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OSM Schools Progress in the 'N' Postal Area

The blue circles on the map are schools from the official lists that haven't been matched to an OSM object. The red circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a school on the official list. The lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects. Dark green lines represent a match based on the ref:edubase (England & Wales), ref:seedcode (Scotland) and ref:deni (Northern Ireland) tags. Light green lines represent a match based on location in the absense of an OSM ref:* tag. Orange lines represnt a match based on location, with an incorrect ref:* tag. The location matches can match the wrong schools, particularly in inner-city areas where there are many schools in close proximity. To fix incorrect location matches, add the appropriate ref:* tag to the OSM amenity=school objects. For more information see below.

Schools not matched to an OSM Object

Note that only OSM ways and relations tagged with amenity=school or amenity=college are checked for possible matches. In most cases, any nodes tagged like this would be better converted to way polygons covering the whole of the school site. The matching process is simplistic, so an incorrect matching may result in a different nearby school being the one that is really missing. Also, it is not currently clear what licence the official Edubase / Scottish Government data can be re-used under. Until this is clarified, you should not use the data below directly to add schools to OSM. However, knowing that there is a school missing in a particular area, you may be able to add that school using other sources -- e.g. Bing, OS Street View, and by searching for the possible school's own website.

Official ID Postcode Official Name
139837 (E) N1C 4PF Abacus Belsize Primary School
135086 (E) N3 2SY Akiva School
139243 (E) N22 6TS Area 51 Education Ltd
100295 (E) N16 6XD Beis Malka Girls' School
147296 (E) N16 5DS Beis Rochel D'Satmar School
100293 (E) N16 5DL Beis Rochel d'Satmar Girls' School
137505 (E) N16 5RS Beis Ruchel D`Satmar
136817 (E) N16 5DH Beis Yaakov Girls School
102079 (E) N22 6RA Belmont Infant School
137318 (E) N16 6TJ Bnei Zion Community School
100291 (E) N16 5DL Bnois Jerusalem Girls School
136015 (E) N16 6TJ Bnos Zion of Bobov
102081 (E) N11 2QG Bounds Green Infant School
141209 (E) N17 8EY Brook House Primary School
145955 (E) N9 8PT Delta Primary School
144900 (E) N17 0PG Duke's Aldridge
101391 (E) N11 3LX Dwight School London
141859 (E) N22 5QW Footsteps Trust
101997 (E) N13 5HE Hazelwood Infant School
134084 (E) N15 5RG Islamic Shakhsiyah Foundation
144753 (E) N17 0BX London Academy of Excellence Tottenham
131595 (E) N22 5PS Lordship Lane Primary School
141017 (E) N18 2DX Meridian Angel Primary School
101295 (E) N12 8PE Moss Hall Infant School
100388 (E) N1 0HN New River College Primary
100282 (E) N16 5AF Our Lady's Catholic High School
101255 (E) N20 9DX Pavilion Study Centre
101312 (E) N20 0NQ Queenswell Infant & Nursery School
102178 (E) N22 5QJ Riverside School
146662 (E) N12 9DX Sacks Morasha Jewish Primary School
145946 (E) N12 8RZ Shiras Devorah
100275 (E) N16 6PD Simon Marks Jewish Primary School
139410 (E) N11 1NP St Andrew the Apostle Greek Orthodox School
102168 (E) N17 0EX Sunrise Primary School
100299 (E) N16 5NH T T T Y Y School
138101 (E) N16 6UX TTD Gur School
100298 (E) N16 6UE Talmud Torah Bobov Primary School
132736 (E) N16 6PA Tawhid Boys School, Tawhid Educational Trust
100300 (E) N16 6JJ Tayyibah Girls' School
130427 (E) N12 9EY Woodhouse College

OSM Objects not matched to a school on the official lists

Entries here could be due to: Former schools that have now closed, more than one area being tagged for a single school, the official entry for a real school being matched incorrectly to a different OSM object, or institutions not included in the official lists being tagged as schools in OSM. Not all of these entries will be errors in the OSM data, so be careful before making any edits.

OSM Object OSM Name OSM Ref
w125295633 Abbey College 137889
w111489950 Abercorn School (pre-prep)
w188987841 Barnet & Southgate College (Southgate Centre)
w757319763 Brookhill Nursery School
w42155130 Cavendish College
w120675655 Channing School for Girls Junior
w58711530 City and Islington College
w707548046 City of Westminster College, Maida Vale Campus
w158879235 Danegrove Primary School (Foundation - Year 1)
r1462641 ESCP Business School - London campus
w676854018 Eversley Primary School
w514266826 Hampstead School of Art
w48917070 Highgate School
w42136465 Language Studies International
w123372160 London Training College
w219151454 Rainbow Montessori School
w455565337 Sakutu Organisation Montessori 132068
w146738536 St Catherine's Catholic Primary School
w677031094 St Monica's RC Primary School
w179055953 St. Margaret's Nursery School
w123372196 The Islamic College
w28278442 The Mount
w212876476 The Oxfield School of English

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Schools matched to an OSM object by location

Note that the matching is very simplistic, just taking the nearest unmatched OSM amenity=school or amenity=college way or relation within 1km of the postcode centroid of each official entry in turn. Where several school sites are in close proximity, they may be matched incorrectly.

Official ID Postcode Official Name OSM Object OSM Name MN MR MPC Offset
147536 (E) N9 8DQ AIM Academy North London w4420864 Salisbury Upper School + 15 m
143540 (E) N15 4AG Ada National College for Digital Skills w725840113 Harris Academy Tottenham + + 953 m
130358 (E) N22 6UH Alexandra Primary School w389245284 Alexandra Primary School + + 9 m
139562 (E) N20 0LP Alma Primary w465376314 + 57 m
143036 (E) N9 0TZ Alternative Centre of Education w56651227 + 335 m
141243 (E) N15 4RX Ambitious College r3075822 The College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London: Tottenham Green Centre + + 50 m
100397 (E) N4 2DR Ambler Primary School and Children's Centre w389207724 Ambler Primary School and Children's Centre + 93 m
131690 (E) N4 3LS Arts and Media School Islington w30902427 Arts & Media School, Islington + 29 m
136308 (E) N14 5RJ Ashmole Academy w188781400 + 437 m
142772 (E) N14 7NP Ashmole Primary School w188936923 Ashmole School + + 219 m
100432 (E) N8 9EG Ashmount Primary School w389210971 Ashmount Primary School + 151 m
135988 (E) N17 6SB Assunnah Primary School r1534530 + 302 m
134800 (E) N6 5RX Avenue Nursery and Pre-Preparatory School w120676358 Highgate School + + 459 m
136147 (E) N18 1NB Aylward Academy w4414019 Aylward Academy + + 14 m
100453 (E) N7 0JG Beacon High w476081961 Les Petites Etoiles + + 422 m
131170 (E) N16 5ED Beis Aharon School w48199614 Sir Thomas Abney Primary School + 72 m
102171 (E) N4 2SH Beis Chinuch Lebonos Girls School w380576369 Beis Chinuch Lebonos Girls School + 22 m
102078 (E) N22 6RA Belmont Junior School w30897879 + 70 m
131706 (E) N16 9EX Betty Layward Primary School w51226743 Stoke Newington School & Sixth Form + 139 m
143082 (E) N2 0SQ Bishop Douglass School Finchley w32645416 Bishop Douglas RC School + + 91 m
102175 (E) N10 1NJ Blanche Nevile School w538638193 Blanch Neville School + + 74 m
102080 (E) N11 2QG Bounds Green Junior School w48290918 Bounds Green Infants School + + 45 m
143201 (E) N11 2HL Bowes Primary School w9396051 Bowes Primary School + + 14 m
146946 (E) N18 2ET Brettenham Primary School w10595308 Brettenham Primary School + + 98 m
100011 (E) N19 5DH Brookfield Primary School w77339746 Brookfield Primary School + 32 m
102056 (E) N14 7HY Broomfield School w60105713 Broomfield School + + 33 m
131731 (E) N17 6UH Bruce Grove Primary School w42388133 + 327 m
101264 (E) N14 5DU Brunswick Park Primary and Nursery School w146667429 Brunswick Park School + + 70 m
102085 (E) N8 7AF Campsbourne Infant School w81353316 + 65 m
102084 (E) N8 7AF Campsbourne Junior School w32863513 Campsbourne Infant School + + 23 m
101309 (E) N3 3PL Chalgrove Primary School w23507820 Chalgrove Primary School + + 178 m
102162 (E) N6 5HF Channing School w58716958 Channing School for Girls + + 68 m
134680 (E) N15 3AS Chestnuts Primary School w81351251 Chestnuts Primary School + + 95 m
100450 (E) N4 3QW Christ The King RC Primary School w30904031 Christ the King R.C Primary School and Nursery + + 83 m
137388 (E) N2 0SE Christ's College Finchley w802734785 + 881 m
145522 (E) N9 9PL Churchfield Primary School w10044944 Churchfield Primary School + + 108 m
143659 (E) N19 3EU City of London Academy, Highgate Hill w42999284 CoL Academy Highgate Hill + + 8 m
102097 (E) N10 1HS Coldfall Primary School w9792453 Coldfall Primary School + + 73 m
101270 (E) N10 1JS Coppetts Wood Primary School w187714540 Coppetts Wood Primary School + + 95 m
102129 (E) N15 6UX Crowland Primary School w229395038 The College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London: Tottenham Centre + + 769 m
136284 (E) N9 8DR Cuckoo Hall Academy w10046640 + 87 m
102022 (E) N14 4AD De Bohun Primary School w9542750 + 92 m
100402 (E) N5 1PJ Drayton Park Primary School w30476117 Drayton Park Primary School + + 20 m
100403 (E) N19 4JA Duncombe Primary School w391261016 Duncombe Primary School + 7 m
131478 (E) N22 5HJ Earlham Primary School w48290949 Earlham Primary School + + 123 m
102091 (E) N15 4PW Earlsmead Primary School w38820877 Earlsmead Primary School and Childrens Centre + + 11 m
101988 (E) N9 8LG Eldon Primary School w10045454 Eldon Junior School + + 128 m
100457 (E) N1 9QG Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School w98977295 Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Language College + + 24 m
102025 (E) N21 1PD Eversley Primary School w676854017 Eversley Primary School + + 64 m
102127 (E) N17 9PP Ferry Lane Primary School w48244907 Ferry Lane Primary School + + 172 m
101362 (E) N12 8TA Finchley Catholic High School w23382030 + 23 m
101989 (E) N13 5QP Firs Farm Primary School w9541025 Firs Farm Primary School + + 89 m
146935 (E) N18 2ES Fleecefield Primary School w9555652 Fleecefield Primary School + + 81 m
141247 (E) N11 1BA Focus 1st Academy w4413870 Broomfield School + + 687 m
100091 (E) N1C 4BT Frank Barnes School for Deaf Children w98976957 Maria Fidelis Convent School + 852 m
101280 (E) N12 7BN Frith Manor Primary School w21773905 Frith Manor Primary School + + 25 m
146862 (E) N9 7PE Galliard Primary School w10045199 Galliard Primary School + + 66 m
101992 (E) N11 1BH Garfield Primary School w9394731 Garfield Primary School + + 25 m
100405 (E) N5 1LH Gillespie Primary School w391261028 Gillespie Primary School + + 71 m
102157 (E) N15 6EB Gladesmore Community School w48200172 Gladesmore Community School + + 66 m
100406 (E) N7 6AR Grafton Primary School w30049268 Grafton Primary School + + 52 m
102062 (E) N21 2EA Grange Park Preparatory School w318023603 Grange Park Prep School + 49 m
145207 (E) N21 1PP Grange Park Primary School w9544808 Grange Park Primary School + + 183 m
100252 (E) N16 9PD Grasmere Primary School w372601446 Grasmere Primary School + 60 m
100258 (E) N16 0QP Grazebrook Primary School w58706840 Grazebrook Primary School + + 41 m
101959 (E) N22 8LB Greek Secondary School of London w263332979 Wood Green Playgroup + + 337 m
133386 (E) N8 7NU Greig City Academy w538114539 Greig City Academy + + 142 m
100407 (E) N1 8BD Hanover Primary School w33178658 Hanover Primary School + + 44 m
100408 (E) N19 5BS Hargrave Park Primary School w390638547 Hargrave Park Primary School + 38 m
131584 (E) N17 6RA Haringey Tuition Centre w107880544 Bruce Grove Primary School + + 209 m
140935 (E) N17 9LN Harris Academy Tottenham w48244900 Harris Academy Tottenham + + 102 m
138446 (E) N17 9XT Harris Primary Academy Coleraine Park w48244622 + 72 m
138447 (E) N15 4AB Harris Primary Academy Philip Lane w48278216 + 121 m
101996 (E) N13 5HE Hazelwood Junior School w9399967 Hazelwood Junior School + + 75 m
132203 (E) N21 3HE Highfield Primary School w9405486 Highfield Primary School + + 78 m
102092 (E) N6 4ED Highgate Primary School w337071964 Highgate Primary School + + 62 m
102163 (E) N6 4AY Highgate School w120676359 Highgate School + + 39 m
102154 (E) N8 8RN Highgate Wood Secondary School w185883136 Highgate Wood School + + 24 m
132256 (E) N21 1QQ Highlands School w4414129 Highlands School + + 116 m
101285 (E) N10 2NL Hollickwood Primary School w49015941 Hollickwood Primary School + + 89 m
100257 (E) N16 5PU Holmleigh Primary School w42971557 Holmleigh Primary School + + 63 m
101317 (E) N2 8GA Holy Trinity CofE Primary School w187235129 + 52 m
139240 (E) N17 9EJ Holy Trinity CofE Primary School w78173593 + 25 m
102153 (E) N8 9JF Hornsey School for Girls w4234606 + 29 m
146728 (E) N9 7RE Houndsfield Primary School w10045363 Houndsfield Primary School + + 93 m
131141 (E) N1 5JD Hoxton Garden Primary w100540075 + 23 m
103111 (E) N17 9AD Hyland House School w107880548 + 6 m
100253 (E) N16 6NR Jubilee Primary School w78391639 Jubilee Primary School + + 8 m
102060 (E) N21 1BG Keble Preparatory School w318024055 Keble School + 52 m
135683 (E) N8 9EA Kestrel House School w128799091 Kestrel House School + 40 m
140686 (E) N1C 4BT Kings Cross Academy w82123819 St Aloysius' Catholic Junior School + + 837 m
102094 (E) N17 8NN Lancasterian Primary School w48286050 + 3 m
102041 (E) N9 9RS Latymer All Saints CofE Primary School w9544126 Latymer All Saints CofE Primary School + + 134 m
102125 (E) N17 0PT Lea Valley Primary School w48232345 + 46 m
145610 (E) N16 5RP Lubavitch Girls Primary School w55360790 Skinners' Company's Upper School + 60 m
145609 (E) N16 5RP Lubavitch House School (Senior Girls) w574872501 + 57 m
101290 (E) N3 2AB Manorside Primary School w41670356 Manorside Primary School + 58 m
135226 (E) N2 9JP Martin Primary School w186306497 Martin Primary School + + 14 m
101293 (E) N14 5NG Monkfrith Primary School w159757516 Monkfrith Primary School + + 19 m
131218 (E) N7 7QT Montem Primary School w30896439 Montem Primary School + + 16 m
101294 (E) N3 1NR Moss Hall Junior School w14966341 Moss Hall Schools + + 77 m
131871 (E) N10 3ST Muswell Hill Primary School w255472318 Fortismere School Science Block + + 719 m
134274 (E) N19 5NF New River College Medical w48915773 + 188 m
100391 (E) N7 8RH New River College Secondary w31634443 New River College (Secondary) + 46 m
138588 (E) N22 6LH Noel Park Primary School w6231349 Noel Park Primary School + + 134 m
102165 (E) N10 2EG Norfolk House School w77993259 + 83 m
134681 (E) N8 0NU North Harringay Primary School w4097475 North Harringay Primary School + + 72 m
142534 (E) N14 6RA North London Hospital School w677032659 West Grove Primary School + + 747 m
101296 (E) N12 8JP Northside Primary School w32477842 Northside Primary School + + 11 m
143865 (E) N2 0QY Oak Lodge School w802734784 + 605 m
146552 (E) N2 0QY Oakbridge Special Education w32645272 Oak Lodge School + + 26 m
131407 (E) N13 6BY Oakthorpe Primary School w9401173 Oakthorpe Primary School + + 125 m
102069 (E) N14 4HN Oaktree School w9870741 Oaktree School + + 28 m
140665 (E) N22 8DZ Octagon AP Academy w391389790 + 95 m
147060 (E) N6 5TN Odyssey House School w189468173 St. Giles College + + 460 m
101356 (E) N14 5HD Osidge Primary School w9404147 Osidge Primary School + + 108 m
100264 (E) N1 4JB Our Lady and St Joseph Catholic Primary School w58704152 Our Lady & St Joseph Primary School + 26 m
102040 (E) N11 1RD Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary School w9395432 Our Lady of Lourdes RC Primary School + + 129 m
101331 (E) N12 0JP Our Lady of Lourdes RC School w202453248 Our Lady Of Lourdes R C Primary School + + 224 m
100418 (E) N7 6DU Pakeman Primary School w391261022 Pakeman Primary School + 91 m
102061 (E) N21 3LJ Palmers Green High School w4413948 Palmers Green High School + + 5 m
101385 (E) N3 1SA Pardes House Grammar School w8010152 Pardes House Grammar School + + 42 m
133364 (E) N3 1SA Pardes House Primary School w201660561 Pardes House Primary School + + 32 m
131757 (E) N15 3QR Park View School w30900571 Park View Academy + + 93 m
131741 (E) N4 3NW Pooles Park Primary School w292046441 Pooles Park Primary School + 7 m
100239 (E) N16 8DF Princess May Primary School w393887856 Princess May Primary School + + 140 m
101313 (E) N20 0NQ Queenswell Junior School w23406906 + 20 m
146882 (E) N18 2JQ Raynham Primary School w9545363 Raynham Primary School + + 20 m
131879 (E) N17 7AB Risley Avenue Primary School w81130134 + 34 m
102107 (E) N8 8NH Rokesly Infant & Nursery School w81353313 St Mary's + + 558 m
102106 (E) N8 8NH Rokesly Junior School w48976430 Rokesly + + 73 m
131740 (E) N1 3EE Rotherfield Primary School w6008166 Rutherfied Primary School + + 99 m
100437 (E) N7 8JN Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School w30845915 Sacred Heart Primary School + + 13 m
101338 (E) N20 9JU Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Primary School w38574289 Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Primary School + + 101 m
102063 (E) N14 4PL Salcombe School w32848681 Oak Hill Theological College + + 600 m
132253 (E) N15 5QE Seven Sisters Primary School w48345772 Seven Sisters Primary School + + 13 m
100245 (E) N1 5JN Shoreditch Park Primary School w158083312 Whitmore Primary School + + 37 m
100251 (E) N16 5ED Sir Thomas Abney School w55360792 Sir Thomas Abney Primary School + 72 m
136137 (E) N4 1SY Skinners' Academy w241849363 Skinners' Academy + + 110 m
102111 (E) N4 1BA South Harringay Infant School w81309646 Woodlands Park Children's Centre + + 403 m
102110 (E) N4 1BA South Harringay Junior School w448209838 South Harringay School + + 89 m
121792 (E) N16 6DH Springfield Community Primary School w55360968 Springfield Primary School + 162 m
102132 (E) N4 4RR St Aidan's Voluntary Controlled Primary School w111473289 St Aidan's Primary School + + 84 m
100459 (E) N6 5LY St Aloysius RC College w540658528 + 25 m
102030 (E) N14 6JA St Andrew's Southgate Primary School (CE) w9403153 + 4 m
139169 (E) N15 5JG St Ann's CE Primary School w229395047 The College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London: Tottenham Centre + + 931 m
102053 (E) N13 5TY St Anne's Catholic High School for Girls w4413929 St Anne's Catholic High School for Girls + + 18 m
102037 (E) N9 7HJ St Edmunds Catholic Primary School w10044857 St Edmund's RC Primary School + + 25 m
102149 (E) N17 8AZ St Francis de Sales RC Infant School w6232475 Risley Avenue Primary School + + 678 m
102143 (E) N17 8AZ St Francis de Sales RC Junior School w42003196 St Francis de Sales Roman Catholic School + + 21 m
102151 (E) N8 9EP St Gildas' Catholic Junior School w58715045 + 46 m
102144 (E) N15 6ND St Ignatius RC Primary School w48200169 + 78 m
100438 (E) N1 8BL St John Evangelist RC Primary School w67221812 St. John Evangelist Catholic Primary School + + 18 m
102152 (E) N15 3HD St John Vianney RC Primary School w30899217 + 13 m
102032 (E) N18 2TL St John and St James CofE Primary School w9543625 St John and St James CofE Primary School + + 72 m
100266 (E) N1 6JG St John the Baptist Voluntary Aided Church of England Primary School w5831179 Saint John the Baptist Church of England Primary School + + 13 m
101321 (E) N20 0PL St John's CofE Primary School w5984807 + 80 m
100440 (E) N5 1DL St John's Highbury Vale CofE Primary School w272096895 St John's Highbury Vale + 10 m
100439 (E) N19 5RR St John's Upper Holloway CofE Primary School w77339750 St Joseph's Upper Holloway CE School + 108 m
100441 (E) N19 5NE St Joseph's Catholic Primary School w59515934 St Joseph's Catholic Primary School + 137 m
100444 (E) N19 4JF St Mark's CofE Primary School w182185377 St. Mark's C. of E. school + + 118 m
102150 (E) N11 2AF St Martin of Porres RC Primary School w48290914 + 21 m
134314 (E) N7 8PG St Mary Magdalene Academy w32266477 St. Mary Magdalene Academy + 104 m
139418 (E) N7 8LT St Mary Magdalene Academy: the Courtyard w30729994 Highbury Grove School and Samuel Rhodes School + + 713 m
100271 (E) N16 0JT St Mary's Church of England Primary School, Stoke Newington w58707874 + 25 m
102139 (E) N8 7BU St Mary's CofE Primary School w32853872 St Marys Infants School CofE + + 144 m
101323 (E) N3 1BT St Mary's CofE Primary School w18099648 St Mary's CE Primary School + + 170 m
102147 (E) N15 5RE St Mary's Priory RC Infant School w22588119 St Ann's C.E. Primary School + + 111 m
102145 (E) N15 5RE St Mary's Priory RC Junior School w22615598 + 73 m
102026 (E) N13 6JB St Michael at Bowes CofE Junior School w9398664 St Michael at Bowes CofE Junior School + + 101 m
101361 (E) N12 7NJ St Michael's Catholic Grammar School r6794970 St Michael's Catholic Grammar School + + 26 m
139175 (E) N22 8HE St Michael's CofE Primary School w48188811 + 49 m
102039 (E) N14 7HE St Monica's RC Primary School w9395730 St Monica's RC Primary School + + 88 m
100268 (E) N1 6QN St Monica's Roman Catholic Primary School w187771103 Saint Monica's Roman Catholic Primary School + 19 m
102035 (E) N21 2RA St Paul's CofE Primary School w9540347 St Paul's CofE Primary School + + 13 m
139176 (E) N17 0HH St Paul's and All Hallows CofE Infant School w48232353 + 20 m
139177 (E) N17 0TU St Paul's and All Hallows CofE Junior School w178938256 + 816 m
101335 (E) N3 2TD St Theresa's Catholic Primary School w41421015 St Theresa's RC Primary School + + 18 m
139362 (E) N22 5HN St Thomas More Catholic School w42383594 St Thomas More School + + 15 m
102112 (E) N15 6HD Stamford Hill Primary School w48199618 Stamford Hill Primary School + + 26 m
134307 (E) N9 9SJ Starks Field Primary School w14642038 + 108 m
100279 (E) N16 9EX Stoke Newington School and Sixth Form w725457672 The Betty Layward Primary School + 62 m
131096 (E) N4 3EX Stroud Green Primary School w401308664 Stroud Green Primary School + 92 m
144653 (E) N12 0QU Summerside Primary Academy w19190494 Summerside Primary School + + 72 m
100296 (E) N16 6XB Talmud Torah Chaim Meirim Wiznitz School w78391646 + 220 m
100289 (E) N16 6AX Talmud Torah Yetev Lev w78391645 + 4 m
102098 (E) N10 3BP Tetherdown Primary School w69365937 Tetherdown Primary School + + 122 m
139594 (E) N2 8GA The Archer Academy w48967955 Archer Academy + 69 m
141605 (E) N1 0HY The Bridge Integrated Learning Space w30073408 The Bridge ILS + 26 m
143702 (E) N7 9LD The Bridge Satellite Provision w30286127 + 750 m
102177 (E) N17 6HW The Brook School w48277399 + 124 m
102087 (E) N17 8LB The Devonshire Hill Nursery & Primary School w48286082 + 116 m
100311 (E) N16 8BZ The Garden School w51175611 The Garden + 12 m
134782 (E) N1 9JF The Gower School w645371303 + 436 m
145917 (E) N17 6AR The Grove w81351250 + 966 m
136263 (E) N12 8SH The Holmewood School London w51423455 The Holmwood School London + + 56 m
102055 (E) N9 9TN The Latymer School w318023154 The Latymer School + 110 m
146031 (E) N5 2AD The London Screen Academy w163824306 London Screen Academy + 8 m
133707 (E) N17 9RB The Mulberry Primary School w217480248 The Mulberry Primary School + + 26 m
139814 (E) N16 6AA The Olive School Hackney w78391637 + 68 m
144502 (E) N20 8AZ The Totteridge Academy w5991334 The Totteridge Academy + + 50 m
102131 (E) N17 6HW The Willow Primary School w48277398 Broadwater Farm Primary School + + 21 m
100243 (E) N1 7HA Thomas Fairchild Community School w43935421 Thomas Fairchild Community School + + 54 m
102120 (E) N15 6SP Tiverton Primary School w22615255 Tiverton Primary School + + 139 m
135534 (E) N10 3JA Treehouse School w49011907 TreeHouse School + + 184 m
138589 (E) N22 8ES Trinity Primary Academy w38762472 + 8 m
101299 (E) N3 2AG Tudor Primary School w41670358 Tudor Primary School + + 125 m
100430 (E) N7 0HJ Tufnell Park Primary School w50592256 Tufnell Park Primary School + 6 m
100244 (E) N16 6LR Tyssen Community Primary School w38822080 Tyssen School and Children's Centre + + 70 m
145295 (E) N10 2PS Unique Children's School w513321376 Muswell Hill Primary School + + 143 m
102176 (E) N17 0PG Vale School w48232352 + 64 m
138516 (E) N16 5DL Vishnitz Girls School w81351276 + 17 m
146868 (E) N14 7EG Walker Primary School w9396950 Walker Primary School + + 56 m
102124 (E) N15 4EA Welbourne Primary School w42388540 Welbourne Primary School + + 67 m
102115 (E) N15 3RT West Green Primary School w30900570 West Green Primary School + + 106 m
102130 (E) N8 9WP Weston Park Primary School w4234649 + 15 m
140495 (E) N6 5EP Whitehall Park School w455564406 Whitehall Park School + + 29 m
146900 (E) N18 1DE Wilbury Primary School w9404554 Wilbury Primary School + + 155 m
130932 (E) N16 0NX William Patten Primary School w84728029 William Patten Primary School + + 7 m
102045 (E) N21 3HS Winchmore School w4413922 Winchmore School + + 135 m
100428 (E) N1 9AZ Winton Primary School w354032850 Winton Primary School + 5 m
137809 (E) N16 6QT Wiznitz Cheder School w48200168 + 610 m
146663 (E) N14 4LG Wolfson Hillel Primary School w9406088 Wolfson Hillel Primary School + + 94 m
100248 (E) N4 1SY Woodberry Down Community Primary School w241849361 Woodberry Grove Community Primary School + + 71 m
136952 (E) N9 8BF Woodpecker Hall Primary Academy w10047837 + 714 m
101298 (E) N12 7HE Woodridge Primary School w19789863 Woodridge Primary School + + 26 m
137745 (E) N22 5QJ Woodside High School w41956891 Woodside High School + + 6 m
135507 (E) N12 9HB Wren Academy w27601645 The Wren Academy + + 60 m
100429 (E) N19 4RR Yerbury Primary School w331231077 Yerbury Primary School + 135 m
100287 (E) N16 5AE Yesodey Hatorah School w78391653 + 41 m

Schools matched to an OSM object by reference number

Official ID Postcode Official Name OSM Object OSM Name MN MPC Offset
137531 (E) N11 2AZ Alexandra Park School w399428767 Alexandra Park School + 8 m
101329 (E) N20 9EZ All Saints' CofE Primary School N20 w455556518 All Saints' CofE Primary School N20 88 m
101375 (E) N2 0QN Annemount School w455563885 Annemount Nursery and Pre-Prep School 24 m
100260 (E) N16 7AU Benthal Primary School w161431380 Benthal Primary School 18 m
100451 (E) N1 0UF Blessed Sacrament RC Primary School w256646463 Blessed Sacrament Roman Catholic Primary School 42 m
131773 (E) N1 2UT Canonbury Primary School w30692180 Canonbury Primary School 36 m
144962 (E) N5 2EQ City of London Academy Highbury Grove w230254472 Highbury Grove School 18 m
135587 (E) N1 8PQ City of London Academy Islington w34066480 City of London Academy, Islington 4 m
102121 (E) N8 8DN Coleridge Primary School r5876572 Coleridge Primary School 77 m
100401 (E) N1 0WF Copenhagen Primary School w256646464 Copenhagen Primary School 22 m
139973 (E) N7 8AB Dania School w393465286 Dania School 2518 m
100224 (E) N1 4BS De Beauvoir Primary School w58704150 De Beauvoir Primary School 20 m
136808 (E) N10 1NR Eden Primary w255472317 Eden Primary + 189 m
143197 (E) N9 9JZ Edmonton County School r11018850 Edmonton County School + 446 m
131128 (E) N3 1UE Finchley and Acton Yochien School w455563836 Finchley and Acton Yochien School 163 m
102156 (E) N10 1NE Fortismere School w39116563 Fortismere School + 124 m
101345 (E) N11 3LS Friern Barnet School w455562680 Friern Barnet School 24 m
142112 (E) N1 5TR Hackney New Primary School w741704888 Hackney New Primary School 416 m
139363 (E) N17 8HR Haringey Sixth Form College w455549209 Haringey Sixth Form Centre 22 m
143198 (E) N9 9TT Hazelbury Primary School w9543129 Hazelbury Primary School 119 m
143198 (E) N9 9TT Hazelbury Primary School w31292860 Hazelbury Children's Centre 90 m
139616 (E) N22 7ST Heartlands High School w453646907 Heartlands High School 213 m
100455 (E) N5 1AR Highbury Fields School w55825816 Highbury Fields School 23 m
100431 (E) N5 2DP Highbury Quadrant Primary School w391261017 Highbury Quadrant Primary School 13 m
101286 (E) N11 3HG Holly Park Primary School w455562862 Holly Park Primary School 43 m
145731 (E) N7 9LF Hungerford School w391261018 Hungerford Primary School and Children's Centre 20 m
101381 (E) N2 0RE Kerem School w455563950 Kerem School 128 m
100411 (E) N1 1SW Laycock Primary School w31026845 Laycock Primary School 31 m
131325 (E) N16 8NP Newington Green Primary School w332059042 Newington Green Primary School 44 m
141250 (E) N1 2NQ North Bridge House Senior Canonbury w391261021 North Bridge House Senior Canonbury 30 m
102169 (E) N8 7PN North London Rudolf Steiner School w453646831 North London Rudolf Steiner School 22 m
101396 (E) N20 0DH Oakleigh School & Acorn Assessment Centre w455556372 Oakleigh School & Acorn Assessment Centre 59 m
102142 (E) N10 1PS Our Lady of Muswell Catholic Primary School w70941820 Our Lady of Muswell Primary + 97 m
100259 (E) N4 2HQ Parkwood Primary School w453647123 Parkwood Primary School 12 m
134580 (E) N9 8LD Phoenix Academy w455548807 Phoenix Academy 8 m
102128 (E) N22 7UT Rhodes Avenue Primary School w399428747 Rhodes Avenue Primary School + 74 m
100467 (E) N1 8RE Richard Cloudesley School w394958419 Richard Cloudesley School 21 m
100422 (E) N7 9QJ Robert Blair School w87681907 Robert Blair Primary School 106 m
132791 (E) N1 5PH Rosemary Works School w394958420 Rosemary Works School 116 m
100469 (E) N5 2EG Samuel Rhodes MLD School w393566445 Samuel Rhodes School 50 m
100448 (E) N1 0LB St Andrew's (Barnsbury) Church of England Primary School w30073442 St Andrew's (Barnsbury) Church of England Primary School 12 m
101327 (E) N20 8NX St Andrew's CofE Voluntary Aided Primary School, Totteridge w17063948 St Andrew's C of E Primary School + 8 m
102136 (E) N10 3JA St James Church of England Primary School r6457480 St James' CofE Primary School 112 m
100449 (E) N5 2UX St Joan of Arc RC Primary School w393566443 Saint Joan of Arc Roman Catholic Primary School 67 m
101319 (E) N11 3LB St John's CofE Junior Mixed and Infant School w455562598 St John's CofE Junior Mixed and Infant School 105 m
100442 (E) N1 4AZ St Jude and St Paul's CofE Primary School w393566444 Saint Jude and Saint Paul's Church of England Primary School 41 m
100446 (E) N1 2EP St Mary's CofE Primary School w42998927 St Mary's Church of England Primary School 35 m
100267 (E) N16 8DD St Matthias Church of England Primary School w321364488 St Matthias Primary School 28 m
102135 (E) N6 4BG St Michael's CofE Voluntary Aided Primary School r6457473 St Michael's CofE Voluntary Aided Primary School 39 m
101325 (E) N11 1NQ St Paul's CofE Primary School N11 w455562930 St Paul's CofE Primary School N11 14 m
102146 (E) N22 7SZ St Paul's RC Primary School w453646940 St Paul's RC Primary School 60 m
131362 (E) N1 2QH St Paul's Steiner School w391393073 St Paul's Steiner School 9 m
102148 (E) N8 9AJ St Peter-in-Chains RC Infant School w453646994 St Peter-in-Chains RC Infant School 41 m
143217 (E) N7 9LD The Bridge School w391261023 The Bridge School 184 m
130243 (E) N1 4PB The Children's House School w304920128 The Children's House (Upper School) 218 m
136418 (E) N12 0QG The Compton School w7724596 The Compton School + 172 m
137393 (E) N1 8SJ The New North Academy w84823023 The New North Academy 46 m
141130 (E) N1 9JH The Pears Family School w119439274 The Family School London 392 m
100425 (E) N1 1HX Thornhill Primary School w30079954 Thornhill Primary School 42 m
102006 (E) N13 6HX Tottenhall Infant School w453646985 Tottenhall Infant School 116 m
102064 (E) N14 4AT Vita Et Pax Preparatory School w455548384 Vita Et Pax School 2 m
100426 (E) N1 0TJ Vittoria Primary School w30446400 Vittoria Primary School 43 m
131657 (E) N14 4LR West Grove Primary School w455548560 West Grove Primary School 37 m
102067 (E) N9 9TU West Lea School w31292885 West Lea School 55 m
137566 (E) N1 2GG William Tyndale Primary School w30686618 William Tyndale Primary School 37 m
133599 (E) N16 6UB Yesodey Hatorah Senior Girls School w574871477 Yesodey Hatorah Senior Girls School 94 m

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