK18 3EN Winslow Church of England School w29923748 Winslow Church of England School 50 m
109493 (E) MK17 9QL Woburn Lower School w405822396 Woburn Lower School 22 m
109494 (E) MK43 9JT Wootton Lower School w82807674 Wootton Lower School 106 m
137522 (E) MK43 9HT Wootton Upper School w82852557 Wootton Upper School and Arts College 156 m
110257 (E) MK12 5HU Wyvern School w41802527 Wyvern School 230 m

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