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OSM Schools Progress in the 'PH' Postal Area

The blue circles on the map are schools from the official lists that haven't been matched to an OSM object. The red circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a school on the official list. The lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects. Dark green lines represent a match based on the ref:edubase (England & Wales), ref:seedcode (Scotland) and ref:deni (Northern Ireland) tags. Light green lines represent a match based on location in the absense of an OSM ref:* tag. Orange lines represnt a match based on location, with an incorrect ref:* tag. The location matches can match the wrong schools, particularly in inner-city areas where there are many schools in close proximity. To fix incorrect location matches, add the appropriate ref:* tag to the OSM amenity=school objects. For more information see below.

Schools not matched to an OSM Object

Note that only OSM ways and relations tagged with amenity=school or amenity=college are checked for possible matches. In most cases, any nodes tagged like this would be better converted to way polygons covering the whole of the school site. The matching process is simplistic, so an incorrect matching may result in a different nearby school being the one that is really missing. Also, it is not currently clear what licence the official Edubase / Scottish Government data can be re-used under. Until this is clarified, you should not use the data below directly to add schools to OSM. However, knowing that there is a school missing in a particular area, you may be able to add that school using other sources -- e.g. Bing, OS Street View, and by searching for the possible school's own website.

Official ID Postcode Official Name
5133521 (S) PH33 7DP Caol Primary School
5340047 (S) PH1 1DF Fairview School
5341426 (S) PH10 6UZ Newhill Primary School
5131324 (S) PH36 4JA Strontian Primary School

OSM Objects not matched to a school on the official lists

Entries here could be due to: Former schools that have now closed, more than one area being tagged for a single school, the official entry for a real school being matched incorrectly to a different OSM object, or institutions not included in the official lists being tagged as schools in OSM. Not all of these entries will be errors in the OSM data, so be careful before making any edits.

OSM Object OSM Name OSM Ref JRC
w71034081 +J
w390168954 Balnacraig School 5381649 +J
w644958048 Bun-Sgoil Ghàidhlig Phort Righ +J
w237501072 Craigclowan Preparatory School 5380537 +J
w550170221 Crieff Primary School +J
w392529320 Glenalmond College 5381037 +J
w110611546 House of Cantle +J
w406840117 Inveravon Primary School 5207428 +J
w206504853 Kilchuimen Campus +J
w137101355 Kilgraston Senior School 5380332 +J
w393282858 Kinlochleven Schools +J
w60807044 Morrison's Academy 5381533 +J
w449696557 Morrison's Academy - Academy Hall +J
w392695905 Ochil Tower School 5381142 +J
w392526176 Roybridge Primary School 5135125 +J
w254432964 Strathallan School 5380936 +J
w136986923 Strathearn Community Campus +J
w392176519 The New School Butterstone 5370035 +J
w644967016 UHI West Highland - Auchtertyre +J
w644972785 UHI West Highland - Broadford +J
w644963285 UHI West Highland - Kilchoan +J

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Schools matched to an OSM object by location

Note that the matching is very simplistic, just taking the nearest unmatched OSM amenity=school or amenity=college way or relation within 1km of the postcode centroid of each official entry in turn. Where several school sites are in close proximity, they may be matched incorrectly.

Official ID Postcode Official Name OSM Object OSM Name MN MR MPC Offset JRC
5342627 (S) PH6 2LZ Comrie Primary School w137239781 Comrie Primary School + 97 m +J
5340420 (S) PH2 0BE Inch View Primary and Nursery School w340372527 Glenearn Community Campus + 21 m +J
5345022 (S) PH16 5PL Kinloch Rannoch Primary School w424806854 Kinloch Rannoch Primary School + 121 m +J
5350638 (S) PH1 1NJ Perth Academy w269701163 + 628 m +J
1003321 (S) PH33 7DP St Columba's RC Primary School w542920045 + 71 m +J
5341523 (S) PH10 6UZ St Stephen's RC Primary School w391832754 Blairgowrie Community Campus + 22 m +J
5350034 (S) PH3 1BL The Community School of Auchterarder w137088149 Community School of Auchterarder + 143 m +J
5347920 (S) PH1 1BU Viewlands Primary School w338249479 + 151 m +J

Schools matched to an OSM object by reference number

Official ID Postcode Official Name OSM Object OSM Name MN MPC Offset
5145023 (S) PH25 3ED Abernethy Primary School w367103424 Abernethy Primary School 1011 m
5340128 (S) PH2 9LA Abernethy Primary School w357013775 Abernethy Primary School 160 m
5340225 (S) PH14 9ST Abernyte Primary School w391822299 Abernyte Primary School 199 m
5340322 (S) PH3 1HE Aberuthven Primary School w137089429 Aberuthven Primary School 76 m
5130123 (S) PH36 4JU Acharacle Primary School w503546799 Acharacle Primary School 313 m
5145120 (S) PH21 1ND Alvie Primary School w225617443 Alvie Primary School 1059 m
5352223 (S) PH11 8AX Alyth Primary School w392694096 Alyth Primary School 123 m
5130220 (S) PH33 7AB Ardgour Primary School w392084954 Ardgour Primary School 610 m
5130239 (S) PH36 4JA Ardnamurchan High School w398899601 Ardnamurchan High School 468 m
132437 (E) PH7 4EX Ardvreck School w309603466 Ardvreck School 76 m
5133327 (S) PH39 4NH Arisaig Primary School w94964911 Arisaig Primary School 527 m
5340721 (S) PH2 9NT Arngask Primary School w391476294 Arngask Primary School 164 m
5340829 (S) PH1 4DE Auchtergaven Primary School w391822302 Auchtergaven Primary School 32 m
5145228 (S) PH22 1SF Aviemore Primary School w362230851 Aviemore Primary School 240 m
5340926 (S) PH2 6EZ Balbeggie Primary School w391476811 Balbeggie Primary School 87 m
5347327 (S) PH1 5DH Balhousie Primary School w57779696 Balhousie Primary School 76 m
5130328 (S) PH49 4JQ Ballachulish Primary School w392083260 Ballachulish Primary School 132 m
5133424 (S) PH33 7LX Banavie Primary School w392368444 Banavie Primary School 305 m
1004743 (S) PH1 0AU Bertha Park High School w206897686 Bertha Park High School 76 m
5341124 (S) PH4 1PZ Blackford Primary School w251827172 Blackford Primary School 16 m
5341329 (S) PH18 5TB Blair Atholl Primary School w392374791 Blair Atholl Primary School ✓? 85 m
5350131 (S) PH10 6PW Blairgowrie High School w117188765 Blairgowrie High School 72 m
5349834 (S) PH15 2DU Breadalbane Academy w136606473 Breadalbane Academy 45 m
1003429 (S) PH33 7JE Bun-sgoil Ghàidhlig Loch Abar primary w599988174 Bun-sgoil Ghàidhlig Loch Abar 108 m
5341922 (S) PH13 9NZ Burrelton Primary School w531476108 Burrelton Primary School 45 m
5146429 (S) PH23 3AS Carrbridge Primary w392178806 Carrbridge Primary School 87 m
5342422 (S) PH2 6HU Collace Primary School w391822304 Collace Primary School 84 m
5350220 (S) PH13 9AS Coupar Angus Primary School w391832763 Coupar Angus Primary School 66 m
5346827 (S) PH2 0EE Craigie Primary School w340981730 Craigie Primary School 65 m
5350336 (S) PH7 3JN Crieff High School w252599435 Crieff High School 413 m
5342724 (S) PH7 3SE Crieff Primary School w308574267 Crieff Primary School 463 m
5145422 (S) PH24 3BU Deshar Primary School w392178807 Deshar Primary School 680 m
5341825 (S) PH2 9DY Dunbarney Primary School w137101353 Dunbarney Primary School 169 m
5343127 (S) PH2 0RH Dunning Primary School w372555066 Dunning Primary School 62 m
5133629 (S) PH42 4RL Eigg Primary School w398901736 Eigg Primary School 315 m
5343224 (S) PH2 7QB Errol Primary School w136842859 Errol Primary School 62 m
5343429 (S) PH2 9EL Forgandenny Primary School w385776284 Forgandenny Primary School 55 m
5145724 (S) PH20 1AH Gergask Primary School w398896927 Gergask Primary School 159 m
5130425 (S) PH49 4HP Glencoe Primary School w921810203 Glencoe Primary School 17 m
5344026 (S) PH1 4JL Glendelvine Primary School w406636254 Glendelvine Primary School 232 m
5344220 (S) PH15 2PP Glenlyon Primary School w392075227 Glenlyon Primary School 83 m
5346924 (S) PH1 2NT Goodlyburn Primary School w56271998 Goodlyburn Primary School 206 m
5344328 (S) PH9 0PL Grandtully Primary School w392176523 Grandtully Primary School 68 m
5150132 (S) PH26 3HU Grantown Grammar School w204906648 Grantown Grammar School 13 m
5146127 (S) PH26 3HZ Grantown Primary School w204906647 Grantown Primary School 129 m
5344522 (S) PH2 6BX Guildtown Primary School w391822298 Guildtown Primary School 35 m
5344727 (S) PH14 9RN Inchture Primary School w413877655 Inchture Primary School 214 m
5134129 (S) PH35 4HG Invergarry Primary School w197073959 Invergarry Primary School 968 m
5134226 (S) PH41 4PL Inverie Primary School w393513760 Inverie Primary School 726 m
5134323 (S) PH33 6LS Inverlochy Primary School w392280630 Inverlochy Primary School 33 m
5344824 (S) PH15 2HL Kenmore Primary School w392074139 Kenmore Primary School 10 m
5359627 (S) PH13 9JL Kettins Primary School w137218489 Kettins Primary School 1 m
5130921 (S) PH36 4LH Kilchoan Primary School w298242846 Kilchoan Primary School 111 m
5142431 (S) PH32 4DL Kilchuimen Academy w206238289 Kilchuimen Academy 18 m
5153727 (S) PH32 4DL Kilchuimen Primary School w392526173 Kilchuimen Primary School 35 m
5146038 (S) PH21 1ES Kingussie High School w118292907 Kingussie High School 41 m
5146224 (S) PH21 1EN Kingussie Primary School w361840658 Kingussy Primary School 83 m
5135532 (S) PH50 4QG Kinlochleven High School w94129902 Kinlochleven High School 9 m
5135427 (S) PH50 4QG Kinlochleven Primary School w393282859 Kinlochleven Primary School + 59 m
5347025 (S) PH2 7EY Kinnoull Primary School w269699077 Kinnoull Primary School 81 m
5345324 (S) PH10 7NX Kirkmichael Primary School w255855128 Kirkmichael Primary School 47 m
5134625 (S) PH40 4PA Lady Lovat Primary School w94943735 Lady Lovat Primary School 52 m
5347122 (S) PH1 2NL Letham Primary School w340888428 Letham Primary School 111 m
5135931 (S) PH33 7ND Lochaber High School w392368447 Lochaber High School 143 m
5345421 (S) PH1 3TB Logiealmond Primary School w235036563 Logielamond Primary School 20 m
5345529 (S) PH9 0LG Logierait Primary School w392693224 Logierait Primary School 189 m
5349729 (S) PH1 3EX Luncarty Primary School w117063641 Luncarty Primary School 160 m
1003224 (S) PH33 6JN Lundavra Primary School w438547855 Lundavra Primary School 187 m
5345626 (S) PH7 3PA Madderty Primary School w391822294 Madderty Primary School 545 m
5135834 (S) PH41 4RG Mallaig High School w656252753 Mallaig High School 170 m
5136423 (S) PH41 4QX Mallaig Primary School w656251864 Mallaig Primary School 68 m
5345723 (S) PH12 8SD Meigle Primary School w89961930 Meigle Primary School 27 m
5345928 (S) PH1 3PX Methven Primary School w116919039 Methven Primary School 49 m
5340020 (S) PH2 0AW Moncreiffe Primary School w340372529 Moncrieffe Primary School 116 m
5136628 (S) PH41 2RP Muck Primary School w398901738 Muck Primary School 221 m
5346223 (S) PH1 4HB Murthly Primary School w391832758 Murthly Primary School 449 m
5346320 (S) PH5 2AR Muthill Primary School w391539475 Muthill Primary School 103 m
5145929 (S) PH20 1DN Newtonmore Primary School w118292997 Newtonmore Primary School 42 m
5308232 (S) PH12 8UF Newtyle Primary School w396265416 Newtyle Primary School 236 m
5352029 (S) PH1 3BY North Muirton Primary School w806992361 North Muirton Primary School 127 m
5347424 (S) PH1 1NA Oakbank Primary School w615916849 Oakbank Primary School 147 m
5347521 (S) PH1 2LG Our Lady's RC Primary School w235037182 Our Lady's RC Primary School 80 m
5350832 (S) PH1 5AZ Perth Grammar School w235038431 Perth Grammar School 201 m
5351030 (S) PH1 1HB Perth High School r593530 Perth High School 12 m
5348021 (S) PH1 3LJ Pitcairn Primary School w390169538 Pitcairn Primary School 70 m
5351332 (S) PH16 5ET Pitlochry High School w392693226 Pitlochry High School 182 m
5348226 (S) PH10 7DG Rattray Primary School w759649183 Rattray Primary School 42 m
5348722 (S) PH2 6RS Robert Douglas Memorial Primary School w97372945 Robert Douglas Memorial School 128 m
5342929 (S) PH8 0AB Royal School Of Dunkeld Primary School w335592456 Royal School of Dunkeld 88 m
5135028 (S) PH43 4RR Rum Primary School w398901741 Rum Primary School 919 m
5348420 (S) PH1 3JP Ruthvenfield Primary School w345409883 Ruthvenfield Primary School 99 m
5134420 (S) PH34 4EU Spean Bridge Primary School w181492125 Spean Bridge Primary School 126 m
5134722 (S) PH33 6SA St Bride's Primary School w205131571 St Brides Primary School 1305 m
5342821 (S) PH7 3SB St Dominic's RC Primary School w309660415 St. Dominic's R.C. Primary School 40 m
5350239 (S) PH1 5BF St John's RC Academy w235044085 St John's RC Academy 20 m
5348625 (S) PH2 7NH St Madoes Primary School w117335504 St Madoes Primary School 67 m
5347726 (S) PH1 5RW St Ninian's Episcopal Primary School w57779695 St Ninian's Episcopal Primary School 339 m
5348927 (S) PH1 4LT Stanley Primary School w391822303 Stanley Primary School 86 m
5347823 (S) PH1 2QX Tulloch Primary School w341234523 Tulloch Primary School 123 m

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